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Episode-100 Your kids know who Ninja you?

In this world of screen time, interactive gaming and A.I. what conversations are you having in your household about how this technology is impacting your life?


Episode - 099 "So I got a new doctor..."

There is so much that goes into taking care of your health these days. One of them is simply finding the right fit in a physician. This isn't always as easy as it seems and not for the reasons you may think.


Episode-098 Vitamin D--It's not just for your bones.

What if I told you that Vit. D wasn't just a vitamin? What if I told you it's a hormone. Wait...What? I can hear you saying....shut your mouth! Shhhhh! Don't you know hormone is a bad word? Well today I'm going to challenge you to open your minds and learn some fun facts about this very controversal little vita...I mean hormone.


Episode-097: When your child/children are born in your heart--foster and adoptive parents Ben and Jenni Milton

Trigger Warning: This episode contains stories of sexual and phyiscal abuse. What do you do when you have thought about your child/children's names and what they would look like for years? You have utilized the help of modern medicine through fertilitiy treatments and yet it doesn't look like you are going to have your child/children biologically. What do you do when you realize your children have been born in your heart? Go with us as we talk to Ben and Jenni Milton as they open up their...


Episode - 096 They'll get it in health class---STIs, are we talking about them?

How is it that the rate of HPV is decreasing and the rates of Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and Syphilis are increasing? Are people using condoms anymore? Does AIDS mean anything to anyone anymore? As your young people are going away to school for the first time or back to their respective campuses are they equipped?...Literally.


Episode - 095 "I have cancer, cancer does not have me!" with David Waits

It's known as "the cancer of a thousand faces". The reason it gets this name is because it presents different in different individuals and getting a definative diagnosis can be difficult. And for David Waits, what he thought was a pulled abdominal muscle turned out to be a diagnosis of this "cancer of a thousand faces".


Bonus--Where Have We Been?

Life has a way of knocking you down at times and making you slow down. It's in those times you can learn, and grow. Where have we been? We've been learning and growing. So let's sit down, let's have some conversations, let's connect these dot's, let's get some straight talk.


Episode - 075: "You Only Get One Pair"... with Dr. Dionne Crawford

Let's be honest, when your feet hurt you hurt all over! When your feet are not in the best shape you are hard pressed to have a good day. Some of us don't pay attention to any parts of our body south of our waist lines. Well, today Dr. Dionne Crawford is helping us understand how our bodies are connected. We're discussing more then just how diabetes affects our feet. We're talking about how to have healthy feet in general. Join the conversation and learn how by treating your feet you are...


Episode - 074: "We’re Eating and Then We’re Moving" with Edward Goodman III and Donna Green-Goodman

Eat and then go walk? That doesn’t sound right. I hear those side conversations with all of you saying: “what are they talking about now in the HouseCall community?” Today, Edward Goodman III and Donna Green-Goodman owners and operators of Lifestyle Therapeutix are going to give us the science behind living healthy. They are going to help us understand how making healthy food choices combined with the simple act of walking can make a huge impact on your health. You can connect with the...


Episode - 073: "I was scared to eat!"...Type 2 Diabetes with Donna Richards

Her 18 year journey with Diabetes began with a jolt. She recounts leaving the diabetic teaching class and not wanting to eat anything! All she had was a childhood memory of an aunt who would bake them the most decadent cakes but she dare not enjoy them herself because "her sugar" had already begun to stake it's claim on her eyesight and it was trying desperately to see what other organ systems it could claim. But as Donna understood more and more how the body works, and how food is fuel...


Episode- 072: For Women Only!..Really? Gestational Diabetes with Patricia Castillo

You hear all the time from society that you are eating for two. So I thought that was my get out of jail free card. I kicked up my feet and thought I had a license to eat whatever I wanted, now that I was pregnant. But I would soon draw the short straw. I still remember when they called me to tell me I had failed the screening test and I would have to do the 3 hour test. Three hours?! What was I in for? But I learned my lesson and the second pregnancy I knew better! Join us as we talk to...


Episode - 071: "She's only 11 but she KNOWS diabetes." With Judi and Maci Scott

Have you ever had a conversation with an individual that exhibited amazing discernment? If you answer yes, was that individual 11 years old? We had the privilege of having Maci and Judi Scott sit down in the HouseCall Community to tell their story of Maci being diagnosed with Pediatric type I Diabetes at the age of 4. They share with us what a typical day looks like and how they are educating others. This is the first conversation in our series looking at how Diabetes affects the whole...


Bonus Episode: Diabetes from Head to Toe

Some people call it "the sugar", some don't call it anything at all because they are in denial. Well, whatever you call it you need to know how it affects your body. This month we're looking at how Diabetes affects the whole body. We are attempting to connect the dots so you can see how diabetes, uncontrolled can devastate your body. Come on and join the conversations!


Episode - 070: "She beat the odds..." with Pamela Leftrict

"I remember saying to my son, "I feel so tired", and the next thing I knew there was all of this commotion around me because I was having a seizure"


Episode - 069: "Chapter 52" With Dr. Gregory S. Mims, II

"I remember sitting at my desk working on this enormous amount of paperwork literally with tears in my eyes...So I googled 'physician suicide' and her name popped up. I emailed her that letter and she wrote me right back, and within about 15 minuets after a series of email exchanges we were on the phone talking."


Episode - 068: "Shhhhh...they want us to keep it a secret" with Dr. Pamela Wible. Parts 1 & 2

**Parental discretion is advised** More than 1 million Americans this year alone. What will more than 1 million Americans experience this year? They will all lose their physician to death by suicide. What?!!! Why? How? I thought doctors were happy, smart people that had life all figured out? Then why are we loosing 400 of them a year; the equivalent of an entire medical school? You can connect with Dr. Wible at You can find Dr. Wible's TEDMED talk here:...


Episode - 067 "How to stay fit on the go: #NextLevelLiving with Jeremy Anderson"

Do you want to eat better, work out more, get more rest...doggone it, you just want to live better! But, you are constantly on the go. How can we do it? He may not have the silver bullet but he has some great suggestions. Join #NextLevelLiving spokesperson Mr. Jeremy Anderson in the #HouseCall Community talking fitness on the go! You can contact Jeremy at


Episode - 066: "Dream Big, Is What I Would Say..." with Karlecia Swan

"It was around 2008 when I went home after one of my seminars with my girls and I had just told them to "Dream Big", and that’s when I realized I didn’t even believe that for myself." How do you face your fears and begin a journey? How do you tackle the hard work of living an authentic life? I don’t know if there is a 1,2,3 cook book but maybe if you hear her story, something will help you connect your health dots and you will begin to experience whole person care. For information on the 1st...


Episode - 065: "Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies" with Dr. Denise Hinds

With the maternal age increasing there seems to be an increase in women fighting other chronic illnesses along with trying to have a healthy pregnancy. Dr. Denise Hinds helps us learn how to choose the right fuel for our bodies that can help us not only have a healthy baby but can help us fight off infections and chronic illnesses.


Episode - 064: H.Pylori, Grapes, and Exercise with Dr. Naeem Newman

He's back! Dr. Newman, surgical oncologist, returns to the HouseCall Community to help us connect the dots of H. pylori, stomach ulcers, grapes, exercise, and Gastric Cancer Risk.