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How to Thrive as a Woman in Business Start-ups! - Esther Brady

What does it take to go from small town USA to Silicon Valley? What sort of risk would you be willing to personally and financially take as a startup entrepreneur? What would be the point where you knew that you had to change the amount of work you were taking on? I’m so excited to have Esther Brady on the podcast today. A social media influencer, turned tech startup CEO - she covers the journey of being a female entrepreneur and company owner. She is so honest about her journey, what it has...


Why Exercise is More Than Being FITSPO! - Tamara Grand

Ladies, fitness isn’t just about being hot, skinny and ripped. It’s SO much more. I have Tamara Grand on today to talk about creating a relationship with fitness that is sustainable and sane. How many of us actually hate exercise? Or have a wayward relationship with it? Well, lets work through that. Because the health benefits as we age, go through hormonal changes and mature -- are HUGE. Tamara outlines how she has grown into her fitness routine, and how she helps women all over the world...


6 Ways To Expand Your Business Mindset + Thoughts on Rwanda

In this episode I talk about my time in Rwanda with Foxglove Project. The things which I learned. The importance of sustainable NGO work How the women have impacted my sense of community and sense of self. I then share the ‘6 Ways to Change Your Business Mindset’ -- based on the conversations and time with the women in the Foxglove Self-Help Groups. If you would like to support a woman in a self-help group please do to -- Grassroots Rwanda


Living With Metastatic Breast Cancer - Emily Garnett

Emily Garnett is living a brave life. Her life changed 10 months ago, in one day everything that she knew to be true was radically spun on its head. This podcast is brave. It’s challenging. It’s beautiful. It’s sobering. It’s life-giving. Journey with Emily as she shares her story of living with metastatic breast cancer, how it’s impacted her life, her sense of motherhood and her marriage. She’s incredible. I got off of this podcast and said to my husband “I just interviewed such an amazing...


Introverted Creative Leader: All the Struggles and Glory - Cate Williams

Have you heard of the term ‘introverted extrovert’? Well, it’s something that I have often joked that I am. But what is it like to be a true introvert in a creative space, as well as a leader of change? How do you navigate sharing the inner-workings of your soul with the rest of the world when it isn’t your comfort zone? How do you balance motherhood, marriage and creating? This is such a powerful conversation with Cate Williams about the process that she has undertaken from being a super...


I’m in Africa!!!

“Guys! I’m in Africa!!!” I thought I’d let you in on a little secret -- I am in AFRICA right now??? Holy smokes! I am living out my dream: sustainable NGO work + Empowering Women + Africa! I am working alongside Foxglove Project to gather the stories, images and triumphs of local women in Rwanda who have been part of the empowerment circles/groups. These groups help to educate, support and empower local women to better themselves, their families and for some become business owners. I have a...


How to Juggle Working & School Holidays - Rhiannon Mcdonald

So ‘school holidays’ are coming up in Australia -- and for those of us who work / run a business it can be really challenging. The pressure of keeping the kids entertained, fed (don’t they ask for food the whole time!) and also maintaining the forward motion of our business. Rhiannon shares her hot tips on how to organise your days/weeks during school holidays so that it’s enjoyable - and - the work doesn’t pile up. She has so many practical and amazing tips that are going to be so useful...


Positive Parenting a Kiddo with ADHD - Susy Parker

I approached Susy Parker on Instagram after she commented on one of my posts, and knew that I had to have her on the podcast. Her journey of parenting a kiddo with ADHD, anxiety and oppositional defiance disorder is breathtaking. From reading the warnings of drug labels, questioning the protocol for medicating kids with ADHD and her own journey of understanding her daughter. The true essence of connection in her family, the empowerment which she unearthed and the surprising lessons that...


Be Smart with Your Money Ladies! - Deanne Carter

Ladies! Do you know your finances? Do you know how to invest wisely? Are you being an equal in that conversation? Are you and your partner in alignment with your finances? Deanne brings SO much knowledge. From her own family’s struggles -- success financially -- through her own ‘rock bottom’ moment in her late 20s. Finding herself divorced, and the pennies which she saved, she made a decision. Be wise with her finances, because it was part of her freedom. Deanne shares such amazing tips of...


Addiction Unmasked - Odette Cressler

Trigger warning: we talk openly about addiction, our past addictive behaviours and the rawness of recovery in this episode. If you feel like this maybe too raw or triggering for you, I totally understand. I have decided to pivot a bit with the content that I speak about on this podcast and want to dig deeper into the gritty details of the human existence. And for me, that is unmasking common perceptions -- in this instance -- addiction. I have asked Odette Cressler to come onto the podcast...


Voice for the Boys of Ukraine - Kim Johnson from ‘Wide Awake International’

What would happen if you felt called to move your whole entire family overseas to serve? To work within a system which needed fixing? That is exactly what Kim and Jed Johnson did. They moved their entire family to Ukraine to help bring awareness, support and love to the boys of a local orphanage in Zhytomyr, Ukraine. The stories of following her faith, trusting the guidance given and showing up no matter how frustrating the process can be. The stories of the boys - both heartbreaking and...


Why Hustling is Bad - Mish Pope

I’m gonna go out and say it -- I’m the anti-hustle kinda gal! Why I think hustling is bad. My journey with hustling The draw of hustle and how to find balance with it all. This is for those who are wanting something deeper, something more sustainable and with flow. Mish Pope is Life Coach, Public Speaker and Entrepreneur. You can find out more about her on her website: Or follow her podcast ‘In Her Own Way’ Mish also likes to share her life and...


Being in Your Feminine Power as a Woman & Mother - Kate Alexandra

That place as a new mother, when your soul is craving expansion, but you feel so guilty carving time out to renew? What does it mean to radically love yourself? How do you tap into your feminine power and create a nourished life? Kate Alexandra and I discuss it all. In an open, honest and intimate interview we discuss the trials we went through as new moms. The journey of finding your feet after motherhood, and all things in between. We explored Kate’s radical decision with her...


How to Create Work-Life Balance as a Mompreneur - Katy Widrick

Are you looking for ways to be more efficient with you time? Wondering how to better juggle the demands of work, life and kids? On this podcast episode, the amazing Katy Widrick brings us tools for creating an efficient life and business. Katy is all about life hacks, finding flow and knowing what you’re doing what you’re doing. What are the two questions that Katy asks herself when she’s making decisions? How do you find time for yourself whilst growing a business? Is making money the ‘be...


How Can You Be Happier? - Dr. Rebecca Ray

This podcast episode saw me laughing, crying and pondering all aspects of happiness. Is it ok to have crappy days? What is really behind the notion/state of happiness? How do you cultivate the courage to feel and lean into pain? Can we identify differently with our ‘inner critic’? I honestly loved every second of interviewing Dr. Rebecca Ray. I have stalked her online, followed her with reckless abandon and love what she brings to the online space. Her voice is needed in a world of...


Financial Independence for Women - Lacey Filipich

Did you know that 1 in 3 women in Australia have no retirement/superannuation to live off of? Did you also know that female entrepreneurs have almost ½ as much saved for retirement compared to women working in corporate jobs? What does it take to not only be wise with your business, but also wise with your future. I have asked Lacey Filipich, a financial educator, to speak about women and money. How to become, not just ‘financially free’, but more importantly ‘financially...


1 Year Post-Weight Loss Surgery - Mish Pope

It’s been a year. I can’t believe that it has been 365 days since I made a radical decision to have Weight Loss surgery. In this episode I discuss the my journey of owning, seeking treatment and uncovering my binge eating disorder. How I decided to have weight loss surgery, what I have learned about my body. I discuss my recovering now, the areas I still struggle with and most importantly what I have learned. I can’t wait to share this episode with you.


Detoxing from Dieting - Elisabeth Smith

How do you learn to trust yourself when all you’ve ever done is diet, deprive, binge and loathe that relationship you have with food. Holy smokes, this podcast is real, raw, and honest about the process, journey, mindset when you begin adopting a non-diet approach. It has taken me YEARS to get into this space, and I really wanted to bring Elisabeth on the podcast, because she’s been a beacon of light in my recovery journey. This episode will unwrap (no pun intended!) so many conversations...


Creating a Sustainable Business - Alison Morgan

I love this podcast, because Alison Morgan is just fabulous. She’s down-to-earth, successful and full of practical tools for entrepreneurs. She shares her journey of transitioning from corporate, motherhood, and starting her own business. What are the tips she’d share with start up entrepreneurs? How so you create sustainability over time? What are her tips for balancing motherhood and running a business? She shares SO much. Wise words, insight and gems in this podcast. Alison...