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Managing Digital Distraction and Hyper-connectivity And Staying Focused, Productive, and Stress-Balanced, Part 2

In part 2 of this breather show, I dive even deeper into the topic of how to manage digital distraction and hyper-connectivity. I get honest about the shit that I struggle with by first acknowledging some things. This is the best way to heal and grow, because you heighten your awareness and give yourself a chance to do something about it. One major thing I acknowledge we get a payoff (a dopamine hit) from receiving incoming stimulus. I acknowledge we then get another payoff from being...


Luke Shanahan on Understanding the Function of Everything That You Do

Luke busts out of the gate with a hilarious freestyle rap of the rich arrogant entrepreneur buying and sellin’ companies, houses, and private jets. After five minutes we catch our breath and get into an incredibly deep conversation that will get you thinking and reflecting on the importance of pursuing the highest expression of your talents and contributing to the community at large. The funny stuff at the start does set up some moral questions, because things are out of hand these days...


Managing Digital Distraction and Hyper-connectivity While Staying Focused, Productive, and Stress-Balanced, Part 1

(Breather) This is a pretty important topic, and it’s something we all deal with daily. I talk through some great articles on the subject and offer a bunch of personal insights about stuff I do well, as well as the stuff I really suck at! In part 1, I focus on the positive things I have going in my daily routine, and in part 2, I get into the stuff I struggle with, and ideas we can all use to make things better. This all started when I read a great article written by Nir Eyal for...


Setting Things Straight With Dr. Cate Shanahan

Switch the B.S. meter to the “on” position, and listen to the wise and powerful Dr. Cate ( address many myths and misconceptions about keto and other ancestral health practices on this hard-hitting show. Brad has avoided caffeine his whole life so he wouldn’t “fry his adrenals.” Dr. Cate calls BS. How about eating in the evening – that makes you store fat, right? Probably doesn't matter that much, says Cate. We know lots of conventional wisdom that has been shattered in...


How to get started with micro-workouts. Now is the time!

I introduce the fantastic breakthrough fitness concept that I’ve been doing more and more of in recent years: micro workouts. Micro workouts are explosive fits of strength, efficient and easy to do, and hits the #1 goal of being more active in daily life while also serving to elevate your baseline fitness level to do better workouts. They also take away so much of the stress that can come with working out. Let’s be real, even if you’re one of those people who loves to hit the gym, part of...


Dr. Cate Shanahan – Learning the Four Healthiest Food Categories You Need to Eat From!

Dr. Cate is second to none as a health resource, period. Does anyone else blend her disparate interests of hands-on patient care during her long career as a family physician, a deep interest in scientific research, and an ability to communicate practical tips to a broad audience through her books, videos and podcast appearances? Clearly, Dr. Cate is exceptional. In this show, we learn about her background and wild journey across the continent to pursue an assortment of career roles. In...


The Importance of a Pitch Dark Sleeping Experience and Sunlight in The Morning

(Breather) As you can tell by the title, this breather show is all about sleep – and the specifics of sleep. That means: how you sleep, what your habits are pre-bedtime, what your bedroom environment is like – anything particular to the way you go about getting some Zzzz’s. This show will help you identify what you’re doing right, and what you’re doing wrong when it comes to sleep – which will in turn, ensure that you get the best sleep of your life. These are a few bedroom rules I won’t...


Dr. Mark Cucuzella on “The Biggest Mistake in Human History”

The biggest mistake in human history!? What is he talking about? We will get to that, and more in this very thoughtful show with Dr. Mark, pioneering physician and legendary endurance runner. Dr. Markhas been quietly changing the world with his devoted efforts to get people healthy, both inside the medical system as a physician and also a fitness enthusiast who conducts running clinics and opened the first ever barefoot-focused running store in the USA. He is a highly accomplished runner,...


The Incredible Micro-Workout And Other Time-Efficient Fitness Tips

(Breather) For the past 10 years, I have modified my fitness regimen away from narrow endurance focus (including the extremely health-destructive chronic cardio training regimen that I followed as an elite competitor for 15 years) to a more balanced regimen featuring comfortable aerobic workouts (i.e., jogging daily with dogs), regular brief, intense strength training sessions, and occasional all-out sprints. It takes time, research, and a lot of trial and error to find out what works for...


Tippy Wyatt: A Long Journey to YouTube Sensation

I first encountered the remarkable Tippy Wyatt after she contacted me to pitch an idea for a keto cookbook. Well, turns out that not only were we living in the same area at the time, but Tippy has an awesome YouTube channel and has a couple viral videos for how keto works for her daily routine, Costco shopping, and “What I Eat in A Day.” The show evolves from a breezy discussion for how to get a viral YouTube video, into an interesting account of a young couple’s journey to health. After...


Dr. Ron Sinha On Aging Gracefully (Breather Episode with Brad)

I keep the tape running as Dr. Ron and continue to talk, going into a discussion about longevity, some concerns related to menopause, when heart disease risk increases, and related concerns for aging males. Longevity promoting behaviors include keeping that visceral fat off the body, because it hampers hormonal function and can accelerate aging. Some great checkpoints to mitigate the effects of aging include keeping competency with squats, running the mile, and maintaining muscle...


Dr. Ron Sinha: On Medicine And Mindset

Fasten your seat belts for an incredibly fast-moving, wide-ranging, and deeply impactful show from Dr. Ron. This guy has fought a valiant battle against dated mainstream medical advice and in favor of a comprehensive ancestral approach emphasizing not just healthy, whole foods, but also choosing out of the flawed mindsets and hectic lifestyle behaviors that are on display in Silicon Valley like no other spot in America. Yes, Dr. Ron works in the most affluent community in America. Tech...


Diet Tips for Healthy Aging & Longevity (Breather Episode with Brad)

This show goes into more detail about dietary strategies to ditch unhealthy modern foods and dabble in the various popular ancestral style strategies. This show will cover everything, from helping you switch fully into basic primal/paleo style eating, to going into things like keto and carnivore for distinct goals. The most important changes you can make right now in your diet are simple and easy, broken down into four categories: Ditch grains and sugars:Refined grains and sugars are...


Hiking Podcast with Jake Taylor

I’m the subject of Jake’s interview — on how I became a pro triathlete! Jake Taylor hosts a very cool podcast called 5GQ: 5 Good Questions. He has an assortment of authors on the show to talk about their books and life’s works, and answer five or more good questions from Jake. What an honor to be on this show amidst Jake’s luminaries from the world of high finance and corporate leadership. He is close friends with Warren Buffett and a noted financial professional based in Folsom, CA. Okay,...


Brad Gives an Overview of Healthy Living Anti-Aging Tips (Breather Episode with Brad))

Let’s make things simple with a big picture look at the most urgent and beneficial lifestyle practices you can implement right now to have more energy and better physical and cognitive performance. Future breather shows will provide more detail about each category, but this episode should get you focused on the big picture so you can explore these strategies further. This is one of my favorite topics to discuss, and it’s based around a concept called compressed morbidity. This means you...


William Shewfelt Part 1: An Evolved Perspective On Dreaming Big, Staying Focused, And Executing The Plan To Be Healthy And Productive

I sit down with Mr. Red Power Ranger and Carnivore Shredder himself, William Shewfelt. When you visit him on the Internet and see his shredded physique of 3.8% body fat, or striking a pose in his tight red Power Ranger outfit, you might form a superficial first impression that here’s another Hollywood poser but this show quickly proves that notion is wrong. Alas, you are in for a wonderful treat on this show, as I became educated and inspired from an extremely poised, thoughtful, driven,...


Tania Teschke’s Advice For Protecting Your Health in Today's Polluted World (Breather Episode with Brad)

After a great show with Bordeaux Kitchen author Tania Teschke, we keep recording and I start to get freaked out over the health concerns relating to radiation from “Smart” utility meters and also excess artificial light and digital stimulation from various blue-light emitting sources like digital screens and LED light bulbs. After the recording, I headed over to Home Depot to buy some vintage style light bulbs with the yellow hue incandescent filament style light bulb. This type of bulb is...


Tania Teschke: Cultural Learnings of Europe For Make Benefit of America

Keen fans of Borat, the legendary movie my Sacha Baron Cohen, will realize I’m knocking off his movie title here. It’s appropriate to capture the theme of our conversation, which covered all manner of healthy eating and living, but hit the theme of healthy European traditions contrasted with hectic, hyper-speed, overly-stressful American life today. Tania was born and raised in America and graduated from Brown University, and has spent many years of her adult life in places like Japan,...


Blip Show: John Gottman’s Top Tips For A Successful Relationship

I’m bringing you some of the best quotes from relationship expert John Gottman for today’s blip show. Gottman’s ideas are simple and straightforward, but radically different from anything you’ve heard before, and will change the way you approach relationships and your partner. Gottman advises couples to stop wasting time arguing. Why’s that? Because most arguments cannot be resolved, yet couples still spend time fighting year after year, trying to change each other’s mind. This is a...


Tracking Heart Disease Risk with Personal Blood Testing (Breather Episode with Brad)

My athletic friend reached out to me recently to tell me he had a body scan revealing arterial blockage issues and the need for a pipe cleaning procedure. Yep, getting old brings some surprises and challenges, and it’s important to implement healthy habits and track your risk factors. Today, it’s easier than ever to self-quantify with online blood testing, but when you embark on the process of tracking your heart disease risk, it is integral that you are looking for (and at) the right...