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Psychologists are not psychic and why this matters to you [#TherapyThursday Episode 9]

Of course, EVERYONE knows that #psychologists and #psychics are two different things... Don't they? Trust me, for some, this really hasn't sunk in yet... Tune into this weeks #TherapyThursday #podcast episode to find out why this really matters to you - x Katie x Click here for all the links


What to do when you've got social anxiety disorder & offered group therapy... [#TherapyThursday Episode 8]

Group therapy, in theory, can be effective, i.e., if everyone has anxiety then they need the same techniques to overcome their anxiety. The thing is, this completely misses the point. We’re all unique individuals and just because 2 people have anxiety it doesn’t mean they’re struggling in the same way... Tune into this weeks #TherapyThursday #Podcast to find out what you can do if you've been offered group #therapy and have been diagnosed with #socialanxietydisorder x Katie x Click Here...


Why the words I am are keeping you stuck in mental illness [#TuesdayTip Episode 8]

If you are struggling with mental illness most often the words which follow 'I am' tend to be very unhelpful... But, if you’ve delved into the self-help world & tried out things like affirmations you’ll also know the most powerful ones of these also start with the words I am... So who’s right? Tune into this weeks #TuesdayTip #podcast episode to find out! x Katie x Click here to join the 21 Day Happiness Challenge Click here to register for the TuesdayTip podcast worksheets


The 3 Best Apps To Help You Stay Mentally Healthy [#TherapyThursday Episode 7]

Most of us have a crazy amount of apps on our bits of tech, but did you know that heading over to social media sites such as Facebook when you're feeling mentally wobbly can do a lot more harm than good? Don't panic though, because there are some apps which are going to help you effortlessly move towards a mentally healthy life. Click play on this weeks #TherapyThursday podcast to find out my top 3. x Katie x Join the 21 Day Happiness Challenge By Clicking Here Register for the...


A Sneaky Way To Quieten The Negative & Worrying Thoughts [#TuesdayTip Podcast Episode 7]

Did you know, that when you have those very unhelpful thoughts they will use the same sort of language you use in the real world? #honest Tune in to find out why this one fact can help you significantly reduce the amount of negative or worrying thoughts you have. Catch you soon x Katie x Join the 21 Day Happiness Challenge By Clicking Here Register for the #TuesdayTip Podcast Worksheets By Clicking Here ​ Book a FREE Therapy Session (worth £50) with Katie as part of the...


Why EFT is the granddaddy of all therapy techniques [#TherapyThursday Episode 6]

Tune in to find out why I compare EFT to Ronseal and why this technique is definitely one I recommend everyone learns to lead a mentally healthy life. Have an amazing Thursday & see you soon x Katie x Join the 21-Day Happiness Challenge by Clicking Here Check out my YouTube EFT Video Walkthrough by Clicking Here.


How to show your brain that what you want really is possible [TuesdayTip Episode 6]

If you've ever tried writing out all the things you want to get yourself motivated to move forward you probably noticed that it can sometimes make you feel even more deflated than when you started. That's because you're doing it wrong... Tune in to today's #TuesdayTip episode to find out the sneaky way to help your subconscious feel good about all the things you want to do with your life so that you can get motivated about making it happen! Sign up to the 21 Day Happiness Challenge...


Why a little dose of hypnotherapy might just be what the Dr ordered for your mental health [#TherapyThursday Episode 5]

Did you know that hypnotherapy is quite a prestigious little technique when it comes to combat physical and mental health difficulties? In fact, the Royal Society Of Medicine (in the UK) has a dedicated hypnotherapy branch! Ready to find out just how phenomenal it is & how to make sure any hypnotherapist you employ, or hypnosis you buy is going to be helpful? Hit play and arm yourself with these sneaky tips - Have an amazing day x Katie x Need a little dose of hypnotherapy in your life?...


Why the phrase 'I want doesn't get' needs to be scrubbed from your memory [#TuesdayTip Episode 5]

Did you grow up having it drummed into you that 'I want doesn't get'? What if I told you this is not only complete codswallop but also fundamentally contradictory to our genetic makeup? It's 100% true. In fact, we're hard-wired to do everything in our power to make what we truly want to happen, well, happen. We've just got to show our subconscious that it's safe to want what we want & today, we'll go through how to do this because moving towards having the things you want & feeling...


How to get started with card making [#SundayFunday Podcast Episode 4]

Card making and crafting can be a great way to boost your serotonin and feel good because not only are they fun to do, you also gain a sense of achievement with the finished piece. & if you've ever wanted to have a go at making your own cards, here's how I got started (& where I find my best bits!) Have an amazing rest of your weekend :) x Katie x Ready to bring more fun, laughter and happiness into your life? Join the free 21 Day Happiness Challenge by clicking the link...


It's official - drinking coffee is good for your brain & other psychology news [#ResearchRoundUp Podcast Episode 4]

Whooo!!! So we all know that coffee has some great little perks, but often gets a bad rep. Well, no more coffee lovers - hit play to hear this weeks #ResearchRoundUp and find out why you really can feel good while drinking your mug of good stuff this morning. But that's not all... You can also start to feel good about the impending bill for Christmas 2018 (& while I'm sorry for mentioning the dreaded C word in April - trust me you'll thank me for it!) Have a fantastic Friday the...


3 Questions To Ask Your Potential Therapist Before Starting [#TherapyThursday Podcast Episode 4]

In this weeks #TherapyThursday podcast episode, we’re going to be looking at the 3 things you need to ask your potential therapist before you say yes and let them into your head! Remember, if you embark on the right therapy but hire the wrong therapist it's likely to end up in mental health disaster rather than recovery! Use the link below to join in the FREE 21 Day Happiness Challenge so that I can help kick-start your journey to a life full of fun, laughter and...


How to cheat your way out of stress, depression & anxiety [#TuesdayTip Episode 4]

In this weeks, #TuesdayTip we’re going beyond grounding yourself in the present and instead moving into feeling good about ‘what might happen next’ so that you can go one step further in switching off your negative or worrying thoughts for good. You can join in with the newly re-launched FREE 21 Day Happiness Challenge which is a combination of downloadable pdfs, email reminders and video training and live coaching from me to help you get a jump on living a life full of fun, laughter and...


Grow Your Own For Mental Health - OMG I've got shoots! [Episode 3]

I'm back after a mini Easter break and what a delightful sight beholds in my little propagators - shoots, seedlings and plant life of all different colours, shapes and sizes. But now what... It's time to expand my little mentally healthy garden, find out what I did here so that you too can grow your own for mental health. Don't forget to sign up for the 21 Day Happiness Challenge using the link below: Have a great week & see you next Sunday x Katie


Why learning styles really are dead & other key pieces of psychology research [#ResearchRoundUp Episode 3]

This week we’ll be exploring: Trust me, you'll be shocked at some of the things you thought were facts - I was! Have a great weekend, Katie x p.s., I'm so grateful you dropped by, & I'd love to hear what you think so please do leave me a comment or drop me a question & I'll get back to you ASAP :D...


When is the right time to get mental health therapy? [#TherapyThursday Episode 3]

Mental health therapy is a fundamental tool to help you overcome your illness, but often we head into therapy when we're not ready and in my opinion, this is the main reason why things end up going horrifically wrong or most often, you end up feeling like you wasted your time... So how do you know if you are ready? Listen to this weeks #TherapyThursday podcast to find out how you know if you're ready & if you're not quite ready how you can get yourself ready to delve into therapy and...


How to switch off your negative or worrying thoughts [#TuesdayTip Podcast Episode 3]

When things get super overwhelming it can be extremely difficult to move forward. Our negative or worrying thoughts seem to have full control of how well we're able to function. Being able to simply tune them out enables you to take that first next step to living a life full of fun, laughter and happiness. This episode gives you 1 simple way you can effortlessly dial down the negativity and tune into a little bit of the warm and fuzzy feelings you desperately need. Have a great week & good...


Why your 11 year old best friend ruined your life & other key pieces of research [#ResearchRoundUp Episode 2]

So you're stuck in your dead-end job because your best friend at age 11 was more interested in hanging out around the shops than in the library... Find out why your best mate ruined your life and all the other awesome pieces of research which can help you transform your life in this weeks #ResearchRoudnUp #podcast. 1) The truth behind the #powerpose debate (*spoiler alert* striking a wonder woman pose can, in fact, help you feel amazing - put that in your pipe and smoke it Joseph Simmons &...


Why counselling can make stress, depression & anxiety a lot worse... [#TherapyThursday Episode 2]

Say what?!! Counselling is supposed to be good for overcoming stress, depression & anxiety...?? I'm right there with you, it can be an excellent tool, but it can also be extremely harmful... Tune in to this weeks #TherapyThursday podcast episode to find out if counselling is going to be helpful or harmful in your fight against mental illness. Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast so that you never miss an episode and together we can change your life - one step at a...


Why a mental health daily ritual guarantees success and what you need to do [#TuesdayTip Episode 2]

On this weeks episode find out why a morning ritual guarantees success in overcoming stress, depression & anxiety and what one thing you need to do every morning to shift the funk. Swipe your easy breezy daily checklist here: Need a little extra support? Use the link below to book your free mini-therapy session with me: Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast so that you never miss an episode and together we can change your life,...