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Our Sole Sisters get together for some serious girl talk! Follow along to hear stories of breakthrough, life hacks, health tips, and ALL THE THINGS.

Our Sole Sisters get together for some serious girl talk! Follow along to hear stories of breakthrough, life hacks, health tips, and ALL THE THINGS.
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Our Sole Sisters get together for some serious girl talk! Follow along to hear stories of breakthrough, life hacks, health tips, and ALL THE THINGS.




Ep. 20: Hair Products with Purpose & Living Out Your Calling with Lorin Van Zandt

We sat down with co-owner & founder of MISSIO Hair, Lorin VanZandt to talk about how she took this "product with purpose" from an idea to a thriving BRAND that was even recently featured on PopSugar! Lorin shared all of her life adventures like living on a sailboat to going to cosmetology school while still working as a full-time elementary school teacher. Her strong faith and heart for serving others eventually led her to starting a product business that gives people the opportunity to save...


Ep. 19: Real Life Struggles, Alabama Hannah, & "Finding Yourself" in College

Today we pressed record to talk about our college experiences. But let's be real, we had a lot more to say today than to stay on one topic. We had some extended happies and crappies y'all....from the current struggles in our lives to some fun surprises this week. We recapped our thoughts on the Bachelorette premier (we LOVE Hannah) and named our top contestants so far, answered your questions (we hope) about our college years, and ended with some fun announcements and upcoming events! Hope...


Ep. 18: "The Enneagram Changed My Life" with Summer Lambert

How many personality tests have you taken where they all tell you the same exact thing, without giving you the answers that you want? This week's episode dives deep into all things Enneagram with the amazing and always entertaining, Summer Lambert! You asked, and we delivered. Because Chelsea and Kathryn had no idea how to answer all of your questions about the Enneagram, we sought out the "expert." Join us as we jump into the details of each Enneagram Type, and learn how knowing all types...


Ep. 17: Answering Your Q's, New T-Swift, & #GOALS

Answering YOUR questions today! - Taylor Swift's new release - 2019 goals - How to date your significant other (married or not) - Training for marathons - Tips for fitness instructors - upcoming COOL THINGS! Follow Us on Instagram: Kathryn @kcoll Chelsea @chelseaallegra Heart + Sole @heartandsolepodcast Sole Fitness @sole_fitness Join our Facebook Group! "Heart + Sole Podcast Insiders"


Ep. 16: Love at First Sight, Showing Up, & The Journey to Motherhood

Today we sat down with our dear friend Parker Wilson and we're at a loss for words even writing this description. Parker isn't afraid to get real, dig deep, and talk about all the hard things. She told us the story of how she pursued her now husband, their journey through infertility, and what life really looks like being a mom. Most of all, Parker shares how she has come to the realization that God's faithfulness is not dependent on our circumstances. He is good because He is good. Follow...


Ep. 15: Game On With K + C

For today's episode, we kept it lighthearted and FUN with a series of games! But before we began, we also shared some of our really awesome HAPPIES from this past week and we are so excited to be able to share them with you all. We hope you enjoy hearing us make a fool out of ourselves with Rapid Fire Questions, Heads Up, and 3 Things in 5 Seconds. If you want to hear more episodes like this (or more segments like this on future episodes) please let us know! Follow Us on Instagram: Kathryn...


Ep. 14: Saying Yes to the Dress Biz with Amanda Sasser

Our guest today is Amanda Sasser, owner of Coastal Knot Bridal. She started her business at age 23 and has gone on to open up three locations in Wilmington, Raleigh, and Shallote, all while being a wife and mom of three! We talk about what it took to make her dream come to life, how she balances her busy schedules, and how she and her team have made the dress shopping experience so much more than finding a wedding gown. There are so many great takeaways from this episode whether you've been...


Ep. 13: Feeling Lost, Letting Go, and Letting God

At some point or another, we may all reach a place in life when we feel lost. Today we sat down to talk about the points in our lives where we have felt the most lost ourselves, and WHY it is we may have felt that way. If you are currently in a season of transition, we share some questions you can ask yourself to help you step into your purpose and calling. Most of all, we encourage you to trust God's plan -- that he will shape your life to be more prosperous and bring you more joy than you...


Ep. 12: Get To Know Us: Our Favorite Things, Funny Stories, & Crazy Random Things

Now that we're 12 episodes into this whole podcast thing, you probably feel like you've gotten to know us, our values, and our WHY behind it. But not often to we get to talk about the simpler, lighter things. So today we decided to sit down and chat about all sorts of things from the craziest thing we've ever gotten to do, to our weirdest dates, and so much more. We took a walk down memory lane to what we wanted to be when we "grew up," our first concerts, and how different our lives looked...


Ep. 11: Toxin-Free Living, Progress Over Perfection, and Owning Your Impact with Emily Popson

Today we sat down with Emily Popson, creator of "Pop of Health," to talk about how she started her journey of a toxin-free, plastic-free, healthy lifestyle. Emily shows up every day on her Pop of Health community to share ways that YOU can make small changes that add up to big impact. It can be overwhelming to think about all of the things that need to be done, but Emily breaks it down into simple steps that you can take each day to improve your health as well as our planet's. She even...


Ep. 10: Redefining Fitness + Why It's So Much More Than The Way You Look

This morning we sat down to talk about a topic we feel EXTREMELY passionate about. As fitness professionals who also struggle with body image, it is so important to us that we break the stigma around fitness being an aesthetic. We explain why this is a total lie from a scientific standpoint as well as how we've achieved this mindset shift. Fitness is so, so much more than just the way you look! If you are someone who appreciates numbers and tangible ways of tracking your outcome, we also...


Ep. 9: Being a Teen Mom, Redemption in Marriage, and The Power of Prayer with Lauren Risedorf

In today's episode, we sat down with our dear friend, Lauren Risedorf and talked about her powerful story. Lauren opens up about how she got through being a single mom at age 18 and beginning her first year of college, where she eventually met her husband. Their love story is a little unconventional, and you'll hear how prayer, community, and grace saved their marriage. You can meet Lauren in person at tomorrow's Sweat + Shop event! Come workout with us and shop local vendors on Thursday,...


Ep. 8: What We Do, Instagram vs. Reality, & The Secret Weapon to Building Your Biz

What the heck do we even do?! Well, you're about to find out! Tune into this week's episode to learn about our day-to-day lives as entrepreneurs, what it took to get us here, the daily hustle and grind, and how social media can help share your story and authentic brand. We love hanging out with you every week, and hope that you walk away encouraged to follow your own personal dreams and passions! Follow us on Instagram...


Ep. 7: High School Drop Out Turned Major Boss Babe with Catherine Yearwood

Kathryn & Chelsea sit down with owner of Hallelu Boutique, Catherine Yearwood, and discuss how she went from dropping out of high school and moving across the country to pursuing her dream of opening one of the most successful boutiques in the Wilmington area alongside her husband. She shares her unique upbringing, her philosophy on building and cultivating her team's culture, and how both her faith and her grit got her to where she is today. Follow Us on Instagram: Kathryn @kcoll Chelsea...


Ep. 6: Self Love, Relationships, & Things We've Learned Along The Way

In the spirit of Valentine's Day tomorrow, we themed this week's episode around LOVE + RELATIONSHIPS! We chatted (for a long time in true girl-talk fashion) about how important it is to have self love before being successful in any relationship, what some of our past romantic relationships were like, what we learned from past friendships, our own engagement stories, and so much more. Our mission behind this episode was to meet all of our listeners WHEREVER they're at in their lives right...


Ep. 5: Discovering Yoga, Defining Wholeness, + Divine Intervention with Macy Cole

Nama'stay and listen to Macy Cole! Join the Heart + Sole ladies this week as they sit down to chat with Macy Cole, Co-Owner of Axis Yoga + Studio. In this episode, we discuss how Macy found yoga, lessons she has learned while following her calling, learning to recognize God's voice, and all the things in between! Follow Macy Cole on Instagram at: @axisyoga and @mermaid_macy Kathryn + Chelsea: @kcoll and @chelseaallegra Heart + Sole: @heartandsolepodcast + @sole_fitness


Ep. 4: Wise Words from a Mompreneur with Jayna Crittenden

Kathryn & Chelsea sit down with Jayna Crittenden of SQUEAK. She fills us in on how she created her all safe all organic cleaning product line, her organizing habits, what she has learned from being a mom, mantras, and so much more! If you'd like to try out SQUEAK, you can visit her website at www.getsqueakywithus.com! Follow Us on Instagram & Stay in the Loop! Jayna: @getsqueakywithus Kathryn: @kcoll Chelsea: @chelseaallegra Heart + Sole Podcast: @heartandsolepodcast Workout with us:...


Ep. 3: Overcoming Eating Disorders, Weight Loss, + Healthy Life Balance

Hear from Chelsea and Kathryn about their own personal journeys with health and fitness. They discuss everything from eating disorders to weight loss to nutrition to trusting God's calling for your life. Dive deeper into their stories and how they got to the place they are at today!


Ep. 2: Sex Trafficking, Hardships, & Trusting God's Plan with Rebecca Anderson

This week, Kathryn and Chelsea discuss through their happies and crappies, break down The Bachelor, and interview an amazing woman! Rebecca Anderson joined us in studio to talk about her ministry called 514 Revolution, who works directly with women in Wilmington who are currently involved in the human trafficking industry. Her story is incredible, and we hope you enjoy this week's episode! Follow on...


Heart + Sole - Episode 1

The time has finally come! We don't know what the heck we are doing, but we do know that we love empowering women, SO let's meet every week for some girl talk! In this first episode, we introduce who we are, what we're about, our vision for the podcast, and answer some questions submitted to us through Instagram. We hope you will join us on this journey! P.S. Follow us on Instagram: Kathryn - @kcoll Chelsea - @chelseaallegra Workout with us at @sole_fitness