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Dan Weber and Nick Stutzman discuss fitness, nutrition, and health with various guests. They introduce you to new workouts, exercises, diets, and experts to help you on your fitness journey.

Dan Weber and Nick Stutzman discuss fitness, nutrition, and health with various guests. They introduce you to new workouts, exercises, diets, and experts to help you on your fitness journey.
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Dan Weber and Nick Stutzman discuss fitness, nutrition, and health with various guests. They introduce you to new workouts, exercises, diets, and experts to help you on your fitness journey.




Megan Castlevetere Introduces Us To Buti Yoga. Felt Cute... Might Delete Later, IDK

Buti Yoga. We had never heard of this Yoga practice before but for the sake of the podcast, our thirst for fitness knowledge, and the spirit of trying something new, we decided to take a class anyway! This episode starts off with your hosts musing about what their Buti Yoga class will be like, and not sounding ignorant at all while doing so... Then we talk with the informative and entertaining Megan Castlevetere, owner of Raw Renewal Yoga in Buffalo NY, where we discuss our experience at...


Nick & Dan Become Harder To Kill - With Jordan Marwin

From division I student athlete, to strength and conditioning and functional range conditioning, Jordan Marwin is a Viking man with myriad of fitness knowledge. Marwin has a philosophy called the "Degree of Killability" which he describes as, "will this habit increase or decrease my likelihood? More importantly, what will be the return of investment in longevity?" And essentially "do whatever you can to become harder to kill." These tidbits of knowledge, plus discussion of heart rate...


Nick & Dan Get Their Dance On With Kara Mann, Owner Of Free Soul

Free Soul's tagline is "motivation in motion." And so Nick and Dan set out to meet the person behind the Free Soul philosophy, Owner Kara Mann. We had expectations of what we thought the class might be like, you'll hear that first. Then we sit down with Kara afterwards to discuss the adventure we had. Taking a class, the guys got to explore why dance is solid choice for those looking to try something different for their fitness needs, and that even if you aren't a great dancer - you can...


NYS Powerlifting Record Holder, Riki Napiorkowski Stops By To Talk Shop with Nick & Dan

Dan and Nick had the opportunity to learn about Powerlifting training and competitions from New York State Record Holder Riki Napiorkowski. In this episode we cover how she got started on her fitness journey, what led her to powerlifting, how she trains and prepares for competitions, her diet, some of her favorite tools and foods, and the ethics of steroid users attempting to compete with natural lifters... among other things! It was a great discussion that will be of interest to anyone...


Nick & Dan Talk Diet w/ Stevie Lyn Smith, Registered Dietitian & Ironman Competitor

One aspect of being fit is working on your nutrition, regardless of your level of activity. Nick and Dan sat down with Stevie Lyn Smith, a Registered Dietitian and Ironman competitor. She's been featured in Outside Online, Runner's World, Bicycling, and other major publications. In this episode we discuss the intricacies of dieting from a RD perspective, and how to discover what foods are good for you to compete at a high level, such as a grueling competition like the Ironman. You can...


The Guys Learn What Motivates Them At The Gym - With Greg Craft

This episode is jam packed with solid fitness information! Nick and Dan stop by the Chautauqua Health & Fitness gym in Dunkirk, NY to talk with Co-Owner and Personal Trainer, Greg Craft about owning a gym, discovering what motivates the members who sign up for personal training, and more. Greg has worked his way up the ladder at Chautauqua Health & Fitness, has a degree in Sport Management / Exercise Science and utilizes that knowledge to give his gym members the best experience...


The Guys Get Muscle'd Up - With Dr. Kelsey Fink

In this episode, Nick and Dan interviewed Dr. Kelsey Fink, owner of Muscle Up PT in Rochester, NY. In getting know to more about Dr. Fink's background, the guys learned how a former college athlete got into Physical Therapy as a career, and at the same time became a Crossfit, Powerlifting and Bodybuilding competitor. The human body is a wicked cool machine, and interviewing someone who is capable of finding success in all three of those physical aspects, but also utilizes that fitness...


Nick & Dan Get Physically Assessed - With Anna Alvarado

In this episode we sit down with Anna Alvarado, a certified personal trainer and Precision Nutrition certified nutritional consultant, after she put Dan through an initial training assessment. Aside from the physical aspect of training and how the body works we get into the psychology of fitness and diet. You can follow Anna on Instagram at @anna_mercedes (https://www.instagram.com/anna_mercedes/).


Extra - Britannia Leo Full Interview

Nick and Dan's Full Interview with Britannia Leo. Discussing everything from Spinning Classes to new ventures, and all that's in-between. Take a listen!


Nick & Dan Go Spinning - With Britannia Leo (And Get Their Asses Kicked)

We recently took Britannia Leo (co-owner of BikeOrBar spin studio in Buffalo NY) up on her offer to take a spinning class she hosts. In this episode we start by discussing our impressions of spinning before the class. We then meet Brit and learn about her journey (from entering the world of spinning to becoming a business owner) and the benefits of cycling (indoor or outdoor). We also discuss our impressions of the class, and then Nick and Dan take another spin class at a big box gym to...