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Well-researched, accurate information on endo delivered with a sense of humor! Feel supported, get inspired, be understood.

Well-researched, accurate information on endo delivered with a sense of humor! Feel supported, get inspired, be understood.


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Well-researched, accurate information on endo delivered with a sense of humor! Feel supported, get inspired, be understood.




Ep58: Endometriosis Interview with Heather Guidone, BCPA, CEC Program Director

In honor of March and Endometriosis Awareness Month, we are thrilled to speak with Heather Guidone, Board Certified Patient Advocate, and Program Director of the Center for Endometriosis Care in Atlanta, GA. Heather is responsible for the CEC’s comprehensive multidisciplinary care program, clinical research facilitation, disease education and legislative/public policy endeavors to promote better care for endometriosis and pelvic pain gynepathologies. She also coordinates the CEC's...


Ep57: Endometriosis is NOT the Endometrium. Part 2

In part 2, we talk about how endometriosis is different from the endometrium in terms of its estrogen and progesterone receptors. These directly affect the biological processes of the endometriotic tissue, causing it to act differently than the endometrium does in response to estrogen and progesterone, ultimately leading to… you guessed it! Pain and inflammation! LIKE OUR SHOW? Please rate it or leave a review! CONNECT WITH US! INSTAGRAM: @in16yearsofendo WEBSITE AND RESOURCES:...


Ep56: Endometriosis is NOT the Endometrium. Part 1

Endometriosis is tissue that is SIMILAR to the endometrium (uterine lining) but it is NOT the endometrium. Yet many websites, medical bodies, well-meaning advocates, and even misinformed doctors continue to get the definition of endo incorrect. Is it really such a big deal to know that endo is NOT the endometrium? Yes, because the two tissues act differently in the body! We talk about some ways that endo and the endometrium differ, and why this is so important to know in terms of treatment...


Ep55: Endometriosis and Estrogen

What role does estrogen play in endometriosis? How does endo make its own estrogen? Can endo still progress and/or cause pain when a person is in medical menopause? Do people with endo have estrogen dominance? Why does the body need estrogen? What factors should we consider if thinking about taking estrogen HRT? We answer all of these questions and more! LIKE OUR SHOW? Please rate it or leave a review! CONNECT WITH US! INSTAGRAM: @in16yearsofendo WEBSITE AND RESOURCES:


Ep54: Do You Hate Your ‘Endo Diet’?

Many of us follow some kind of special way of eating to help reduce our pain, fatigue, or flares. This could be the endo diet, the Paleo diet, an anti-inflammatory diet, the AIP, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, or any other diet. It often involves cutting out specific foods, and it can feel restrictive, limiting, or sad that we no longer eat the foods we love and are accustomed to. As two people each following what’s typically considered a restrictive diet, we talk about some of the...


Ep53: You Are Not A Burden

Many of us with chronic illness feel like a burden. We find ourselves apologizing often, feeling guilty when we ask for help, and not setting boundaries/ pushing ourselves in order to overcompensate for having endo and being a ‘burden.’ We talk about why we feel this way, why we are NOT a burden, and how to learn to appreciate our value. CONNECT WITH US! INSTAGRAM: @in16yearsofendo WEBSITE AND RESOURCES:


Ep52: How Sleep Affects Our Health and Pain Levels

We all know that sleep is important and that we should get enough sleep, but this can be hard to put into practice. This is episode 1 of our 4 part sleep series to get better sleep. Today, we explore why sleep is so important. Why do we need sleep? What happens when we sleep? What are the consequences of not getting enough sleep? How does not sleeping enough influence our pain levels? CONNECT WITH US! INSTAGRAM: @in16yearsofendo WEBSITE AND RESOURCES:


Ep51: Practicing Gratitude

Gratitude has many benefits and can even change the way we feel about our lives, but it can be hard to practice when we are suffering and exhausted from our endometriosis symptoms and challenges. We talk about how powerful stories are and how books, movies, and connecting with each other in this community can help us find gratitude, inspiration, and strength. CONNECT WITH US! INSTAGRAM: @in16yearsofendo WEBSITE AND RESOURCES:


Ep50: But Doctor, It’s Not Psychosomatic!

This is the final episode in our 4 part series on medicine’s sex and gender bias, in which we continue to focus on how this bias affects the care of people assigned female at birth. Today, we wrap up everything we spoke about in the previous 3 episodes, with an emphasis on ‘medically unexplained symptoms,’ mental health referrals, and stereotypes around being distressed about symptoms. We also continue to discuss results from a 2018 theory-guided literature review which looked into how...


Ep49: Practicing Self-Compassion After an Endo Horror Story

Ever had a flare that was so incredibly awful you felt like you were in an actual horror story? Amy tells us about a time when her period unexpectedly came while she was sightseeing on vacation (by herself) and her struggle to make it back to the semi-privacy of the hostel. Afterward, because she felt so mortified by what had happened, she couldn’t stop judging and tearing herself down with her cruel self-talk. She had no self-compassion for herself, and that worsened an already traumatic...


Ep48: Why Is Pain Dismissed in People Assigned Female at Birth?

In this episode, we explore the “gender” side of the sex and gender bias in medicine. This is part 3 of our series, and we look at assumptions and stereotypes specifically related to people assigned female at birth and illness as held by the overall medical community. We give a brief overview of the history of hysteria, and highlight some ways illness in which women were viewed culturally in the past 150 years. Finally, we discuss a 2018 theory-guided literature review which looked into how...


Ep47: The Limitations of the Endometriosis Staging System

The most commonly used endometriosis staging system is the rASRM, which classifies endometriosis into 4 stages. In spite of its prevalent use, this staging system has many limitations, a major one being that it completely leaves out Extra Pelvic Endometriosis! We discuss some flaws of the rASRM, and chat about two other classification systems called the EFI and the Enzian system. We also share the Amy and Brittany Classification Staging System that we came up with, which involves a screaming...


Ep46: Why Science Knows Less About the Bodies of People Assigned Female at Birth

This is part 2 in our series on medicine’s sex and gender bias. In this episode, we talk about the ‘sex bias’ and why science knows less about the bodies of people assigned female at birth. This means that less is known about disease presentations and side effects for medications for people with these bodies, as well as illnesses that primarily affect them… like endometriosis! We discuss some of the federal regulations in the US that led to this and some ridiculous examples of studies that...


Ep45: Racial Bias in Healthcare

Today, we collaborate with Teniola Ongunro, who hosts the excellent podcast ‘Not Defined By Endo’, to speak about racial bias in healthcare. Racial bias can be one of the most detrimental and undercutting barriers for BIPOC in getting proper diagnosis of their health problems and high quality treatment. We talk about what the racial bias is, how it may show up in doctors, some ways it can affect healthcare (including endometriosis), how it’s intertwined with other barriers for healthcare,...


Ep44: It’s Not in Your Head – Medicine’s Sex and Gender Bias. Part 1

Ever wonder why so many doctors dismiss the pain of people assigned female at birth or make us feel like (or outright tell us!) that our symptoms are all “in our heads”? This is part 1 of 4 in our series on the Sex and Gender Bias in Medicine and how it affects people assigned female at birth. In this episode, we talk about what this bias is, how it may negatively affect us, and how it may be partially responsible for the long delay in diagnosis for endo patients. While seeking treatment,...


Ep43: Rethinking the Name and Definition of Endometriosis

The definition of endometriosis is often written incorrectly on websites, magazine articles, and even in research publications. Endometriosis is NOT the endometrium - it is tissue similar to the endometrium, but in reality, it is more different than similar! This misconception continues to propel misinformation and myths about the cause and treatment of endo. What if we were to move away from talking about the endometrium in the definition of endo? Additionally, the etymology of the word...


Ep42: Improving Gut Health. Part 2

We jump right into tips for helping your gut health, explaining about fermented foods, chemical and mechanical digestion, intermittent fasting, purifying the toxins in our tap water, and supplements. Amy also explains how healing our gut is individual to everyone depending on the root cause, and how she healed her gut 3 different times from chronic diarrhea, gastritis, and gut dysbiosis and high levels of opportunistic bacteria, each time needing a different protocol for healing due to the...


Ep41: Improving Gut Health. Part 1

Gut health is so important! Our gut plays a vital role not only in our digestion but in the health of our full body. In this episode, we explain in detail about the gut microbiome as well as the gut-brain connection. We give tips about probiotics, prebiotics, resistant starch, and other ways to keep the hundreds of species of bacteria in our gut diverse and happy. CONNECT WITH US! INSTAGRAM: @in16yearsofendo WEBSITE AND RESOURCES:


Ep40: The Silver Linings Endometriosis Brought Me

There are so many negative ways that endometriosis can affect our life, from living with chronic or acute pain, infertility, or fatigue. It might affect our relationships, or ability to work/study or to go after our dreams. But since endo can also cause us to rethink the way we are living our life, we might enact any number of internal or external changes that improve our life, such as: changing to a healthy lifestyle, cutting out toxic and draining relationships, or figuring out what really...


Ep39: Lupron. The Potential Long Term Risks

Lupron is commonly prescribed for the treatment of endometriosis symptoms, but patients - and even doctors! - are not always fully informed of the side effects that can occur from taking this medication. Since Lupron has been on the market for over 30 years, there is much information available on the potential long term risks reported in independent data analysis, the FDA adverse events database, and patient surveys and reports. Knowing the potential risks can help us make more informed...