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The Help Choose Home podcast features relevant information about the choices in home care available to individuals and their loved ones. Host Merrily Orsini, along with guests from all facets of the home care industry, provide valuable help, encouragement and resources to those considering the option of aging in place.

The Help Choose Home podcast features relevant information about the choices in home care available to individuals and their loved ones. Host Merrily Orsini, along with guests from all facets of the home care industry, provide valuable help, encouragement and resources to those considering the option of aging in place.


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The Help Choose Home podcast features relevant information about the choices in home care available to individuals and their loved ones. Host Merrily Orsini, along with guests from all facets of the home care industry, provide valuable help, encouragement and resources to those considering the option of aging in place.




How Proactive Planning Is Essential to Successfully Aging In Place

In today’s episode of Help Choose Home, we welcome Michelle Woodbrey, CDP, CSA, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of 2Sisters Senior Living Advisors. Founded in 2011, 2Sisters Senior Living Advisors offers referral and coaching services to older adults and their families who are exploring aging care options. Michelle, and her co-founder sister, Alyson Powers, have deep career experience in the senior care industry, both in administrative roles and in hands-on care. Michelle and Allyson...


Improving Lives Through Meaningful Home-Based Care

In today’s episode of Help Choose Home, we welcome Sara Wilson, president and CEO of Home Assist Health, Inc. A nonprofit organization which serves Arizona residents in greater Maricopa County, Home Assist Health, Inc. helps private pay and Medicaid clients pursue independent lifestyles in the comfort and familiarity of home. An innovative leader in the home care industry, Sara is focused on modernizing home and community-based services to improve care experiences and health outcomes, and...


Leading the Way: Home Care on a Path for Future Growth

In today’s episode of Help Choose Home, we welcome Steven Landers, MD, MPH, president and CEO of Visiting Nurse Association Health Group. With a history of bringing care to people for over 100 years, VNA Health Group is the largest nonprofit provider of community home health and hospice services in New Jersey. VNA Health Group also provides in-home care services in Ohio and southeast Florida. A certified family physician and geriatrician, Dr. Landers brings a unique perspective to his role...


The Coming of Age of the Home Care Industry: Meeting Senior Independent Living Needs Now and in the Future

In today’s episode of Help Choose Home, we welcome Andrea Cohen, a social entrepreneur dedicated to transforming the way care is delivered to seniors at home. As the Founder and CEO of HouseWorks, her vision crystalized over 25 years ago when she took care of both her parents and made an unwavering commitment to redefine what it means to age. As an innovator and thought leader in the home care industry, Andrea and the team at HouseWorks takes an entrepreneurial approach to service delivery...


Practical Information Every Family Needs When Helping to Provide At Home Senior Care

In today’s episode of Help Choose Home, we welcome Rosalind Marshall-Jones, CEO and founder of Jacksonville’s Best Caregivers. Roz has been in the caregiving field since 2009, assisting families both in Jacksonville and outside of her immediate service area through virtual caregiving support. Helping families navigate the caregiving journey is one’s of Roz’s passions, and she provides a wealth of information and advice through her blog and via social media channels. As an advocate, crisis...


Veterans Aid and Attendance Helps U.S. Veterans Access Care at Home

In today’s episode of Help Choose Home, we welcome Cheryl Hammons, CFE, CSA, strategic partnership director for Veterans Care Coordination, a business that helps qualified U.S. veterans and their surviving spouses access aid and attendance benefits provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans Aid and Attendance provides monthly payments to help cover the cost of care at home services for qualified veterans. Because the process to apply and remain eligible for this lifetime...


The Important Role of At Home Senior Care During the Pandemic and Beyond

During today’s episode of Help Choose Home, we welcome Jeff Bevis, founder and CEO of FirstLight Home Care, which provides non-medical home care through its franchises in 35 states, plus the District of Columbia. Jeff is passionate about providing the highest level of service in the industry, through client satisfaction, caregiver retention and low caregiver turnover. In my discussion with Jeff, he highlights many of the ways home care agencies are meeting the challenges of the pandemic...


How Home Care and Technology Are Combining to Make Independent Living a Reality for Seniors

In recent months, the value of care in the home has become more and more apparent to many families. As COVID-19 has swept through nursing homes and other facilities, older adults have been especially hard hit by the virus. Because of the high rates of infection in care facilities, many families have looked for alternatives for care for a senior loved one, and home care has provided the answers and safety needed during these unprecedented times. To discuss more about the value of home care,...


End-of-Life Care at Home and the Important Role of Hospice

End-of-life care is a difficult topic of conversation for most people, a conversation that frequently comes too late, during times of crisis, or the decisions are left to the family to make on behalf of a loved one. According to Jan Jones, RN, BSN, recently retired CEO of The Elizabeth Hospice in San Diego, California, having conversations and outlining end-of-life care goals is an important gift you can give to your family. In today’s episode, Jan joins me to discuss end-of-life care at...


Home Health Care Options are Increasingly Accessible to More People Thanks to Technology

John Olajide, founder and CEO of Dallas-based Axxess, the leading home health care technology company in North America, has a vision of making quality home health care options accessible to people all over the world. This vision is integrated into everything John does and shapes the corporate culture of Axxess. In today’s episode of Help Choose Home, John and I speak about his vision and the important role healthcare at home plays in helping people remain in the place that is most important...


How Professional Home Care Helps Older Adults Achieve a Higher Quality of Life

According to a 2018 AARP survey, 80% of adults over the age of 50 want to remain in their homes and communities as they age. For those in the home care industry, these findings come as no surprise. Home not only represents familiarity, but comfort and security as well. And during the pandemic, home has also been seen as a safe haven for older adults who, due to age and any pre-existing health conditions, are at a higher risk for developing serious complications from COVID-19. During...


At Home Health Care: The Power of Caring for People, Not Patients

The medical and healthcare landscapes are vast and overwhelming, and as a consumer, it’s easy to feel like an anonymous face in the crowd. Dr. Michael Fratkin, CEO and founder of ResolutionCare, has been working to improve the care experience for people for most of his career, and founded ResolutionCare based on the idea that people are more than their bodies, more than their diseases, and more than the challenges they face. Based in Northern California, Dr. Fratkin and his team specialize...


Professional Home Care Services: Meeting the Ever-Changing Needs of Clients

One of the advantages of home health care is the ability to not only serve clients in their homes, but to provide care for a variety of health needs. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, professional home care services have been on the front lines, and from what our guest, Donna DeBlois, RN, BSW, MSB, MBA, AHCH, CEO and president of MaineHealth Care at Home says, are meeting this call head on. In this episode we discuss: Be sure to check out Help Choose Home Season 3, Episode 3 show notes...


Care at Home Helps Promote Health, Independence and Safety for Seniors

Now, more than ever, care at home is being looked at as not only a viable solution to help an older loved one remain in a familiar setting, but also as a way to ensure the health and safety of a population that is at heightened risk for complications from COVID-19. Understanding the important role of home care during the pandemic, in today’s episode we welcome Paul Mastrapa, CEO of Help at Home, which has been helping seniors and people with disabilities live independently in their...


How the Coronavirus Pandemic Impacts Home Health Care Options

As we learn to navigate life during the coronavirus pandemic, you may be wondering how home health care options have been impacted. If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, today’s episode is perfect for you. To kick off Season Three of Help Choose Home, host Merrily Orsini welcomes Lora Masci Weagle, Director of Client Relations, and Adrianne Mann, RN, BSN, MSHA, Executive Director of HCR Home Care, which has been providing in-home care services for clients in upstate New York...


Innovative Technology Helps Maintain Senior Independence and Privacy

The idea of having some type of monitoring system in the home of older adults has been around for decades. And while there are options available, many bring with them privacy concerns, as well as resistance from seniors both in feeling they are “being watched” and hesitancy to wear any type of monitor. Understanding these hurdles, John Robertson, founder and CEO of HomeEXCEPT, and his team, set out to create home sensors that would be noninvasive and that could provide improved health and...


Nutritional Meals For Improved Senior Health and Wellbeing

Ellie Hollander is the President and CEO of Meals on Wheels America and has been a long-time advocate for the health and wellness of vulnerable seniors throughout her career. One of the most fundamental needs is helping to ensure seniors receive proper nutrition. According to Hollander, research has shown that people who are malnourished age 14 years more than their current age, which in turn creates a variety of health issues. Hunger in Older Adults also found that 33% of older adults...


Shifting the Narrative Around End of Life Care: Focus On Living

Many physicians face a conundrum. While their extensive years of schooling and training emphasize providing care, treatments, and intervention in order to maintain life, the truth is, death is inevitable and a reality we all must face. According to Dr. Timothy Ihrig, a palliative care specialist and chief medical officer at Crossroads Hospice, because the medical field is constructed around the idea of intervening at all costs, patients and families are often put into a position of...


End of Life: Ease the Transition from Life to Death

Although death is an experience that we all share, it is a topic that is largely taboo, and for which people are often wholly unprepared. Barbara Karnes, RN, an award-winning end of life educator and author, is working to change that taboo. According to Karnes, 90% of end of life care work is education. From educating the doctors and nurses to educating the home health caregivers and family caregivers, it’s important for everyone to understand that taking care of someone at the end of life...


Innovative, Comprehensive Care Model Allows Seniors to Remain At Home

As those in the home healthcare industry know, the elder population is growing exponentially, as is their need for care. One of the more innovative programs available to help seniors age in place, Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, has actually been around for more than 50 years. Shawn Bloom, President and CEO of the national PACE Association, talks about why the model is centered on the belief that it is better for the well-being of seniors with chronic care needs and their...