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Marla Goldberrg incorporates her nearly 20 years of metaphysical training, spiritual insights and charismatic personality into her interviews with the most preeminent Healers, Metaphysicians and Spiritual Leaders from across the globe. Her “fire of desire” is to bring new information and insight to help, motivate and inspire her listening audience. In addition, Marla brings her “can do” attitude to her audience to bring them inspiration and motivation that they can use in shifting their life's experience. In her semi-biographical, self help book, My F*cking Long Journey To Loving Myself: A Guide to a Shorter Path, Marla shares her story of dysfunction, low self-esteem and low self-confidence and how she healed her life. She shares the tools and techniques she used and continues to use. Marla thinks that if she can do it, anyone can do it!


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Marla Goldberrg incorporates her nearly 20 years of metaphysical training, spiritual insights and charismatic personality into her interviews with the most preeminent Healers, Metaphysicians and Spiritual Leaders from across the globe. Her “fire of desire” is to bring new information and insight to help, motivate and inspire her listening audience. In addition, Marla brings her “can do” attitude to her audience to bring them inspiration and motivation that they can use in shifting their life's experience. In her semi-biographical, self help book, My F*cking Long Journey To Loving Myself: A Guide to a Shorter Path, Marla shares her story of dysfunction, low self-esteem and low self-confidence and how she healed her life. She shares the tools and techniques she used and continues to use. Marla thinks that if she can do it, anyone can do it!




Love+Truth with Robert Althuis

I can’t tell you how often I have felt lost in my life. This was a very long period in my life and I didn’t have anyone to help guide me from the dark times that would come and go throughout my days. I felt completely stuck. I was not awake or aware during this time of my life. • I would struggle with my businesses. • It was hard to maintain healthy relationships. • I kept having health issues. • I was always in a state of stress or worry. I was unhappy most of the time and depression would eek in and out of my days. When I had the little wins in my life, I acted like I was elated, but I felt a void or that something was lacking in these wins. Since I know I’m not alone in the way my life used to be, I wanted a guest on Guided Spirit Conversations who can raise the shade and bring insight and light to this state you may be challenged with. This week’s guest is Robert Althuis. Robert seemed to have it all. He went to an Ivy League school. He was a senior executive at GE, and later a very successful entrepreneur, real estate developer, and founder of an investment firm. Yet, something was missing. He would get what I call a ‘tap on the shoulder from spirit,’ but he didn’t listen until his life fell apart. His marriage failed as did his business. His life was in crisis. This, as Robert calls it, “fall from grace,” forced him to go within and to dig deep, which ultimately led him to a whole new level of success, abundance, health, and happiness Join me as Robert Althuis and I break it down for you. We will talk about his journey and his steps to this new and improved life of his, and share steps on how you can begin to awaken and create your new life. For more information about Robert: Don’t forget to check out my website: Support the Podcast here: Venmo: Charity of Choice:


Exploring the Mind: A Journey with Dr. T

While researching guests for my podcast, I came across Dr. Anthony Cahill. His students call him Dr. T. I was intrigued by what I read about him. A bit about his story follows, but I’m usually intrigued by people's stories, their past, and how they got to be where they are now. His story and his journey caught my attention and he’ll be Guided Spirit Conversation's next guest. For years Dr. Anthony (Dr. T) Cahill suffered from chronic neck and lower back pain. After years of trying different kinds of doctors and medical professionals, Dr. T was at a holistic fair where he stopped at a booth for a session. He left the session without the pain he walked in with. That session created a drive in him to delve into the holistic health field. He was researching and developing a method that incorporates quantum physics, focused intention, and angels. Dr. T is a Doctor of Chiropractic and holds a BS in human biology. He is also a certified clinical hypnotherapist and a certified massage therapist. He is also an inspirational speaker, an angel advocate, a teacher, a natural-born storyteller, and an in-demand consultant who leads from his heart and soul. For more information about Dr. T: Don’t forget to check out my website: Support the Podcast here: Venmo:


Living Limitless with Pauline Raphaela

Back in 1997, I went to bed with what felt like flu symptoms, only to not get out of bed for two and a half weeks. Then one morning I woke up feeling great, only to find myself in the same situation two weeks later. This went on for two years. I went to every possible doctor I could find who said that they could help me with my situation. Nothing that they did made a difference in my health situation. I found an alternative healer who helped me get back onto my feet again. But that wasn’t the root of my problems. My problems were deeper than the Chronic Fatigue I was diagnosed with. My physical, mental, and emotional issues were actually rooted in my dysfunctional upbringing and past life issues I brought with me into this current lifetime. It wasn’t until I started on my spiritual path that I began to heal. My healing went deep, and wellness slowly came back to me. There are so many stories like mine where people found relief and healing with alternative methods. This week’s guest on Guided Spirit Conversations is one of the many who went from ill and depleted to healed and vibrant. Pauline Raphaela had her first encounter with an Energy Healer who miraculously healed her health conditions. She found that the mind, body, and soul connection was too strong to ignore, and began her spiritual journey learning to be a Master Energy Healer and Doctor of Metaphysical Healing. Pauline is a pioneer in metaphysics and has been in private practice since 1999. In addition to being a Dr. of Metaphysical Healing and Master Energy Healer, she is an herbalist and Thought Field Specialist. For more information about Pauline: Please listen now as Pauline and I talk about her newest book The Little Blue Room, her work, and her workshops and events. Don’t forget to check out my website: Support the Podcast here: Venmo:


Unleashing the Power of Self-Love: Fulfilling All of Life's Heartfelt Desires with Dee Wallace

Have you ever taken a moment to contemplate the complicated tapestry of your life? Have you pondered your familial roots, the nurturing environment that shaped you, the profound teachings that have guided your journey, and the extent to which you were cherished or perhaps overlooked? You’ve brought all those beliefs and lessons into your life and they have affected how you experienced your life. I have been reflecting on all of that for the majority of my life. The exception for me is that even though I thought about these aspects and more about my life, it wasn’t until twenty years ago before I began to actually do the serious work I needed to do to begin to not only heal my wounds but to remove the blocks that were damming up my life. I’m still doing that serious work. Why is it taking so long? It takes as long as it takes based on what we agree to before we’re incarnated, and based on the karma we bring into our new lives and create in our current experiences as a human. My next guest on Guided Spirit Conversations is Dee Wallace. You may have heard of Dee. Dee is not only a Healer and Self-Love Expert, but she is also a successful actress who has had some incredible roles. She was the mother in the movie ET as well as Donna Trenton in the movie Cujo. If you’re too young to have seen these movies, these were huge hits and are still being watched today. Dee has over 300 acting credits to her name. In addition, Dee has a podcast Conscious Creation with Dee Wallace which airs on Sundays at 9 am pst. She has authored 7 books and offers private healing and coaching sessions. We will be talking about her journey from actress to healer and what the catalyst was for her that put her on this path. We will talk about our mutual passion for the importance of self-love and how it can help you reshape the trajectory of your life. I’m confident that we will also talk about her various books and how they came to be. Dee Wallace's website: Facebook: Don't forget to check out my website at: Support the Podcast here: Venmo:


Soulful Shifts: Nurturing Healing Thoughts, Embracing Spiritual Trust, and Shifting Perspectives with Dr. Marla Goldberrg

Join Dr. Marla Goldberrg, a beacon of wisdom and compassion, as she shares her insights gained from years of expertise in healing, spirituality, and personal growth. Through engaging discussions, heartfelt stories, and practical exercises, you'll uncover the potential to heal from within, cultivate unshakable trust in the universe, and witness life-altering shifts in your perspective. Whether you're seeking solace from life's challenges, desiring to deepen your spiritual connection, or aiming to create lasting positive change, this episode offers you a safe space to explore these transformative concepts. Dr. Marla's gentle guidance will lead you on a path of self-discovery, helping you unlock the innate capacity to nurture your mind, embrace spirituality, and reframe your outlook on life. Subscribe to our channel and embark on a journey of self-empowerment and enlightenment with Dr. Marla Goldberrg. Together, we'll navigate the landscapes of Healing Thoughts, Spiritual Trust, and Shifting Perspectives, ultimately finding the tools to lead a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life. Remember, your soulful shift begins here.


Discover Your Inner Brilliance With Beth Lynch And Sheila Applegate

Welcome to another enlightening episode of Guided Spirit Conversations with your host, Dr. Marla Goldberrg. This week, we're taking a slightly different path as Dr. Marla continues her healing journey after a recent fall. Stepping in as guest host is the wonderful Beth Lynch, an Intuitive Consultant, Medium, and founder of Inner Light Teaching. Beth brings her unique insights into the relationship between Spirit and Self, offering profound perspectives on personal growth and understanding. In this episode, Beth sits down with the remarkable Sheila Applegate, a beacon of wisdom with her gift of intuitive coaching. Sheila's light guides us toward our loftiest aspirations, weaving together the threads of modernity and ancestral wisdom. Together, they explore the hidden forces that shape our lives today, providing practical insights and profound healing. 🎙️ *Episode Highlights:* Join Beth Lynch and Sheila Applegate as they journey through: - The discovery of the "still quiet voice" within individuals. - Over 29 years of transformative experience in intuitive coaching. - The convergence of coaching, guiding, healing, channeling, and teaching. - The art of harmonizing contemporary needs and ancient wisdom. - Navigating love, relationships, and cultural influences. - The ever-evolving role of spirituality in our changing world. Get ready to embark on an illuminating exploration of consciousness, self-discovery, and healing, all under the expert guidance of Sheila Applegate. Don't miss out on the profound insights and practical tools shared in this episode. 🌟 **Connect with Sheila: ** Connect with Beth: 📚 *Featured Offerings:* 1. *Soul Connection Session:* Embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual connection. Use code SOUL23 for $44 off your first session.( 2. *Consciously Awesome Gnostic Adventures:* Awaken your inner power and transform your relationships, career, and health with esoteric mystical wisdom. [Explore now]( 🕊️ *Charity of Choice:*


Awakening the Feminine: Healing and Empowerment with Luzclara Camus

When I think of what I used to believe was ‘feminine’, I laugh. Back in the day when I read an article or heard of people talking about the feminine, I thought about the demur woman who dressed in soft or provocative clothing, with that shy glance, high heels, and make-up; who was strong but knew who to act a bit helpless to make her man feel more powerful. Today when I think of the feminine, I think about feminine energy, goddess energy, and the energetic power that energy bestows on us. I consider how our feminine self has been wounded, repressed, abused, and ignored. I then examine how all of us, men and women, need to heal our feminine, for our feminine is part of the energy balance between the male and female energies we all have. When our energies are balanced, or more in balance, we regain health and vitality that we may not have even realized were missing or wounded. When I read about this week’s guest on Guided Spirit Conversations, I knew that she would be able to share how she has helped thousands in her forty-year career and felt her knowledge would be beneficial to all who listen to her. Luzclara Clamus is an Andean Medicine Woman, Pachamamistica, Chakaruna ( a bridge woman who combines ancestral and modern methods ), a Global Leader, and a pioneer in healing and the empowerment of the feminine. She is also a lecturer and sound therapist. Luzclara formed the first Circle of the Goddess in Chile, during a military dictatorship. Since that time, she has helped thousands of women awaken to their feminine power. Please join Luzclara Camus and I as we talk about her journey and how she helps heal and empower so many women to awaken. For more information about Luzclara: Support the Podcast here: Venmo:


Embracing Inner Joy: Empowering Women to Live Their Best Lives with Nathalie Botros

Happiness … what is it? How come so many people feel that happiness eludes them? What do we need to do to become happier? I used to wonder about happiness. As a child and through my early adulthood, I thought a lot about what happiness would look like and feel for me. I wondered if there were truly happy people and what their secret was to being so happy. We, as humans, allow so many external things to affect our individual and collective happiness. We, myself included, take in other people’s judgments, criticisms, and mean-spirited comments like it is the oxygen we breathe. We then allow their opinions to imprint our cellular memory, and these imprints unconsciously run our lives. We then choose experiences in our lives that didn’t or don’t serve us well. I n my opinion, these individuals were/are the vampires of self-love and happiness. They suck all our good and self-supporting feelings about ourselves out of our hearts via our minds. Because of their limitations, and their own unhappiness, they, whether consciously or unconsciously, want to bring everyone into the same cesspool of self-hate or dislike. Know that we do not have to live without love for ourselves which in turn will bring you to a place of happiness, joy, and achievement. This week on Guided Spirit Conversations Nathalie Botros, The Bon Vivant Girl and Happiness Coach will join me to talk about self-love and acceptance, and how to achieve it to find your true happiness. Nathalie was recently awarded the “Top Happiness Coach of the Year 2023” In addition, she is the author of “If You Are What You Eat, Should I Eat a Skinny Girl?” She incorporates her training as a psychotherapist into her empowering coaching abilities. Please join Nathalie and me as we talk about happiness and how to achieve it. She and I will give you tips on ways to get you on your happiness track and live a happier more fulfilled life. For more information about Nathalie: Don’t forget to check out my website: Support the Podcast here: Venmo:


What Do Thoughts and Feelings Become: Your Behavior or Experience with Dr. Marla Goldberrg

Have you heard the phrase; “Where thoughts go energy flows”? Back in my days when I wallowed in negative and limiting beliefs, I couldn’t understand why I kept experiencing the same things over and over again. Yes, I would ruminate about all my life and all the undesirable things I would encounter. I would mutter “Why me” over and over again or “What did I do to deserve this”? I was like a hamster on a wheel with my thoughts. No wonder things didn’t change for me, or if they did, it would be short-lived. I felt lost and confused. For the life of me, I couldn’t understand the “why” of my situation. Once I learned why my life was a boomerang of reoccurring negative and limiting experiences, I began to understand how my thoughts, words, and actions affected my life. This was the catalyst to be mindful of what I was saying, thinking, and doing in all areas of my life. This week on Guided Spirit Conversations, I will be talking about what our thoughts and feelings become and how to change them. I hope you will listen in to learn how to improve your life by focusing on the thoughts you think.


Unlocking the Mind-Body Connection: Monica Ramirez on Psychosomatic Healing

Do you have, or have you in the past had chronic issues with your health? Have you ever said to yourself, friends, and/or family, ”I don’t understand what I did to feel so bad so often.”? If your issue is more in the area of depression or anxiety, have you asked the same question? If you’ve been following Guided Spirit Conversations for a while, you have heard about the connection between mind, body, and spirit. How when you begin to heal the wounds you’ve brought in with your incarnation, or your emotional traumas, your body will begin to heal and those acute issues start to disappear. I have experienced this quite a few times in my life. I would say that the most difficult time was right after my first marriage. I was really unhappy with my decision to marry my first husband and adopt his children. I still hadn’t worked on my other past issues and now I was in the deep end of a relationship that was filled with much dishonesty. When we got together and talked about our roles, it was presented that we would be a family unit. That he would be participating in our lives as more than the breadwinner. After I became legally bound, the agreement changed. Everything but making money for the household was thrown on my plate, including disciplining his children. Yes, I adopted them, but I didn’t expect to be the main disciplinarian. It all seemed too much. Then one day I felt the flu coming on and went to bed, not to leave it for two weeks. One day I awoke feeling absolutely great. This lasted for about two weeks and BAM! I was back in bed unable to do most things, for I couldn’t stay awake to do the things on my “to-do list”. This back and forth lasted for two years when I was introduced to a homeopath. This amazing woman not only helped me begin to function physically, but she brought my childhood and homelife into our conversations. This was one of the early nudges that got me on my spiritual path. Though I began to heal my body, my true healing didn’t begin until I began my first mystery school. The rest, as they say, is history. This week on Guided Spirit Conversations Podcast my guest is Monica Ramirez, The Warrior of Love. At different points in Monica’s life, she had physical issues such as Lupus, RA, Fibromyalgia as well as depression. She healed herself from these maladies through her spiritual journey. It’s the various modalities she’s learned that has helped her to not just heal herself, but her many clients. In addition to all her modalities, she teaches her clients how to master the art of love; for self and others. For more information about Monica: Don’t forget to check out my website: Support the Podcast here: Venmo:


The Healing Power of Spirit Communication: Lisa Silverman's Life as a Psychic Medium

This week on Guided Spirit Conversations with Dr. Marla Goldberrg, I am thrilled to have the remarkable Lisa Silverman as our guest. Lisa is an intuitive psychic medium, oracle card expert, and pet intuitive. She has worked with clients around the world for over 8 years, communicating with over 1,000 souls and connecting clients to their loved ones and pets who have crossed over. Lisa is also an established interior designer, and she uses her intuition and Feng Shui principles to create beautiful, modern, and harmonious spaces. Lisa's ultimate life purpose is to communicate meaningful, heart-felt, and healing messages between physical and spiritual beings. During the show, Lisa will share her favorite tools, techniques, and demo for our listening audience. She will teach us how to pull from an oracle card deck and how to interpret oracle cards using tools like pendulums and energy vibrations. We will also discuss Lisa's fascinating life journey and her experiences as a psychic medium. Lisa and I will discuss how she discovered her abilities, what her beliefs are about reincarnation, and how she discovered that her dad and great-grandmother came back as her dog and daughter, respectively. We will also discuss pet readings, house healings, and Feng Shui. Finally, Lisa will share inspiring stories and messages from loved ones, and she will provide tips for living a happy and fulfilling life. Join us for an enlightening conversation! For more information about Lisa's: Don’t forget to check out my website: Support the Podcast here: Venmo:


Journey of Healing and Spiritual Transformation with Leon Levstik

What is one of the most crucial qualities you seek in a lightworker? For me, it is the presence of a passionate and dedicated healer who wholeheartedly devotes themselves to assisting their clients. Working alongside healers who ardently support their clients in reconnecting with their authentic selves brings me immense joy. When working with my own clients, I strive to provide unwavering support, combining my abilities with compassion and empathy. My passion lies in helping individuals navigate their pain and overcome feelings of stagnation in their chosen lives. Assisting my clients in breaking free from their limitations is just one aspect of guiding them towards embracing self-love. In this week's episode of the Guided Spirit Conversations Podcast, I have the privilege of hosting a guest who shares a similar philosophy. Leon Levstik, is a powerful lightworker, master of holistic healing, spiritual teacher, medium, and inventor. With his unwavering passion for life, truth, and walking in the 100% Light, Leon has discovered his true purpose on this planet: to support individuals in reconnecting with their authentic selves and finding their deep inner being. He exemplifies passionate and unwavering support for his clients, aiding them in their healing journey through workshops and retreats. Based at the Manas Holistic Center in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Leon raises awareness and empowers others to embark on their own healing process. During our conversation, Leon will provide valuable insights into the differences between his workshops and others in the field, emphasizing the depth of personal and spiritual progress that can be achieved through long-term commitment. Leon will also share practical tools and techniques to relax, decompress, and quiet the mind, enabling listeners to embark on their own journeys of healing and self-discovery. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to join Leon Levstik and delve into the world of holistic healing, spiritual transformation, and the mysteries of the Bosnian Pyramids. Discover how you can elevate your consciousness, align with your soul's purpose, and create a life filled with joy, fulfillment, and miracles. For more information about Leon Levstik, his workshops, retreats, and holistic healing services, visit Listen in as we explore the significance of expanding one's consciousness and extending a helping hand to those facing challenging times. Not only does this contribute to the betterment of humanity, but it also plays a pivotal role in fostering self-love along your personal journey. Don’t forget to check out my website: Support the Podcast here: Venmo:


Busting Your Personal Glass Ceiling with ZofiaRennea Morales

Have you ever had those moments in life where it feels like you've reached your limits? It's as if there's an invisible wall at every turn. I've certainly experienced that feeling many times along my own journey. It doesn't stick around for too long, but it does make me pause and reflect on where I'm headed. Along the way, I've encountered both challenging and surprisingly smooth adjustments. This week, on the wonderful Guided Spirit Conversations Podcast, my dear friend Zofiz Rennea Morales and I will be diving deep into the topic of self-limiting beliefs and breaking through our personal glass ceilings. Zofia will share her insights on the common fears and obstacles that often stand in our way, and she'll offer practical strategies to overcome them. She'll also guide us on how to cultivate resilience and unwavering perseverance, empowering us to keep pushing forward even when faced with setbacks and failures. I warmly invite you to join us on this exciting episode as we explore the delicate balance between ambition and realistic expectations. Together, we'll uncover a treasure trove of resources, books, and tools that can support you on your personal growth journey. And of course, there will be plenty of scintillating and insightful conversations to uplift and inspire you along the way. So get ready to tap into your true potential and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. For more information about Zofia: Don’t forget to check out my website: Support the Podcast here: Venmo:


The Power of Choice and The Art of Decision-Making With Dr. Marla Goldberrg

Welcome to Guided Spirit Conversations! In today's episode, we delve into the transformative topic of the Power of Choice. If you've ever read my book, you're familiar with the tumultuous and dysfunctional family environment I grew up in, which greatly impacted my ability to make sound decisions. It took me a long and arduous journey, hitting rock bottom, before I discovered the profound importance of choices in our lives. During my darkest moments, I reached out to Spirit for guidance, and I was blessed with the wisdom and insight to understand the true significance of choices. Today, I am here to share this wisdom with you, providing valuable insights into the Power of Choice. We often underestimate the daily choices we make and how they shape the trajectory of our lives. Throughout this episode, we will explore various facets of choice, including different styles of choosing, types of decision-making, and effective approaches to making decisions. Choices hold immense power. They can either enrich or deplete our lives, lead us towards negativity or positivity, and determine our encounters with adversity or success. It is crucial to recognize that choices are not isolated incidents but continuous process that reflects our self-love and self-worth. Join me as we delve into strategies for decision-making, such as controlling impulsiveness, compliance, delegating, avoidance/deflection, weighing options, and prioritizing and contemplating. Each of these approaches offers unique perspectives on how we navigate the choices before us. My aim is to empower you to take charge of your life by embracing conscious decision-making. By learning from your choices and fostering self-love and personal growth, you can create a brighter and more fulfilling future. Tune in to this enlightening episode as we unlock the transformative potential of the Power of Choice. Don’t forget to check out my website: Support the Podcast here:


Living a Life of Purpose and Passion With Shamanic Energy Healer Temple Hayes

This week on Guided Spirit Conversations, I have someone who has done so much to make a difference in this world of ours. I sit down with Temple Hayes, a spiritual leader, author, and motivational speaker to discuss how to live a life of purpose and passion. Temple will share her life experiences and how she discovered her calling in life. She will also offer practical advice and insights for anyone who wants to live a life full of meaning and fulfillment. Temple Hayes is the spiritual leader of Unity Campus in St. Petersburg, Florida, and has written several books including "When Did You Die?" and "The Right to Be You". She is also a renowned motivational speaker and has been featured in numerous media outlets including Oprah Winfrey's SuperSoul Sunday. In this episode, Temple talks about how everyone has a unique purpose in life, and how to discover it. She shares her own journey of self-discovery and how she found her calling in spiritual leadership. Temple emphasizes the importance of listening to your inner voice and following your intuition. Temple will also discuss the importance of living a life of passion and how it can lead to greater happiness and fulfillment. She offers practical tips on how to identify your passions and incorporate them into your daily life. Throughout the episode, Temple's warmth, wisdom, and humor will shine through as she shares her insights and experiences with listeners. This podcast is a must-listen for anyone who wants to live a life of purpose and passion. For more information about Temple: Don’t forget to check out my website: Support the Podcast here:


Clarity, Healing and Empowerment with Mila McGowin

I’ve learned the hard way, that when you have the clarity you have removed, the veils that shade or hide situations from your vision. You are able to see things in a crystal-clear manner. When you see things as they are rather than the way you want them to be you are able to take responsibility for your choices. By taking responsibility for your decisions, you can then begin your healing process, which ultimately brings you to a place of being empowered. We, as humans tend to give our power away. Becoming empowered or stepping into your power brings you to a place of formidability. You become impressive, not from an ego state, but because you know who you are. You put those much-needed boundaries around you so you are no longer feeling like you’re a victim. Instead, you feel like you are the victor of your life. My guest this week on my podcast, Guided Spirit Conversations, is Mila McGowin. Mila has learned much through her own journey and we will be discussing Clarity, Healing, and Empowerment. Be sure to tune in! We are going to focus on the importance of healing ourselves: by accepting, releasing, forgiving, and empowering. For more information about Mila: Don’t forget to check out my website: Support the Podcast here:


A Medium’s Guide to Death and Dying With Salicrow

Have you ever heard the words seer, druid, Rune Valdr, and Seithr practitioner and wanted to know what they mean? Have you ever been curious about witchcraft and how witches work in harmony with Mother Nature? Me too! In my 20 years of my spiritual journey, I don’t know it all and some of these descriptions or techniques haven’t been brought into my sphere of education. That’s why this week’s guest on Guided Spirit Conversations is so intriguing to me. Salicrow is a natural psychic medium, and intuitive healer, dedicated to helping the beings of our planet and the Earth itself. She is a Reiki master in six schools of reiki, a sound healer, a druid, and a practitioner of Rune Valdr and Seithr. Salicrow is also the author of “Jump Girl” and “The Path of Elemental Witchcraft” For more information about SaliCrow: Don’t forget to check out my website: Support the Podcast here:


Steps to Self-Love: Releasing Unwanted Energy & Emotions

Are you an ACE? An ACE is someone who has experienced “adverse childhood experiences”. One of the most common that many of us have experienced is verbal and emotional abuse. Sometimes people in our lives don’t regard how their words or actions will wound another. It is important for us to release these unwanted energies and emotions so that we can begin our healing. This week on Guided Spirit Conversations, I’ll be talking about the importance of releasing unwanted energies and emotions. As an ACE myself, I have experienced many of the traumas that created my need to repress and suppress my emotions to feel safe, or to not feel like a loser, or to hide my shame. In this very informative hour, I’ll share some of the causes of being a victim of childhood and adult trauma, how those traumas affect your life’s trajectory, and some ways to begin to process them out of your body. I want to make a note to you that I am a Doctor of Metaphysical Healing and not a medical or mental health professional. This information comes from my personal background and my research. Don’t forget to check out my website: Support the Podcast here:


The Best is Yet to Come with Shaun Randall

Do you believe in synchronicities? I know I do. This week’s guest on Guided Spirit Conversations does too. Shaun Randall took, what he thought would be an R&R vacation to Peru in 2020. It was during this fateful trip that his life found his dharma, his newfound purpose. In addition to meeting the love of his life, Shaun was inspired by witnessing the ancient world coexisting with the modern world. His quick getaway turned into an adventure filled with years of intense self-discovery and inspirational writing. Shaun’s work guides his clients to connect with their true identities and to choose their own paths in life. He helps them embrace the miracle of their reality and helps them build a life of abundance, fulfillment, and joy. During the show, Shaun and I will talk about forgiveness and how anyone can overcome pain and suffering to find joy and fulfillment in life. For more information about Shaun: Don't forget to check out my website to see how I can help you clear blocks: Thank you for supporting Guided Spirit Conversations:


The Skeptical Cop Who Was Taught by a Dog That Love is All That Matters with Brandon Wainwright

Are you a skeptic about spirituality, metaphysics, or psychics? Do you not believe that there are beings on the other side of the veil who can help guide you, speak with you, and intervene on your behalf? I have never been that kind of person, as I had my first card reading at 15 years old. However, I have met many people, including the one I’m married to, who for whatever reason choose not to believe. Until something happens that opens them to the possibilities. Today’s guest on Guided Spirit Conversations is Brandon Wainwright. Brandon was a police officer in California for 12 years. In his profession, he experienced a lot of strange and challenging things, but nothing as profoundly changing as what happened when his beloved Chihuahua Tyson passed away. After Tyson's passing, Brandon began receiving messages from Tyson. Brandon was gobsmacked by Tyson's messages. Trying to understand what he was experiencing Brandon enlisted the help of psychics, and pet communicators to help him understand what was happening to him. Brandon’s life was making a big shift. He was opening not only to the messages that Tyson shared with him, but he was also learning about what happens to us after we die. Today, Brandon is a published author, an energy healer, and the Creator and Host of his own podcast called Tyson’s Gift Podcast. During the podcast, we will focus on Brandon’s book and his healing practice. Brandon will discuss the foundation that he brings to his work: eternal nature and that love is the ultimate power in the universe. For more information about Brandon: Brandon’s Charity of Choice: Leon County Humane Society Don’t forget to Check out my website on how I can help you: Support the Podcast here: