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The betrayal of a family member, partner, friend, etc. can create physical, mental and emotional challenges. If left unhealed, it impacts us personally and professionally. The From Betrayal to Breakthrough podcast shares insights from the best therapists, coaches, healers, thought leaders and everyday people, combined with the findings of a recent Ph.D. study on betrayal to help you move forward and heal...once and for all.

The betrayal of a family member, partner, friend, etc. can create physical, mental and emotional challenges. If left unhealed, it impacts us personally and professionally. The From Betrayal to Breakthrough podcast shares insights from the best therapists, coaches, healers, thought leaders and everyday people, combined with the findings of a recent Ph.D. study on betrayal to help you move forward and heal...once and for all.
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The betrayal of a family member, partner, friend, etc. can create physical, mental and emotional challenges. If left unhealed, it impacts us personally and professionally. The From Betrayal to Breakthrough podcast shares insights from the best therapists, coaches, healers, thought leaders and everyday people, combined with the findings of a recent Ph.D. study on betrayal to help you move forward and heal...once and for all.






024: Clearing the Betrayal Program from Your Energy Field w/ Sarah Weiss

There is a reason you are having physical, emotional or mental pain that you might not understand. Sarah Weiss has been trained by spiritual masters from many traditions and uses her skills and a medical intuitive to bridge the gap between symptoms and relief. After 45 years of committed learning about awakening high-frequency awareness, subtle energy perception, and self-empowerment, Sarah is empowering others to awaken their own healing capabilities through healing. Today we are diving...


023: Change w/ Dr. Debi Silber

Let’s face it, change is hard and within change is the inherent fear factor- leaving what we have known and are comfortable with and not knowing what the future will bring. Of course, the more comfortable and content we are with our situation, the more difficult it is to make the adjustment. Yet even knowing that change in life is inevitable, it very often still fills us with a sense of grief. Losing a friend, job, or opportunity understandably fills us with tremendous sadness, as a...


022: Change Your Name, Change Your Life w/ Emerald Peaceful GreenForest

Emerald Peaceful GreenForest is a wonderful example of someone who can continually find hope, healing, and compassion in whatever life throws at her, and comes back stronger every time. The ‘Empress of Encouragement’, Emerald is a premier and trusted advisor to many of the worlds leading influencers in the personal and professional development industry. Today Emerald is sharing some interesting perspectives and ways to heal from a betrayal that you may not have tried before. Along with her...


021: Healing Betrayal at Its Source w/ Joyce Schafers

If you stop to think about it, most of the needs we are trying to get our partner to fill are the same needs that went unmet when we were children. Joyce Schafers went through her own trauma and betrayal and recognized this failing pattern, so she created a model to help other couples thrive. A best-selling author, public speaker, and life skills coach specializing in relationship counseling, Joyce has a keen ability to expose the root issues that cause relationships to fail and heal them...


020: What's in your Cake? w/ Dr. Debi Silber

If you’ve ever baked a cake, you know that if you put in fresh, delicious ingredients in the appropriate amounts at the appropriate time, you often create something delicious. You also know that while many tasty ingredients may be available to you and within easy reach, like mustard, pepper, garlic or vinegar, they simply don’t belong in your cake so you purposely and consciously choose to leave them out. If you were to add those ingredients to your mix, you wouldn’t expect a positive...


019: Eating Disorders - - Control or Betrayal? w/ Mindy Gorman-Plutzer

So many of us assume when it comes to eating disorders, but many people can struggle with disordered eating through various stages of their lives. In cases of betrayal or trauma, you can often hold your pain in your stomach, and this can have a negative impact on your own health. After 23 years at her NYC practice, Mindy Gorman-Plutzer has seen her fair share of psychology related eating issues. Today, Mindy is here to help us understand what betrayal in the form of an eating disorder looks...


018: A Complex and Painful Betrayal: a Failed Blending of Doctoring, Friendship, & Business Partnership w/ Dr. Felice Gersh

A tale as old as business itself, Dr. Felice Gersh was blindsided by her patient turned business partner and best friend when she betrayed her to start a competing practice. Today Felice is sharing how she was able to pick up the pieces, manage the emotions of being betrayed, and grow forward. Felice is sharing her experience in both personal and professional betrayal, how it impacted both her family and her business, and how this helped her focus on what’s important in life. By doing the...


017: Death and Rebirth – Shedding the Old, Embracing the New w/ Dr. Debi Silber

In The Unshakable Woman, I offer my interpretation on the idea of death and rebirth, explaining that sometimes things have to come to a full stop, a complete closure, in order for you to move forward and move on. It’s like continually repairing everything that goes wrong with a house that was initially built on a shaky foundation. You can repair the cracks, the leaks, the appliances, and the floors. You can repaint, redecorate, and add beautiful landscaping. Yet, even with all that,...


016: Empowerment----The Silver Lining w/ Melissa Kalt

After a betrayal in her own life lead her to find her passion, Dr. Melissa Kalt decided to leave her practice as a physician and strike out on her own to spread her knowledge about the power of integrated medicine. Today Melissa is sharing some amazing lessons in staying in integrity and honoring your truth in order to be true to who you are. Learn about everything from colorpuncture to EMDR and how you can free yourself of your physical and mental symptoms. Melissa is sharing how she first...


015: How Vulnerability Can Be Your GREATEST Strength with Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt

Allana Pratt is an intimacy expert who has helped over 4 million people live open-hearted unapologetic lives through her YouTube channel and coaching. A passionate and inspiring leader, Allana is sharing her theories on strength and vulnerability, and giving yourself permission to feel your deepest emotions so that they can help you heal. As women, we often stay in our heads too much, which can lead to jealousy, envy, and going into a situation already picturing the worst case scenario. By...


014: How to Get Past Betrayal w/ Dr. Debi Silber

Betrayal happens when there’s the breaking of a spoken or unspoken rule within a relationship. The more we trusted and were dependent upon the person, the bigger the betrayal. We can be betrayed by a family member, partner, friend, co-worker or someone in a position of authority. Which betrayals hurt the most? The ones which involved the greatest amount of our time, trust and heart. Links: Check out the full show notes for this episode Women Hacking Betrayal Facebook Group Have you...


013: Getting Unstuck! How to Manage Your Mind, Make A Decision and Start Living Again! w/ Phaedra Antioco

Phaedra Antioco is one of the most sought after pain relief experts who helps high performing people get back to the life they once had before pain. After breaking free from her own pain, and specializing in pain relief for over 20 years, Phaedra created an easy to follow pain relief system to help her clients stand strong once again. Phaedra believes that every physical pain has an emotional root, and when we identify the roots of those pain is when we can truly begin to heal. Focusing on...


012: Dealing with the Relentlessly Difficult, Toxic People Dr. Rhoberta Shaler Calls "Hijackals"®

Dr. Roberta Shaler is a relationship consultant, mediator, and speaker who provides intuitive and personalized care for relationships in crisis. She is on a mission to help people stop tolerating abuse, and has coined the category of ‘hijackels’. Dr. Shaler has dedicated herself to helping couples stop making themselves crazy while saving your sanity along the way. A self-described ‘life mechanic’ who welcomes relationships at all stages, Dr. Shaler prides herself on knowing what you need...


011: 5 Ways to Fix a Major Screwup w/ Dr. Debi Silber

Whether it was intentional or unintentional, sometimes we simply screw up. Once you’ve taken responsibility for your actions and behavior, communicated in a way the person you hurt will understand, were remorseful, empathetic, offered restitution and learned from it, there are still a few more things you can do. Forgiveness takes time along with consistent effort to repair the damage done so have patience. The bigger the screw up the longer it can take because the person you hurt may be...


010: Repair the World: One Creative Spark at a Time w/ Rae Luskin

Rae Luskin is a true leader in using creative expression to nurture self-worth, self-healing and social change. For over 20 years she has helped individuals and groups realize their authentic passion and purpose to become effective leaders and confident problem solvers. Today Rae is here to share her story of how she was able to use art and prayer to overcome her childhood trauma and find her way to healing. Rae uses the freedom she finds from scribbling and writing as a means of...


009: Betrayal, Moral Injury, and Addiction: Roadmap to Recovery w/ Dr. Sam Shay

Dr. Sam Shay has battled his own health and addiction journey and has come out the other side inspired to help others who struggle with the same issues. An expert on a hodgepodge of situations like childhood betrayal, video game, and sugar addictions, and overcoming high-stress environments, Dr. Sam Shay is here to help you get over your own betrayals too. Everything from moral injury to adrenal fatigue and being a child of divorce is on the table today. If you are looking to increase your...


008: Forgiveness w/ Dr. Debi Silber

You’ve heard that forgiveness isn’t about the person who hurt you and that it’s about you. It’s true, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Forgiveness is just about the hardest thing you can do because it often goes against everything we know to be right, just, and true. If someone did something cruel, hurtful, or selfish and we forgive them, does it mean that by forgiving them we’re somehow making what they did okay? Are we setting ourselves up for it to happen again? Does forgiving...


007: How Fear, Doubt and Disconnection Make Us Sick w/ Shanna Lee

So many women are looking for a way to feel great about your body, confident about who you are and want to connect with your deepest purpose. Our guest today, Shanna Lee, helps women do exactly that through raising your frequency, finding your alignment and listening to your intuition. The Soul Frequency has helped countless women manage their emotions and get to the root causes to find true inner healing. By surrounding yourself with people who believe in you, accepting love throughout the...


006: Shamelessly Feminine w/ Jen Rozenbaum

Femininity and intimacy are something that today's guest, Jen Rozenbaum, knows all about. A boudoir photographer, educator, and recent breast cancer survivor, Jen is an advocate for shedding both your inhibitions and your clothes. Everything from questioning your own femininity, embracing who you are and standing up for your relationship with your own body is on the table today. It doesn't have to take a life crisis to take care of and celebrate yourself, and it is time to spread your power...


005: 3 Very Exciting Discoveries w/ Dr. Debi Silber

Recently, I did a Ph.D. study focusing on how women experience betrayal—what holds them back and what helps them heal. During that study, three very exciting groundbreaking discoveries were made: The first: healing from betrayal is vastly different from healing from other types of life crises (such as the death of a loved one, disease, natural disaster, etc.). The second: there’s a collection of physical, mental, and emotional symptoms so common to betrayal that it’s become known as Post...