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FMRFR Episode 58: Real food nutrition for the whole family with Stephanie Greunke

In episode 58 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio I am joined by Registered Dietician Stephanie Greunke to chat all about real food nutrition for the whole family! We dive into what women, men and kids really need to think about when building their plates, and how that can look when feeding the whole family. I ask her about milk for toddlers, her favorite specific foods to include every week, tips for making a real food swap accessible for the family and so much more. This is a great conversation...


FMRFR Episode 57: Body positivity and self love with Taylor Gage

In episode 57 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio Taylor Gage of comes on to stop you in your tracks about how you think about body image and self love. No joke, since our conversation I have thought so much about how I'm turning little things into big things. Giving them the power and meaning they don't deserve. (you need to go listen and hear it for yourself!) Taylor's mission is to help women empower themselves so they can ditch the shoulds and the shame, feel good, crush...


FMRFR Episode 56: 2019 focus word, goals and encouragements with Heidi Jaquith

In episode 56 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio Heidi and I look back on 2018 and chat about how the year went, intentions for the new year, our 2019 focus words, resolutions and goals, plus a whole lot of encouragement. I hope this episode is just what you need to hear as we roll into the new year! Show notes:


FMRFR Episode 55: What is it like with 4 kids? with Regina Parks

In episode 55 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio Regina and I chatted all about the transition to 4 kids, prioritizing time with your spouse, which number was the most challenging to add into the mix, favorite family activities, managing household tasks and feeding the family, plus advice and words of wisdom for all mamas. I hope you enjoy this episode today! Show notes:


FMRFR Episode 54: Winter wellness tips with Holly of Seattle Elderberry

In episode 54 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio Holly Cooper, the owner of Seattle Elderberry, joins me to chat all about how we keep our families healthy along with what we do when illnesses strike. We talk about immune boosting supplements, food choices, homeopathy (so interesting!) and of course, elderberry syrup (which we both love!). Show notes:


FMRFR Episode 53: Guided meditation with Chel Hamilton

In episode 53 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio Chel Hamilton, the calming voice behind the Meditation Minis Podcast, joins me to chat all about meditation! We talk about why quieting is so important, the benefits of meditation and what it can help with, how to meditate and different style of meditation, resistance, mindfulness and meditation for parents. So much good stuff. I absolutely loved this talk with Chel and know you will too! Show notes:


FMRFR Episode 52: Ask me anything!

For episode 52 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio I sat down and answered your listener questions. Here's what you wanted to know: Show notes:


FMRFR Episode 51: Essential oils with Meg Doll

In episode 51 I am back with Meg Doll to chat all about essential oils! I know pretty much nothing about them, so I wanted to bring Meg on to share about why she uses essential oils daily, the benefits both physically and emotionally, ways to use them and more! Enjoy the show! Show notes:


FMRFR Episode 50: Hydration 101

In episode 50 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio we are back to chat all about hydration 101! Learn how to calculate your daily water needs, signs of dehydration along with tips on how to drink more water! Show notes:


FMRFR Episode 49: Tips for a healthy and stress-free holiday season

In episode 49 I'm sharing my best tips for a healthy and stress-free holiday season! We're chatting food, fitness and ways to manage stress at this full time of year. I hope you can take a tip or two and implement them to make these next couple months the most wonderful time for you! Show notes:


FMRFR Episode 48: Operation do more yoga

In episode 48 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio let's talk about yoga! I truly believe if everyone did a little bit of yoga each week they would feel better and (hopefully) find a love for it and then want to do more yoga. And the world would be a better place - so let's get into all of that! Show notes:


FMRFR Episode 47: Finding balance in your day

In episode 47 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio we dive into finding balance in your day. Listen in for 5 tips on how to balance and search for better balance in your daily life. Show notes:


FMRFR Episode 46: Let's talk about sugar

Let's talk about sugar in episode 46 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio! Listen in and hear about all the excess sugar in our lives and the lives of our children, natural sweeteners, artificial sweeteners, how sugar affects our taste buds and what it does in the body. Show notes:


FMRFR Episode 45: Picky eaters, hangry kids and meal time questions answered

In episode 45 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio I'm sitting down and answering your questions about picky eaters, hangry kids and meal time questions. I'm sharing my tips on encouraging adventurous eaters, whether I serve plates of food or offer family style meals and we tackle keeping kids from getting hangry. Show notes:


FMRFR Episode 44: Simplification and meal planning for a whole month

In episode 44 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio I am sharing how my focus is on simplification and meal planning for a whole month. Listen for exactly how I broke down the month and how I had to re-do my meals after just a few days in. Show notes:


FMRFR Episode 43: Overcoming undereating with Laura Schoenfeld

In episode 43 Registered Dietician Laura Shoenfeld joins me to chat about her passion, helping overstressed, overtrained, and undernourished women get back to better physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Listen in on our conversation about overcoming undereating, signs women can look for when they think they might not be eating enough, the 1200 calorie myth and mindset tips to help allow women to let go of some fears around eating more food. Enjoy the episode! Show notes:...


FMRFR Episode 42: When you get type 1 diabetes as an adult with Lindsay Livingston

In episode 42 I am joined by registered dietician Lindsay Livingston. Lindsay is the blogger behind The Lean Green Bean, a blog where she shares her passion for nutrition and healthy living. Lindsay’s family went through a big transition this year when her husband was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 33. I am excited to welcome her into the show to share her husbands story and how that transition has affected them, along with what life looks like now for their family. Show...


FMRFR Episode 41: Surviving when your spouse travels for work

In episode 41 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio I dive deep into surviving when your spouse travels for work and you're home with the kids. In the podcast I also share the recipe and how to for the best (and easiest) saucy chicken thighs, so make sure to catch that! Show notes:


FMRFR Episode 40: Cooking real food for healthy families with Jenna Helwig

In episode 40 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio I am joined by Jenna Helwig! Jenna is an author and the food editor for Parents magazine. We chat all about cooking real food for healthy families, from babyhood and up. Enjoy the episode! Show notes:


FMRFR Episode 39: Learning to say no

In Episode 39 we are learning to say no! But really, it is to allow us the ability to say yes to the things that are most important to us. I'm sharing what that looks like to me, lessons I've learned from failing to not set limits, and steps you can use to tackle your own, possibly over scheduled, life. Show notes: