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Elevate your mind, your life, and the world. Be your best self with “Body-Building” for Heart, Mind and Soul. Conversations and interviews.

Elevate your mind, your life, and the world. Be your best self with “Body-Building” for Heart, Mind and Soul. Conversations and interviews.
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Elevate your mind, your life, and the world. Be your best self with “Body-Building” for Heart, Mind and Soul. Conversations and interviews.




Love Is Stronger Than Death

Being a gifted intuitive and clairvoyant is something that Carol Neustadt came into this world as. As a young child, she thought everyone had the ability to hear the voice within. And that everyone had an inner cheerleader or self-helper of a sort. One day, she realized, that was not the case after accidentally being hit in the head by a rock and having to go to the emergency room. Carol had never talked about her ability as an intuitive and clairvoyant until that accident. What’s most...


You Hold The Pen To Your Life - An Interview with Brenda Underwood

Rejection was a big cloud over Brenda’s life for a long time. It was like a pillar from the time she was born. As the youngest of 5 children, for years she allowed rejection to shape the way she saw people and things, how she interacted with others, and even the attitudes she held onto. And for a time, all this culminated into leading a promiscuous and risky life. She eventually realized that she had to get to a place where she wasn’t seeing herself through the eyes of her critics. She...


Always ask "What If?" and Then Go For It - An Interview with Terry Moorer

Known worldwide as the“Hottest Disabled Speaker in America”, our featured guest for this episode is Terry Moorer. As a person with Cerebral Palsy, Terry has known first-hand what it takes to Rise Up to his best and greater self. He has 30+ years of experience working in the entertainment industry. He’s worked with NBA Entertainment, Queen Latifah, Walt Disney, MTV, Atlantic Records, and many others. In this interview, Terry takes us from his early years as an adolescent on up to adulthood...


"What Gets In The Way Becomes The Way" - An Interview With Thought Leader Jess Villegas

In this episode, Jess shares his perspective on "what gets in the way becomes the way". He illustrates how mental models, habits, and assumptions can limit our view of the possibilities in our life. He shares some of his most impressionable life experiences (as a parent, a leader, an entrepreneur, and a CEO) and how these experiences have shaped his thinking and way of being in the world. Jess’ keeps in mind two things that reflect his personal philosophy. 1) A quote by Marcus Aurelius,...


Living In A State Of Awareness, Observation, And Discipline - An Interview With Larry Sims

In this episode, as he was growing up in the south, Larry had lots of questions around many things in life. Many of the answers he received from others were inadequate in his mind which led to a lot of confusion. The harder he tried to understand, the more questions he had and the answers were never satisfactory. Life was a bit awkward as he was growing up. Having started school a year early, he was smaller than his peers, and a target for bullying. Eventually, he was able to internalize...


Sailing the Sonic Ocean - An Interview With Christopher Drummond

In this episode, Christopher shares how life can be a long and uphill road. Stress in his life was very common. He grew up in an area where public education was on the level of private schools and 90% of peers went to college. It was expected. For Christopher, it was "butt-kicking" from the very beginning, and he wouldn’t change it for anything. He’s no stranger to Rising up to his ‘best self’. It’s taken hours upon hours of hard work and commitment. That’s been his life journey. He shows...


Dancing with the Muse of Space, Music, and Meditation - An Interview with Jonn Serrie

In this episode, Jonn Serrie shares how he combines the timeless depths of space with music vision spanning the universe. A dominant force and pioneer in the space music category, Jonn's goal with his music, is to "dissolve the veil between source and destination, so his audience feels the music the way he does". A composer, musician, and inspirational performer, Jonn is at the forefront of the electronic music industry with 25 recorded albums on two international records labels with...