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Episode 6: Gut Microbiome

In this episode Dr. Hurlburt and Dr. Noonan discuss how their water challenge went and discuss the Keto diet and your gut microbiome. They talk with Steffi (@steffinketosis) about her keto journey, and have a new challenge to take!


Episode 5: Have Your Eggs And Eat Them Too

This episode Dr. Noonan and Dr. Hurlburt discuss how their sleep challenge went and answer a voicemail they received from 2 listeners regarding egg consumption and dietary cholesterol while on the keto diet. They chat with Kayla Strunz (@kaylas_nutrition) and have a new challenge of drinking water.


Episode 4: Get some Zzzz's

Dr. Hurlburt and Dr. Noonan talk about last episodes challenge of weight lifting and how they did. They interview Kristen Robinson (@ketofied_veteran) about her keto experience. They discuss an interesting study about MCT oil and discuss their new challenge....SLEEP!


Episode 3: Our Keto Famous Contact

This week Dr. Hurlburt and Dr. Noonan talk about who contacted them (hint, he's Keto Famous) and how their no snacking challenge did. They talk with Zach Richey (@keto_rich) about his Keto experience. They added a new challenge of the week and look forward to answering more listener emails.


Episode 2: No Snacking

Dr. Hurlburt and Dr. Noonan review Dr. Jason Fung's book The Obesity Code. They discuss the highlights of the book which deal a lot with insulin and fasting. They also read a listeners experience taking the fasting challenge from Episode 1 and a readers e-mail about the Keto diet. They set a new challenge during this podcast...No Snacking. There is another Keto giveaway for this episode so make sure to listen!


Episode 1: The Keto Lifestyle

Dr. Hurlburt and Dr. Noonan introduce their new podcast in this weeks episode. They interview Emily MacDonald who has been on the Keto diet for 2 years and has had some significant weight loss and success on the diet. They also tell their own Keto stories and benefits they have received from practicing the Keto LIfestyle. Don't forget to listen to have a chance to win a Keto giveaway!