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Living A Wide Life - Kelley Chisholm

In this episode, Kelley Chisholm brings it home. She shares such wisdom about her life, how she made decisions in her life when she felt that her ‘life was shrinking’. How she has evolved throughout her careers and also through her marriage and motherhood. Her wisdom of ‘living a wide life’ and how she lived her life in seasons is so inspiring. Kelley Chisholm is a speaker, author, overseas aid worker and perpetual student. She is passionate about women and gender issues, both in the...


Art of Asking & Receiving - Mish Pope

In this episode Mish Pope (Life Coach, Business Owner & Mom) discusses the art of asking for what you want. How do you ask? What do you ask for? Do you actually know what you need? And with that are you open to receiving help? Are you open to receiving when people meet you needs? It’s an art and Mish unpacks why we don’t ask for what we need, how we can unearth what we need and how to receive with more grace.


Following Your Soul’s Passions Even With Detours -Elisabeth Smith

On this episode Elisabeth Smith discusses her journey over the past decade that has brought her into her element. Her journey with weight, exercise, career, relationships and raising kids. She brings so much to this podcast about her journey and finding true alignment with her passions. Elisabeth is a multi-faceted personal coach whose specialty is helping women to do the head and heart work that facilitates long-term weight loss and devoted...


Unapologetically Following Your Path -Karen Anderson

On this episode, the dynamic and inspiring author, Karen C.L. Anderson discusses the journey of following your path in life, not matter what your past is, what age you are or what you have done in your life. Karen is the author of the forthcoming book, Difficult Mothers, Adult Daughters: A Guide For Separation, Liberation & Inspiration. She is also a storyteller, speaker, blogger, and feminist who believes that the truth never creates suffering and that all stories can be told through...


What is Courage? -Mish Pope

In this episode Mish Pope (Life Coach, Business Owner & Mom) unpacks ‘what does courage look like in my life?’ What is the true definition of courage? How do we uncover it? How do we align with courage? How do you align your life in a courageous life? Discussing how to unpack living a courageous life, and what it means to truly align with your heart. How to live courageously.


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