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In the Final Surge Podcast, we interview coaches, athletes authors, and endurance industry experts to help you train with a purpose.

In the Final Surge Podcast, we interview coaches, athletes authors, and endurance industry experts to help you train with a purpose.
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In the Final Surge Podcast, we interview coaches, athletes authors, and endurance industry experts to help you train with a purpose.






FS110: Greg McMillan

Boston is only 13 weeks away. How would you like to learn about running Boston from Meb, Greg McMillian and others for free? This week we talk to coach Greg McMillian about a series of 8 free webinars you can sign up for and learn from the best and most experienced people on Boston. You will learn how to run Boston, learn proper marathon nutrition and be ready on race day. 1:00 Guest back on episode 35. Can you give an intro what McMillan running does 2:38 What are the biggest...


FS109: Brad Hudson

Brad Hudson has had many phases to his successful coaching career. In today's episode, we talk to Brad about what he and his star athlete Allie Kieffer are up to in the desert of Arizona. If you have not seen our latest announcement on social media, Final Surge now has Garmin Connect IQ support. Head over to for more details. Topics covered: :40 Coaching change and moving to Phoenix Arizona area 2:22 Why did you want to move to sea level 3:32 Wouldn't live at...


FS108: Kyle Kranz

How do you start or grow a coaching business? It is now January 2019 and one of your goals for 2019 may be to start or grow a coaching business. We are joined by Coach Kyle Kranz who has grown his business significantly over the last few years. We had him on in episode 17 and now he is back to talk specifically about how to grow a business. We talk about specific strategies you can implement today. Topics covered: 2:35 I want to be a coach where do I start 6:00 At what point do you...


Tom 'Tinman' Schwartz returns

Our two most downloaded podcast of all time are Joe Vigil and Tinman. Tinman was in the Phoenix area for a couple days, my home area, so I arranged to get together with him. We agreed to sit down to record a podcast. As I was setting up we were talking about my high school team's season and he went to tell me a story about how to quickly heal sprained ankles, 40 minutes later we were still going but had not officially started the podcast yet. I wish we had, one thing you get from talking...


Matthew Sakiestewa Gilbert

The Hopi Indians have a long history and relationship with running. We talk to Professor Matthew Sakiestewa Gilbert the Director of American Indian Studies and Professor of History at the University of Illinois. Matthew was involved in the making of the movie Beyond the Mesas and has a book called Hopi Runners: Crossing the terrain between the Indians and the Americans. Background Hopi high school boys had won 27-state titles in a row and first or second the last 29 years in a...


FS105: Brogan Austin

When people were projecting the winners of the Californian International Marathon, which served this year as the USATF Marathon Championship Race, Brogan Austin was not the most mentioned name. Not even close. After his win the message boards lit up, who is this guy, he must be a doper. Turns out he is not a doper but another Tom 'Tinman' Schwartz trained athlete who has been working hard for his moment. And we caught up with him to talk about his win. Background Tinman...


FS104: Jordan Gusman

Jordan Gusman is the latest member of the Tinman Elite training group and on Episode 104 we catch up with him in Colorado before he heads home to Austrillia to race in their 10k National Champs. We get to know about youth running down under and how his training has changes since joining the team. Background Was breaking 4-minute mile as big of a thing in Australia? What about a time you underperformed? Relationship with Tinman Elite What have you learned from Tom since joined...


FS103: Chris Chavez

Today we welcome Chris Chavez the founder of Citius Mag and the Citius Mag Podcast where we find out how he developed his passion for track and field which lead to the Citius Mag website. Background Where did the passion for Citius come from Where is Citius going from here? Podcast discussion Final Surge Round Favorite Book - Born To Run Current Trainers - Nike Peg Turbo Favorite Race - NYC Marathon Favorite Recovery Meal/Drink - Chocolate Milk and breakfast foods Favorite...


Final Surge 102: Guy Crawford and Kate Bevilaqua

Last week we had our first husband-wife coaching team on the podcast and this week we follow it up with professional triathletes and owners of GK Endurance Guy Crawford and his wife Kate Bevilaqua. Guy and Kate share their journey to a professional athlete and talk about their coaching program. Background Guy was working for BlueSeventy and continued training and started getting results so went professional Kate was enjoying short courses and coach convinced her to do a longer one and...


Steve Palladino on Power Meters for Runners - Best of

This podcast we had on Steve Palladino who is an expert in training runners with power meters. Resources: Pallidino Power Project Facebook Group Steve’s Coaching Page Stryd Power Meter Links to external sites may contain affiliate links. Thanks for using them and supporting our podcast.


Episode 101: Cailtlin and Drew Sapp

Today we have our first husband and wife team on the podcast together. In Episode 101 we talk to Caitlin and Drew Sapp who own a company called Crew Racing. Drew is a full-time triathlon coach and Caitlin a physical therapist and they have found a niche working with athletes coming back from injuries. They have also recently launched a new Crew Racing Podcast which we discuss. How did you get involved in athletics and meet? Background on Crew Racing Niche in people with injuries Key...


Episode 100: Brad Kearns

He was one of the top-ranked triathletes in the world and holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest hole of golf ever played over 500 years. So what drives Brad Kearns to always push himself to be better? In episode 100 of the Final Surge Podcast, we talk to author, podcaster, coach and world record holder Brad Kearns about everything from his early Ironman days competing against Mark Allen and Dave Scott as well as why we may not be improving as much as we should be since then. He...


Episode 99: Endurance Nation

Endurance Nation coaches over 600 athletes. Today we talk to founder Patrick McCrann about his online community which has helped 16 people qualify for Kona World Championships this year. We talk about the community, his use of Stryd Power Meters and more. How did you get started? What type of early success did you have when you started Ironmans Did you qualify early for Kona? What did you do with your training that made the difference to qualify? How do you balance the time between...


Episode 98: Mark Allen

In 2012 ESPN called today’s guest the greatest endurance athlete of all time. Today we welcome Mark Allen to the Final Surge Podcast. Mark has been coaching online since 2001 and recently moved his training platform over to Final Surge. We talk about how he got into triathlons and what it was like in 1989 to break through and finally win his first Kona race. How did you get started with endurance athletics When was your first Ironman? What was your relationship with Dave Scott...


Episode 97: Parker Stinson

Parker Stinson is one of the top young American distance runners around and is known for his aggressiveness. In episode 97 we talk to Parker about his first marathon and how he went for it and hear about how that plan blew up on him. Parker shares with us what the game plan is for the Chicago Marathon. We have some amazing world class athletes and coaches scheduled over the next few weeks, so make sure you hit subscribe on your favorite podcasting app so you don't miss any of the...


Episode 96: Josh Sprague

What happens when an endurance junkie sees a problem? A new company is formed, at least that is how Orange Mud came about. Today on episode 96 of the Final Surge podcast we talk to Josh Sprague about his endurance career and how that lead him to redesign water packs with his company Orange Mud. We want to spend some time talking about your company Orange Mud, but before we get into that can you tell us how you first got your start in endurance athletics? Adventure racing, you don't hear...


Episode 95: Aaron Braun

How do you improve on a top 3 American place at the Chicago Marathon? We talk to NAZ Elite runner Aaron Braun about exactly that. Aaron was the leader of the 2017 Chicago Marathon at about 25k, we talk to him about what was going through his mind then. Aaron will be blogging about his 2018 training on Final Surge. Make sure you check the show notes to view the blog. How did you get your start in running? When did it change and you became a fan of running? When did you decide it possible...


Episode 94: Matt Fitzgerald

Matt Fitzgerald has had some challenging goals, but this may be the most challenging yet. Today we talk to Matt Fitzgerald about his quest to qualify for Kona after not having done an Ironman in over a decade and also about his new book which is the 80/20 Triathlon. Last time we talked to you, you had just finished your Running Bum challenge and you were working on a book, when is that coming out? Your latest challenge is called Kona or Bust, can you tell is about that? You never did...


Episode 93: Daniel Cassidy

This week we look at what may be the hottest thing in professional team endurance racing, the Major League Triathlon series. Welcome to episode 93 of the Final Surge Podcast. This week Daniel Cassidy the founder of the Major League Triathlon series joins us to talk about how he got the idea for creating a professional triathlon series and where he sees the growth in the future. If you enjoy this episode please head over to iTunes and rate and review the podcast and please don't forget to...


Episode 92: Alyssa Godesky

Why would a professional triathlete decide to take on a Fastest Known Time 5-day challenge of the Long Trail in Vermont? We had Alyssa Godesky on to talk about why she did it and to talk about the challenges she faced. As a professional triathlete and an ultra-marathon runner, Alyssa was no stranger to pain, but the pain of covering 273 miles and over 63,000 feet of elevation is something different. How did you get your start in athletics? You race many triathlons and ultra races. How do...