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005: 3 Ways to Release

Live long enough, and periods chocked full of challenges will come. Times when we get close to our ‘tipping point’ and we turn to something…some action…or someone. Stress begs for release and that call rarely goes unanswered. An honest look at our habits, how we spend our time/money, and the things we take in (food, drink or other substances, people etc.) shows the means we take to get relief. Some methods of relief bring help and healing. Others bring harm. What kind do you choose and...


004: Accountability Matters

Accountability benefits the functioning and progress of individuals, organizations, even societies - but many treat that 12 letter word like a four letter word. How do you view accountability? Do you see it as a needed help for growth and development, part of punishment, or something somewhere between? Let’s talk about it. In this episode we will: Mentioned in this episode: Scripture references Galatians 6:1, Matthew 7:3-5 Forbes article “Why Accountability Is Critical For Achieving...


003: Move For Your Health

God made our bodies to move. It's also pretty well known that exercise does a body good, yet four out of five United States adults do not get adequate physical activity to improve or maintain health. We can do better. In this episode we will: Mentioned in this episode: Faith Applied Episode 001: How to Stick with What You Start - Listen on Apple Podcasts, on Stitcher, or online at My Favorite Activity and Fitness Trackers: Garmin and Fitbit (I use a Fitbit Versa...


002: Perspectives for a Painful Past

Here’s the thing about the past – we all have one. And – not everything back there is sunshiny and rainbows. Some looks back reveal dreary times. Past pains, shame or regrets that can be burdensome. We can’t change the pictures of our past, but we can adjust the frame in which they are viewed. This episode contains audio from a video meditation from Phil 3 on how to position past pains to propel your future. Scripture Reference …I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it....


001: How To Stick With What You Start

The Faith Applied podcast is about forward movement and growth. To start this podcast, I was led to focus this first episode on how not to stop – how to stick to what you start. Show notes with time stamps: 01:12 This episode is for individuals who at some time or another haveset a goal, a good goal. Something that you want to fix in your life that needs fixing. Something you want to uplift or improve. You are excited. You get started and are cooking with steam. You go for awhile and then...


000: Prelaunch Episode

Welcome to the Faith Applied Podcast for purpose driven believers who want balance and better in their lives. Join our conversations on faith, mind/body wellness, purpose and productivity for better living. This introductory episode gives an overview our purpose and plan to serve you. 1:58 A bit about the host 4:02 Our Christian wellness organization mission and services 6:45 Self check questions and the value of introspection 7:10 What is the status of your body (physical health and...