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The Happy Homebirth podcast is your source for positive natural childbirth stories, and your community of support, education and encouragement in all things homebirth and motherhood.


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The Happy Homebirth podcast is your source for positive natural childbirth stories, and your community of support, education and encouragement in all things homebirth and motherhood.






Ep 248: Game-Time Birth Decisions with Katelyn and Thomas Fusco

What happens when you live and breathe homebirth, but you can't quite visualize how you want your birth to unfold. Today I (Katelyn) am sitting down with my husband Thomas to share the birth story of our precious son, Thomas Jr. For our previous birth stories: Lillian's Birth Janie's Birth This Week's Sponsors: Araza Beauty: Code HOMEBIRTH for 15% off Informed Pregnancy+ Join The Homebirth Collective Join Happy Homebirth Academy Code PODCAST for 10% off


Ep 247: Making Birth Choices From a Place of Empowerment with Leigh Anne McGiff

Making Birth Choices From a Place of Empowerment with Leigh Anne McGiff How do we respond to the unexpected? We know we can't control all of the circumstances of life, but what do we do when we're faced with new choices that must be made? This week, we're speaking to my friend and Homebirth Collective student, Leigh Anne. Leigh Anne will be sharing about her two birth experiences and how she and her husband Colton were able to navigate "game time" decision-making in a way that led to a sense of pride and accomplishment. Before we jump in, I want to encourage you to consider joining The Homebirth Collective, which is currently open for self-study. Throughout her story you'll hear the lessons that Leigh Anne learned inside of the program, and I am so grateful to hear how beautifully she was able to apply what she learned to her experience and her perspective of that experience, even now. If you want learn how to prepare for your homebirth, yes, but you also want to take seriously this transition into or back into motherhood as the sacred right of passage that it was always meant to be, join me inside today. Click the link in the show notes, and don't forget to use the code PODCAST for 10% off at checkout for being such a dedicated supporter of the show! Episode Roundup This Week's Sponsors: Araza Beauty: Code HOMEBIRTH for 15% off Informed Pregnancy+ Join The Homebirth Collective Join Happy Homebirth Academy Code PODCAST for 10% off


Ep 246: Birth in Captivity to the Freedom of Homebirth with Esmeralda Carrillo

How did your birth location make you feel during your birthing experience-- confined and imprisoned, or totally set free? This week, we're speaking to Esmeralda, a mother to 3 children, doula and homebirth shop owner. We'll hear how Esmeralda went from a confined hospital experience to absolute freedom in her homebirths. If you're looking to prepare for your homebirth and motherhood, and you find yourself aligning with the information that I share, I would love to have you inside of one of my programs: Happy Homebirth Academy or The Homebirth Collective. Whether you're simply looking for straight-forward but REAL childbirth education for homebirthers inside of HHA, or you're ready to deeply prepare for not only your homebirth, but for motherhood as a whole inside of The Collective, I am so excited to support you. Click the link in the show notes to join today, and use the code PODCAST for 10% off at checkout. Episode Roundup Goodness, as I reflect on Esmeralda's story, one major, beautiful point comes to my mind. Instinct requires us to go internally. We've got to stop listening to the outside noise and focus on that depthy, God-given inner-knowing that we all hold as Primal Mothers. When Esmeralda did this for her third birth, it truly shifted everything. She found complete freedom in her birth, and she knew exactly what she was capable of as a mother-- that she had everything she needed inside herself all along. This Week's Sponsors: Araza Beauty: Code HOMEBIRTH for 15% off Informed Pregnancy+ Join The Homebirth Collective Join Happy Homebirth Academy Code PODCAST for 10% off


Encore: Birthing Instincts With Dr. Stu

The wait is almost over, are you ready for the Fall2023 season of Happy Homebirth? Join me from your favorite podcast platform on September4 for our first brand new episode and mark your calendars for September 18, when my husband and I will be sitting down to tell all about our most recent birth experience. It is completely unlike our previous experiences, and you don't want to miss it. What do Obstetricians have to say about homebirth? Well, the one we're speaking to today certainly has some opinions that may surprise you in the best way. This week, we're speaking with the incredible Dr. Stu Fischbein, a homebirth-attending Obstetrician, founder of Reteach Breech, and one of the two lovely co-hosts from the ever-inspiring podcast Birthing Instincts. In this conversational episode, Dr. Stu, as usual, holds nothing back and shares his opinions regarding the current state of the medical oligarchy and how the last two years of pandemic chaos have exposed the realities that have existed for a long time, how this encroaches on midwives, mothers and people as a whole... and we discuss the responsibility that each one of us can choose to take in regards to our own health. He shares the massive shifts in perspective that he's had over his career in terms of how maternity care should be managed, or better yet left alone, and he unabashedly shares his thoughts on the Covid, the vaccine and more. Episode Roundup: Resources FREE Homebirth Essentials Guide Happy Homebirth Collective Links: Birthing Instincts Atlas Shrugged Dissolving Illusions Casa Blanca The Business of Birth Control The Highwire


Encore: Appreciating Rites of Passage, Releasing Fear, and Healing During Pregnancy

The wait is almost over, are you ready for the Fall2023 season of Happy Homebirth? Join me from your favorite podcast platform on September4 for our first brand new episode and mark your calendars for September 18, when my husband and I will be sitting down to tell all about our most recent birth experience. It is completely unlike our previous experiences, and you don't want to miss it. What the heck is a rite of passage… and why does this matter in regards to birth? This week, we are speaking with Rachael Jean, a homebirth midwife and birth rite enthusiast. In this episode we delve into the meaning of rites of passage, why they’re important, how to reclaim birth as a rite of passage, and… how to prepare for birth through healing. Immediately I can tell you this will be an episode you’re going to want to save and listen to a couple of times. I’m so excited for the wisdom that Rachael brought to this conversation. Show Notes Rachael Jean is a midwife practicing in Maine She’s been working in ceremonial work, and feels that midwifery is her mission. Rites of passage: a normal social and cultural event that brings societies together: It brings honor and celebration. birth, puberty, marriage, eldership, death There is not a very strong entrance into adulthood in our current society How do we begin to prepare ourselves for this rite of passage? -It’s about healing: Birth was robbed from women with “twilight sleep” and midwives having to go underground -Rachael’s main goal is to go back through childhood and heal generational traumas: relationship to mother, to father, to child, and wounding patterns related to the elements -Rachael strongly feels that babies are master teachers— they come down and know exactly what lessons you need to learn “Birth is the utmost of the feminine….” The goal is to gain awareness and presence so that we can create space to make choices. Women deserve to love their birth story, no matter what. It’s about honoring the mother, the father and the child. In presence, we get a chance to bring honor back to daily life. Rachael’s recommendation: Unpack the baggage while you’re pregnant! Episode Roundup: elementalbirthrites.com Reclaiming pregnancy and birth as a rite of passage (facebook) elementalmidwifery.com Elemental Birthrites IG


Encore: Homebirth and Chiropractic Wisdom With Dr. Courtney Kahla

Let’s say you’re a birth expert- you’ve been working with pregnant mothers for years, and you’re finally having the homebirth of your dreams. Is firm education enough, or will there possibly be unexpected tests in the emotional and mental aspects of birth? This week we’re speaking with the marvelous Dr. Courtney Kahla. Dr. Courtney is a nervous system centered chiropractor specializing in families. She is the owner of Our Well House: a multidisciplinary wellness center in Dallas, TX. Her mission is to encourage others to experience freedom in their physical, mental, and spiritual health. She is passionate about empowering others to take control of their health by living a lifestyle that honors their God-given innate ability to heal. We’re going to spend part of this episode discussing chiropractic care, and then the rest diving deep into Dr. Courtney’s own homebirth journey. And wow, you’re in for so much wisdom sprinkled throughout her story. One theme we discuss in Dr. Kahla’s story is the need for emotional and mental preparation when it comes to homebirth, beyond the basics of childbirth education. With that in mind, I want to invite you to join me as you prepare for your own empowering homebirth experience. Let’s use the unbelievably transformative time of pregnancy as a catalyst into the most incredible motherhood journey. How? Join me inside of Happy Homebirth Academy, where preparing for your homebirth is both thorough and joyful. Learn to comfortably step into your role as the responsible, intuitive mother that you are, and hone those lifelong skills while we educate you on all aspects of midwifery care, physiological birth, and preparing your heart and home. We cover the physical, yes, but we also go deep into the importance of emotional and mental preparation, all while inviting your spouse to be deeply involved and connected from pregnancy, through labor and on into the blissful postpartum period. You ready to transform? Head to myhappyhomebirth.com/hha to get started today. As always, please remember that the opinions of my guest may not necessarily reflect my own and vice versa, and this show is not medical advice, it’s an educational tool, so continue to take empowered responsibility for yourself and your family. Episode Roundup: Resources: Happy Homebirth Academy Episode: Communicating With Your Birth Team About Expectations and Desires Episode: When Your Midwife Choices are Limited Free Homebirth Essentials Clickable List Waitlist for The Homebirth Collective Dr. Courtney's Instagram Dr. Courtney's website


Encore: Simplifying Birth, Simplifying Childhood with Ginny Yurtich

Have you ever been disqualified from something? Maybe you were in a swim meet and your feet touched the bottom of the pool. Maybe your scholarship essay was too short and you were taken out of the running…. But have you ever been considered disqualified in your birthing location? This week we’re speaking with an incredible woman, Ginny Yurtich, founder of 1000 hours outsideJih, and mother of 5 children with very different birth stories. In her first birth, Ginny’s pre-eclampsia “disqualified” her from her birth center experience, and we’ll see just how she handled this in subsequent births. Episode Roundup: Follow Ginny: @1000hoursoutside Ginny's website: www.1000hoursoutside.com


Encore: Elizabeth’s Peaceful Surprise Twin Homebirth

What surprised you most about your homebirth? Was it… the way you vocalized during your surges? Or maybe it was how incredibly accomplished you felt afterward? Or… was it the number of babies that you gave birth to? This week we’re speaking to Elizabeth Parsons, who really brought the surprise factor to her fourth birth and first homebirth. Episode Roundup: Can you imagine that experience? The shock of thinking you’re pushing out a placenta, but then being handed a second baby? Absolutely incredible. As we head into this week’s episode roundup, I wanted to focus on a few things that came up. Join The Homebirth Collective Join Happy Homebirth Academy Code PODCAST for 10% off


Encore: Birth as a Rite of Passage with Dr. Rachel Reed

Today's guest: Dr Rachel Reed is a midwife, academic, author, and international speaker who focuses on childbirth physiology, midwifery practice, and women's rights (and rites). She has provided midwifery care for many women and has attended births in a wide range of settings and circumstances. Rachel is the author of the award-winning blog MidwifeThinking and the co-host of The Midwives' Cauldron podcast. She has published widely in journals and magazines, and her first book Why Induction Matters is a popular resource for women and care providers. Her most recent book Reclaiming Childbirth as a Rite of Passage: weaving ancient wisdom with modern knowledge will be published early 2021. Further information about Rachel and her work is available at www.rachel-reed.website. and….she’s just delightful. I find myself getting sucked into her blog archives for hours at a time, and for today’s episode I decided to ask her about several topics that she covers quite wonderfully there. I know you’re going to deeply enjoy this episode. With that, let’s jump in! Show Notes: Big Babies Most women having homebirth in Australia have “big” babies, and they’re not scary. In hospital, however, it can be a different story. If a doctor diagnoses a mother with a “big baby” on ultrasound, it can begin to cause stress and fear for her. Dr. Reed mentions that the research does not separate healthy, normal big babies from those whose mothers have gestational diabetes. These babies tend to have bigger shoulders and can have more difficulty coming out (though most of them come out just fine, too). “Big babies don’t scare me, but what people do about big babies does scare me.” Women who are told they have a big baby: C sections, tearing, poorer outcomes are more likely— so it’s the outside causing the problem. A care provider’s fear of the big baby can cause many of the interventions Gestational Diabetes as a label— fairly nonsensical If there are abnormally high blood glucose levels circulating, that does impact the baby and potentially the birth. However, the blood glucose levels being used are not evidence-based In Australia, around 17% of women are now labeled as a gestational diabetic. When Dr. Reed was training, we only tested those who had risk factors. The issues with challenge tests: it’s an abnormal test— many pregnant women are not drinking sugary drinks, so the tests results can be very off. VBAC- Mountain or Molehill? Is this as dangerous as the medical community seems to happen? Research related to this is mixed with those who are having inductions and those who are not— when we remove those who are having inductions, we see the already small number of issues become all the smaller. Statistically a <1% chance of uterine rupture, compared to all of the issues that may occur during a Cesarean (there is a higher chance of losing the uterus due to hemorrhage during c-section than having a uterine rupture). Inside the hospital, there’s been higher support for VBACs… if it’s done the right way: prepared for surgery, continuous monitoring, etc. Many women are choosing to have home births because they’re having VBACs to avoid all of the issues that can occur in the hospital The woman is the decision-maker. It’s her body, her baby, her experience. Dr. Reed discusses how the care provider’s role is to support the woman in whatever decisions she is making. It’s so important to make sure that the midwife and client are on the same page at the very beginning of the relationship. “This is who I am, this is what I want, this is what I expect of you” from both client and midwife. Fear Around Childbirth Dr. Reed considers fear to be an important aspect regarding birth, as ancestrally we always would have had some amount of respect/fear for birth. Separation Phase (early labor)— There’s anxiety and stress because you’re feeling the contractions begin. The neocortex needs to be functioning at that time to prepare your surroundings. Liminal Phase (active...


Encore: Homebirth is a Team Sport

Show Notes: Christine and Andrew started their pregnancy journey traditionally with OB care. However, as the pregnancy progressed, they began feeling more and more frustrated about the fact that appointments were fast and shallow. There was not in-depth preparation for childbirth, and they felt there must be something missing. The couple decided to begin their own research, which led them to switch to midwifery care and homebirth. Their commitment to giving birth at home grew as they became closer with their midwife, and as she answered their questions and prepared them deeply on what to expect during the entire process. Both Christine and Andrew recognized the added layers of safety in their homebirth experience because they did know their midwife so well. Whenever there were questions about what happens if something goes wrong, their midwife always had a quality answer on what to expect and the protocol. Christine expected to go beyond 40 weeks, for at 38 weeks she and Andrew decided to go camping. On the trip, her water began leaking. They went home the next morning and prepared for the onset of labor. Throughout the process of labor, Christine and Andrew worked together. He kept up with what she needed and encouraged her through contractions— reminding her to breathe and relax. This was incredibly helpful during Christine’s long and arduous pushing phase. Andrew recalled how amazing it was that the midwife was able to recognize when to step in and provide feedback and when to stay back and remain an observer. He truly understood that it was his duty to be Christine’s support person. After baby was born, he needed resuscitative breaths. Christine and Andrew were calm and confident during this experience. Once he was breathing and stable, the midwives began tended to Christine, as she was bleeding a good bit. After a while, the midwives had to perform an internal examination of the uterus to see what was causing the bleeding. Though uncomfortable, Christine and Andrew both felt completely calm during what could have otherwise been a traumatic experience, as the felt heard, understood, and like the most important people on the birth team. Episode Roundup: I am so appreciative of this episode and the perspective it brings. It’s so important to focus on mothers and their experience of birth, yes, but what a disservice we are doing if we’re not showing up for dads and helping them see how they fit into the equation. Christine and Andrew worked together so beautifully before, during and after their birthing experience, and Andrew’s understanding of his responsibilities as the birth partner certainly added massive value to their homebirth. I hope this episode acts as inspiration and as a roadmap for other fathers who are looking for ways to be involved in the birthing experience. You’re part of this team, and you’re incredibly important.


Encore: Emily Catches Her Own Baby

Did you know that you could be so intimately aware of what's going on in your labor that you could be the one to reach down and catch your own baby? I sure didn't with my first daughter, and there's absolutely no way I would have been able to take the death grip off of my husband to do any such thing. But Emily... Emily planned and prepared for a mindful homebirth, and her goal was to catch her own baby (her first birth!). She was a founding member of Happy Homebirth Academy, and I'm so excited to say that darn it, she did it! Listen in to hear just how she achieved her goal. Show Notes: Emily's start to motherhood was different from the traditional route: She and her husband were called to foster-to-adopt immediately after Emily met her son at work. She knew he was hers, and she would do anything for him. After a long and stressful road, their son finally legally became a part of the family. At this point, he was 3 years old. Emily was suddenly hit with baby fever! Emily began looking into homebirth. She had had a traumatic time in the hospital at 19 and did not feel that it would be a healing place to have a baby. After watching Katelyn's birth video of her second baby, Lillian, Emily decided she wanted to have the same type of empowering birth. She joined Happy Homebirth Academy and put in all of the effort required to achieve her goal. Emily woke up at 2:30 am in active labor. She labored on her side for several hours, knowing that this was the position she was comfortable in. Once she moved to the tub, she stayed in the same kneeling position for the remainder of her labor... except when she did her best to switch positions for just a moment. Although she decided to return back to her previous spot, this movement was enough to dislodge her baby's head (turns out she way asynclitic!) and begin the process of crowning. Emily reached down and caught her own baby--triumphantly! Join The Homebirth Collective Join Happy Homebirth Academy Code PODCAST for 10% off


Encore: Real Food for Pregnancy (and Postpartum!) With Lily Nichols

Pregnancy and postpartum. Many of us strive to maintain a healthy diet during these pivotal times, but what does a healthy diet look like? Should we stick to the guidelines? Enter Lily Nichols, RDN, CDE. Lily is an expert on all things nutrition pertaining to the pregnant mother. She is the author of two books: Real Food for Gestational Diabetes, and Real Food for Pregnancy. Lily sheds light on what it looks like to eat nutrient dense foods, how our food choices affect ourselves and our babies, and how real food can set us up for real success in the postpartum period. Check out these links from the show! https://lilynicholsrdn.com/real-food-postpartum-recovery-meals/ https://lilynicholsrdn.com/prenatal-guidelines-updated/ https://lilynicholsrdn.com/choline-pregnancy-folates-cousin/ https://lilynicholsrdn.com/postpartum-iron-deficiency-anemia-rethinking-low-iron-requirements/ Join The Homebirth Collective Join Happy Homebirth Academy Code PODCAST for 10% off


Encore: How Did We Get Here?! The History of U.S. Maternity Care

Have you ever been on a drive and say 15 minutes in you think to yourself, “Woah, how did I get here? You realize you’ve lost your way and you need to turn it around and go back to the start. In this week’s episode, we’ll be taking a look at the past, the history of midwifery and women’s care as it pertains specifically to the United States, and delving into some of the reasons that compared to many other westernized countries, women and babies in the US have abysmal outcomes. We’ll be sharing just how lost we’ve become when it comes to maternity care, and how we should really turn this car around. Janelle Alier is a Certified nurse midwife local to me, and one of the coolest women around. As she’ll explain momentarily, she’s worked with moms and babies in a number of capacities, and she recently opened her own homebirth practice, Paris Mountain Midwifery. Show Notes: Anciently (ex. Ancient Greece), women were held in high regard and valued as healers. When the mindset began to change, in a way this was the beginning of the end. This change corresponded more with religious and theological changes, not the dawn of medicine. Protestants burning “witches”—women healers Much of the knowledge gained over time began was lost with these women Colonial America- childbirth attendants were women/midwives/family matriarchs 1800s- medical schools are popping up. Physicians were around, but not trying to be involved at all 19th century—we could charge a fee! Began being interested in birth. Obstetrics Midwifery predates medicine: Rachel’s midwife is mentioned in Genesis Varney’s Midwifery includes transcripts from Doctors meetings talking about the “midwife problem” One doctor said the answer was to “educate the ignorants”. This started a campaign to portray midwives as dirty and uneducated. Laws began to change—it became illegal for midwives to practice the way they had. They now had to obtain licensure by the state, which was almost impossible to do. What’s happening to birth at this time? Physicians recognize that the midwives are more skilled and have better outcomes, but they did not try to work with or learn from the midwives. Obstetrics in its infancy—it’s not going great! Many deaths in the early years are now attributed to anesthesia They were giving morphine and narcotics, which we now know doesn’t lessen the pain, it just makes you care less… and forget. Culturally there was not a lot of accountability. Family members were told that the women didn’t survive because “birth is dangerous.” Late 50’s, early 60’s- nearly all birth occurred in the hospital In the late 60’s and 70’s, there was a small subset of the population who revived the natural childbirth movement, but by that point, the medical model was so mainstream that this movement was considered radical 80’s and 90’s- c section rates soared In the last few years, we’ve realized we’ve lost our way. The profession of midwifery is becoming more organized, though there’s not tons of money for research, scholarships etc. as there are for medical students. In South Carolina, Black Grand Midwives were the women delivering babies and taking care of the communities. What do we do? More midwives, more midwives of color, better integration of midwives and the hospital setting (if a mother needs to transport to the hospital, that should be easy). In other areas of the Westernized world (Europe, Scandanavia, the UK, Australia, New Zealand etc.) midwifery wasn’t wiped out the same way it was in the United States. And their outcomes are much better than ours. In the UK—there are 5-6 times more midwives than OBs. Everyone starts with a midwife, and if you need a physician, you get referred by your midwife. The OBs manage higher risk care while midwives manage low risk birth. In the US, only 10% of births are attended by midwives. In Alaska, it’s up to 30%, whereas in Arkansas, it’s more like 1-2%. If you overlay a map of birth out comes by state and the integration of midwives… you see...


Encore: Leah and Her Midwife Handle a Complication

Show Notes: Episode Roundup Join The Homebirth Collective Join Happy Homebirth Academy Code PODCAST for 10% off


Encore: From Valley to Mountain: Laura’s Spiritual, Pain-Free Birth

Pain-free childbirth is a myth.... right? Laura is a mother of 3, and she and her husband were newly married when they became unexpectedly pregnant. They had recently moved, and found themselves moving back into Laura's parents' house as they got their finances in order. Because she had never spent time around babies, Laura took a nannying job for a newborn during her pregnancy. When he napped, she would read books. A family member gave her Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, and at 35 weeks her entire outlook on birth shifted. She even considered a homebirth, but soon realized this would not be possible in her family's house. Laura switched to midwifery care within the hospital and had a beautiful natural birth. She wanted to give birth in the water, which she did. When she became pregnant again 11 months later, she prayed for a shorter birthing time. That's exactly what she got-- though the experience left her reeling and feeling out of control, even slightly scared of birth. She did have a natural birth, and it was short, but it was quite stressful for her. During this postpartum experience, Laura struggled immensely. She had an incredibly emotional time and leaned on her faith like never before. She learned about grace on a personal level, and worked through many problems and emotions that had previously never seen the light of day. Finally, she felt like she could see the light at the end of the tunnel.... And then Laura found out that she was pregnant again. This came as a massive shock to her, as she and her husband were not planning for this. While the realization that she was carrying new life initially thrilled her, once the thought set in, Laura began to panic with fear that she would have to go through all of this postpartum pain and suffering again. She worried that she was nutritionally depleted, and that this third pregnancy would cause more depletion. Laura continued to rely on her faith and her husband, and she prayed about her upcoming birth. She was finally going to be able to have a homebirth, and she wanted this experience to be not only spiritual, but also pain free. She dedicated time and prayer to this end, and she created space for this to happen. When Laura had her third baby, all were shocked to see her raising her hands in worship during her contractions. When her baby crowned, and then the head was born, Laura truly did not realize it had happened. Her birth was 100% pain-free. Laura emphasized the fact that this can be the case for anyone-- creating space for this type of positive outcome is so important. Episode Roundup: I wanted to touch once again on this idea on creating space for the positive experiences. I love that Laura cleared her fears when necessary and focused on the notion that she could indeed have a beautiful, pain-free experience. It's a great reminder for us all: Clear fears and create space for the beautiful experience that birth can be! Resources: Ina May's Guide to Childbirth Join The Homebirth Collective Join Happy Homebirth Academy Code PODCAST for 10% off


Ep 232: A Primal First Time Homebirth with Sara Middleton

First births: You don't know what's going on with your body, they're long, and mothers enter them feeling uncertain and needing reassurance.... right? This week we're speaking to Sara, who lives in Travelers Rest, South Carolina with her husband Rob, their first child and son, Charlie, and their two big all american mutts, Captain and Bucky. Sara and her husband Rob strive to live a gospel-centered and holistic/ancestral lifestyle to create the best and safest environment for their children to learn and thrive. Homebirth was their Plan A and Charlie’s birth Story wasn’t exactly what Sara envisioned, it was BETTER and one of the best and most intimate memories she and Rob will ever share together. Episode Roundup: Join The Homebirth Collective Join Happy Homebirth Academy Code BABYBOY for 20% off (June 5~11, 2023) Code PODCAST for 10% off


Ep 231: Reclaiming Primal Movement to Improve Your Family’s Wellbeing with Paris Latka

What does your posture communicate to yourself, your baby, and the world? Perhaps it seems unimportant or insignificant, but as you'll learn today-- there is SO much to the way in which we hold ourselves. This week we're speaking with my incredible friend, coach and mentor Paris Latka. Paris is the founder of her business IAM Health, which stands for Intelligent Alignment Movement Health. It is her greatest passion to support people feeling fantastic in their bodies, connected to their hearts and clear in their minds. She does this through Bowspring primal movement therapy, myofascia release, holistic nutrition & smart supplementation. She loves to geek out about fascia, postural alignment, and its role in our well-being nutrition, movement and anything that optimizes health. All of her work is geared towards realizing and increasing the love frequency in our bodies and on the planet. Paris and I will be speaking about the Bowspring method and how it's changed her life and already begun to transform my own. I pray this information will be of unbelievable use to you and your family, as it has been to mine. Let's jump in! Episode Roundup: Resources: Paris' Course Code: HAPPYHOMEBIRTH Instagram: @paris_latka Join The Homebirth Collective Join Happy Homebirth Academy Code PODCAST for 10% off


Ep 230: Finding Freedom in Motherhood with Naomi Reyes

Motherhood-- It has a way of bringing up the things that we thought were stored deep, deep down... it pulls 'em right to the surface. How can we find freedom in motherhood, be the most loving version of ourselves and heal our families at the same time? This week, we're speaking with my dear friend Naomi Reyes. Naomi is the creator of Finding Freedom Collective where she leads Mothers to transform their lives from exhausted to empowered. Naomi is a Transformation Coach and MINDSET expert. She teaches women how to access the full power of their unique mind so that they can create lasting change in all areas of motherhood. Finding Freedom is a collective group for Mothers to experience true connection, support, and transformation. Naomi is a compassionate leader, a mother of 4, a believer in the power of the present moment, and a woman who is constantly seeking to evolve and grow in her own journey of life. Episode Roundup: These conversations are so full of hope and possibility-- can you imagine actually WORKING on yourself with such a loving support system? Naomi has been so unbelievably generous with my listeners, in that she's offering a huge discount on entrance into her Finding Freedom Collective for you, happy homebirthers, for this first week only. Use this link to access this beautiful community before May 26th at 7pm EST at this discounted price. I will absolutely be involved as I navigate postpartum and seek community as I heal mentally, emotionally and physically. Resources Join The Homebirth Collective Join Happy Homebirth Academy Code PODCAST for 10% off Raising Children While Healing Your Inner Child with Greta Zukoff Healing the Nervous System for Birth & Motherhood with Theresa Piela Finding Freedom Link: Access before May 26th 7 pm EST for discount Naomi's Instagram : @findingfreedomcollective


Ep 229: Have an Informed Pregnancy with Dr. Elliot Berlin

What does it mean to be truly informed regarding your pregnancy and birth? This week, we're speaking with Dr. Elliot Berlin, who is an award-winning prenatal chiropractor, childbirth educator, labor support bodyworker, and co-founder of Berlin Wellness Group in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Berlin graduated Summa Cum Laude from Life University of Chiropractic in Atlanta, Georgia, and the Atlanta School of Massage. His separate schooling in massage therapy, bodywork, and chiropractic form the backbone of his innovative pre- and post-natal wellness care techniques. Unique ‘Chirossage’ sessions soothe and relax tight, painful muscles and restore motion to restricted joints. These 30 to 45-minute treatments effectively address most pregnancy aches and pains in just a few visits and promote healthy, comfortable, and functional pregnancy and an ideal environment for labor and delivery. Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy® Project aims to utilize multiple forms of media (podcasts, YouTube series, documentaries, and online workshops) to compile and deliver unbiased information about pregnancy and childbirth to empower new and expectant parents to make informed choices regarding their pregnancy and parenting journey. Dr. Berlin lives in Los Angeles with his wife, perinatal psychologist Dr. Alyssa Berlin, and their four fantastic kids. Episode Roundup Use code HOMEBIRTH for 10% off Join The Homebirth Collective Join Happy Homebirth Academy


Ep 228: Midline (R)evolution: Evolution of The Lip and Tongue Tie with Michale Chatham, Dr. Molly and Natalie Healy

Tongue and lip ties... are they a nothing-burger, all-important, or perhaps misunderstood? This week we're speaking with Michale Chatam, the clinical mystic, Dr. Molly of Living Adjusted and Natalie Healy, IBCLC. This conversation was recorded... a YEAR ago... and was somehow lost... I have searched for it so many times and couldn't find it, and suddenly, I found it... and I can't help but thinking that this is being released right on time. We'll be discussing the lens-changes that make all the difference in the world when it comes to how we, along with our babies, are flowing in the world-- from a postural, emotional, and spiritual approach. Episode Roundup: If your mind is blown and your nervous system is feeling a little dysregulated after the influx of information from this discussion, I'm sure Michale, Molly and Natalie would highly recommend you go hug a tree and pick up some dirt to root and ground. How incredible was this conversation? As we head into today's episode roundup, I simply want to remind you of the resources that were shared. Parents, if you're looking to help your baby have a healthy foundation and not to feel RUSHED into a frenectomy, you'll want to join Midline (R)evolution's Evolution of Lip and Tongue Tie course. I'm going through it right now as I prepare to welcome baby #3 any day. Moreover, if you want deep care and to know that your baby's frenectomy, or simply their healing without a frenectomy, is being approached in an extremely mindful way, reach out to Dr. Molly and Natalie at .......... And finally, licensed practitioners... if this feels like a whole new world and you want to incorporate this into your practice or totally rebuild your practice, Michale is the clinical mystic you need to know. I have everyone's information in the show notes, so head on over to find what you're looking for. Resources Midline (R)evolution Discount Code (10% Off): KATELYN Instagram: Michale Chatham Dr. Molly Natalie Healy, RN IBCLC Schedule your fly-in with Dr. Molly and Natalie: They do bespoke packages and have tiered offerings depending on if you're planning to do a frenectomy in Maui. Email your request at hello@livingadjustedmaui.com Use code HOMEBIRTH for 10% off The Homebirth Collective FREE Homebirth Essentials Guide