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The Fit to Succeed show broadcasts regular fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and business tips from leading experts working within the health and fitness fields. Delivering inspirational knowledge and actionable, evidence-based advice. This podcast is hosted and delivered by Nordic Fitness Education, a leading online fitness education provider.

The Fit to Succeed show broadcasts regular fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and business tips from leading experts working within the health and fitness fields. Delivering inspirational knowledge and actionable, evidence-based advice. This podcast is hosted and delivered by Nordic Fitness Education, a leading online fitness education provider.




The Fit to Succeed show broadcasts regular fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and business tips from leading experts working within the health and fitness fields. Delivering inspirational knowledge and actionable, evidence-based advice. This podcast is hosted and delivered by Nordic Fitness Education, a leading online fitness education provider.






Fitness trainers: Bias, misconception, and public health Part 2 - Episode 57 with Dr Dan Jolley & Dr Alex De Lyon

We are back for the 2nd part of this important discussion with the PT Dr's, Dan & Alex. Having established in part 1 the prevalent bias and deep-rooted fitness misconceptions that continue to impact the wider industry, and recognising the ever-increasing public health needs, we go deeper down the rabbit hole to weigh up the role of client referral to other qualified specialists. In a never-ending information age, we will likely benefit from a more analytical fitness workforce who can think...


Fitness trainers: Bias, misconception, and public health Part 1 - Episode 56 with Dr Dan Jolley & Dr Alex De Lyon

Enjoy discussion, debate, and revealing research about the modern personal training industry! Bias is a common feature in everyone's life, but when bias becomes ingrained that it leads to fundamentally incorrect misconceptions that influence fitness trainer, coach and client behaviours, it has the potential to derail goal achievement and may even cause harm! Is there a growing requirement within the job role of the modern personal fitness trainer, that is not being addressed in vocational...


Intermittent fasting for women - Episode 55 with Laurie Lewis

Summary Going without food for longer may seem a difficult step to take to manage your body weight or your health! Especially if you love good food, as we do on the Fit to Succeed show! In this episode, we investigate the very popular trend of intermittent fasting with leading women's health coach, Laurie Lewis. We discuss how to apply a fasting approach, in easy-to-take, comfortable steps and benefit from Laurie's years of experience and her supportive coaching methods and tips. Guest...


Coaching sales tips to boost your business - Episode 54 with Matt Walrath

Summary As a coach, it can seem difficult to generate interest and attract new clients to sign up for your services. So many fitness and nutrition professionals struggle with the marketing and sales aspect of their business. Successful sales precede almost all successful coaching opportunities. How do you master the business skills needed to attract new leads and persuade people to be coached by you? Well, start with this free podcast episode where we discuss several important coaching...


Diet and exercise for thyroid problems - Episode 53 with Dr Alan Christianson

Summary The rate of thyroid problems is increasing in the Western world. More people are struggling with their weight, metabolism, energy and health and many do not yet realise the source of the problem! Often those who have a diagnosis of thyroid disease, such as hypothyroidism or Hashimoto's disease, have yet to find a lasting solution to return to good health. Dr Christianson joins us on the podcast to reveal a fascinating solution that can benefit up to 80% of those who suffer from low...


Physical performance depends on sleep - Episode 52 with Dr Michael Grandner

Summary No doubt, you are well aware that a bad night's sleep can leave you struggling for energy and the ability to remain alert. But did you know that sleep loss and exercise performance also have a strong connection! Even small amounts of lost sleep that become a regular habit can have a significant negative impact on your sporting performance, your exercise and, ultimately, your fitness results. Episode 52, with a global leader in the field sleep research, Dr Michael Grandner, will help...


Discovering body fat's hidden secrets - Episode 51 with Dr Sylvia Tara

Summary: Even though every human on the planet has stored body fat of differing amounts, it is surprising how little most people actually know about its functions in life. This may be because the science of body fat is relatively new only gaining real interest since the mid-'90s. Fat is so much more than a wobbly store of excess calories, it interacts, communicates, and even supports healthy body processes. Dr Sylvia Tara, the author of The Secret Life of Fat, kickstarts season 3 with a...


Should women train differently to men? - Episode 50 with Dr Jade Teta

Summary: In many aspects of life women and men have a basic right to be equal! However, the debate still continues as to whether men and women should be performing physical training and exercise the same. Both genders certainly can train the same if they wish, but is that the most effective thing to be doing in terms of overall health and in trying to optimise results? Dr Jade Teta rejoins us for a special show on our 50th episode to answer some important questions on gender-specific...


Workplace wellness for highly productive people - Episode 49 with Dr John Briffa

Summary: There is no doubt that successfully managing the health and wellbeing of the human body has plenty of benefit for the workplace for all types of employment. However, the question is whether an employer or corporate organisation have the right to interfere with their employee's lifestyle and health-related habits? Also what realistic actions can be taken to make a difference in workplace productivity and efficiency? Dr John Briffa, a leading voice within corporate health and...


Finding success on my fitness journey - Episode 48 with Ceri Hannan

Summary Fitness is a truly exciting and rewarding career, but it seems that many new trainers may struggle to find those secrets to success on their fitness journey. Approximately 50% of personal trainers (*2018) have been in the industry for less than 5 years, whereas only 6.9% of trainers have more than 15 years of experience. So to speak with a fitness professional that has consistently succeeded within the industry at all levels for more than 3 decades is truly something special! In...


Life after the Vegetarian Myth - Episode 47 with Lierre Keith

Summary: 20 years a dedicated vegan ... invested morally, nutritionally, and politically into this lifestyle ... then a monumental shift back to an omnivorous life to try and rescue her failing health! Lierre Keith then wrote a book about this change and discussed the flaws, from her perspective, on the underlying principles of vegetarianism and veganism. The praise for her book was clear to see, but so was the kickback! Online criticism, attack on character, and even death threats followed...


Glute training: The scientific bottom line - Episode 46 with Bret Contreras PhD

Summary: Glutes! Backside! Bottom! Derrière! Tush! Buttocks! Booty! Whatever you choose to call it, training the 3 major muscles that make up the gluteals has been a huge fitness trend in recent years. Developing shapely, athletic and functional hip musculature is certainly an important aspect of strength and conditioning and physical performance as you will find out in this episode with the 'Glute Guy', Bret Contreras! However, for some, it is simply a matter of striving towards the goal...


Adapting to online personal training - Episode 45 with Sharad Mohan

Summary: The world of online personal training is definitely growing! In fact with the recent movement restrictions due to Coronavirus impacting numerous countries around the world, online training has taken a significant boost! The fitness industry model is still very much built around a face-to-face delivery of fitness training services and that is what the vast majority of personal trainers conform to offer. So what things need to be considered when adapting personal training to an...


How to run without injury - Episode 44 with Dr Kelly Starrett

Summary: Do you really know how to run? If you are a trained, recreational, or novice runner, then the chances of suffering an injury through participation in this most basic of human activities may be higher than you think! A 2015 scientific review identified that for every 1000 hours of running the rates of injury increased from 2.5 injuries in highly-trained distance athletes to 7.7 injuries in recreational runners, and then up to 17.8 injuries in novice runners. Yet despite this strong...


Do our daily meal times matter? Episode 43 with Danny Lennon

Summary: It has been well established that the quantity and the quality of food that we eat can have a significant impact on our health, but what about the time of day we choose to eat? Does that matter? In our modern, busy world, meal timing is likely lower down our priority list, if it even made it onto the list in the first place. Food is often squeezed into the 24-hour rat race just to keep the engine running. Danny Lennon joins us to discuss chrono-nutrition and why emerging science is...


Sleep problems can impact exercise performance - Episode 42 with Dr Ian Dunican

Summary: Exercise and fitness is often a priority, but it often has to be squeezed into the busy lives we all lead, which may mean that physical activity, training, recreational or elite sport is more and more often happens in the evening and into the night. In this episode, we discuss with our excellent guest whether sleep problems can result from late exercise habits and whether sleep problems can have a negative impact on our fitness and performance. Guest Biography: Dr Ian is the...


Healthy digestion comes first! - Episode 41 with Dr Liz Lipski

Did you know that the number 1 new years resolution is to diet and eat healthier (71%)? However, there is a vital component that precedes better eating habits...ensuring that we have healthy digestion in the first place! Healthy food can only be utilised by the body if there are healthy digestive processes occurring within the body. Guest biography: Dr Liz Lipski is a Professor and the Director of the Academic Development for the Nutrition programmes in Clinical Nutrition at Maryland...


Can´t sleep? Coaching your chronotype - Episode 40 with Nick Littlehales

Chronic sleep loss is becoming a problem of epidemic proportions in modern society. Could your genetic chronotype have something to do with your ability, or inability, to get the needed hours of rest and recovery? If you find you regularly can't sleep then perhaps this discussion with sleep coach and author, Nick Littlehales will open your eyes to potential solutions. Guest biography: Nick Littlehales is a pioneer in the field of sleep coaching within UK sport, with more than 2 decades of...


Foam rolling for optimal movement - Episode 39 with Rodney Corn

The use of foam rollers, or other self-massage tools, has shifted in recent years from a very niche, rarely seen piece of equipment, to becoming a regular item seen in most gyms that are now used by gym members and fitness trainers alike. The big question is whether foam rollers are being used correctly and can we exploit the potential benefits more effectively? Guest biography: Rodney Corn has nearly 30 years of experience in the Health and Fitness industry as a personal trainer, strength...


Making real change in fitness trainers - Episode 38 with Dr John Berardi

Progress is about making real change within yourself as a fitness professional, and also within your clients as they progress on their wellness journey. Dr John Berardi, of Precision Nutrition fame, is just about to launch an exciting new project called the Change Maker Academy. He joins us on the Fit to Succeed show to share some key concepts and golden nuggets with our valued listeners. Guest biography: John Berardi is a Canadian-American entrepreneur best known as the co-founder of...