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Join Brad Kearns, New York Times bestselling author and champion triathlete, Speedgolfer, and masters high jumper, in pursuing peak performance with passion throughout life. Enjoy memorable insights from leading experts on diet, fitness, peak performance, personal growth, relationships, happiness, and longevity. Brad’s “Breather” shows provide step-by-step tips you can implement right away to improve your life. Let’s explore beyond shortcuts, hacks, and crushing competition to laugh, have fun, appreciate the journey, and not take ourselves too seriously. It’s time to B.rad!


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Join Brad Kearns, New York Times bestselling author and champion triathlete, Speedgolfer, and masters high jumper, in pursuing peak performance with passion throughout life. Enjoy memorable insights from leading experts on diet, fitness, peak performance, personal growth, relationships, happiness, and longevity. Brad’s “Breather” shows provide step-by-step tips you can implement right away to improve your life. Let’s explore beyond shortcuts, hacks, and crushing competition to laugh, have fun, appreciate the journey, and not take ourselves too seriously. It’s time to B.rad!






Elle Russ: Taking Control Of Your Thyroid Health

It’s always a pleasure to connect with Elle Russ—we’ve been podcasting together for years, and we’re hitting it hard in today’s show because we have some important topics to discuss. We start with a refresher on the importance of thyroid function and the confusion and controversy surrounding prescribing medication for it, especially in light of things I have been reflecting on recently, such as the Energy Balance concept and striving for maximum cellular energy status at all times, as...


Breather: Reprogramming Flawed Subconscious Behavior Patterns

Did you know that your thoughts directly influence your cellular function—at all times? This means every thought you have—sad, hopeful, anxious, calm, angry—has the ability to change the physical chemistry of your body immediately, and this also means that you have the power to completely reprogram any flawed, subconscious behavior patterns you have accumulated throughout your lifetime. I urge you to listen to my epic interview with The Biology of Belief author Dr. Bruce Lipton if you...


Brad: The Fake, Ridiculous, Dangerous Goal of Mt. Everest

The inspiration for this show came after I saw a very well-produced documentary series called “Everest: Beyond The Limits” that’s available on Amazon Prime. This extremely well-produced account covers numerous Mt. Everest guided expeditions over three seasons, and the cinematography is so beautiful that it makes you feel like you are right there on the mountain with the climbers. One of the most entertaining and emotion-stirring aspects of the show is watching the astonishing idiocy of...


Breather: Diet Tips For Natural Testosterone Optimization

This breather show is all about natural testosterone optimization. This is such an important topic of interest for aging men, but also for young men too since the most recent research on this topic has been pretty disturbing—the average testosterone level for men aged 15–39 (the peak hormonal years) has been dropping by 1% per year since the 1980s! This is alarming because testosterone levels indicate a lot—your general state of metabolic health, physical fitness, performance and recovery...


Dr. John Demartini: Pursuing Your "Inspired Purpose," And Why Passion and Motivation Are Overrated

I am so excited to present a second show with one of the world’s leading experts on human behavior, Dr. John Demartini. Dr. John has a new book called, The 7 Secret Treasures: A Transformational Blueprint for a Well-Lived Life, which is designed to reacquaint readers with the power they already have within, as Dr. John Demartini shows you the way to powerfully transform your life with tools and principles you can use to create your most inspiring and fulfilling life. This book will be a...


Breather: Transitioning From Physical Health Obsession To Spiritual Awareness (David Hawkins Inspired)

In this brief but powerful episode we're talking about how to effectively work on and improve your body, your mentality, and your spirituality, so you can expand your consciousness and ascend to a higher level all around. This breather show is dedicated to a passage written by the late, great David Hawkins, an internationally renowned author, spiritual teacher, lecturer, researcher, and developer of the widely known “Map of Consciousness.” LINKS: Brad Kearns.comBrad’s Shopping...


B.rad Podcast Highlights, Part 4

In this highlight show, we hear some stand-out quotes from past guests like Dr. Phil Maffetone (godfather of endurance training and the MAF heart rate training model), Brock Armstrong, Deirdre Fitzpatrick, William Shewfelt, and a few others topics like how to effectively change your mindset, applying cognitive behavioral therapy to pursuing practical goals, and the societal prescriptions that don’t really fit anyone. You’ll find out what it takes to train at an elite level and what are just...


Breather: Expert Tips For A Relationship Breakthrough

If you want to know how to achieve a breakthrough in your relationship, this episode is for you. Tune in to hear tips for taking your relationship to the next level, breaking through a stagnant period or a rut, and transitioning away from dated cultural roles so you can strengthen your communication and connection with your partner. I reveal the one thing that poses the biggest threat to women in relationships and the #1 relationship behavior that can actually tank your testosterone levels,...


Dave Scott: Reflections On Endurance Training, Racing, And Nutrition Over Decades

I’m catching up with the legendary Dave Scott in this episode! Dave is a 6-time Hawaii Ironman world champion and respected coach, and in this show, we talk about endurance training, savoring the small victories and not just the big ones, the importance of having hobbies and other interests, how to know when you need to cut back on training and the mental toll it takes, what he does to feel fulfilled, and much more! TIMESTAMPS: Does Dave Scott take the opportunity to reflect back on how...


Breather: Seven Steps To Self-Awareness (Dave Rossi Inspired)

This breather show is inspired by one of my favorite podcast guests (and close friends), Dave Rossi, and it’s a checklist to facilitate personal evolution, comprised of seven effective and practical tips from Dave that will take you to the next level of personal growth and self-awareness. Dave advises us to apply this checklist to as many conversations and situations as we can, as this is what will (eventually) take us to the next level of self-awareness through hard work and repetition. In...


B.rad Podcast Highlights, Part 3

Welcome to another highlight show consisting of brief, very thoughtful, and enticing clips from previous podcast episodes. It’s been so much fun to go back and listen to these tidbits again, and the idea of these shows is simply to give you some interesting and inspiring takeaways (and hopefully you’re inspired to go back to the shows that pique your interest). You’ll hear from past guests like Tania Teschke, William Shewfelt, Dr. Mark Cucuzella, and Dr. Ron Sinha on a variety of health and...


Breather: Carnivore Scores Chart - Quick Overview

This quick breather show is all about the Carnivore Scores Food Ranking chart (available by free download on my website, Hopefully, after listening to this show you will feel inspired to print it out and tape it onto your refrigerator to ensure your diet always emphasizes the most nutritious foods on earth. In this episode, I walk you through every element of the chart, share how I prepare different foods, and explain why I decided to add certain things to the “Global...


Mia Moore #3: Intro To Ancestral Eating And Shattering Flawed Conventional Wisdom

It’s been a long time since Mia Moore was last on the show (listen to her previous appearances, Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff, Becoming More Conscious In Relationships and How To Be More Chill from the expert herself here) and today we will be focusing on a question I have received numerous times over the years: what to do when one person in a relationship is more devoted or interested in ancestral eating than the other? How do you get them into it? As you’ll hear Mia explain in this episode,...


Breather: What Brad Eats In A Day

By popular request, today’s breather show is an overview of what I eat in a day! While my diet is not super exciting or full of a ton of variety, I have locked into a pattern that works for me (while always remaining open-minded in case any changes are necessary—hence no more fasting, more carbs, fruit, and calories in general!). As you will hear, my focus these days is entirely on performance and recovery, so I have made adjustments here and there to my diet in order to support my...


Brad: Five Tips To Aging Gracefully, Part 5 - Dial In Stress Management

Welcome to the fifth and final episode in this series covering 5 tips to age gracefully and optimize energy and body composition. In this show, we will be talking about stress management and putting all the pieces from previous shows together. You will learn about healthy sleep habits and why sleep is so important, as well as how to create a stress-free, sanctuary in your bedroom. You’ll also hear useful tips for managing stress and learn why your mattress temperature can actually change...


Breather: Rethinking Ancestral Obsessions And What's Optimal Vs. What's Possible

The ancestral health movement has exploded over the past decade and more, and while it’s wonderful to see people raising their awareness of our genetic expectations for health, one thing has been on my mind a lot lately, which is this obsession people have with the ancestral model and how this can possibly be taken to the extreme and deliver adverse results. I do want to validate the ancestral model (especially when it pertains to cleaning up our act amidst the challenges and influences of...


Dr. Jannine Krause: What's Up With Acupuncture?

Have you ever wondered what’s up with acupuncture? That is the title of a wonderful new book by my friend, Dr. Jannine Krause, an acupuncturist and functional medicine practitioner. It is so beneficial for all of us to learn more about medicine, specifically beyond Western medicine, and Dr. Jannine does an incredible job harmonizing the two as you will hear in this show. You will learn all about this incredible treatment that has been around for thousands of years, how acupuncture affects...


Breather: Reasons For The Modern Epidemic Decline In Testosterone

We have a big problem in modern life: the epidemic decline in the average testosterone level in males. Research from around the globe has confirmed this is a global problem—the average testosterone level has been declining at a rate of 1% per year since the 1980s. That means your testosterone level is 40% below what your grandpa’s was at your age! As you will learn during this episode, there are many reasons for this decline, and this show will give you the tools you need to fight this...


Brad: Five Tips To Aging Gracefully, Part 4 - Integrate Brief, Intense Exercise

Welcome to part 4 of this series covering 5 essential tips for aging gracefully and optimizing energy and body composition. Hopefully you’ve been listening since the start—in part 1 we talked about eliminating processed, nutrient-deficient foods from your diet, and in part 2 we talked about emphasizing the most nutrient-dense, easy to digest foods to drive for maximum cellular energy status at all times. In part 3 we talked about increasing all forms of general everyday movement (walking,...


Breather: Five Quick Diet Tips From Mike Kummer

I had a great podcast interview with popular blogger Michael Kummer! He’s my kinda guy as a former world junior level 100-meter sprinter and huge enthusiast of animal-based, nose-to-tail eating. Follow him on Instagram @michaelkummer Memorize his wonderfully concise and impactful five quick tips to quickly clean up and optimize your diet: freeze-dried organ meat capsules LINKS: Brad Kearns.comBrad’s Shopping Join Brad for more fun on: Instagram:...