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Episode 113: Beauty From the Inside Out: How to Eat for Flawless Skin

Transforming dull, broken-out skin into a radiant glow through nutrition is the name of the game for Jolene Hart, author of Eat Pretty. As a beauty editor, Jolene knows all the best skincare and cosmetics. She rubbed elbows with skincare giants and was surrounded by experts at all times. But somehow, none of that changed her reality of over a decade of skin issues. “My approach was outside-in,” Jolene admits. “I was always looking for the products that were going to fix my skin problems. It...


Episode 112: Probiotics: The New Beauty Superfood with Special Guest Dr. Rajini Raj

Probiotics are king in the health and wellness industry, reigning for the last few years now. They’re best known for improving the amount of healthy bacteria in the gut, as well as gut health overall. And since diet is tied so closely to skin health, it would make sense that eating probiotics would make your skin clearer, right? But what would happen if we were to use probiotics topically? Dr. Rajini Raj, world-class dermatologist and founder of the probiotic skincare brand TULA, joins Just...


Episode 111: Delicious DIY Beauty with Special Guest Carol Alt

Have you ever heard of the philosophy: “If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin”? Consumers are realizing that what we put on our bodies matters just as much as what we put in them. So it’s not surprising that more and more of us are reaching in our pantries for our skin care routines rather than than emptying our wallets for the latest luxury skin care. The industry shift toward Safe Beauty inspires the crafty, creative side in many of us (or just made us paranoid about the...


Episode 110: The Latest Trends in Natural Skincare

There’s one thing you can always be certain of when it comes to skincare trends: here today, balm tomorrow. But it makes sense. As technology and our understanding of the human body evolves, so does our skincare. Just a few decades ago, we didn’t know how catastrophic the effects of smoking cigarettes on our skin. We had no idea. Even the most beautiful, fresh-faced actresses in Hollywood went through cartons of cigarettes like they were potato chips - completely unsuspecting of the havoc...


Episode 109: Are Your Skincare Products Natural?

We’re smarter consumers than we used to be. In 2018, we check the ingredients in the things we eat and put on our bodies. We avoid certain chemicals that we know can hurt us. We have a better understanding of how what we put in and on our bodies has a direct impact on our health. For this reason, a lot of us have decided to stick with “natural” products. Because natural ingredients should be a lot safer than a chemical made in a laboratory, right? Well… no. And here’s why. Is Natural Really...


Episode 108: Are You Using Your Skincare Products in the Right Order?

We all love splurging on skincare. Some of us live for the latest luxury celebrity-approved skincare trends. Others spend their coins on ethically sourced, cruelty-free, the cleanest, greenest skincare you can find. But all of that’s for nothing if you’re not using your skincare in the right order. You’re practically throwing that money away. Step 1: Cleanse TWICE Every Day! You should be cleansing your face every day and night. A lot of people seem to think that washing your face in the...


Episode 107: Breaking the Code of Breakouts: What Does Your Acne Mean?

All breakouts aren’t created equal. In fact, the location of a cluster of acne can tell you a lot about your body. Forehead breakouts mean something different than chin breakouts, for example. Nutrition expert Susan Ciminelli returns to map out the causes behind our acne breakouts. Forehead Acne: The forehead is one of the most common places for acne. But no one likes rocking a tiara of zits. To understand forehead breakouts, Susan says to look to the small intestine. “Your digestive system...


Episode 106: 3 Fall Skincare Secrets for Weather-Proof Skin

As the seasons change, our skincare needs change, too. Cool, dry air isn’t the only thing autumn brings. After a lazy summer of vacationing and spending time with the kids, back-to-school chaos may wreak more havoc on your skin than you realize. Plenty of us are so busy running around and adjusting to our new schedules that we neglect our skin. Stick to Your Skincare Routine If the stressful transition from a beach bum summer to a fast-paced fall semester isn’t enough to break you out,...


Episode 105: Ovarian Cancer? Not On My Watch! with Celebrity Guest Cobie Smulders

Breast Cancer Awareness Month just ended, but cancer is a topic that never stops affecting our lives. On this episode of Just Ask David, actress Cobie Smulders of “How I Met Your Mother” and “The Avengers” shares her struggles with ovarian cancer struggles and how it led to her partnership with TESARO to create Not On My Watch. Not On My Watch is an ovarian cancer education organization dedicated to empowering women to take their health into their own hands. “I believe that having knowledge...


Episode 104: The Connection Between What You Eat and Your Skin

While a good skincare regimen helps with keeping your skin clear and glowing, your diet plays a bigger role than you may realize. Lisa Davis chats with nutrition expert Susan Ciminelli to get the low-down on how to clear up your skin through your diet. You Are What You Eat! Did you know that your skin is one of several eliminative organs in our bodies used to push waste out through? Along with organs like the liver and intestines, the skin is responsible for filtering some of the things we...


Episode 102: Steer Clear of These Ingredients

Personal care products we use on a regular basis like shaving cream, body wash, and even toothpaste can have toxic chemicals hidden in their ingredient lists. In fact, the European Union recently banned over 1,100 chemicals from being used in any beauty or personal care products. The United States, on the other hand, has only banned 11. Hidden Ingredients and How to Look for Them Some of the chemicals commonly used in our personal care products create a by-product called 1,4 dioxane. 1,4...


Episode 101: DIY Beauty Found in Your Kitchen

Most people don’t realize it, but there’s a world of beauty remedies right in your pantry! DIY beauty is a fantastic (and frugal!) way to avoid harmful chemicals in beauty products without sacrificing your looks. A lot of everyday food products - like honey or lemons - are surprisingly effective at improving the appearance of skin and hair. How to Remove Waterproof Makeup Don’t waste your money on makeup removers. While it’s true that soap and water won’t get rid of waterproof makeup, that...


Episode 100: Seasonal Skin Care for All

As the seasons change, our outfits change. We put up our holiday decorations. We spring clean. And it’s always a refreshing experience, right? Well, when’s the last time you did that to your medicine cabinet? When’s the last time you reevaluated the beauty products you’re using? Spring (and Fall) Cleaning! In the spring, we often talk about spring cleaning. But how many of us are including makeup and makeup tools? “Every six months, you want to get rid of old makeup,” David says. Why?...


Episode 99: The Holy Grail of Plastic Surgery (and Other Beauty Secrets!) with Dr. Youn

If you’ve been following this podcast, you already know a great deal of anti-aging skincare secrets from inside the beauty industry. But beauty is more than skin deep. Sometimes you have to go a little deeper. Board certified plastic surgeon and award-winning author Dr. Anthony Youn, MD, FACS, joins Just Ask David to give us a few fillers beyond skincare - pun intended. Dr. Youn, better known as America’s Holistic Plastic Surgeon® or America’s Holistic Beauty Doc™, believes that everyone can...


Episode 98: Social Media is Obsessed with These 2 Complexion Perfection Techniques with Special Guest Felicia Walker Benson

Why are social media filters so popular? Do we really want to look like puppy dogs? Or do we like how the filter blurs out our blemishes and imperfections? Probably the second one. “I think there is a quest for complexion perfection and the resurfacing of the skin,” beauty expert and style writer Felicia Walker Benson says. “And I think social media filters are helping to drive that trend.” Felicia is publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the well-known fashion and beauty blog, ThisThatBeauty....


Episode 97: Top 4 Must-Have Ingredients for Your Skin Care Regimen

With so many skin care products on the market, it’s impossible to figure out what you really need. Some skin care routines (like the Korean method) have 10 or more steps! In this segment, beauty guru David Pollock cuts to the chase: Which ingredients are essential for smooth, glowing skin? Hyaluronic Acid “One of the most important ingredients, one of my favorites, is hyaluronic acid,” David shares. “It is found in almost every cell of your body. It’s what Mother Nature uses to take and bind...


Episode 96: 6 Life Hacks for Saving Money on Prescription Drugs with Special Guest Ruben Castaneda

Prescription medication can burn a serious hole in your wallet. Rising healthcare costs mean that many of us are scrambling to get the money for prescriptions we need to be healthy. It’s a depressing reality. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things you can do to shave a few dollars off the price tag. Wellness reporter Ruben Castaneda of the U.S. News & World Report returns to Just Ask David to offer insider advice on little-known ways to save money on your prescription medications....


Episode 95: The Exclusive Spa Day Event for Women Cancer Patients & Survivors With Special Guest Caitlin Kiernan

Just Ask David fans know that David Pollock’s dedication to Safe Beauty all stems from cancer awareness. Our special guest Caitlin Kiernan joins us right before the month of October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month - to share an extraordinarily inspiring opportunity for women who have dealt with or are currently dealing with cancer. Even as an award-winning journalist and beauty director for the likes of Life & Style Weekly, Star!, and OK! magazines, the Cancer Wellness Expo is a passion...


Episode 94: 3 Mind-Blowing Tips for Your Fall Skin Care Routine 2018

There’s something about autumn that inspires us to turn over a new leaf. Maybe because summer vacation is over and we’re all getting ready to focus again. Maybe it’s as simple as the leaves changing color that makes us want to do the same. Our skin care routines adjust with the changing of the seasons, too. But for those of you new to skin care, rotating your routine to match the season can be a bit confusing. What products should we be adding to our fall skin care routines? Are there any...