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FMRFR Episode 36: 10 tips to get more out of your workouts

In episode 36 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio I'm putting on my fitness instructor hat and sharing 10 tips to get more out of your workouts! Show notes:


FMRFR Episode 35: Why we redshirted our son for kindergarten

Ultimately, we decided to wait and send our son to start kindergarten at 6 years old instead of 5 years old. In episode 35 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio I dive into our reasons behind why we redshirted our son for kindergarten and what it may look like for our younger 3 children. Show notes:


FMRFR Episode 34: How to prioritize your time effectively with Cassy Joy Garcia of Fed and Fit

In Episode 34 the wonderful Cassy Joy Garcia of Fed and Fit joins me to share how she keeps her priorities straight while juggling many hats. We get into how her blog has evolved from Cassy being the solo driver behind the blog, to having people join her team and how they stay scheduled and on task. Cassy also share how to strategically figure out where your time is being spent and adjust it to create a fulfilling schedule. I hope you all enjoy this chat as much as I did! Show notes:...


FMRFR Episode 33: Bringing kids in the kitchen

In episode 33 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio we are talking all about kids in the kitchen! I share why I feel it is so important to teach kids how to cook, and how I personally implement it with my four kids. Enjoy! Show notes:


FMRFR Episode 32: The importance of self care

In episode 32 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio we are talking all about the importance of self care. We get into why self care is important along with ways to implement it in your own life. Shoe notes:


FMRFR Episode 31: Postpartum depression and anxiety with Jess Gaertner

In episode 31 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio I am joined by Jess Gaertner. We get real and raw about the challenges we faced through our own postpartum journey, in hopes to be a light at the end of the tunnel for any mamas out there going through postpartum depression and anxiety. Show notes:


FMRFR Episode 30: 30 tips for a happy and healthy life

In Episode 30 I am sharing a random mix of quick tips for more happiness, health and even home care wins I've learned over the years. My hope is that you find 1 tip in this episode that will help to improve your day, today! Show notes:


FMRFR Episode 29: the psychology of eating and food addiction with Dr. Glenn Livingston

In Episode 29 Dr. Glenn Livingston Ph.D. joins me to share his unique approach to finding a pause button in times of binges or uncontrolled eating. We take some time to talk about the challenges every person faces from food advertisers and hyper-palatable foods that are marketed, and how certain foods actually have addictive properties in them. Enjoy the episode my friends! Show notes:


FMRFR Episode 28: Pregnancy nutrition and blood sugar regulation with Lily Nichols

In episode 28 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio I am joined by Lily Nichols RDN! She shares her knowledge on pregnancy nutrition and blood sugar regulation, plus nutrient dense foods for pregnancy, the importance of fat and some sugar myth busting! Show notes:


FMRFR Episode 27: Kids and chores

In Episode 27 it is all about kids and chores! I share why I need my kids to be helpful, the benefits for kids, what to start with around the house + my 6 year old Hunter and 4 year old Zoe join me on the show! Show notes:


FMRFR Episode 26: 90-10 rule for healthful eating

In Episode 26 I begin the conversation around the 90-10 rule for healthful eating. What the 10% looks like, why mindfulness matters, removing guilt from food, why this is important for kids and more! Enjoy the show! Show notes:


FMRFR Episode 25: The journey to food freedom

In Episode 25 I am joined by a friend and former yoga student of mine, Carrie Hines. She shares her inspiring journey from night eating to finding her own food freedom. I know you guys are going to love this conversation! Grab the show notes:


FMRFR Episode 24: Getting the whole family on board with real food

In Episode 24 we are talking about getting the whole family on board with real food. I address why it's important and give my approach to starting the conversation with family. Let's get them all on board too! I hope you enjoy the show! Show notes with links:


FMRFR Episode 23: Your daughter's positive body image starts with you

In Episode 23 I'm excited to share and start a conversation around the topic of body image and how it relates to our daughters (and sons too!). How they view themselves stems so much from the examples they learn from - us! Find the show notes:


FMRFR Episode 22: Positive parenting with Michelle Carlson

In episode 22 I am joined by certified parenting instructor Michelle Carlson. Michelle is trained in Hand in Hand parenting and is passionate about helping others find their way through the murky business of being a connected parent. This episode is a light that I hope can guide you through some of the more challenging parts of parenting kids. Enjoy! Show notes:


FMRFR Episode 21: Holland's full birth story

In Episode 21 I am sharing Holland's birth story! Friends, I am just so excited to vocally share her entire birth story, from the 2 week lead up after my due date passed, to the day she was born. I hope you enjoy listening and sharing in our experience. Show notes:


FMRFR Episode 20: Choosing joy in motherhood with Heidi Jaquith

In Episode 20 I am joined by Heidi Jaquith to chat about choosing joy in motherhood. Heidi is a wife and mom of 3 little kiddos. She is a good friend of mine and someone I look up to in motherhood. I knew she needed to come onto the show because when we're together with all of our kids, she has this aura of joy she emulates when parenting. I think you guys will really love this episode and be left inspired to enjoy and choose joy with your kiddos a little more. I know I was! Find the show...


FMRFR Episode 19: How to support your child through an eating disorder with Meg Doll

In episode 19 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio I am joined by Meg Doll, Registered Holistic Nutritionist specializing in mental health, eating disorder recovery, and self love. As an eating disorder survivor, Meg has a passion for helping women in this area. She shares so much information for parents and caregivers on how to support your child through an eating disorder. I needed to hear this conversation, and I hope you find it as informative as I did! Find the show notes:...


FMRFR Episode 18: Everything you need to know about baby wearing with Lindsay Ingalls

In episode 18 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio certified baby wearing educator Lindsay Ingalls joins me to talk about baby wearing in this everything you need to know about baby wearing episode. So much knowledge and information coming your way! Find the show notes and all the links to specific carriers at


FMRFR Episode 17: Real food budgets

Episode 17 is all about food budgets!I share how much we spend monthly, how it all breaks down, tips for saving money and I answer listener questions from you guys! Show notes at