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Kaleidoscope Radio - A podcast about sex, love & relationships.

Kaleidoscope Radio - A podcast about sex, love & relationships.
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Kaleidoscope Radio - A podcast about sex, love & relationships.




Authentic Tantra and Powerful Connection with Devi Erickson

On this episode of Kaleidoscope radio, Alexa answers the demand of the Kaleidoscope. She asked, you answered and you told her in alarming numbers that you want to learn about Tantra. Alexa's answer? To welcome the lovely Devi Erickson to the show! Devi has a background immersed in traditional Tantric practice, and authentic teachings that she learned from a man who not only studied Tantra for over 30 years, but also learned Tibetan practices that are barely known, let alone taught. Devi...


Jess Hits 100

Alexa welcomes Jess onto Kaleidoscope Radio after seeing what was easily one of the most exciting and engaged threads she's ever come across on social media. The threads are a play by play recount of Jess' mission yo get her “number” up to 100. Tons of ladies are letting Jess know that they love her mission, that it excites them, inspires them, and gives them life. Why not invite her here, to talk all about it? Jess talks about the inspiration behind Jess Hits 100, and asks Alexa what...


Where is the Evolved Man? with Destin Gerek

Destin Gerek is a transformational empowerment coach who specializes in helping you tap deep into your masculine core, awaken your sexual energy, and harness this newfound power to passionately manifest your biggest visions, and create the life of your dreams. Referred to by the press as Tantra meets Tony Robbins, Destin Gerek is an internationally recognized leading voice in masculinity, sexuality, consciousness, and personal empowerment. Recognizing the need for new role models for men in...


The Beauty of the Booty Parlor with Dana Meyers

Dana B. Myers is an award-winning product developer, entrepreneur, author and media personality. As Founder of Booty Parlor, she has changed the lives thousands of women by inspiring them to boost their sensual self-confidence and create sexier, more satisfying relationships. Through her Mojo Makeover books and workshops, Dana helps women reclaim their sensual power and sexual pleasure. Her advice has been featured by Marie Claire, Women’s Health, Parents, Redbook and Allure. Dana has...


Penis Pain: The Ultimate Cockblock

Dr. Susie Gronski is a doctor of physiotherapy, a board certified pelvic rehab practitioner, and simply put, she's a physiotherapist for your private parts. She is the author of Pelvic Pain: The Ultimate Cockblock. She loves the outdoors and snuggling with her boys, her Hubby and fur babies. She's passionate about empowering others to take control of their sexual health, resolving their pelvic pain and fears around pain in general, meditation and spiritual development, education people...


The Heartbreak Episode

Alexa bears all on this episode of Kaleidoscope Radio, and the result is an emotional one. She explains that her story shared is a current one, one that she's experiencing in real time as it develops, and that leaves an uncertainty and vulnerability that she's not used to sharing with anyone, let alone an audience. Alexa tells about a relationship that dissipated due to distance and a bleak outlook half a year prior to this recording. She describes her rationale in ending things, and felt...


Producing Kaleidoscope Radio with Scott Doucet

Alexa welcomes the producer of Kaleidoscope radio, Scott Doucet onto the show today! Scott a Podcast producer, consultant and host of the show Podcast Bay. His brand, which shares the name of his show, aims to educate people about podcasting and how to get the job done effectively, with quality and purpose at the forefront. When Scott first got into producing podcasts for other business owners, he found it to be rather boring and flavorless, but once Alexa came along with the idea that was...


Modern Day Dating with Suzie Parkus

Alexa kicks off by sharing how she met Suzie, as well as where this episode will differ from past episodes. She has decided to focus on the dating angle for this show, and therefore helping Kaleidoscope Radio to cover the entire spectrum of Sex, Love and Relationships. Suzie describes what she does, and how she got into the craziness that is her multifaceted life and career. She explains that everything came about on the tail end of a massive breakup, and accepting ownership over her part...


Transforming the Core of Motherhood with Jen Oliver

Jen Oliver is an Author, Podcaster, Core Transformation Coach and Founder of The Love FitMama Way. Through safe fitness, self care and mindfulness she supports new mums to embrace, nurture and enjoy their motherhood journey. What she is most passionate about is supporting women to love their bodies and love their lives. She enjoys pelvic floor related talk, how connecting to your deep inner core muscles gives you better orgasms, how to do this using core fitness, and how a deeper...


Living a Public Life with Herpes with Laureen HD

Alexa and Laureen talk about the impact that Laureen is having in the world, and how it means so much to her to hear about the difference she's making by spreading awareness about HSV. Laureen also describes her experience, and the journey from first contracting Herpes, and the decision to share it with the world in order to heal, educate and empower others. She also explains why she went from silence, to blogging, and finally to video. She talks about the self perception that people who...


Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure with Vanessa Cuccia

Alexa welcomes Vanessa Cuccia to Kaleidoscope Radio! She shares her New York adventure that led to her finding Sexpo, and ultimately, today's guest of honor. She laughs about emoji shaped vibrators and gushes about the amazing sights and sounds of Sexpo. Vanessa Cuccia is the creator Creator of Chakrubs, The Original Crystal Sex Toy Company. She's also the Author of "Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure" coming out soon! She describes the conditions that created some sexual issues within her...


The Sylk Butterfly with Mariessa Mahfouz

Alexa kicks off the episode explaining to the Kaleidoscope how the new season is breaking down, as well as some of the changes that are occurring within the show, as well as the Kaleidoscope at large, and it's creating a metamorphosis for the Violet Butterfly. She also welcomes her guest, Mariessa Mahfouz onto the show, and tells Mariessa (and us) about her experience with Sylk. Mariessa breaks down the different types of lube and what you should be looking for when you're out shopping. She...


Sex 3.0 with JJ Roberts

Alexa invites JJ Roberts to speak about his book Sex 3.0 in this episode of Kaleidoscope Radio! He describes an around the world trip he took that lead to him having discussions and taking notes that ultimately became his book. He explains that the experience he gained living the 2.0 lifestyle, along with his experience living the 3.0 lifestyle, and the trip around the world led him to an apartment where he decided to sit down and write a book. The book itself only took 6 weeks to organize,...


V Power with Steena Marie Brown

Steena Brown's journey has gone from good-little-girl to sexual empowerment coach for women and their men. This required a deep release of fear, shame, perfectionism and self-sabotaging patterns. Training to become a birth doula, and her healing path through marriage, motherhood and entrepreneurship, taught Steena the art of sacred, aligned, sexy success which she now uses in her work with her husband: Movement specialist, Adam Brown. Steena goes back to where it all started for her, the...


The Intimate Lifestyle with Ryan Thomas

Ryan Thomas is an 11 year army veteran who has dedicated his life to helping people improve and design their intimate lifestyle. He's passionate about teaching and helping people understand themselves so that they can become more empowered, enlightened and intimate beings. He spends his free time rock climbing and appreciating the good company of his friends. Alexa and Ryan kick off this episode by sharing how they really feel about the sex advice found in magazines. Alexa also shares her...


Beauty in Being Open With Stewart Robertson

Alexa kicks off by talking about an opportunity that recently came her way, and a very deep discussion she got into with some people that really reinforced her mission with Kaleidoscope Radio. She also describes how she and Stewart became acquainted. Stewart describes the process of learning he was attracted to men, and then telling the people in his life. He explains the different reactions he received from different people, and how liberating the feeling was. He and Alexa discuss his...


Riding the Waterslyde with Maureen Pollack

Maureen Pollack is an intimacy coach, devoted wife and mother of 2. She's passionate about women's happiness, whether it comes from pleasure, equality, freedom or self image and respect. On yeah: She's also the inventor of The Waterslyde Alexa shares the story of her first experience with pleasure and sensation, which she didn't understand at the time, but in hindsight, she's able to put experience and insight to the situation. Maureen talks about how she was inspired to invent the...


Sex Magic with Laurie Handlers

Laurie Handlers is a film producer, sex educator, author, and intimacy coach. You could call her a Sex and Happiness Coach! If you want to get sexier and happier, call her! She holds a Masters degree in Education and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology. Her career includes over thirty years as a corporate change consultant, individual empowerment coach and international seminar leader. She is a dynamic speaker, facilitator and has taught transformational workshops for women,...


Fists Up for a Sex Positive World with Andre Shakti

Andre Shakti is a journalist, educator, performer, activist and professional slut living in the San Francisco Bay area. She is devoted to normalizing alternative desires, destigmatizing sex workers and their clients, and not taking herself too seriously. Andre wrestles mediocre white men into submission and writes about sex work, queerness, and non-monogamy for Cosmopolitan, Rewire, Thrillist, MEL, Vice, Autostraddle, and more. She can be frequently found marathoning Law & Order: SVU under a...


Kink Positive Therapy with Galen Fous

Through his ongoing independent research into the nature of Fetishsexuality and more than fourteen years of working hands on with clients, Galen intends to offer a variety of alternative views, theories and therapies that may contrast sharply with current clinical, social, political, religious and moral views of human sexuality. He has been advocating for sex positive approaches to understanding the complex nature of Eros and have been “out” publicly in the Sex-Positive, Fetish and Sacred...