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Well-researched, accurate information on endo delivered with a sense of humor! Feel supported, get inspired, be understood.

Well-researched, accurate information on endo delivered with a sense of humor! Feel supported, get inspired, be understood.


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Well-researched, accurate information on endo delivered with a sense of humor! Feel supported, get inspired, be understood.




Ep43: Rethinking the Name and Definition of Endometriosis

The definition of endometriosis is often written incorrectly on websites, magazine articles, and even in research publications. Endometriosis is NOT the endometrium - it is tissue similar to the endometrium, but in reality, it is more different than similar! This misconception continues to propel misinformation and myths about the cause and treatment of endo. What if we were to move away from talking about the endometrium in the definition of endo? Additionally, the etymology of the word...


Ep42: Improving Gut Health. Part 2

We jump right into tips for helping your gut health, explaining about fermented foods, chemical and mechanical digestion, intermittent fasting, purifying the toxins in our tap water, and supplements. Amy also explains how healing our gut is individual to everyone depending on the root cause, and how she healed her gut 3 different times from chronic diarrhea, gastritis, and gut dysbiosis and high levels of opportunistic bacteria, each time needing a different protocol for healing due to the...


Ep41: Improving Gut Health. Part 1

Gut health is so important! Our gut plays a vital role not only in our digestion but in the health of our full body. In this episode, we explain in detail about the gut microbiome as well as the gut-brain connection. We give tips about probiotics, prebiotics, resistant starch, and other ways to keep the hundreds of species of bacteria in our gut diverse and happy. CONNECT WITH US! INSTAGRAM: @in16yearsofendo WEBSITE:


Ep40: The Silver Linings Endometriosis Brought Me

There are so many negative ways that endometriosis can affect our life, from living with chronic or acute pain, infertility, or fatigue. It might affect our relationships, or ability to work/study or to go after our dreams. But since endo can also cause us to rethink the way we are living our life, we might enact any number of internal or external changes that improve our life, such as: changing to a healthy lifestyle, cutting out toxic and draining relationships, or figuring out what really...


Ep39: The Potential Long Term Risks of Lupron

Lupron is commonly prescribed for the treatment of endometriosis symptoms, but patients - and even doctors! - are not always fully informed of the side effects that can occur from taking this medication. Since Lupron has been on the market for over 30 years, there is much information available on the potential long term risks reported in independent data analysis, the FDA adverse events database, and patient surveys and reports. Knowing the potential risks can help us make more informed...


Ep38: Understanding The Types of Endometriosis

This episode is the first one in our new mini series called "The Endofiles”. The goal is to better understand the disease that we are living with! There are generally 3 accepted forms of endometriosis: Superficial, Ovarian Endometrioma (OME), and Deeply infiltrating endometriosis (DIE). We break down information on each type, as well as the 3 subtypes of DIE. Knowing more about the type of endo that you have can help you understand your treatment options, your post-op report, and feel more...


Ep37: Orilissa and Lupron. Part 3 – Side Effects

In this episode, we go into detail on the side effects for Orilissa and Lupron and how they may affect our quality of life while taking the medication or after stopping it. We also discuss the implications of bone mineral density loss, especially for young adults. For even more information on the potential long term side effects on Lupron, also see episode 39. CONNECT WITH US! INSTAGRAM: @in16yearsofendo WEBSITE:


Ep36: Endo, IBS, and Digestive Problems. Part 2

Looking for ideas on how to help your digestive problems, such as diarrhea, constipation, nausea, intestinal cramping, pain, and bloating? We talk about a wide variety of tips that have helped us and others diminish our symptoms. CONNECT WITH US! INSTAGRAM: @in16yearsofendo WEBSITE:


Ep35: Endo, IBS, and Digestive Problems. Part 1

A high majority of endometriosis patients - including ones without bowel endo - present with digestive problems, such as diarrhea, constipation, nausea, intestinal cramping, pain, bloating. Sometimes we have these symptoms only during our period and the luckier ones can have these symptoms all month long! In this episode, we explore some reasons why we might have digestive problems with endometriosis, and in the next episode we will talk about some tips and solutions for these different...


Ep34: The Strength Inside of Us

How do we keep going even when everything seems impossible? When life just keeps throwing problem after problem at us, how do we find the strength to go to work, take care of the kids, and to keep doing the things we need to do, when we really just want to curl up under the covers? We talk about Amy’s health challenge over the past year, the inspiration she found in certain books, and how learning to be with our feelings can help us work through them and come out the other side. CONNECT WITH...


Ep33: Orilissa and Lupron. Part 2B – How Effective is Lupron?

Lupron is commonly prescribed as a medical treatment for endometriosis. Lupron only treats the symptoms of endo, but how effective is it at actually alleviating symptoms? Is it worth the serious side effects and risks that can come with taking it? We talk about the hidden data, the falsified data, and the cherry-picked data that the published data is based on. We also talk about Lupron compared to birth control, and independent surveys reporting the effectiveness of Lupron for the people...


Ep32: The Way We Face Our Problems

How many of us feel like we react to difficult situations in ways we don’t want to? They say that the only thing we can truly control in life is the way we face our problems, yet most of us feel like we have no control at all over our reactions! In this episode, we talk about how to break our subconscious reactions, which are actually just patterns that we have learned and not our identity. We also discuss various unwanted negative thought patterns, and give examples on how we can break and...


Ep31: Orilissa and Lupron. Part 2A – How Effective is Orilissa?

Orilissa is a new oral GnRh antagonist that is being prescribed to manage endo symptoms. Today we look at the data to see how effective it actually is at treating pain. We explore the data from the clinical trials on Orilissa, the data hidden in the supplemental appendix of the published research, and the conclusions on its effectiveness and safety by ICER, an independent research institute. If you are thinking of using Orilissa, this is definitely a good episode for you! CONNECT WITH US!...


Ep30: Orilissa and Lupron. Part 1 – Big Pharma’s Influence on Endo Information

Why are doctors so misinformed about endo treatment, and the benefits, risks, and limitations of GnRh drugs like Orilissa and Lupron? We talk about how drug companies are influencing both the doctor and the patient through marketing tactics, “awareness” campaigns, underwriting medical education credits for doctors, and more. We also talk about the lack of transparency around these tactics, how this misinformation affects our standard of care, and the quick facts around Orilissa and Lupron....


Ep29: What Do You Believe About Your Illness and Yourself?

Do you have beliefs about yourself or your illness that are limiting you in some way. For example: limiting your growth, your opportunities, or your chances to feel better? Often times our beliefs are subconscious and we don’t even realize we have them or how they are affecting us. We talk about how to figure out what our limiting beliefs are, how to change them, and a few common examples of limiting beliefs around illness. CONNECT WITH US! INSTAGRAM: @in16yearsofendo WEBSITE:...


Ep28: How to Stick to Your Health Habits, Routines, and Goals

Health is built on habits, routines, and goals. Yet how do we stick to the habits we want? There is a whole science, and an art, to building habits. Today we’ll discuss them and give tips to make habit formation easier. CONNECT WITH US! INSTAGRAM: @in16yearsofendo WEBSITE:


Ep27: Take Back Control of Your Life from Endometriosis

Do you ever feel like endo is in charge of your life, and not you? How can we take back control over our lives, and take back our power from endo? We talk about several ways we can take back our lives - on both a physical and emotional level - from the grips of endo. CONNECT WITH US! INSTAGRAM: @in16yearsofendo WEBSITE:


Ep26: Using Mindfulness to Appreciate Moments We Aren’t Sick

Do you ever feel like endo has robbed you of your life? It can feel like our lives bounce from one sick moment to another, with no escape from pain and suffering. Learning to be mindful and pay attention to the present moment can help us see that our lives are more than pain, and appreciate the beautiful moments when they happen. We talk about the importance of being in the present and some ways to achieve this. CONNECT WITH US! INSTAGRAM: @in16yearsofendo WEBSITE:


Ep25: Improving the Experience of Your Period

For many endo suffers, our period is our most dreaded time of the month. Some of us might even be terrified of getting our period because of the excruciating pain it can bring. We might plan our lives around our period, because it completely incapacitates us. In this episode, we talk about some things we can do to try to make this time of the month slightly less miserable, both on a physical and emotional level. CONNECT WITH US! INSTAGRAM: @in16yearsofendo WEBSITE:


Ep24: Traveling with Endometriosis

Going on vacation presents a lot of opportunities for endo to flare: the travel itself, different food, a bed that’s not your own, stress, being on the go, indulgences of food and drink we might not normally partake in. It’s no surprise that traveling, or even just a holiday or special occasion that we celebrate, can be hard on our body. We talk about some tips to be successful on our vacations and holidays, to have as much fun, and as little flares, as possible! CONNECT WITH US! INSTAGRAM:...