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Chats with people who deal with ASD and ADHD. I talk to those in the profession like therapist or even chats with mothers who have kids on the spectrum. Just honest chats with questions thrown in. Where two people can sit and share thoughts on the spectrum Come join us we I talk with people from all over the ASD and ADHD field.


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Chats with people who deal with ASD and ADHD. I talk to those in the profession like therapist or even chats with mothers who have kids on the spectrum. Just honest chats with questions thrown in. Where two people can sit and share thoughts on the spectrum Come join us we I talk with people from all over the ASD and ADHD field.






Stories: Living with OCD

Note: I use a word many may not like. Just know I didn’t mean it as a insult. Hello everyone, Do you know someone who has OCD or are you someone with OCD. Than this next show is for you. I talk with Jason Adams. He is a Special Ed Teacher in Canada. We start out talking about his OCD and how he manages its and than as he describes his OCD I realize I have it as well, with things like going over what I could done differently a million times in my head. Than we go on to learn a little more...


Stories: Super Hero Edition

Have you thought how you can relate fantasy and fiction heros and villians to real life situations. Than look no further than todays episode with Dr. Scarlet. She is a, Psychologist, Scientist, Author and Geek She is the creator of Superhero Thearpy, and the Harry Potter Thearpy Podcast amongst other great shows. In todays I will sit down with her and ask why superheros amongst other questiond and real get a good understanding of what she does. You can find at: Superhero-Thearpy. You can...


Stories: Author Edition

Hey everyone. In this episode of Stories, I talk to Author April Woodard. We get to know her a bit more personaly. For those who havnt listened to the show where I talked with her on my other show. She has 2 other kids who are on the spectrum as well. But we get to know her on a personal level in this episode and find out what other profession she would not want to do, and a little bit more. So sit back, relax and grab your favorite beverage and enjoy the show.


Stories: Talking Autism with Dr. Stephanie

Do you know someone who has a family who struggles with the fact that their child has ASD or are that someone, or do you yourself refuse the term Disabled or refuse to use the word Aspergers or Aspie os Autisc than todays show is just for you. In todays show I talk with Dr. Stephanie Holmes. She is a certified Autism Specialist & Neurodiverse Marriage Therapist and in this episode we dive into some serious matters. This is such a big deal in todays society that I reccommend you take a...


Stories: Happy Brain with Loretta Breuning

Do you or someone you know deal with a addiction and not sure why or how it started or wondered why runners run and what makes a runner high. Well this episode is a very interesting one. I talk wtih Loretta Breuning of the Inner Mammal Institute. We talk what makes a addition an addiction, we talk about runners high and we talk abit about the brain and we also get to know her her. So sit back, relax and grab your favorite beverage...


Stories Anxiety and ASD Edition

Are you someone who deals with anxiety or know someone. Well todays show is a interesting one. I talk with Alec Baynes from Anxiously Yours. He is a podcaster who deals with ASD and anxiety and we talk about he deals with that and his ASD at the same time. We learn a lot about him and maybe a little more. This is going to be a very interested show. So sit back, realx and grab your favorite beverage.


STORIES: Rock & Roll Edition

In this legendary episode of Stories. i sit down and get to know a muscian, Cody Lee. This is a guy who picked up and moved from Boston to Champiagn, IL to Chicago. Played with some of the most legenday people and even played at some of the most legendary places like CBGB. So sit back and take a listen a I dive into the life of a music legend. We will find out why the move and much more and we talk abit about wher his love of music came from and where he sees himself in the future. We get...


Dual edition STORIES / Inside the Asperges Studio: Suicide Prevention & Comedy with Frank King

In today’s show, I sit down and have a chat with one funny guy, Frank King. We talk about how he got to where he is today, talking about trying to help those who feel their lives aren’t worth a lot. He gives us a peak into his life and how knew he was destined to be a comedian, started when he was in grammar school. He also talks about how he plan to build himself up again to get back into body building. He even showed me a picture of himself at 64 all muscled up. He talks about how he was...


Season 2 Episode 8: ADHD Edition

On this very special episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio, I talk to Dr. Ned Hallowell. We learn about him and how he manages his own ADHD. He answers questions like, is ADHD and Low Self Esteem related to one another. He talks about how if you poor performance in life and know it that relates to yourself esteem. We talk about what he tribuets his success too and answers some quetions about memory and himself and also gives advice on focus and most important answers the question of is...


STORIES: Aspie Edition

In this Special episode of Inside the Aspgers Studio, I talk with John Truitt. We get to know about his organization On the Spectrum Foundation and find out what services he will offer, when he started it and much more. We also find out about him. We find out that he has dual citizenship with Austrialla and that he listed him organization on the stock market over there. John is a great guy with great ideas going ahead with his business. He talks about how before he was diagnosed it was hard...


STORIES: Aspie Advocate Edition

In this Episode I talk with Jeffery Synder who is a Autism Adcocate just like me. I found jeffery on Twiiter doing his thing. Jeff, tells his story about he his trasition from youth to adulthood was a tough one for him due to him being non-verbal till his was 4yrs old. You can find Jeffery at: Twitter Website


Stories: Autism Rocks and Rolls Edition

On todays show I talk with a Sam and his mom Gina Mitchelle. Sam is a Aspie Podcaster whose podcasts are all about showing the emotional side of Autism. Sam has over 145 episodes of his podcast going strong and has interviewed many interesting people such as Mick Foley from the WWE who is a hall of famer. I will give him a few tips and I am sure he will give me a few tips. Not only will I talk with him but his mom as well. Let's find out how he got to be so good at what he does and maybe...


Stories: ASD Life Coach and CEO of Virtuos Tutoring

In todays episode I sit down with Lauren Roesnbaum. We get to know a bit, find out why she started her own compan y and where she see herself in the future. We talk about where we see the world in five years time, and her motto of "Just Do It." She is a amazing women with a amazing story. Anyone who has her a life coach is very lucky, because not only is she caring, but very understand and helpful. Sit back and have yourself a listen to Lauren as she shares a bit of her life with me on...


Season 2 Episode 7: A Helping Hand

In this Episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio. I talk with Cesi Lavine who has a sister who is on the spectrum and wants advice on how to deal with her. She asks how she can get her sister to see things from her point of view. Also wanted to know how I accepted my diagnoses and how I see things. I answered her to my best knowledge from my own experiences. This is a really good episode. So listen to the end. as I try to help her out.


Stories: Motivation and Inspitation

On todays episode I have a candid talk with Rob Jolles. One of the more facinating people I have become friends with and interviwed. “Rob is a sought-after speaker and five-time Bestselling author, Rob has spent over thirty-five years, logging over 2.5 million miles in the air entertaining, teaching and inspiring audiences worldwide. His books have been featured in USA Today, Harvard Business Review, Publisher’s Weekly, have spent over 100 weeks on the national Business Bestseller list and...


Stories: Anne (ASD and being a life coach)

In todays episode of Stories, I talk with Anne Sabagh a ASD life coach who has a bit of a upper hand when it comes to coaching. She has ASD herself. We talk about her memories of her getting diagosned later in life and what her reaction was to her diagnoses. We learn that her husband too is neurodiverse as well. We talk about why she got into coaching and how she wound up with ASD lifecoaching. We to know that her favorite sounds is her cats pur... You can find Anne and the other coaches...



In this Episode of Stories, I get to sit down with someone who has one of the most incredible smiles I have ever seen. When you are with her, are are sure to smile and feel very welcomed. I talk with Rosie, her personality matches her smile. We talk about what it is like to grow up in a small town where everyone was friends and you were sure to bump into a teacher in your local store. We talk about her up bringing and how her mother was all about tough love and how they would often butt...



Hello Aspies, on todays Episode of Stories, I talk with Husband, Father, Coach and Comedian) Francesco. We get to know a bit about him and where he grow up and what family life was like, how became a comedian, and what guided him to become a ASD Coach. We find out how he wound up working for Jaclym Hunt of ASD Coaching, and how he uses his comedic background to help with his coaching. For those who don't know he is also my ASD Coach and without him, this podcast would of not happened....


Stories: A Chat with Jaclyn Hunt (ASD Life Coach)

Hello and welcome to a new series called Stories. In this Episode I talk with Jaclyn Hunt. A ASD Life Coach. She tells her story of how she got into ASD Life coaching and then we talk a little about her and her practice and how she started out with just her and how the clients just kept coming. For those you who don't know Jaclyn company is the one I found my way too, and like Jaclyn has said many times to me "Things happen for a reason", I trust her and the coaches she employes.. She is...


Season 2: Episode 6 - Troubles with Sleep

Hey guys and gals, in todays episode, I talk with Melissa Doman who is a sleep specialist. We talk about how certain things affect sleep, from the time you go to bed to the enviorment of the room. Should the room be totally dark? What temp is the perfect sleeping temp? These are just a few of the questions I talk to her about about, I also ask her if she has sleep issues and what does she suggest for getting a good night sleep.