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Episode 25: Raif Derrazi – HIV/AIDS Education, Bodybuilding, and Evolving Out of a Victim Mindset

Raif Derrazi is an HIV+ bodybuilder and an HIV/AIDS activist. In this episode, he shares the story of his diagnosis, his rock bottom, and his incredible journey of changing his life to one of gratitude and positivity. Raif is on a mission to educate us all on how far healthcare has come in managing HIV/AIDS and to undo the stigma our society has on the disease and the communities living with HIV/AIDS. Youtube Link To This EpisodeRaif's TwitterRaif's Instagram


Episode 24: Jen Esquer – Body Conversation, Breath Work, and Taking Ownership of Your Health

Jen Esquer, otherwise known as Doc Jen Fit, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and educator. She talks about her programs, The Mobility Method and The Optimal Body, as well as her belief that we can change the limitations that are put on us by external forces. Doc Jen Fit explains how we can change our body conversation to really thrive, and gives us actionable ways to lessen inflammation in our bodies. We talk about inflammation, gene expression, and the incredible benefits of breathwork....


Episode 23: David Meltzer – Unconscious Competencies, Losing Everything, and Family Banks

David Meltzer is an Executive Business Coach and the CEO of Sports 1 Marketing. In this episode, we discuss David’s journey from growing up poor to building extreme financial success, then losing it all and doing it all over with lessons learned. David also shares how he runs his coaching business and the importance and strategies of wealth maintenance. Youtube Link To This EpisodeDavid Meltzer’s Website


Episode 22: Lisa Bilyeu – Marriage, Partnership, and Business Success

Lisa Bilyeu is the Co-Founder and President of Impact Theory and Women of Impact, as well as the Co-Founder of Quest Nutrition. In this episode, Lisa shares with us the decision-making process that she and her husband, Tom Bilyeu, have used to help them create their very successful businesses. We discuss Lisa’s conscious transformation from housewife to entrepreneur, sacrifice, and the health struggles she has faced along the way. Youtube Link to This...


Episode 21: Jerry West – NBA legend, Greatest NBA Executive of All Time – Competitive Mindset and Dreaming

The list for Jerry West goes on and on. He's literally NBA Logo. He's undeniably the greatest NBA Executive of all time. The Laker legend is responsible for trading for Kobe Bryant, signing Shaquille O'Neal, he's was a big part of assembling the Golden State Warriors Dynasty, and most recently he worked his magic again by trading for superstar Paul George and signing Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard to the LA Clippers. In this episode, Jerry opens up about his tough childhood and the struggles he...


Episode 20: Andy & Michael – Founders of Whole Life Challenge – Health, Wellness, & the Importance of Mobility

Andy Petranek and Michael Stanwyck are the founders of Whole Life Challenge. We talk in this episode about the difference between “being fit” and “being healthy”, and how Andy and Michael went from the fitness-focused world to creating a total wellness program. They talk in detail about the Seven Daily Habits that are the foundation of the Whole Life Challenge, and how everyone has the ability to improve their own health and wellness. Youtube Link to EpisodeWhole Life Challenge


Episode 19: Katelyn Ohashi & Coach Val – Choices, Winning, & Giving Back to Your Community

Our guests on this episode are Katelyn Ohashi and former UCLA gymnastics coach, Val Kondos. Katelyn is a former UCLA gymnast, whose perfect score floor routine went viral earlier this year, and Coach Val is considered one of the most winningest college gymnastic coaches of all time. They talk with us about their successes, what’s more important than winning, and giving back to the community. Katelyn Ohashi’s Viral 10.0 Floor Routine


Episode 18: Just Jared – Celebrity Writer – Why Second Place Is The First Loser

Jared Eng is the founder and CEO of Just Jared, which is one of the biggest sites for celebrity and entertainment news. Jared chats with us about his upbringing, how he started in the business, and how his hustle helped him become so successful in his field. We talk staying true to yourself, doing your own thing, and having a strong sense of morals. Youtube Link to This EpisodeJust Jared’s Website


Episode 17: Natasha Case – Founder of Coolhaus – Finding Your Passion, Being Scrappy, & Smart Marketing

Natasha Case is the founder and owner of Coolhaus ice cream. We talk in this episode about Natasha’s evolution from architect to ice cream maven, and how she and her partner, Freya, built Coolhaus from one literally broken down ice cream truck to being in over 7,500 grocery stores worldwide. Natasha also talks about the importance of building a marketable brand with proper packaging, finding your customers, and the excitement of owning a women-run business. 📺 Youtube Link to This...


Episode 16: Dr. Chris Donaghue – Sex Positivity, Being an Advocate, and Being Real

Dr. Chris Donaghue is a licensed sex therapist, one of only 500 in the world. He joins us to discuss Sex Positivity! Dr. Donaghue identifies with gender fluidity and considers himself sexually fluid. Doesn't pigeonhole his attraction to specific genders. Has dated men, women, transgender, and was even in a "throuple" (relationship involving three people). He gives us his take on dating apps like Hinge, Bumble, and Tinder.📺 Youtube Link to This EpisodeChris Donaghue’s WebsiteChris Donaghue’s...


Episode 15: Justin Peck – Professional Racecar Driver – Bipolar Disorder, The Flow State, and Working Out Your Mind

Justin Peck is a professional off-road racer and author with an incredible story. We get very deep in this episode about mental illness and his experience with bipolar disorder and opiate addiction. We also talk about his book, what racing life is like, how he stays present, the routines that help him cope with his emotional challenges, healing from injuries and the importance of listening to our bodies.Trigger warning: If hearing about suicide and other topics related to mental illness and...


Episode 14: Jess Suchan – Health and Wellness Coach – Building Wellness, Balance, and Intention in Your Life

Are you eating too much sugar? Yo-yo dieting? Do you want to improve your relationship with food? Then this episode with Health Coach Jessica Suchan is for you. We talk about her experience with orthorexia, which is an eating disorder, accountability, her signature sugar cleanse, exercise, how to have a sensible approach to food, why deprivation isn’t necessary and her own alternative to meditation.📺 Youtube Link to This Episode


Episode 13: Samantha Daniels – Corporate Attorney Turned Professional Matchmaker

Are you looking for love? Matchmaker Samantha Daniels joins us today to talk about how she pivoted from corporate lawyer to matchmaker. We gives us her unique perspective on dating apps, her company Samantha’s Table, the 85% rule, what it means when you’re dating more than one person at once, what you need to do to find “the one,” how #metoo has changed dating, her upcoming online course, being in an equal partnership and how mindset affects everything. If you’re not single, you will still...


Episode 12: Brian Cain – Mental Performance Coach – The Ten Pillars of Mental Performance Mastery

Metal performance coach and creator of the 10 Pillars of Mental Performance Mastery System, Brian Cain shares the benefits of coaching and his best tips and life hacks.After defining what mental performance coaching is, he talks about how he went from working with kids to Fortune 500 executives as well as athletes in the NFL, NHL, UFC, PGA, and MLB. He also speaks to the power of self-talk, stoicism, affirmations, books, meditation, the benefits of eating the same thing every day, how...


Episode 11: John Pinto – Co-Founder of BoomBoom Nasal Inhalers – Shark Tank, Having a Vision, and Creating Your Own Industry

You probably saw the founder of Boom Boom, John Pinto on Shark Tank. He joins us for this episode to talk about his experience on the show, how he came to create Boom Boom, the logistics of entrepreneurship, wellness, working with influencers, marketing, his daily routine and so much more.📺 Youtube Link to This Episode


Episode 10: Toni Ko – One Of America’s Wealthiest Self-Made Woman – Talks Sweat Equity, Patience, & How She Hustles

Founder of NYX Cosmetics, Toni Ko was named America’s wealthiest self-made woman by Forbes in 2017. The humble entrepreneur joins us today to discuss her journey coming to the US and not knowing a word of English to how she started NYX, product development, and why she sold to L’oreal in 2014 for $500 million. Toni and I talked about her journey from living with her parents and working for them, to how she came up with the idea for NYX, her new business venture, Thomas James LA sunglasses,...


Episode 9: Darshan Shah – Surgeon and Health & Wellness Expert – Dishes the Goods on Longevity

Dr. Darshan Shah joins us today for an eye-opening discussion on the latest health and wellness trends. He talks about becoming a surgeon at age 21, his first business ventures, starting Next Health and his podcast, Forefront. Darshan isn't just full of information. He's experienced his own wellness journey. Despite being a doctor, Darshan wasn’t always so healthy. The stress took a toll on his body and at one point he was obese and pre-diabetic. We also deep dive into health hacks and...


Episode 8: Darren Prince – Sports and Celebrity Agent – Going From Rock Bottom to “Aiming High”

Super Agent Darren Prince has had a wild ride. He openly shares about his battle with opiate addiction, how he went from selling baseball cards as a teenager to working with some of the biggest names in sports and Hollywood including Joe Frazier, Pamela Anderson, Hulk Hogan, and Dennis Rodman. He also talks about what needs to do to stay sober, his morning routine, fitness, and his new book Aiming High. Even if you haven’t experienced addiction, we all have challenges to overcome. This...


Episode 7: Deepika Chopra – Optimism Doctor™ – The Science Behind The Law Of Attraction, Mindfulness, Affirmations and More!

Deepika Chopra is an OPTIMISM DOCTOR™ and Visual Imagery Expert. She’s also an all-around interesting person. If you’ve ever felt you need to re-train your brain, this conversation will give you new insight. Chopra talks about using your brain as a tool to optimize your life. She deep dives into the science behind everything including the law of attraction, mindfulness, affirmations, colors, happiness, and manifestation. Additionally, we discuss the benefits of therapy, managing...


Episode 6: Dolvett Quince – TV Personality, Motivational Speaker – Physical and Mental Fitness, Spirituality, and His Morning Routine

Dolvett Quince, the trainer from NBC’s The Biggest Loser, is our guest today. In addition to spilling tea about the show, we discuss his approach to living your best life, spirituality, networking, his morning routine, staying aligned, physical and mental fitness, meeting Barak Obama and the importance of gratitude.📺 Youtube Link to This Episode