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This podcast focuses on encouraging positive action steps for busy women everywhere, helping you improve your health starting right now, today!

This podcast focuses on encouraging positive action steps for busy women everywhere, helping you improve your health starting right now, today!


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This podcast focuses on encouraging positive action steps for busy women everywhere, helping you improve your health starting right now, today!






What I Am Thankful For Right Now

Over the last few episodes, I’ve been sharing details about The Walking Club with you and letting you know that enrollment will be opening soon. In this episode, I’m going to tell you exactly where you can go to enroll, right after I share some good personal health news with you. At the time this episode publishes, we are celebrating Thanksgiving Day here in the US, and I’d like to share my good health news, which has everything to do with what I am thankful for right...


The Results Are In, What's Next?

A few weeks ago, many of you shared your interests and feedback to a short survey about our community. Your feedback is valuable to me and helps me make decisions about our next steps as a community. I share that with you on this episode.


What Happens In The Walking Club Every Day?

In this episode you’ll hear about what happens day by day inside of The Walking Club group. We are joined again by our community manager, Faith. Listen in and learn about the fun we have every day in the group.


How The Walking Club Is Helping: Testimonial

In this episode you’ll hear about The Walking Club and how it has been a helpful resource, through the journey of our community manager, Faith. Listen in and learn about her journey over the last several months. Be sure to listen to the full episode, because she shares some powerful words of encouragement right at the end.


3 Ways To Bounce Back When Life Happens

You get sick, your kids get sick, you have to travel, etc. Emergencies show up without notice and life just happens. Any number of events can occur and temporarily throw you off of your routine. In this episode, I’ll share with you three ways that I used to bounce back when life happens.


It's Time To Step It Up

Tune into this episode as I share three important announcements. It’s time for all of us to step it up.


Health Risks Of An Inactive Lifestyle & Easy Ways To Become More Active

Too many people around the world are spending more and more time doing sedentary activities. On this episode, I talk about the health risks of an inactive lifestyle and share with you some easy ways that you can become more active.


Is Walking Every Single Day Necessary?

Adding walking into your regular routine is a great way to improve your cardiovascular health, help maintain your weight, and improve your mental health. But is it necessary every day? Tune in to hear my answer to this question.


Walking To Reduce Risk Of Breast Cancer

October is breast cancer awareness month. On this episode, I discuss a little bit of the epidemiology of breast cancer with you. I will chat about the connection between walking and risk of breast cancer. Finally, I will announce an opportunity to learn more about walking and breast cancer beyond this episode. I will mention several helpful resources in this episode.


Healthy Reminders For Changing Seasons

Back to school, changing weather patterns, and shifts in available seasonal food options are just a few of the signs of our changing times. We are obviously still responding to the pandemic and preparing for cold and flu season as well. This is a good time to cover a few reminders as we shift into a new season and embrace new patterns.


What Is The 21-Day Walking Challenge All About?

So many women have asked me to explain the 21-Day Walking Challenge. During a recent live video presentation, I took my time and explained why I created it, and how it is a new and very different approach to starting a new walking routine. I’m sharing the audio from that presentation with you right now. By the end of this episode, you’ll know exactly what everybody is getting all excited about these days.


Preparing For Hiking, Especially For Diabetics

Hiking can be a great form of exercise, and a nice way to change up your regular walking routine. However, before you go on your hike, there are several things you should do to prepare. In this episode, I will share some tips that all beginners, especially diabetics, will find helpful.


Ready For A New And Different Approach To Walking?

Are you ready for a new and different approach to walking for exercise? Well, listen carefully because I’ve got something for you that fits that description. It’s new, different, makes walking for exercise easy to adjust to and maintain, even for super busy women. You’ll have fun in the process, and not only help yourself, but others as well.


3 Benefits of Increasing Your Walking Speed

While your speed should not be a big consideration when you first start walking for exercise, it might eventually be something you are concerned about. This is especially true if you do your walking on a treadmill, because you are able to adjust your speed as needed. Here are some benefits of increasing your walking speed.

Why Hiking is a Great Form of Exercise

If you are looking for a good exercise that includes a lot of walking, but is more interesting and a bit more challenging, then hiking might be what you’re looking for. You get your walking in, improve your cardiovascular health, and get to see beautiful scenery at the same time. In this podcast episode, I discuss some reasons why hiking is an excellent form of exercise.


4 Healthy Comfort Food Options

Do you often turn to comfort food to soothe yourself during times of stress? If so, you aren’t alone! Especially during this pandemic and times of self-isolation, people are indulging in their favorite classics. However, comfort food means something different for everyone. Some people want the recipes they enjoyed as children, others look for specific ingredients in their comfort food. Either way, it’s not always the healthiest food, so I’ve put together some ways to make it a bit...


The Importance of Creating a Routine Especially During Isolation

If you are currently isolated because of the pandemic, it is essential that you create a routine. This isn’t a new normal, but a temporary new normal, so don’t panic it won’t be like this forever. Instead, focus on what you can control, which is how you spend your time. Here are some reasons why having a routine is so important right now.


You Should Still Be Socializing Even When Self Isolating

It can be hard enough dealing with self-isolation where you aren’t able to connect physically with other people, but if you are living alone, it is even harder. However, it is still possible to socialize and connect with others, even while practicing social distancing.


4 Habits of Healthy and Fit People

When you see people who have their health and fitness in good condition, you may wonder how they manage to balance everything. Whether they have children, demanding jobs or piles of schoolwork, they still maintain their health. Understanding the habits that they have and the routines that they follow can show you how to achieve better health too.


Why Helping Others Helps with Your Own Health

Helping others can have a number of positive benefits, but there is definitely a caveat to it. As the somewhat recently developed saying goes, you still need to remember to "put on your own oxygen mask first." While good self-care is definitely important, a vital component of good self-care will always be to help others. Here are 4 ways in which helping others helps with your own health.