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Episode 99: The Holy Grail of Plastic Surgery (and Other Beauty Secrets!) with Dr. Youn

If you’ve been following this podcast, you already know a great deal of anti-aging skincare secrets from inside the beauty industry. But beauty is more than skin deep. Sometimes you have to go a little deeper. Board certified plastic surgeon and award-winning author Dr. Anthony Youn, MD, FACS, joins Just Ask David to give us a few fillers beyond skincare - pun intended. Dr. Youn, better known as America’s Holistic Plastic Surgeon® or America’s Holistic Beauty Doc™, believes that everyone can...


Episode 98: Social Media is Obsessed with These 2 Complexion Perfection Techniques with Special Guest Felicia Walker Benson

Why are social media filters so popular? Do we really want to look like puppy dogs? Or do we like how the filter blurs out our blemishes and imperfections? Probably the second one. “I think there is a quest for complexion perfection and the resurfacing of the skin,” beauty expert and style writer Felicia Walker Benson says. “And I think social media filters are helping to drive that trend.” Felicia is publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the well-known fashion and beauty blog, ThisThatBeauty....


Episode 97: Top 4 Must-Have Ingredients for Your Skin Care Regimen

With so many skin care products on the market, it’s impossible to figure out what you really need. Some skin care routines (like the Korean method) have 10 or more steps! In this segment, beauty guru David Pollock cuts to the chase: Which ingredients are essential for smooth, glowing skin? Hyaluronic Acid “One of the most important ingredients, one of my favorites, is hyaluronic acid,” David shares. “It is found in almost every cell of your body. It’s what Mother Nature uses to take and...


Episode 96: 6 Life Hacks for Saving Money on Prescription Drugs with Special Guest Ruben Castaneda

Prescription medication can burn a serious hole in your wallet. Rising healthcare costs mean that many of us are scrambling to get the money for prescriptions we need to be healthy. It’s a depressing reality. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things you can do to shave a few dollars off the price tag. Wellness reporter Ruben Castaneda of the U.S. News & World Report returns to Just Ask David to offer insider advice on little-known ways to save money on your prescription medications....


Episode 95: The Exclusive Spa Day Event for Women Cancer Patients & Survivors With Special Guest Caitlin Kiernan

Just Ask David fans know that David Pollock’s dedication to Safe Beauty all stems from cancer awareness. Our special guest Caitlin Kiernan joins us right before the month of October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month - to share an extraordinarily inspiring opportunity for women who have dealt with or are currently dealing with cancer. Even as an award-winning journalist and beauty director for the likes of Life & Style Weekly, Star!, and OK! magazines, the Cancer Wellness Expo is a passion...


Episode 94: 3 Mind-Blowing Tips for Your Fall Skin Care Routine 2018

There’s something about autumn that inspires us to turn over a new leaf. Maybe because summer vacation is over and we’re all getting ready to focus again. Maybe it’s as simple as the leaves changing color that makes us want to do the same. Our skin care routines adjust with the changing of the seasons, too. But for those of you new to skin care, rotating your routine to match the season can be a bit confusing. What products should we be adding to our fall skin care routines? Are there any...


Episode 93: How to Dye Your Hair NATURALLY - No Harsh Chemicals! With Special Guest Jodie Moore

The color of our hair is important to a lot of us. For some, it’s the way we single ourselves out as individuals. A head full of curly red hair can passed down like a family heirloom. And some of us rely on hair dye to conceal gray hair. Many of us dye our hair to get that special color: the hair color that makes you feel unique, the color that brings out your eyes, the one that shaves 15 years off of you. But anyone who has dyed their own hair knows that it is not always a carefree task....


Episode 92: Produce Panic: How Safe Are Your Veggies? With Special Guest Mareya Ibrahim

How clean is your produce? We don’t think about it often, but maybe we should. Imagine the life cycles of fruits and vegetables: they’re sprayed with pesticides, covered in fertilizer. Is that what you want to be biting into? Meet Mareya Ibrahim. She’s the inventor of a clean eating product line. She’s an award winning entrepreneur, chef, author, patented inventor, and a food industry veteran with over 26 years in the industry. Mareya’s also concerned about how well we’re washing our fruits...


Episode 91: Fight the Frizz! With Special Guest Dana Wood

Nothing encourages us to go outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air like the summertime. On the same note, nothing ruins your hairstyle faster than that sweltering summer humidity. But you don’t have to let the summer be a never-ending bad hair day. Beauty blogger Dana Wood of Florida Beauty Problems returns to Just Ask David to share tips on taming your coif this summer, even when the weather feels like a clothes dryer stopped in mid-cycle. Dana’s blog teaches readers how to deal with...


Episode 90: EVERYTHING You Need to Know About Picking a Sunscreen With Special Guest Melissa Goldstein

Our perspectives on sunscreen has changed a lot in the last 20 years. We know now that sunscreen is an everyday product, not just for going to the beach. We know sun damage happens to everyone regardless of how light or dark your skin is. And we know that using sunscreen is any anti-aging routine’s secret weapon. So since we know how essential sunscreen is to our lives, it only makes sense that we want to make sure we’re picking the right brand. There’s a lot more to sun protection than the...


Episode 89: Rebel Against Traditional Skincare with Special Guest Eric Fallon

The days of the skincare industry being a woman’s market are becoming a thing of the past. Skincare companies are following suit as men are starting to care more about their skin. Unisex skincare is popping up everywhere now to cater to a wider audience than before. Eric Fallon, co-creator of Rebels Refinery and one of the pioneers of the unisex skincare movement, joins Just Ask David to share his experiences and wisdom on his journey to his skincare calling, his product values, and the...


Episode 88: Sunkissed, Not Sundried: How to Protect Your Skin & Hair This Summer

The summertime is brutal on skin and hair. Between lounging under the sun and heading to the pool every day, we’re lucky to still have skin and hair at all! On this educational segment of Just Ask David, health expert Lisa Davis and beauty guru David Pollock dish out a few tips on how to protect and maintain your skin and hair even if you hit the beach every single day until the summer ends. Beat the Heat! Sunscreen, a hat with a visor, and sunglasses are your best friends during the sunny...


Episode 86: Stopping the Stink with Natural Deodorant with Special Guest Suzannah Raff

If you’ve been phasing out your toxic beauty and grooming products, you probably already know the struggle of finding a natural deodorant. Most natural deodorants seem to work… for a few hours. At the end of the day, you smell like you’ve never put on any deodorant at all. And God forbid you live somewhere humid - don’t even bother. Suzannah Raff, founder of the natural deodorant company Cleo&Coco, says that stinky pits don’t have to be a fact of life just because you want to live clean....


Episode 85: 4 Must-Have Therapeutic Ingredients for Your Skin

Our skin is in a constant state of renewal. There is never a time when our skin is not sloughing off dead skin cells and regenerating new ones. But this process slows down as we age, creating a domino effect for the decline we see in our skin’s appearance. Wrinkles, sagging skin, age spots - all of these things happen for more than one reason. The better we understand these reasons, the better we can prevent the appearance of aging in the long-run. We know the products that claim to...


Episode 84: 3 Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy this Summer (Plus MORE Hair Care Tips!) With Special Guest Oscar Blandi

You can’t talk about celebrity hair without talking about Oscar Blandi. Hailing from Italy, Oscar Blandi’s eponymous, iconic New York salon was opened shortly after he moved to America about 20 years ago. Since then, he’s obtained an A-list clientele, featuring the likes of Jessica Alba, Jimmy Fallon, and Naomi Watts. His work has been featured in countless fashion magazines, including Vogue, Elle, Esquire, and many more! Oscar Blandi stands out from most other hairstylists for one reason....


Episode 83: Microneedling: the Newest Anti-Aging Solution With Special Guest Marisel Salazar

Microneedling probably sounds terrifying. Even though the results are so fantastic that most of us would sit through the pain, anyway - microneedling is actually pretty painless. Marisel Salazar joins Just Ask David once again to give us all the details on the newest skin care craze. This time, it’s all about microneedling. Marisel is a New York City based lifestyle writer and photographer. She contributes to various publications like PureWow, Martha Stewart Living, Tasting Table, and NYC...


Episode 82: Just Ask David: Can I Make My Pores Smaller?

Just Ask David: Can I Make My Pores Smaller? Large pores are a confidence killer. If you feel too embarrassed to get up close and personal with people because of your large pores, this segment is for you. What Pores Actually Do Pores are necessary. “Let’s face it - pores contain hair follicles. It’s also an outlet for perspiration and sebum. So it’s part of the natural function of the skin… When we get overheated, it’s a way for the body to perspire so we can balance out our body temperature...


Episode 81: Probiotics: Follow Your Gut with Special Guest Marisel Salazar

Kombucha bars, probiotic skin care, fermented foods from the other side of the world being commonplace in every grocery store across America overnight. (And why is everyone talking about prebiotics all of a sudden?) It seems that probiotics and gut bacteria are becoming more and more important in any conversation we have about health these days. Marisel Salazar makes a reappearance on Just Ask David to give us the facts behind the probiotic craze. Is it just a fad? Or is it a shift in how we...


Episode 80: Skin Care Recipes You Can Do at Home with Special Guest Lily Diamond

How do you feel about D.I.Y. skin care? Is it a hobby of yours, or do you think skin care is better left to the professionals? Lily Diamond, author of Kale and Caramel: Recipes for the Body, Heart, and Table, is here on Just Ask David to prove to you that you’re more capable of making quality skin care than you think. Kale and Caramel has been hailed as one of the best vegetarian cookbooks of the year by the Guardian, and one of the best cookbooks period in Spring 2017. Skin Care: Everything...