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The betrayal of a family member, partner, friend, etc. can create physical, mental and emotional challenges. If left unhealed, it impacts us personally and professionally. The From Betrayal to Breakthrough podcast shares insights from the best therapists, coaches, healers, thought leaders and everyday people, combined with the findings of a recent Ph.D. study on betrayal to help you move forward and heal...once and for all.

The betrayal of a family member, partner, friend, etc. can create physical, mental and emotional challenges. If left unhealed, it impacts us personally and professionally. The From Betrayal to Breakthrough podcast shares insights from the best therapists, coaches, healers, thought leaders and everyday people, combined with the findings of a recent Ph.D. study on betrayal to help you move forward and heal...once and for all.


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The betrayal of a family member, partner, friend, etc. can create physical, mental and emotional challenges. If left unhealed, it impacts us personally and professionally. The From Betrayal to Breakthrough podcast shares insights from the best therapists, coaches, healers, thought leaders and everyday people, combined with the findings of a recent Ph.D. study on betrayal to help you move forward and heal...once and for all.






106: Betrayed in the Workplace w/ Holly Bertone

Holly Bertone was on the highest levels of financial management when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After beginning the journey to recovery while becoming newly engaged, she was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Hashimoto’s less than a year later. While she expected support from the company that she had worked so hard for, Holly was met with accusations and dismissal. The experience of betrayal and bullying in the workplace lead Holly to write her book, Thriving in the Workplace...


105: Self Care and Self Love After Betrayal w/ Tammy Lawman and Brooke Emery

So often we forget to prioritize our own self-love and self-care after a betrayal, but these practices can hold the key to discovering who you are, how to come back to yourself and ways to stop putting other people ahead of you. Self-care is not selfish, it is self-preservation, and with the expert advice of our next guests, you can implement these self-love routines despite your busy schedule and start reaping the rewards. Tammy Lawman and Brooke Emery are the co-creators of the Self-Love...


104: Betrayed by Expectations. Me vs. You w/ Maggie Kelly

Maggie Kelly is a mindful life coach, meditation instructor, podcaster, public speaker and awakener. After her son was born with cystic fibrosis, Maggie felt betrayed by her expectations of health for her son. Through meditation and mindfulness practices Maggie was able to turn introspectively to address her fear and dismiss her limiting beliefs. Despite what you may think, ultimately you are not in charge. It is only by giving in to this universal power and accepting that you cannot...


103: Responsibility vs. Blame: An Example of Rebuilding After Betrayal w/ Eva Medilek

Eva Medilek’s life came crashing down when she found text messages on her husband’s phone suggesting he was in love with another woman. What came next was a painful and messy situation, but through hard work and personal development, they were able to make the decision to do whatever it took to kill their old relationship and create a new one together. Now a relationship style success coach, Eva helps other powerful women create a meaningful life by becoming more vulnerable and intimate....


102: The Issues are in the Tissues-Where Unhealed Betrayal Lives w/ Dr. Michelle Eggenberger

Dr. Michelle Eggenberger is an author, holistic stress and anxiety coach, doctor of oriental medicine, licensed acupuncturist, health coach and certified yoga teacher, just to name a few. After recovering from her own romantic betrayal and a string of health issues, Dr. Michelle realized that it was within her power to find a better way to live. Through this journey of self-discovery, Dr. Michelle realized the importance of prioritizing self-love and self-worth and has since been on a...


101: Perceived Betrayal, Early Betrayal - What We Learn as Children w/ Michelle Dickinson

Michelle Dickinson is a passionate potter who has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for eighteen years and is the author of the memoir Breaking Into My Life, a rare glimpse into a young girl’s experience living with and loving her bipolar mother. Michelle has overcome years of neglect and confusion surrounding her mother’s mental condition and is here today to share how she came out on the other side a vehement advocate for mental health and ending the stigma. Through her self-work and...


100: The 7 Greatest Lessons Learned from Recording 100 Episodes w/ Dr. Debi Silber

I can hardly believe that we have reached the 100 episode milestone, and I know that you have learned a lot throughout the amazing array of guests I have been lucky enough to talk to. To celebrate I wanted to share with you the seven greatest lessons I have learned in the past 99 episodes, and provide you with a recap of some of the experts that may be worth revisiting depending on your topic of interest. My goal is to provide you with an array of tools and amazing insights so that you can...


099: Bouncing Back from Self-Betrayal w/ Darrah Brustein

Darrah Brustein is equal parts teacher, connector and founder of Life By Design, Not By Default. After multiple betrayals in the business world including losing her job, embezzlement from her partners, and the lack of faith from her mother, Darrah came out the other side as the embodiment of the power of persistence. Now a prolific writer, co-host of a YouTube channel with Deepak Chopra and a profound speaker, Darrah is here to share how you can build a life of your own design. Darrah is...


098: Betrayed by the Medical Community w/ Dr. Tom Moorcroft

Have you ever felt dismissed or ignored in the doctor's office? This can be a form of medical betrayal and can leave many people feeling confused and without answers. Dr. Tom Moorcroft realized the deep connection between mental and emotional symptoms and hidden infections such as Lyme disease and mold and has set out to bring the news to patients and doctors alike to help provide those suffering from the trusting care they deserve. It may surprise you that everything from your brain to...


097: Making Peace with Food & Body w/ Stephanie Dodier

Food can often be something we turn too after a betrayal in our to make ourselves feel better, which can lead to emotional and compulsive overeating. Stephanie Dodier has dedicated her life to helping women begin the journey of reconciling their relationship with food after betrayal and stop overeating. Today we are tackling everything from body neutrality to self-acceptance, self-compassion, and binge eating. Overeating is not a symptom of being broken. You are working through your...


096: Equal Work, Unequal Pay : A Family Betrayal w/ Clare Dubé

Clare Dubé is a financial therapist and founder of Smart Chats, a financial service helping couples and business partners save their finances and their relationships. Clare is an expert in taking financial situations from chaos to clarity and connection due to her own family business betrayal, and she works zealously to help others from making the same mistakes. Unequal payments and draws in her family business lead Clare to start doing some self-work which prepared her for the ultimate...


095: How to Rescue Yourself w/ Tommy Breedlove

Tommy Breedlove is on a mission to empower humans to build a legendary life. A men’s mindset, relationship, and business coach, Tommy helps guide his audiences and clients to discover their zone of brilliance while living a balanced, meaningful life. An advocate for healing from self-betrayal through self-love, Tommy is bringing his amazingly profound mindset shifts to you to help you transform from a mess to success. If you want to gain a male perspective on self-betrayal, explore what it...


094: Shamanic Journeying to Clear Patterns of Betrayal w/ Ariann Thomas

Did you know that patterns that may arise in your family, such as theft, cheating, and bankruptcy, could actually be being passed down throughout the generations genetically? Ariann Thomas has been exploring the connection between familial patterns and decisions for thirty-five years and helps her clients rewrite history and leave their past ancestors' burdens behind to change their own lives for the better. Ariann believes that by healing the roots that may have started growing centuries...


093: Betrayal by One Thousand Cuts w/ Rachell Kitchen

After being betrayed by what felt like 1,000 cuts, Rachell Kitchen was able to pick herself up and continue fighting. A survivor of extreme violence, divorce, drastic family health issues and even the murder of her father, Rachell is here to share her personal experience in the hopes of empowering you to move your life from chaos to clarity. Now a speaker, author, life and transition coach as well as the CEO of Level Up 4 Life Coaching, Rachell knows a thing or two about perseverance and...


092: Dating (Each Other) Again After Betrayal w/ Dr. Corey Allan

Dr. Corey Allan is a marriage and family therapist, author, speaker and licensed professional counselor with a Ph.D. in family therapy. He and his wife run Sexy Marriage, a podcast and online article resource that aims to help those experiencing difficulties in a partnership and provide resources to work through the dark days to experience more passion and trust in their relationships. Unfortunately, betrayal has become an increasingly frequent part of any relationship, and it is only by...


091: The Tangled Web of Family Betrayal w/ Dr. Tarra Bates-Duford

Dr. Tarra Bates-Duford has seen her share of betrayal through her career as a forensic psychologist, marriage and family therapist. She has seen first hand the effects of traumatic experiences and the symptoms of re-emergence. Today Dr. Bates-Duford is here to shed some light on her experiences working to stabilize families, navigate mental illness, and help patients recover from abuse in order to get back to daily functioning. If you have ever been curious about an expert’s opinion on...


090: What Your Betrayal is Doing to Your Gut w/ Dr. Marisol Teijeiro

Have you ever considered that your digestive issues could be linked to an unhealed trauma or lack of trust? Dr. Marisol Teijeiro, aka The Queen of the Thrones, is the world leader in passion and gut health and has discovered the hierarchy on how to get healthy. Today Dr. Marisol is here to explain how your past betrayals could be showing up as a gut issue and what you can do to literally let go of your shit. The thing is, our digestion isn’t just about how we digest our foods. Your...


089: Another Look at Porn Addiction w/ Joshua A. Shea

Joshua A. Shea is a recovering pornography addict who is here to shed a different light on the topic of porn addiction and what goes on inside the mind of a porn addict. Joshua’s 20-year addiction came to a head when he pulled himself off his bipolar medication and engaged an underage girl in an online chat room. Now sober, out of prison and still living with his wife and children, Joshua is here to explain the real motivating factors behind his own personal porn addiction. For Joshua, it...


088: Learning to Trust After Betrayal w/ Antesa Jensen

Antesa Jensen is an American living in Copenhagen who overcame her broken childhood and relationship with her mother to learn how to trust again after betrayal. Despite being told she was ‘disgusting and needed to be cleaned’ as a child and undergoing multiple medical procedures which felt like an invasion of trust, Antesa has worked to heal her relationship with herself and find validity in her experiences. Now Antesa works with coaches and clients to evoke real-time transformation and...


087: Effectively Dealing with the Grief of Betrayal w/ Alyson Franz

After a betrayal, it is common to feel held by your grief and trauma, unable to break free and live your best life. Alyson Franz realized this, and after being trained in comprehensive energy psychology she created the Paradime Shift LLC to help people transform their lives with individualized programs to achieve major personal and life changes. She put the concept of life transformation officially on the map in Rhode Island and is here today to share exciting ways to move forward from the...