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Health Nuts Episode 39 | Guest Dr. Rich Petras | "Overcoming Cellular Stress Naturally!"

Check out this episode with Naturopath Dr. Rich Petras! Is your body stressed? How would you know? What can you do? He lays it all out in this episode! You can reach him at 304.612.6186 for info on how he can help you heal your body.


Health Nuts Episode 38 | Guest Dr. Mark Styers | "Kaizen! Becoming the best version of you!"

Check out this episode with Dr. Mark Styers as he goes deep into becoming the best version of yourself. Listen, learn and share!


Health Nuts Episode 37 | Guest Dr. Jeff Williams | "Debunking the Lie of Chiropractic Causing Strokes"

Dr. Jeff Williams drops a ton of info in this episode as he debunks the lie that is out there....chiropractic adjustments and strokes. This topic is put to rest as he answers all of the questions that people wonder but never had the research presented to them. It's a great episode you won't want to miss! You can learn more about Dr. Williams here- Twitter- @chiro_forward


Health Nuts Episode 36 | Guest Mandi Babkes | "Treating Pain with CBD Oil"

Check out this episode with Mandi Babkes as she discusses treating pain naturally specifically using CBD oil! Great content and great info!


Health Nuts Episode 35 | Guest Dr. Lauren Loya | "How To Balance Your Hormones- An Integrative MD's Approach!"

In this weeks episode, Dr. Lauren Loya shares her knowledge and expertise in balancing your hormones naturally! Her goal is to combine traditional medicine with a more holistic method of treatment that strives to uncover the root cause of illness rather than just managing symptoms. You can check her out at or her local offices in both Pittsburgh and Cranberry! Enjoy!


Health Nuts Episode 34 | Guest Ola Obasi, MS

Check out this weeks guest Ola Obasi, MS as she discusses her expertise in herbal medicine and functional nutrition. Ola has a gift to serve and you can not help but to be drawn by her outlook on life! Give this a listen! You can check her out at and on Facebook at


Health Nuts Episode 33 | Guest Dr. Brie Stemmler | "Happy Moms Create Happy Babies"

Pregnancy and parenthood should be positive experiences and that becomes difficult if you just do not feel good! As a parent you need to be ON all the time and that is a lot easier when you have good physical and mental health. Check out this episode with Dr. Brie Stemmler as she shares her expertise in managing your pregnancy naturally! You can check her out at or on Facebook at


Health Nuts Episode 32 | Guest Dr. Chris Zaino | "The Hero Inside You"

Dr. Chris Zaino has done it all in the chiropractic profession and now he is sharing his message of hope, healing, and perseverance with the rest of the world! Listen to this episode as he teaches you how to find your inner hero! Learn how to recognize the blind spots within your life as well as how to overcome them. He coaches you on connecting to your greatness, genius, and buried hero. And for those who are already awake, he provides a powerful and motivating experience to help you...


031: Molly Culleton | "Your Intro To Ayurveda Yoga"

Molly Culleton shares her message this week and talks about her expertise in the field of Ayuverda. Never heard of it? Yeah, me neither. Here's the kicker- it's foundation is to allow the body to heal itself through food, movement, supplementation as needed, and your nerve system. Sound familiar? It should - that is also the foundation of this podcast! Check her out at or


030: Dr. Jerry Kennedy | "Overcoming Your Inner Self Doubt!"

In this episode Dr. Carr and Dr. Kennedy talk about the foundations to setting goals; how to overcome inner self doubt; and how to become a better form of you! You can check out Dr. Kennedy at or


Health Nuts Episode 29 | Guest Amanda Carneiro - "Food Combining and Fasting!"

Listen to this episode with Amanda Carneiro as she talks about which foods to combine during your meals as well as how to fast safely and effectively! Amazing info is awaiting...enjoy! You can check her out or


028: Christa King | "Reframing Thoughts To Create New Patterns!"

Checkout this interview with Christa King, the founder of Fitlandia as she drops a ton of info on how you can make 2018 the best year ever by changing the way you think; changing what you eat; and losing those self-limiting beliefs for good! If you're looking to get motivated and make a positive change in your life you've got to check this podcast out! How to find Christa: Her podcast: 30 Days To Thriving:


027: Dr Laura Belus | "Balancing Your Hormones Naturally!"

Checkout this interview with Dr. Laura Belus, Naturopath and specialist in hormone balancing, nutrition and mind/body principles! She chats with me about everything you need to know on hormones including testing, nutrition, the effects of stress and so much more! Check her out on Instagram at or her site at!


026: Megan Neiman, RD, LDN | "Understanding Your Struggle With Food"

Today we get to hear from an expert in the field of nutrition with over 17 years of experience counseling patients with addiction, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. Megan drops a ton of knowledge on emotional eating and how you can overcome it! Listen to this episode as she gives different strategies for managing eating disorders as well as tips to overcome the extreme stress that is associated with this disease. You can check her out at ...


025: Chris Shea | "Coping With Adversity In Life"

Are you sometimes overwhelmed by life's ups and downs? Do you long for a way to see past your troubles? If you or someone you know is going through adversity than this podcast is for you where I get to interview Chris Shea, author of "Coping With Adversity In Life."


024: Dr. Heidi Weinhold, ND | Is Stress Killing You Slowly?

You are not alone, stress is part of life - sometimes it makes us stronger and sometimes it wears us down! Today I am speaking with Dr. Heidi Weinhold, a nauturopathic physician, to understand more about stress and what you can do about it. Dr. Heidi takes us through how we can take charge of our lives, and how to treat stress naturally! You can check her out at Enjoy!


024: Lauren Kail | Is Your

Are your health and beauty products safe? Can something as simple as makeup be a factor in your overall health? You've got to listen to this episode with Lauren Kail, where she shares her expertise in this field! You can also check her out and get a workout in at! Enjoy!


023: Dr. Brad Ellisor | How To Get Your Kids Eating Broccoli!

Is your kid a picky eater? Do they challenge you on everything health related? You are not alone! If this struggle is your reality than check out this podcast with Dr. Brad Ellisor, the host of 'Kids Eating Broccoli!' He drops a ton of knowledge on this podcast and has a great message to go with it! Check him out at You can also follow him at


021: Dr. Jonathan Skoner | Why Your Glasses Are Not Helping You!

Have you ever thought of all the hours you and your kids spend on computers, ipads, and cell phones? The chronic use of these devices not only causes issues with your eyes but can affect you neurologically with a host of conditions. Check out this episode where I interview Dr. Jonathan Skoner and he shares his expertise on how to heal your eyse naturally...without glasses! Check him out at