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Crushing the stigma on mental health & building resilience!

Crushing the stigma on mental health & building resilience!
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Crushing the stigma on mental health & building resilience!




Finding community, The Evolve coliving (2, the creation), with Guillaume Perdrix – Integrally Alive podcast

Coliving is a fast-growing trend, and still new and evolving. In this episode, You will discover what is coliving, how and why it is growing worldwide. Did you ever wonder about the dynamic of individual growth and collective support and evolution? Or how to empower people to give... and receive? Why coliving is an answer to many human needs and how to enhance this experience? Then this is for you! You might want to listen to the first episode, where Guillaume and I talked a lot about...


Finding community, The Evolve coliving (1, the story), with Guillaume Perdrix – Integrally Alive podcast

This is the first of two episodes with Guillaume. We ended up talking a lot about resilience. Guillaume also shared how he went on a quest of "hacking happiness" and living on purpose; to discover that what was at the root of everything else was a need for human connection... Which led him to creating Evolve Coliving: My main intention is to be around the people that I love. Love, people, connection, is the one thing that always holds me back to life, or keeps me moving forward." Stay...


Creative writing, the book inside you, with Alyse Speyer (2, wisdom & tools) – Integrally Alive podcast

In the first episode, we discovered Alyse's stories of coming close to death, the fascinating play between the multiple stories that resulted from this experience, and how she used writing as a tool for resilience. In this episode, we go deep on how she now uses creative writing to helps entrepreneurs discover and write the books that live inside of them. You will learn the difference between journaling and creative writing, and the power of the later... And why you should give it a try. You...


Location independent lifestyle & creating a life of freedom, with Estela Kun, creator of the Freedom X Fest – Integrally Alive podcast

Estela has been living a location independent lifestyle for over fifteen years, and defining what freedom means for herself on the way. She shares how her determination to stay curious like a child, to keep on asking questions, without worrying too much about the answers, keeps her on her tracks of defining the life she wants, and creating it. As more and more people are joining this way of living, there is still a lot to create, and it is up to each person to invent their own personal...


Inspired evolution and finding health through purpose, with Amrit Sandhu

Wow we laughed so much during this episode! Yes, listening to Amrit sharing how he struggled from depression for a few years, before discovering mindfulness and meditation and becoming a life & mindfulness coach... We laughed hard! Truth is, talking about depression, you can't help but talking about life, and it is so inspiring! I love this saying that Life is too tragic to be taken seriously… And Amrit is an embodiment of that. His energy is so contagious. A bit like penguins: At a first...


Radical curiosity in the face of the suicide of a loved one, with Jonny Miller – Integrally Alive podcast

Jonny is an entrepreuner who co-founded Maptia, a living archive of inspiring and impactful stories from around the world (with breathtaking photos). He led the Escape the City Startup Tribes in London for 2016 . He is a podcaster at Curious Humans. He also crossed the English Channel on a stand up paddle-board raising money for a charity. And he lost his partner to suicide, as he openly shared on stage at the FreedomX festival where I met him last summer. You know me, as soon as I heard...


Love Out Loud, with Nicole Gibson – Integrally Alive podcast

A very dense conversation today with Nicole Gibson! Nicole is an international Speaker and listed in the Financial Review’s Top 100 Most Influential Women.At 21 she was appointed the Australia’s Commissioner for Mental Health,and now she dedicates her time uniting communities, shifting corporate culture, and empowering individuals.She gives a language to the deeper things we feel as a collective and isfighting to unite humanity through understanding, love and empowerment. This young lady...


Everything is possible, with Martyn Sibley – Integrally Alive Podcast

Martyn Sibley is a regular guy who happens to have a disability called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. This means he cannot walk, lift anything heavier than a book or shower himself. He has experienced both societal exclusion and a feeling of inferiority. Through personal development and social entrepreneurship, he has achieved many of his personal and professional goals:He co founded and runs his company Disability Horizons, published a book: 'Everything is Possible', has a Degree in Economics &...


Expressing your authentic self, with Monique DeBose – Integrally Alive Podcast

Monique DeBose is an award winning singer-songwriter and playwright. She has performed across the globe and recently for Quincy Jones. Monique has released two albums to great critical acclaim and is releasing her third, the Sovereign One on September 27, 2018. She has a deliciously non non-linear curriculum: Bachelor’s in Applied Mathematics, holds a master's degree in Spiritual Psychology, and trained at The Groundlings Comedy Theater. She is also a mom, raising two conscious, loving...


Fully living, with Tal Gur – Integrally Alive podcast

Tal Gur is an internet entrepreneur, coach, traveler, and financial freedom enthusiast. In 2005, he asked himself what he would do if he would die within 10 years... And he made a bucket list of 100 big dream to achieve in 10 years, and a conscious decision to pursue these goals.That led him to: going from being 34 0000$ of debt to financial freedomComplete an Ironman Triathlon in New Zealand after quitting smokingtravel non-stopBuild a new home for a family who lost everything in a...


Healing, and growing beyond personal development, with Tahlia Reynolds – Integrally Alive podcast

Tahlia is passionate about all things personal growth, discovery, mastery & transformation. She is trained in EFT, a qualified Reiki practitioner, a transformational life coach, and a serial entrepreneur. Right now she is Head of Online Communities at Mindvalley - The Personal Development Company. She spent years “bettering” herself and going inward to get the source of her trauma and rage. On trauma, how to heal it, personal / spiritual development and their trap, spiritual bypassing and...


I am not my thoughts, vibrant life on the other side of suicidal thoughts, with Sydney Lander – Integrally Alive podcast

Sydney works at Mindvalley, the well-known online university. She's also an artist at Asterphire. And she is passionate about exploring the link between emotions and thoughts and understanding their nature, so we can use them as a system, rather than being controlled by them. Today she takes us into her powerful personal story of childhood depression and suicidal thoughts, and how she overcame it to become the vibrant young lady she is now. In this conversation we bust a few myths:...


Don’t fit in the box… Hack the box, with Naretha Hopson – Integrally Alive podcast

Fear of rejection is among the biggest and most common fear we human beings have. It takes many faces, but usually, as a result, we try our best to fit in the box we are presented... Well Naretha Hopson says, Hack the box! She helps especially young people to own the impression they give, out of self-love and from authenticity, rather than a desperate need to belong: "I noticed I saw the void in my experience, and I knew how beneficial and helpful it would have been for me to know just...


Looking inward and changing yourself first, with Kim McDonnel – Integrally Alive podcast

Kim McDonnel is a holistic Health Coach and Spiritual Counselor, author of the book, “You Change, They Change: How to Take Control of Your Life by Losing Control Over Others”. In today's episode, Kim shares her own journey, healing her inner "sensitive child", and multiple sclerosis, and the wisdom gained on the way: how the chemicals in our body influence our thoughts, toxic thoughts, resilience, why we need to express our emotions, and how to do it in a healthy way, tips to getting back...


Becoming an artist of life with Santiago Rafael – Integrally Alive podcast

The first thing you notice when you meet Santiago, is his vibrant smile, and his joyful presence. He is a life coach, and founder of LAFAM, a movement spreading the art of being an artist of life. Yet a few years ago, his life was very different. He had severe arthritis,living in constant pain. He developed depression, and multiple addictions. In the podcast he shares his journey of transformation to becoming the vibrant artist of life he is today. Thank you Santiago for this vulnerable...