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The “ I love You and So Do Others Podcast” is a unique outlet providing various resources, contacts, groups and events surrounding mental health!

The “ I love You and So Do Others Podcast” is a unique outlet providing various resources, contacts, groups and events surrounding mental health!


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The “ I love You and So Do Others Podcast” is a unique outlet providing various resources, contacts, groups and events surrounding mental health!






Life, like sports, needs a coach- Team Jake Co-Founder, President Amber Lynn Carroll

Co-Founder and President of We Are Team Jake takes time to empower and chat about her experiences as a life coach and talk about life’s curve balls. To schedule Team Jake to speak at your event, please e-mail WeAreTeamJake@gmail.com .


A Joyful Roar: Moms Supporting Moms

I’m just astounded by the amazing people I come across and the wonderful word they have to impact the lives of others. I heard of A Joyful Roar on the radio coming home one night, and I knew we had to share their message- “A Joyful Roar is two mom friends with a common goal - empowering other moms to find the joy in motherhood. We teach moms how to improve their lives even when their circumstances don’t change. We encourage moms daily using tried and true tools we discovered throughout our...


Therapy Dog Handler & Mrs. Mississippi America, Whitney Gladden

Have you thought about adopting a pet? How about considering adopting a therapy pet? Mrs. Mississippi Whitney Gladden talks about the significant impact her dog, Chicken Nugget, not only has had on her family but the lives of others.


Soul Food with Dr. Katie DiTommaso

Dr. Katie DiTommaso is a physical therapist and has an online fitness business called Project Peach. She talks about food, fitness and our mental health, while providing an approachable side of things- finding relief that we are all human and our own lifestyle journey is unique to who we are.


Grace & Flexibility, Dr. Courtney Haun’s Journey with Students during the Pandemic

We know that each and every single person has experienced some sort of impact along the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Courtney Haun of Samford University grants us insight as to what 2020 looked like for students and faculty, what’s to come in 2021 and how you can best support your loved one. To Learn More visit: https://namica.org/blog/impact-on-the-mental-health-of-students-during-covid-19/ https://www.apa.org/topics/covid-19/student-mental-health


Leslie Collins- Empowerment Coach: Knowing Yourself, Following Your Joy and Owning Your Power

Follow Leslie on Instagram at @wholeheartedbeing ; take a look at her work and how you an begin on your journey at https://www.wholeheartedbeing.com/bookhere .


Advocacy with AFSP New Jersey-Impacting our Educational System

We Are Team Jake is pleased to chat with American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Wendy Sefcik about the efforts made in awareness around their state. For more on AFSP, check out AFSP.org .


You Are Lovely Project

About the You Are Lovely Project: “June 10, 2018 my oldest son, Tyler died of an accidental drug overdose. Nothing prepared me for the road I was about to walk... the day I picked up my sons ashes was a life changing moment. I knew that I was never going to let anyone talk or think badly of my child because of the way he died, or the choices he made that led to that fateful moment. There was so much more to him than this and I would make sure that everyone knew that. I realized that if this...


Dance Therapy : A Conversation with National Dance Clubs of Murfreesboro

A couple of weeks back, we explored Dance Therapy at National Dance Clubs of Murfreesboro. “Dance therapy, as described by the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA) is the psychotherapeutic use of movement to promote emotional, social, cognitive, and physical integration of the individual, for the purpose of improving health and well-being.” (NDCM) ••• We were able to embark on a dance class designed as an outlet for mental health. I cannot say enough amazing things about the National...


Chat with Author, Poet, Speaker Tanner Olson

In this episode, Team Jake talks with Tanner Olson on his book As You Go and his other endeavors. “As You Go: Words for the Unknown is a book filled with hope as it uncovers the simple beauty of life that is right in front of us. This collection of more than 100 poems and writings was written for your heart, soul, and mind. The words riddled throughout this book will remind you of the hope that has been inside you all along. These words are easy to remember, for it is always good to have a...