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A peek into Lustgarten Foundation fundraising efforts with Jason Rice

What is the Future of Fundraising? How does becoming Virtual play into the landscape? How do you maintain momentum to support an important cause? Jason Rice, the National Director of Development and Events for the Lustgarten Foundation dives into his 20+ years working with health-related not for profits to steer the Foundation in the right direction. Listen in to our interview with Jason and learn how to support and get involved with an important cause. Host Gail Zugerman shows her support...


Kerri Kaplan, President and CEO Of The Lustgarten Foundation

Doing what matters. This is what Kerri Kaplan, President & CEO of The Lustgarten Foundation does every day! With this episode, we begin a collaboration between Growing Older with Gusto and The Lustgarten Foundation, the largest organization ‘for pancreatic cancer research, because health is so important as we grow older. So, Kerri is up first on the show! You will find Kerri is so very passionate about her work at the Lustgarten Foundation as she shares with us what the Lustgarten Foundation...

Introduction to Joan Craig –

Meet Joan Craig, founder of CEO has a new meaning. CHIEF EXPERT OCCUPANT is who you are, and also who you can be. Joan Craig took an experience living in Honduras and turned it into a business. She can take anybody from 40 - 65 and give them a plan on how to move forward with balance, stamina and joy. A couple of her programs include Posture School which she designs according to specific needs, and the Boost Program where she will do a deep dive one-on-one with you....


CK – Dynamic Forever

CK Perez, as she is affectionately called at the East Bank Club in Chicago, is 86 years young! She appears vibrant, in shape, and has the spirit of the color she loves the most — green. Green is symbolic to her of all that is growing and willing to live. She talks to us about her life, how she got to where she is today and dispenses valuable advice on how to grow older with gusto. For starters, “stop focusing on aging and focus on the gift of being alive.” She is basically saying live in the...


Deacon Leonard Richardson

This is a story about an 82-year-old man who made a life-altering change at age 50 by allowing his faith, his energy and his love of life, family and friends to steer him into becoming a Deacon at age 53. Deacon Leonard Richardson, tells us on the podcast how his connection to family, friends, and his Catholic religion were the guideposts along the way to becoming an example of how to grow older with gusto! He is always open to change that points people in “the right direction, and talks...


Judi Schindler

Judi Schindler a lifelong Chicagoan is a multi-talented woman in her 70’s who has headed a 10 person PR firm for 40 years, become an actor, and an author where she describes one of her biggest life accomplishments - being married for 50+ years! I spoke with Judi recently about the sense of humor she has about marriage and she hilariously recounted how having one son has resulted in being the grandmother of six- a good return on her investment! Judi's Blog:


Phil la Duke

Phil La Duke who lives in Detroit, Michigan currently works as a workplace safety advisor for major companies. HIs life has taken a circuitous route to where he is now, and he shares how stumbling blocks spurred him on to better himself and live a joyful and meaningful life. He emphasizes on the podcast the importance of living in the present and making each day a great day. He believes we don’t know what is in front of us and we can’t change what is behind us so embracing each day as it...


Barbara and Sheldon Stein

Gail interviewing Sheldon Stein Barbara and Sheldon Stein are an active older couple who currently reside at the Clare, an independent living community in downtown Chicago. A former lawyer and educator who remain chipper despite some health restrictions. They both were quite active as children, and continue throughout their life to engage with younger people. Retirement to them is just an extension of their life and they see it as a way of building upon what they have achieved, and...

Larry Clemons

Larry Clemons is a reflexologist, spiritualist and the first African American to rent office space in the iconic office building, The Garland Building in the Chicago Loop. He is a person who is a healer and has a positive spirit that has propelled him throughout his life. His spiritual presence has served him well and he describes his background and how a misstep in his early youth was one of the best things that ever happened to him. Come listen to this podcast interview has he tells his...


John & Barbara Cochran

John & Barbara Cochran, well-known journalists, who reside in Washington D.C. share their insights into how they have navigated through life and what sustains them today! John was well known as a Senior Correspondent for ABC News and was their top Correspondent who covered the White House from the Nixon to Obama Administrations. Barb, was the former Producer of “Meet The Press” and created the Morning Edition program for NPR. She just keeps on going with an upcoming trip with Journalism...


Ken Brown

His Glass is Definitely Always Half Full! Photo of Ken Brown (right) in Tanzania near Mt. Kilimanjaro. Meet Ken Brown, an almost 70-year-old practicing lawyer who is successful in surviving one of the most deathly cancer diagnoses. Brown at age 64 is fortunate in the sense that his pancreatic cancer was caught at Stage 2 (not too common with this disease), and he was the type of person who not only perceives life with the half-full glass mentality but actually sees life as a glass...


Diana Levin

Meet Diana Levin. A woman who has followed her passions throughout her life, and has been fueled by an admittedly high-level of energy inherited from her father! She is a woman who started traveling the world as a child with her mom, became a world class figure skater by the time she was a teen, and continues to lead an […] The post Diana Levin appeared first on Growing Older with Gusto.


Dolores Gilden

Dolores Gilden, is a beautiful woman inside and out, who embraces life and has a heart as large as Lake Michigan! She talks about navigating every stage of life, tells us what it takes to grow older with gusto, and survive the inevitable ups and downs of every life stage. She is funny, authentic, and looks back at […] The post Dolores Gilden appeared first on Growing Older with Gusto.


Susan RoAnne

Susan RoAnne, who lives in San Francisco is a whirling woman who exemplifies how to grow older with gusto! She is a powerhouse of a woman who laughingly recalls her lawsuit of RoAnne vs. Weinberger in San Fran, and tells of her surprise when she found out it was Casper Weinberger, not her friend from the University […] The post Susan RoAnne appeared first on Growing Older with Gusto.


Katherine Marquisos

Katherine is a woman in her 90’s who came to this country after WWII from southern Greece. She is fluent in three languages and has the moxie and energy of someone decades younger. What Katherine is doing and has done in her life to get to this age and be happy and enjoying herself is […] The post Katherine Marquisos appeared first on Growing Older with Gusto.

Dr. William Caro

Dr. Bill Caro, a retired dermatologist, research and teacher pathology shares his insights into growing older with gusto. Dr. Caro, recently turned 84 and is going strong while living in an independent living setting. He credits his youthfulness at 84 to maintaining interests beyond his profession and staying relevant to the world around him. He believes that communication is key and […] The post Dr. William Caro appeared first on Growing Older with Gusto.


Joyce Saxon

Joyce Saxon is a vibrant example of a woman who led a life of great purpose and energy and continues to do so as she begins her march towards being 100 years old. Ms. Saxon was one of the first women to reach VP status at the J. Walter Thompson Ad agency in Chicago and has been […] The post Joyce Saxon appeared first on Growing Older with Gusto.