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Jenifer Merifield, Personal Excellence Mentor and Mindset Mastery Coach, Toronto, Canada

Jenifer Merifield, Personal Excellence Mentor and Mindset Mastery Coach, Toronto, Canada
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Jenifer Merifield, Personal Excellence Mentor and Mindset Mastery Coach, Toronto, Canada




Acceptance and Change

EPISODE 14 Today I want to talk about acceptance and mindset… this podcast is dedicated to three awesome listeners who contacted me with very similar topic requests… so a warm shout-out to Carlos, Rebecca, and Jen! Life doesn’t always go as we want it to or plan it to… sometimes the struggle seems overwhelming. Have you ever felt like the struggles are not even in your control, or they're just happening TO YOU? How we handle OURSELVES when these things happen - is what will either keep the...


Don’t Start New Years Resolutions and Goals Without This First (podcast)

EPISODE 13 Happy New Year 2019! The New Year is an exciting time to say good-bye to old habits and get a fresh start on new beginnings, new dreams and exciting desires. We’ve all heard the stats though, right? Actually following through on resolutions is bleak at best. Most people abandon their resolutions before the end of January. Ugh! Before you START taking action on your goals and resolutions… check out the tips in this video that are UNIQUELY about YOU, so that you can not only get...


Expectations Around Giving

EPISODE 12 Happy Holidays! I thought this would be a great time to talk about EXPECTATIONS around GIVING. Side note: Have you ever smelled a Blueberry Muffin candle? How about 100 of them, haha… (listen to hear my story of being such a sucker!) Here I talk about GIVING "shoulds" and "supposed-to's"... the unspoken rules that leave us feeling stressed, disappointed, or even resentment. I share my own story of giving for the WRONG reasons, and how we can check in with ourselves to know what...


Incredible Results are Possible and Can Be EXPECTED with Private Coaching

EPISODE 11 Have you ever WONDERED what it’s like to have your own Coach? …someone who’s whole purpose in your relationship is for YOUR personal growth benefit? Have you wondered what kind of results are POSSIBLE? Last week, I did an interview with one of my clients SPECIFICALLY for this reason. For you! Bottom line is, we wanted to share that an EXTRAORDINARY LIFE is absolutely possible for you, and for anyone. Just over a year ago, Joan didn’t fully believe that for herself and she was...


Beating Stress & Overwhelm

EPISODE 10 In this episode we agree that everyone feels stress, doubt, worry and overwhelm to SOME capacity. Today we focus on a less-usual tactic for dealing with stress and for kicking up happiness and self esteem. I explain how we all know RAK's - Random Acts of Kindness - and then a slant on the idea of how to use the concept to your best benefit in a new way. You'll get examples and strategies and how to use the concept of pattern interrupting. Equipped with exactly what to do and how...


Self Awareness

EPISODE 9 In this episode, we talk about communication styles, like TALKING, LISTENING and BODY LANGUAGE. You start to notice how people perceive YOU. Hear about the different ways we SHOW UP in conversations... in ways we're not aware of, and ways we're definitely aware of OTHER people doing. You'll hear an example of me being super SHY and being accused of being a snob : ( And you'll see the difference of how we can misrepresent what we're thinking versus what we're presenting. I share...


Conscious Indulging!

EPISODE 8 In this episode, we talk about INDULGENCE... being close to the Holidays and all ;-) Don’t get me wrong… I’m not about to tell you to resist and hold back on everything, and I completely support ENJOYING the holiday pleasures. HOWEVER, if you DO indulge but then some time afterward you find yourself feeling GUILT or some SHAME bubbles up for you … then listen for how to find your freedom by ACKNOWLEDGING what you were ACTUALLY seeking. And by the way, this doesn’t ONLY apply to...


Trade in Your Problems for These

Episode 7 - In this episode I share how a simple WORD SWAP can make a valuable difference in your life. We go "back to the 70's" for a plaid polyestered story that will...


Reacting or Creating?

Episode 6 - In this episode I share a technique that you can throw in your "mindset tool-belt" to help you be the CREATOR of your life, versus feeling like you’re living in REACTION to life happening TO you. It's called Pre-Paving...


How to STOP Arguments and Fighting

EPISODE 5 In this episode I talk about how to NEVER have to argue again! (or at least be able to STOP them quickly when they start). I explain the main difference between Arguing and Disagreeing, and what it is we add to arguing that's NOT part of simple disagreements. There are 3 categories of arguing I go over - not including abuse which we don't get in to here... other than later on I ask you to agree we know when you or someone else needs to get help from a situation that's become...


Use These 2 Magic Words and Change Your Life

EPISODE 4 Use these two words every day and watch your life change for the better in every way! In this episode you'll learn the 2 very special words that are all of 5 letters in total that will shake up your mindset and drastically change your perspective of the world in an EXTRAORDINARY way… not in months or years, but in like, moments. I ask you some key questions to set up the description so you feel how it shows up in YOUR life. I share about the "charge" that words carry, how the...


Victim Mindset… and two better options.

EPISODE 3 In this episode we talk about the THREE MINDSETS and the amazing power they have over us. I'll also share whether Affirmations are actually helpful or just a bunch of BS. Taking ownership of the fact that we CHOOSE our Mindset can be tricky and uncomfortable. I share how to do this more easily and what to notice. I go in depth what each of the three Mindsets are, as well as some examples of how they show up in our lives. You'll hear where depression, anxiety, anger and peace show...


Boundaries and People Pleasing

EPISODE 2 - This episode is dedicated to the overly "nice" people, the people pleasers, the ones who put themselves at the bottom list, are always saying yes, always taking care of others ahead of themselves, but maybe they're not feeling so good about it...


Limiting Beliefs and “Shoulds”, the Past Programming that’s Holding You Back Today

EPISODE 1 - If I asked you the question: What do you want? But really, what do you want? Don't analyze it or let doubts creep in to limit you, what would that be? Where do these doubts and limits come from, anyway? They come from...