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Moving from continent to continent and still Growing Older with Gusto with author Julie Sursok

Put in those earbuds and listen to our latest guest, Julie Sursok, who comes to us from Sydney, Australia. Julie is a great example of someone who exemplifies “growing older with gusto” by walking the talk. She has moved from continent to continent, lost everything, regained everything, and now has turned her story into a highly regarded book. This weeks’ show highlights parts of her life story, and also how she came about writing this book. The book is called, “I’m Now Called A Senior -...


Tips for Avoiding Online Dating Scammers with Ardee Krause

Ardee Krause Today’s episode deals with a topic that many people who are growing older with gusto are encountering — online dating. Widows, divorcees, and never married women are flocking to online dating sites as another avenue of meeting men. Our guest today, Ardee Kraus, has had lots of experience in her attempts to widen her circle of friends and meet a new man. She started out as a widow joining special interest groups hoping to meet men which didn’t happen. This is the reason she...


What happens when you interview 40 people over 90!

This show’s episode is with Sky Bergman, an award-winning photographer who is getting ready to take her talents to new heights! Sky’s documentary called, Lives Well Lived: Celebrating the Secrets, Wit and Wisdom of Old Age, will be seen on PBS. It’s a fantastic documentary that covers Sky’s four years of interviewing 40 people over the age of 90. She describes it as “40 People, 3000 Years of Collective Life Experience” Sky’s career has encompassed many other accomplishments. These include...


Learn How To Get Unstuck! with Lucia Knight

Today’s episode explores the method for finding oneself & re-inventing ones life at mid-life and beyond. Our guest, Lucia Knight comes to us from the UK where she started a business called MidLife Unstuck and wrote a book, XChange. Lucia took the bold and gusto move of piecing together her work and life experience pre-midlife to helping others get unstuck in both their careers and life! The show discusses how she used what she calls “Experiments” to jumpstart her own life, create a...


Age Is Just a Number with Chicken Soup for the Soul author Amy Newmark

Amy Newmark, author, editor-in-chief and publisher of the Chicken Soup For The Soul book series is our first guest of 2021 on Growing Older With Gusto. Her writing career began in college when she travelled throughout Brazil interviewing regular people as part of her senior honors thesis at Harvard College. Amy worked for three decades on Wall Street and became a hedge fund manager and tells us how writing was always a part of her pathway in the world of finance. 2008! The year that Amy...


Comedienne, Burlesque Star And Singer Performs on Growing Older With Gusto!

Lynn Ruth Miller Our first episode of the year, 2021 is introducing the oldest living female comedienne. She claims that is an apt description because she is the “oldest standing female comedienne! Based in London, Lynn Ruth Miller has been a guest on America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent and recently published her memoir, Getting The Last Laugh a tale of the steps she took to get to where she is at age 87. Some of the topics we talked about are: How she got to where she is...


Eileen Williams Five Key Ways to Age With Authenticity

Eileen Willams Our guest on the show this week is Eileen Williams, an author, blogger, speaker and podcast host. Her blog and podcast, both called Feisty Side of Fifty, focus on the lifestyle of the baby boomer generation. Her career has encompassed 20+ years of working as a career strategist for people looking to change careers. She’s been a frequent speaker on both radio and TV, and has been interviewed for various publications; Market Watch, Money Magazine, Kiplinger to name a few. Our...


Airline for rescue dogs only? Yes with Dog As My Co-Pilot Peter Rork

Our guest on the show this week is Peter E. Rork, MD, who practiced orthopedic surgery for 30 years before pivoting to a totally new business! His business has been showcased on CBS Sunday Morning, NBC, Fox & The Hallmark Channel. Peter decided to rewire, and not retire after a life altering event in 2012, by putting together his skills as a certified flight instructor and pilot (started flying at age 12) with his passion for transporting his furry friends (dogs and cats) to what he calls...


“Creativity Guru”, Deb Beroset turns into Love Doctor

How do women find that great “Big Love” as they grow older? Listen to our guest on the show today tell us how her past experiences jettisoned from a journalism background, led her to create a business that helps women break down the barriers that have prevented them from finding what she calls, “Big Love”. She draws upon her past work experience as an intuitive coach where she helped women create a more expansive, magical and soulful life. Her ability to help women clarify purpose in their...


Tips for a virtual Thanksgiving

As the USA prepares for a virtual Thanksgiving, Growing Older with Gusto host Gail Zugerman welcomes video animator and techie Reno Lovison to the show to discuss some ideas for how to spend thanksgiving during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order. Reno shares some ideas for how to engage your family even while apart and at the end find a link to Reno's cute COVID Thanksgiving Parody that combines over the river and through the woods with lyrics you could only imagine in 2020. Check out Reno at:...


I’m Not Done Yet with Andrew Middleton

“I’m Not Done Yet” is the acronym for a UK based company called INDY. The founder of INDY, is Andrew Middleton. He is a British retired corporate executive who started INDY as a way to help people who are 50+ reinvent themselves, get past being stuck in an older mindset, or facing ageism in the workplace. Middleton draws upon his own personal and work experiences to help what he refers to as the INDY generation. Most, but not all of his people come from the 60’s and 70’s generation which...


The Chinese Zodiac: Its Influence on Growing Older With Gusto

Our guest on the show this week who is making her second appearance is Yvonne Wolf, an intercultural consultant to China. On the show, we have fun exploring the many ways the Chinese Zodiac influences how people grow older beginning in childhood. We begin the discussion by talking about the comparison of the Chinese Zodiac to the Zodiac in the Western Hemisphere. Our conversation with Yvonne talks about the significance of the 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac. She explains that people can...


Paying tribute to the late Alex Trebek with The Lustgarten Foundation

Fighting Forward. Jeopardy television game show host Alex Trebek, inspiration and beloved by many, passed away after a nearly two-year fight with pancreatic cancer. The survival rate of pancreatic cancer today is in the single digits but The Lustgarten Foundation is fighting that every way it can. Learn from President and CEO Kerri Kaplan of the Lustgarten Foundation, the largest private funder of pancreatic cancer research, on how Alex Trebek has positively influenced pancreatic cancer...


Creative transformations with actress, singer and songwriter Wendy Parman

Guest Wendy Parman How does one take life events, and use them to catapult you forward in life? Come listen to our guest this week, Wendy Parman talk about her transformations from acting, singing and songwriting, to creating her own voice studio in Chicago, Illinois. She credits her teacher when she was 10 years old in igniting the flame of creativity by allowing her, and her best friend to create a play that they wrote and performed. “Fragments of Heartbreak Reassembled Here” her solo...


Growing older is a promotion not a demotion! with Yvonne Wolf

Yvonne Wolf, our guest on the show this week, is an intercultural communicator who specializes in Asia. She tells us this is the philosophy of aging in Eastern Asia. I think it is also a privilege. Yvonne talks about the Asian mindset when it comes to exercise, diet, menopause, aging, and how the Asians revere those who are older. One story describes the surgeon general of Taiwan coming to senior centers to commend the people on staying healthy! Also, the grandmother holds status! Viewed as...


Get out of your comfort zone with Sheila Stone

Sheila Stone Get out of your comfort zone. This is the advice Sheila Stone, our guest this week on the show gives for those wanting to grow older with gusto,! Sheila is the master of reinvention and works at helping women create a new life for themselves after 50. She is a great example herself as she went back to college at age 48 to get her degree and a Master’s degree in England. Not slowing down he started doing stand up comedy upon retiring to LA, and decided at age 60 to start a travel...


On with the Butter! with author Heidi Herman

Listen to our latest guest, author Heidi Herman talk about how the idea of Butter was one of the sparks for her latest book. “On With The Butter - Spread More Living Onto Everyday Life” is a compendium of stories, challenges and advice, on how you can apply the metaphor of butter which makes everything taste better, to the of enhancing your life as you grow older. Herman’s family roots in Iceland and a close relationship with her Icelandic Mother were the impetus for putting her thoughts...


Life is a Podcast Party for Alana Dawson

Alana Dawson of Podcast Party Sometimes life events spiral our world in a life-enhancing way. This is what happened to Alana Dawson who suffered a serious health setback as a young wife and mom. It set her on the path to thinking about and executing what she refers to as her legacy. This life-changing event was the catalyst for being more aware of how she wants to grow older, and interact with the world. Take a listen as she tells us about her journey. Figuring out what I call your mojo, and...


Be Bold and Never Be Old with Rico Caveglia

What can I say about a 78 year old man who has the fitness age of 35? Well, he has a lot to say about how he has been growing older with gusto! Come listen to Rico Caveglia share with us his 7 Essentials of Life, and how you, too can “Be Bold and Never Be Old!” He has developed a lifestyle he calls the “Aging Living Lifestyle” that promotes a way of living that ensures we keep on moving in the right direction both physically and mentally. Rico is an author and a Senior Olympic State Winner...


A Conversation With Douglas Ekman

Douglas Ekman What if you could be as vital at age 78 as you are right now? Come listen to Douglas Ekman, a Renaissance Man talk about how he got to be “still in the game” at age 78. He just published an exiting new book called “You Are Old, and will soon be seen on TV and heard on the radio, as a spokesperson for an exciting new product. Ekman gives so much insight into how we can live our lives so that we can be assured that when we are older — life will be just as good, if not greater...