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Empowering people as they travel together toward best health.

Empowering people as they travel together toward best health.
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Empowering people as they travel together toward best health.








Pillow, pills, poop, piss, and pain

Episode Summary Blood, sweat, tears shared by two. Helping one end and another begin. A disaster that ultimately gives back. Hearts clubbed by diamonds in spades. We learned, we cried, we continued. Blog subscribers. If you don't see the podcast player, click the blog post title above Denise Brown of asked caregivers for their 6-word story about caregiving. Brilliant! Welcome to Men Caregivers, Part 2, the Panel. Part 1 was interviews with the panel, Ben Carter, Patrick Egan,...


Men Caregivers Part 1 Podcast #003

Four of 6.4 million men caregivers muse on their varied experience, emotions, challenges, joys. We did it because we wanted to and we could. Great stories! Episode Summary In 1968 the IRS ruled that Charles E. Moritz (Charles E Moritz vs Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service) was not entitled to a deduction for expenses for the care of his dependent invalid mother. The IRS ruled the deduction was unavailable because he was a single man who was never married, the deduction being...


Healthy Homes Advocacy #002

If Podcast Player isn't showing, Click Here Episode Summary Something is wrong here. I feel like crap. This isn't fair. I don't want anyone else to ever experience what my kid experienced. At some point, when we feel strong enough or mad enough, we want to take action to improve health. This is advocacy. Many of us advocate for someone, sometime. Or we want to. Ourselves, our family members, our cronies, our community. What lessons can we learn from a master at advocacy? I interview Mary Sue...


Trailer: Health Hats, the Podcast #000

HHP000_Episode Summary Best health is living at peak performance no matter our biology, abilities, or our circumstances. Reaching best physical, mental, and spiritual health is complex, frustrating, frightening, and oh so rewarding. I've worn many hats during my life in healthcare. I'm a person with Multiple Sclerosis, I'm a nurse who's worked in the community, in hospitals, in managed care, and behavioral health. I've been care partner to several family member's end-of-life journeys. I'm a...


Best Health at End of Life #001

Episode Summary Best Health includes physical, mental, and spiritual health. Michael Funk, my son, died at age 26 on November 18, 2002, of metastatic melanoma. Mike found his best spiritual health in the last year of his life as he died. As Mike said, I wasn't born with a tattoo telling me how long I had to live. This first episode of Health Hats, the Podcast, celebrates Mike's journey through a montage of an interview with Mike several months before he died, a conversation with Bob Doherty...