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The Ultimate Mark Sisson Interview

Get to know Mark, his background, and his entrepreneurial spirit like never before! Mark Sisson has been a great friend and mentor of mine for 30 years. As one of the founding fathers of the primal/paleo/keto/ancestral health movement, Mark has probably been on a couple hundred podcasts, including perhaps a dozen of our own for Primal Blueprint and Primal Endurance shows (listen to the very first Primal Blueprint podcast, published December 30, 2013, where he talks about the dangers of...


Breather: Tennis Temper Tantrums

This show is an interesting compare and contrast to my earlier breather show about the Japanese men’s World Cup soccer team, and the evolved competitive spirit of doryoku (“honor in the effort”) that is a central element of Japanese sports culture. In America, we have the win at all cost ideal that can often run amok and reveal as disgraceful behavior by our champion athletes. Tennis players have long been known for on-court tantrums. Granted, it’s a tough environment with the 1:1 nature of...


Dr. Elisha Goldstein: Mindfulness in the Age of Distractibility and Hyper-connectivity

Relax, retrain, forgive, repeat! Dr. Goldstein’s show is going to stop us distracted, multitasking, text binging, social media addicted modern humans in our tracks and rock our world! We all know the dangers and drawbacks of hyper-connectivity and distractibility, and our diminishing focus and mindfulness in hectic modern life, but we seem to be collectively shrugging our shoulders, complaining a bit here and there, and carrying on, glued to our devices. My visit with Dr. Goldstein had a...


Mia Moore: Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

I welcome Mia Moore to the studio for her first show, appropriate being that the Get Over Yourself Northern California studios are located in her house! (SoCal studios are at my mom and dad’s in case you are curious). Mia is seen by many, or at least and perhaps most importantly by Brad, as an ideal relationship partner. Hence we aspire to have her as a recurring guest to talk about healthy relationship dynamics and strategies. In the future, we will zero in on specific topics like show...


Breather: Personal Advice That Makes Me Want to Gag and Some Cool Stuff

I complain about the trend of overused, over-glorified peak performance tips and tricks. How about this one: "Making your bed could change your life and increase productivity 10x!" We get the spirit of the idea—that doing proactive stuff builds focus and discipline. Do we really need to exaggerate it to the level of a life-changing habit? Además, other research suggests that making your bed can trap microbes and pollutants all day, which is why many European cultures frequently leave the...


Brian MacKenzie: Power, Speed, Endurance Guru

Brian is the co-author of an epic textbook on training titled Power, Speed, Endurance, and the New York Times bestseller, Unbreakable Runner. As the founder of the CrossFit Endurance movement, Brian gained notoriety for challenging the dated conventional endurance wisdom of a mileage obsessed, “more is better” approach. Brian’s comprehensive program blending traditional aerobic mileage with varied forms of explosive strength training, flexibility/mobility work (he’s a close associate of...


Breather: Relationship Advice Tidbits

I offer up memorable nuggets from some of the world’s leading relationship experts, including John Gottman, Harville Hendricks, and Esther Perel. When in conflict, call to mind the acronym WAIT: “Why Am I Talking?!” Understand Gottman’s profound assertion that at all times in relationship interactions, you are either operating as a team or not a team. There is no gray area. Even if the issue is, “hey, you’re kinda being a jerk right now,” this issue can be addressed and solved as a team...


Brad Kearns: Cold Water Therapy

Welcome to a detailed account of the benefits, rationale and how-to instructions for the fabulous health regimen of cold water therapy. As you may know from watching my soon-viral YouTube video, I am big into his daily morning and evening chest freezer cold plunge regimen, for a variety of reasons detailed in the show. Cold exposure delivers an instant boost of mood elevating hormones into the brain, namely epinephrine and norepinephrine. It enhances blood circulation and oxygen delivery...


Elle Russ: A Journey of Healing, Health and Helping Others

In this wide ranging and surprisingly vulnerable interview at Elle’s top secret crib/film and recording studio in the Santa Monica mountains, Elle describes the unlikely journey to her current position as a thyroid expert and health author, coach, and speaker. Dang, a few years ago Elle was doing personal assistant work (“window or aisle on that flight?”) for the Sisson family! She dreamed of writing a book about her arduous journey to healing your thyroid naturally, and finally made the...


Breather: Japanese Soccer Team’s Clean Locker Room and Evolved Competitive Spirit

After the most devastating loss imaginable on the biggest athletic stage on the planet—the World Cup—the Japanese men’s national soccer team cleaned up their locker room, leaving it spotless, and left a handwritten sign saying ‘thank you’ in Russian.


Welcome! Get Over Yourself Podcast

Slow down, take a deep breath, take a cold plunge, and get healthy, fit, and happy! Get over the high-stress, tightly wound approach that often leads to disappointment and burnout. Host Brad Kearns, a New York Times bestselling author, Speedgolf world record holder, and former #3 world-ranked professional triathlete, offers a diverse and sometimes spicy mix of shows: expert guest interviews, peak performance primers, and brief “Breather” shows for some quick laughs, smiles and inspiration.