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The International Society of Nephrology (ISN) Podcast covers the diverse topics related to field of nephrology and the stories and experiences that impact the nephrologist around the world.


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The International Society of Nephrology (ISN) Podcast covers the diverse topics related to field of nephrology and the stories and experiences that impact the nephrologist around the world.




Season 4 Episode 2: Kidney Health for All – Advancing equitable access to care and optimal medication practice

World Kidney Day (WKD) is observed every year on the Second Thursday of March. In 2023, it falls on March 14th and aims to advocate for Kidney Health for All! Professor Alessandro Balducci, co-chair of the WKD Joint Steering Committee, is joined in this episode by WKD Joint Steering Committee members Dr. Dina Abdellatif, Dr. Ricardo Correa-Rotter, and Dr. Katherine Tuttle, the Executive Director for Research at Providence Inland Northwest Health. The WKD Joint Steering Committee has declared WKD 2024 as “Advancing equitable access to care and optimal medication practice.” Their conversation covers the goals of WKD, raising awareness about the importance of ensuring equitable access to appropriate treatment and care for people living with kidney disease, in order to improve their quality of life and delay the progression of the disease.


Season 4 Episode 1: Discussion on Health Disparities on the Outcomes for Patients with ADPKD

Recently the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) and the Polycystic Kidney Disease Foundation (PKDF) held a joint webinar to discuss and explore the significant impact of health disparities on the outcomes for patients with Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD). In the latest episode of the Global Kidney Care Podcast, Dr. Maria E. Diaz-Gonzalez de Ferris, Dr. Sambhavi Krishnamoorthy and patient advocate Funke Ojuri continue the conversation on Health disparities that are often driven by socioeconomic, racial, and geographic factors and how they play a crucial role in shaping the progression of ADPKD and its associated complications.


Season 3 Episode 12a: Kidney Disease in Uganda - a republishing from 2015

This re-published episode was originally published in 2015 and is hosted by Jack Milln and he takes a look at Uganda and how kidney disease has affected the lives of the people in this country. It also touches on the hardships of relying on expensive treatment options in a resource-poor country. The developing countries of sub-Saharan Africa are under threat by an emerging epidemic of kidney disease. Populations are no longer solely affected by ‘diseases of poverty’ such as HIV/TB/malaria but also ‘diseases of affluence’ such as diabetes and hypertension. Disease is often asymptomatic until end-stage disease develops requiring expensive treatment options such as transplant or dialysis. In this episode you will here from patients in Uganda about how kidney disease has affected their lives, and the hardships of relying on expensive treatment options in a resource-poor country.


Season 3 Episode 12: Monoclonal Lytes

In the first ever podcast collaboration between ISN and ASON; Raad Chowdhury hosts a panel of Fellows in discussing an Onconephrology Case with an electrolyte twist.


Season 3 Episode 11: AI and Nephrology

Augusto Cesar Santos Jr MD, FASN, FISN has a discussion with Peter Kotanko, MD, FASN on the intersection of nephrology and artificial intelligence (AI). They discuss how AI is being used in the field of nephrology, what the future holds, and the potential pitfalls of this new and ever changing technology.


Season 3 Episode 10: Physical Activity and Kidney Disease

Physical activity is crucial for patients with kidney disease to maintain independence and an optimal quality of life. This episode of the Global Kidney Care Podcast covers topics related to physical activity and kidney disease, Professor Paul Bennett, RN PhD FISN Deputy Head (Research), SONM, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia and a member of the ISN Kidney Health Professionals Working Group leads a discussion that covers what barriers patients and health care providers face and how they can inspire lifelong physical activity among their patients. Paul is joined by a truly diverse set of international guests: · Stephanie Thompson, MD PhD, Associate Professor, Division of Nephrology, University of Alberta, Canada · Heitor S. Ribeiro, PhD, Exercise physiologist, Postdoctoral Research fellow at the School of Medicine, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil · Pedro Martins, coordinator of the physical exercise program at NephroCare Portugal (Fresenius Medical Care); PhD student at the University of Maia, Portugal · Wilson Du, Renal Warrior, diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease Wilson turned to physical activity to not only improve his health, but to take control of his diagnoses. Today he is inspiring others who suffer with similar diagnosis to improve their lives through exercise.


Season 3 Episode 9: Educating Patients Across Borders with

8/29/2023 was founded by the Nephrologist Dr Sanjay Pandya with the mission to educate patients and their families about kidney care across all boundaries for the prevention of kidney disease. Today provides content in over 40 languages presented by nephrologists and other healthcare providers. Dr Tushar Vachharajani, former chair of the ISN Education Working Group interviews Dr Pandya on the origins, goals and future of website.


Season 3 Episode 8: Discussion on ISN’s First Consensus Guidance for Pre-clinical Animal Studies in Translational Nephrology (TRANSFORM)

Fergus Caskey, chair of the ISN Research Working Group, interviews ISN President Masaomi Nangaku and immediate Past President Agnes Fogo on the first guidance for the optimal conduct of translational animal studies for developing new drugs to treat kidney disease. Read the guidance in Kidney International here. Agnes Fogo discusses the inspiration for and aim of the meeting: to guide improvements in translational animal studies to help develop new drugs to treat kidney diseases. Masaomi Nangaku talks about essential factors to consider in animal studies and the future of organoids and organs-on-a-chip. The guidance is the first of its kind. It was developed by experts in the global kidney community following the “TRANSFORM; TRAnslational Nephrology Science FOR new Medications” consensus meeting held in 2022. Access more information about the initiative: ARRIVE GuidelinesInfographics of the summary of all the recommendations for pre-clinical animal studies in translational nephrology


Season 3 Episode 7: ISN-ACT Global Trials Focus, A Clinical Trials Discussion

Michele Provenzano and Daniel O'Hara, coordinators of the ISN-ACT Global Trials Focus (GTF)*, interview international trial experts and ISN-ACT (Advancing Clinical Trials) chair and deputy chair Meg Jardine and Adeera Levin. Get involved in international clinical trials: Join the ISN-ACT Network here. Meg Jardine talks about some of the clinical trials she's been involved in, barriers to overcome in clinical research, and finding the right people to collaborate with. Adeera Levine discusses her work in international clinical trials, current hot research topics, and research challenges in different resource settings. She also gives recommendations for those seeking to get involved in clinical trials. *The ISN-ACT GTF provides a monthly summary of recent compelling trials relevant to kidney disease. Read the ISN-ACT GTF here.


Season 3 Episode 6a: Live from Bangkok! Renal Disasters and Ethical Considerations

Manjusha Yadla, Professor and Head, Nephrology Gandhi Medical College is the host of this episode and is joined by co-hosts Milagros Flores, Ivan Rodriguez from Mexico and Srikanth Bathini of India. They are interviewing Sibel Bek, from Turkey and Valerie Luyckx of Switzerland on Renal Disasters and Ethical Considerations. Recorded live in the ISN Kidney Studio during the WCN'23. This supplemental episode is a cross over of the Global Kidney Care Podcast and the ISN Social Media Team. The Social Media Team is a group of health professionals ensuring social media coverage of the Congress through: For more Information on the Social Media Team


Season 3 Episode 6: Encore Presentation of the EMPA-KIDNEY Trial Data Presented by BI & Lilly

Adeera Levin, Professor of Medicine, head of the Division of Nephrology at University of British Columbia is the host for this episode of the Global Kidney Care Podcast. Dr. Levin is joined by Will Herrington, Honorary Consultant Nephrologist, Oxford Kidney Unit and Masaomi Nangaku professor and head of the division of nephrology and endocrinology, the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Medicine. In addition, Dr. Nangaku is all also the current president of the ISN. Drs. Levin, Herrington and Nangaku presented a webinar on the ISN Academy in December 2022 and in this episode follow up on that presentation with a discussion of the latest updates. This podcast is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Boehringer Ingelheim & Lilly


Season 3 Episode 5: Stanford Pioneers Revolutionary Dual-Transplant Approach (Kidney Treatment)

This episode of the Global Kidney Care podcast is hosted by Maria E. Diaz-Gonzalez de Ferris, Professor, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and a member of the ISN Education Working Group. She is joined in conversation with Paul Grimm, MD at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health. They will discuss Dr. Grimm’s participation in how Stanford have enabled children to receive kidney transplants without need for immune-suppressing drugs, thanks to a revolutionary method that transplants the donor’s immune system to the patient before surgeons implant the kidney, “dual immune/solid organ transplant,” or DISOT.


Season 3 Episode 4: Discussion on IgA Nephropathy: as part of the NephMadness PodCrawl

Hosted by Roberto Pecoits-Filho, ISN Education Working Group Chair this special episode is a discussion on IgA nephropathy with Dana Rizik of UAB Birmingham and Dana Larsen of UCSF of San Francisco. The idea behind a podcrawl is for a variety of podcasts to coordinate on timing and topic to push a theme and get each other’s listeners to explore all of the podcasts. One of the first goals behind NephMadness was to build a community and in the early years of Twitter, NephMadness was central to the formation of #NephTwitter and defining the ethos that makes our online community kind, intelligent, vibrant, and interesting. The NephMadness Podcrawl hopes to inspire and grow the nephrology podcast community in the same way. This year along with the Global Kidney Care Podcast the following series will participate: The CurbsidersCore IMThe CardioNerdsFreely FilteredThe CribsidersFellow on CallThe Nephron Segment 8 podcasts in all one for each region in this year’s NephMadness Go to to get links to all of the shows


Season 3 Episode 3: World Kidney Day: a discussion on preparing for the unexpected

World Kidney Day (WKD) every year is observed on the Second Thursday of March, in 2023, it falls on March 9th and aims at advocating for Kidney Health for All! Prof. Ifeoma Ulasi, member of the WKD Steering Committee, is joined on this episode by WKD Steering Committee members Dr. Dina Abdellatif, Dr. Li-Li Hsiao and Dr. Ali Abu-Alfa, from the ISN Renal Disaster Preparedness Working Group. The WKD Steering Committee has declared 2023 “Preparing for the unexpected, supporting the vulnerable”. Their conversation covers the goals of WKD to raise awareness about disastrous events, natural or man-made, international or local, and their impact on people living with kidney disease whose access to appropriate diagnostic services, treatment and care may be hindered.


Season 3 Episode 2: Diagnosis and Management of Complement Mediated Kidney Diseases Supported by Novartis

Drs Namrata Parikh, Gary Chan and Nick Medjeral-Thomas are nephrologists and complement enthusiasts interested in the diagnosis and management of complement mediated kidney diseases. In this conversation, we discussed key clinical and pathology features of inappropriate, pathogenic complement activity that guide physicians to a diagnosis of C3 glomerulopathy. We discussed differences in investigation and management strategies between our respective clinical centers in Ottawa, Hong Kong and London, including access to clinical trials of therapeutic complement inhibitors. To finish, we speculated on the future impact on clinical nephrology of complement pathway analysis and inhibition. Make sure to also check out the Complement-Mediated Kidney Diseases Toolkit here


Season 3 Episode 1: Evaluating Interventions for Minimal Change Disease in Adults With Nephrotic Syndrome

The latest episode of the Global Kidney Care Podcast is hosted by Edmund Chung, Cochrane and Kidney Transplant Knowledge, Translation and Decimation Editor and he is joined by Karolis Azukaitis, Senior Pediatric Nephrologist at Vilnius University Hospital and Elisabeth Hodson, Honorary consultant Pediatric Nephrologist at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead in Sydney. They discuss highlights of their Cochrane updated Review of Interventions for Minimal Change Disease in Adults with Nephrotic Syndrome (new evidence summary).


Season 2 Episode 6: Cochrane Kidney and Transplant Past, Present and Future

Cochrane Kidney and Transplant was established in 1997 with its editorial base currently in Sydney Australia. They are one of 53 Cochrane Review Groups that are part of Cochrane, an international, independent not-for-profit dedicated to providing up-to-date, accurate information about the effects of health care. Cochrane produces and disseminates systematic reviews of research on healthcare interventions. Roberto and Smeeta interview: Jonathan Craig Giovanni StrippoliElisabeth Hodson Edmund Chung Their discussion covers both the history and the future of Cochrane Kidney and Transplant.


Season 2 Episode 5: Innovative Nursing in Nephrology: PD Catheter Insertion

Roberto and Smeeta are joined by Elaine Bowes, Clinical Nurse Specialist PD at Kings College NHS; Ana Elizabeth Prado Lima Figueiredo, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul - PUCRS; and Barbara Crisp, Greys Hospital, Pietermaritzburg. All three discuss their roles on the leading edge of PD catheter insertion by nurses.


Season 2 Episode 4: World Kidney Day: Health Literacy, A Call For All Nephrologists

World Kidney Day (WKD) every year is observed on the Second Thursday of March, this year it falls on March 10th. This initiative launched in 2006 jointly by the International Society of Nephrology and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations - World Kidney Alliance is a daylong campaign to raise awareness about the ever-increasing burden of kidney diseases worldwide and strives for kidney health for all. On this episode Roberto and Smeeta are joined by Robyn Langham (Australia), Co-chair for ISN and SF Lui (Hong Kong), IFKF-WKA Project Director of the WKD Steering Committee to discuss the history of WKD and 2022’s campaign and goals.


Season 2 Episode 3: The work and Journey of Maolynne Miller Jamaica's first Pediatric Nephrologist

Roberto and Smeeta are joined this episode by Maolynne Miller, Jamaica's first pediatric nephrologist. She is today the Director/Founder of Jamaica Kidney Kids Foundation and a Pediatric Nephrologist at University Hospital of the West Indies. Maolynne returned home from her residency in Toronto in 1984 and since then has been instrumental in every advancement of pediatric nephrology in her country. She has had a direct influence in all six practicing pediatric nephrologists in Jamaica. she sits down with Roberto and Smeeta and recounts what inspired her when she was starting out and what drives her on still today.