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Imagine your next chapter of life with grace, gratitude, courage & faith! Looking for something positive and uplifting? With real talk, Lanee Blaise and Sandy Kovach try to help you through life's many challenges. In each episode, we will Imagine Ourselves rising above life’s bumps and bruises, taking on a specific challenge, and strategizing our way to peace and contentment. Along with expert guests from the mental health, faith, wellness arenas and more, we give you ideas and actionable steps to help you live your best life! More info at


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Imagine your next chapter of life with grace, gratitude, courage & faith! Looking for something positive and uplifting? With real talk, Lanee Blaise and Sandy Kovach try to help you through life's many challenges. In each episode, we will Imagine Ourselves rising above life’s bumps and bruises, taking on a specific challenge, and strategizing our way to peace and contentment. Along with expert guests from the mental health, faith, wellness arenas and more, we give you ideas and actionable steps to help you live your best life! More info at






Getting What You Want Out of Life Starts on the Inside

What’s the inner dialogue you have running? Does it lift your hopes and dreams, or deep down are you sabotaging yourself with negativity and doubt? There’s a famous quote by Lao Tzu that says, “Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.” Inspired by the guest on our last episode; “Can Your Thoughts Really...


Can Your Thoughts Really Change Your Life? (w/ Coach & Author, Christine Meyer)

It goes without saying that our thoughts can have a powerful impact on our moods and emotions. We also know what we think can turn into words and influence actions. Thoughts can even have a direct effect on how we feel about ourselves. Is there any way to gain control of our thoughts and impact our lives in a positive way? In this podcast we look at that question. According to our guest, it’s not only possible but a lot more simple and direct that you might think. Christine Meyer is an...


The Power to Change Is Within You

Is there something whether big or small in your life you'd like to change? Something you've tried and failed over and over. Well, it's kind of like Glinda told Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz about getting home to Kansas: you've had the power within you all along! If you remember, though, Dorothy had to learn something to access the power of her ruby slippers. In her case it was that “there’s no place like home,” Our goals - and the actions we need to take to achieve them - are most likely quite...


6 Ways to Boost Your Love Life

Human beings are obsessed with love. The number of songs, movies, books you can find about it seem infinite! Of course, there are many types of love, but the one we’re focusing on in this episode is the romantic kind. A few weeks back, we featured an episode with Relationship Coach Renee Suzanne called “Finding Love at Any Age.” The episode was so popular the advice she gave was so incredible, we wanted to see if we (as married women) could apply it to long term relationships and...


Failing Her Way to Weight Loss Success: How Erin Tennant Did It

We love a good success story, especially when someone finally achieves a goal after years of defeat. For those trying to lose weight or just get healthier, Erin’s story will especially resonate. Her loss of a whopping 130 pounds was preceded by countless diet attempts with calorie or entire food-group restrictions. These would either not work for her or she would gain the weight right back. She calls herself a “recovering dieter” who finally found a path to success by figuring out what had...


Manage Your Time So You Can Manage Your Life

It’s been said that good time management is a key that can unlock success and happiness. There have been countless books, systems, and apps dedicated to it. Yet it remains elusive for many. Handling your time well may even be the ticket to finally achieving your dreams. As many of us set out with new goals for a new year, we thought it was a great time to re-visit this topic. We’re zooming in on three different things. 1) Practical time management tips/methods, 2) Psychological reasons why...


The Top 3 New Year’s Resolutions (and How to Tackle Them)

It’s true that we can make changes any time of the year. There’s nothing magical about the coming of a new year that will help good habits stick or bad habits disappear. However, it is a time that many of us commit to these “resolutions.” Maybe there’s something about a fresh calendar year that inspires us to believe these previously illusive changes are now possible, or perhaps it’s just become a tradition. Every January we can count on lists of top resolutions popping up in our newsfeeds;...


Health Hacks for the Holidays (with Coach Keri Lappi)

Getting or staying healthy can certainly be challenging any time of the year, but during the holiday season the temptations come at you hard. It begins with the first bag of Halloween candy you purchase in October and probably doesn’t stop until January 2. From holiday parties to the cookie exchanges and everything in between, how do we keep from going overboard without feeling deprived? This requires some expert advice, and we got it with coach Keri! In this episode, we focus not only on...


Six Stress Busting Tips

We might love to sing along with “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” but it doesn’t always feel wonderful. Maybe there’s a part of us that feels swallowed up by the stress caused by all the extras in our schedules. During the holiday season, it’s definitely important to make a special effort to monitor our health and wellbeing, including squeezing in some of that precious downtime. However, in this episode, when went beyond the things you might usually think of to fight stress and...


Finding Love at Any Age (w/ Relationship Coach, Renee Suzanne)

From fairy tales to romcoms we are enchanted by couples who despite enormous odds, find each other, fall madly in love and then live happily ever after. In real life, things can be uh…a little more complicated. Not to say that romantic dreams don’t come true, but navigating the process of meeting people, dating, getting into relationships and maybe marriage is a challenging business. Now, add in that you’re trying to do it after 40 and things can get even trickier. Whether you’re looking for...


It’s Never Too Late to Find Your Purpose

You may have heard the quote, “You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” These days, we hear so much about people reassessing their lives; and in doing so re-discovering dreams, passions and purpose. Their stories inspire us but may also leave us wondering if we could do that too…and if we did, where would we even start? Life has a way of taking us down many roads, some are unplanned detours. We may get to a point when we look back...


Can You Really Find True Happiness? (w/ Life Coach, Kerry Rasenberger)

We’ve all seen those quotes that say: “Happiness Is…” They’ve been around for decades, from the old Peanuts cartoons to quotes on social media. Happiness is holding a warm puppy. Happiness is a long walk with a friend. Happiness is smelling fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. No doubt you could fill in your own with many things. They are all wonderful, but they are circumstantial. They don’t get to the root of finding true happiness. In this episode, we wanted to know what that might look...


Why “Loving Your Neighbor” Is a Win-Win

Sometimes it feels like there is a never-ending cycle of tragedy, disaster and divisiveness in the world. Now more than ever kindness, compassion and empathy are needed. Instead, it seems like conflict, name-calling and resentment are the norm. Is there even hope for the centuries-old saying “Love Thy Neighbor”? For people of faith, of course, it’s not just a saying or an ideal, but something we are instructed to do. And yet, many say that it’s never seemed more difficult. So, who exactly...


Clearing the Clutter in Your Mind

Basements, garages, and closets can all become havens for clutter. But so can your mind! Influenced by the steady stream of input which can at times be unhelpful at best and toxic at worst, our brains can feel full of cobwebs. In our last episode, Easy Ways to Stay Organized, we talked with Clutter-free living expert, Deanna Yates. Our focus was on habits, routines, and processes to help organize and maintain our living space. In this bonus mini-episode, we use some of those principles and a...


Easy Ways to Stay Organized with Clutter Free Living Expert, Deanna Yates

Being more organized is something that can add both efficiency and productivity to your life. Chances are it would also make life easier. To be fair, it definitely comes more naturally to some people, but anyone can get the hang of it. It’s also true that getting organized isn’t a one-time thing. It’s all about creating systems that work for you and those in your house, so things can stay the way you want them without it being overwhelming or over-complicated. In this episode we look at...


When You Can’t See Your Way Through

When we’re in the middle of a challenging or difficult time, sometimes it seems like the worst part is all the uncertainty. We tell ourselves it would be easier to get through if we just knew how the situation would turn out or even how long we’d be going through it. Why can’t it be like finding out what happens to our favorite character in the season finale of a Netflix binge?... at least at some point soon we’ll have our answer. Of course, reality is much different. We're trying to look...


Faith Over Fear: Singer Gabbie McGee on How to Get Your Confidence Back

Do you ever feel like the biggest thing holding your back is…you? Whether it’s starting something new or starting something over, many times fear and self-doubt creep in and try to squash our dreams. Vocalist Gabbie McGee is an inspiration for all of us looking to overcome these confidence killers. Her story is one of leaning on faith, family, and her own determination to bring her amazing talent back out into the world. Struggling with the feeling of not being good enough isn’t uncommon...


Small Changes, Big Impact (Habits That Help You Reach Your Goals)

For many of us, there’s no shortage in changes we’d like to make. The little voice in our head never seems to shut up about the things we’d like to do better or more consistently. Sometimes we beat ourselves up about bad habits we’d like to break. It can be overwhelming. In this episode, we take a deep breath and a step back to focus instead on small changes and their potentially large impact. In our last episode “Up Your Energy at Any Age”, Health and Lifestyle Consultant Craig Bruce told...


Up Your Energy at Any Age (w/Health & Lifestyle Consultant, Craig Bruce)

Do you ever watch children race around without ever tiring and think, “I wish I had that kind of energy!” Sure, that sort of stamina may be out of reach (and honestly not really needed for most grownups), but it is possible to “up your game” to meet the mental and physical challenges of everything you juggle. In fact, re-igniting energy and helping with stress and burnout is what our guest, Craig Bruce specializes in. The former executive who tells us his bad habits led him on a downward...


Prayer is a Two-Way Street (Bonus)

Whether prayer is a daily practice, a sometimes thing or an emergency outlet, most of us have called out to the Almighty. In our last episode “God, Please Speak to Me,” we explored whether He communicates back; and if He does, how it could happen. Our guest, Kelli Shelton from Seek Well Ministries, really opened our eyes (and ears) and the episode is becoming one of our most listened-to. In this short bonus episode, we reflect on what we learned from it and explore ways we believe God has...