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Jessica Tye is a nutritional coach specializing in helping people achieve positive results through education and advising clients about food. Jessica is from Cincinnati, Ohio and has been happily married to her husband Derek since 1996. Her passion for health and living the best life possible has led her to the area of nutritional coaching. She has five children and is continuing to build strong relationships with clients throughout the country....

Jessica Tye is a nutritional coach specializing in helping people achieve positive results through education and advising clients about food. Jessica is from Cincinnati, Ohio and has been happily married to her husband Derek since 1996. Her passion for health and living the best life possible has led her to the area of nutritional coaching. She has five children and is continuing to build strong relationships with clients throughout the country....
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Jessica Tye is a nutritional coach specializing in helping people achieve positive results through education and advising clients about food. Jessica is from Cincinnati, Ohio and has been happily married to her husband Derek since 1996. Her passion for health and living the best life possible has led her to the area of nutritional coaching. She has five children and is continuing to build strong relationships with clients throughout the country....




Episode 98: Integrative Health Coach & Author of "No Fricken Weigh! 21 Days to Ditch the Diet & Shed the Weight the Keto Way" Tracee Gluhaich

More info about my guest: My name is Tracee Gluhaich and I am an Integrative Health Coach and Personal Trainer in California. My new book. No Fricken Weigh! 21 Days to Ditch the Diet and Shed the Weight the Keto Way hit the stores on May 23 and was #1 New Release Nutrition is my passion and I have been a voracious student since 2007. I have been teaching fitness classes at our local YMCA since 2010 and personal training as well. My passion is teaching and inspiring women how to age...


Episode 97: Top 7 Keto Lifestyle Fat Loss hacks for the Busy Mom!

Don't miss this episode if you are looking for ways to get over the "hump" in your Keto lifestyle and/or fat loss efforts. Are you trying to see what will work for your family and looking for valid advice from a nutritional expert? Then look no further and listen to this episode! You can learn more about my FREE PDFs and my Amazon storefront here: Follow this link for my brand new Keto Lifestyle Masterclass: Thanks for...


Episode 96: Interview with Catalina Crunch founder, Krishna Kaliannan on his health challenges that ultimately led to starting this LC/Keto Cereal Company!

Krishna Kaliannan has never run from anything, including a life-altering diagnosis. After managing Type 1 diabetes for years, he was frustrated with a lack of healthy breakfast options and decided to do something about it. As Founder of Catalina Crunch, Krishna prides himself in helping healthy eaters everywhere discover that low-carb breakfasts don’t have to sacrifice flavor or fun. And his social media links: Company:


Episode 95: Fat Fueled Author & Entrepreneur, Derek Tye, shares with us his insights into making the Keto Lifestyle work for YOU!

Derek Tye is my husband and lives his life Keto adapted. In today's episode he will share many of his tips and tricks to a successful Keto Lifestyle. He is truly an amazing human and is sharing his insight into doing life through his brand new book, "The Lord's Prayer for Entrepreneurs: Unlock Success and Build God's Kingdom Through Your Business". Having debuted on Amazon's Best Sellers list I have to say this is a book you should really look into reading! It is EXCELLENT!! You can grab...


Episode 94: Debbie Potts, creator of the Fat Adapted Athlete Program and Author of "Life is Not a Race" on how she used Keto to transform her health!

Debbie Potts has been in the fitness industry for over twenty-five years and a competitive endurance athlete for twenty years. Along her journey, she has accomplished many goals including being nominated as one of the top one hundred best trainers in the U.S. by Men’s Journal in 2004 and 2005 as well as participating in fifteen Ironman Triathlons – five of them were the Hawaii World Ironman Championship. Debbie has owned and operated her own fitness studio in Bellevue Washington for twelve...


Episode 93: William Schumacher - the founder of and creator of the most amazing Keto bread you have ever seen or tasted... And we tell you how you can get yours today!

Bio: William Schumacher is Founder and CEO of (AKA "The Loafer and Chief"). Former Procter and Gamble beauty marketer, 5+ year bio-hacker, intermittent faster, "cyclical keto" practitioner and OG lover of Bulletproof Coffee ... traded in the corporate life to create arguably one of the world's best tasting keto breads. He's on a mission to take on big bread, bring mouthwatering keto bread to the masses, and help make "going keto" WAY easier. Taste buds and keto moms can...


Episode 92: Stephanie Holbrook on the Ketogenic Lifestyle for Endurance Athletes and Beyond!

Today's guest is Keto Endurance Coach Stephanie Holbrook! Coach Stephanie specializes in Periodized Nutrition. Your nutrition should match your training. She uses the latest science in a low carbohydrate/ketogenic diets, keto-adaptation, and fat adaptation, to optimize an athlete’s health and performance. She offers a comprehensive program that focuses on all aspects of health including mindset, stress, nutrition, sleep, and movement. BIO Stephanie took up endurance sports because she...


Episode 91: Chris & Miriam Bair from Keto Chow on how to use a meal replacement, help for the Keto Flu, Keto events happening including the upcoming "Keto Salt Lake" and more!

Chris and Miriam Bair are a husband and wife team who believe in the power of changing lives through the Ketogenic diet. They developed a Keto meal replacement shake called Keto Chow that is a tool people can use to help them make keto easy. They have 6 children, they live in Utah; they like camping, movies and playing games together as a family. They have generously provided my listeners a coupon code to use on their site: ketolifestyle10 for 10% your order on their...


Episode 90: Keto Coach, Jessyca Reynolds - How she overcame multiple health struggles & disordered eating after discovering the Keto WOE & now dedicates her life to helping others do the same!

Special Guest, Jessyca Reynolds: Jessyca is a ketogenic lifestyle coach, who is certified in holistic nutrition and cognitive behavioral therapy for eating disorders. She struggled with bulimia, anorexia, and compulsive eating for 31 years before discovering keto. She has now been in recovery for over three and a half years, and spends most of her time pursuing her passion to spread the word that there is hope, healing, and recovery from eating disorders by just eating real food. She also...


Episode 89: Part 2 - Interview with Fat Fueled Family's Danny & Maura Vega - We metabolic flexibility, Fat Fueled Kids and MORE!

Follow up to episode 88 with part 2 of my interview with Danny and Maura Vega of the Fat Fueled Family!


Episode 88: Interview with Fat Fueled Family's Danny & Maura Vega - We talk Carnivore, Fat Fueled Kids and MORE - Part 1

Part One of my interview with Maura and Danny Vega! Danny Vega: I grew up in Miami, Florida and I have always been interested in nutrition and fitness. Ever since I was a young kid, I wanted to be a “strong man”. In high school, I was the starting runningback for my football team, and led the county in rushing yards. I then went on to receive my bachelor’s degree from Columbia University in 2004, where I was a member of the football team and a three-time Dean’s List recipient. After...


Episode 87: Tracking macros, Intermittent Fasting, Where and How to Start the Keto Lifestyle and MORE listener questions answered in this episode!

Jessica answers some pretty commonly asked listener questions about the title subjects and more! Sign up for Jessica's online Keto course NOW: Thanks for listening! Instagram: @thatketoblonde


Episode 86: Keto Farms founders, Ben & Brandon, talk about food quality, benefits of sprouting, how their products can help you on your keto journey and why they started Keto Farms to begin with!

Get 20% off any of Keto Farms products with promo code 20JESSICATYE valid on Amazon orders and! Keto Farms: Ben & Brandon are the founders of Keto Farms – a fast-growing online food company taking a different approach to support healthy, on-the-go lifestyles by using only the cleanest, keto-friendly ingredients and a 'from-the-Earth' concept which excludes sweeteners, preservatives or additives of any kind. Keto Farms has two product lines, instant Keto Beverages and...


Episode 85: Interview with co-founder & CEO of Swerve, Andress Blackwell - Sugar alcohols, Changing the Grocery Store Shelves & Stopping the dieting madness!

Andress Blackwell is my guest today and she is one of the founders of Swerve. Swerve is a delicious natural sweetener that measures cup-for-cup just like sugar! Swerve is made from ingredients found in select fruits and starchy root vegetables, and contains no artificial ingredients, preservatives or flavors. It’s zero-calorie, non-glycemic and safe for those living with diabetes, since it has no effect on blood glucose or insulin levels. As one of the founders of Swerve Sweetener,...


Episode 84: Interview with "Bio Diet" author David G. Harper, PhD. where we cover diet & lifestyle and how to make lasting changes!

To sign up for my online Keto class that starts tomorrow, Wednesday, June 26, 2019! You still have time - go to to get registered. Can't wait to see you there! Today's interview with Dr. David G. Harper: For 40 years, we have been slowly eating ourselves to death—and doing so based on outdates guidelines for what constitutes a healthy diet. This low-fat, high-carbohydrate grand experiment has led to epidemic increases in obesity and other chronic conditions,...


Episode 82: Interview with "Guy Gone Keto" author and Steviva brands founder, Thom King where we talk all things Keto & micro-biome!

Thom King Hear first podcast interview with Thom and Jessica in episode #51 of the Keto Lifestyle Podcast. Thom King founded Steviva Brands, now Icon Foods, in 1999 when his passion for food and his concern about the explosion of metabolic diseases united in a mission of providing consumers healthy alternatives to sugar. His work is responsible for food manufacturers creating products that contain 50% - 90% fewer sugars by replacing sugar and high fructose corn syrup in their products! In...


Episode 81: Jessica's Top 15 MUST HAVE Keto products for your successful Keto Lifestyle!

Jessica’s Top 15 MUST HAVE keto products Keto Clarity book by Jimmy MooreReal Food Keto book by Jimmy & Christine MooreCarb Manager appKeto MojoQuest cookies and barsLily’s chocolate barsGuy Gone Keto condimentsPrimal Kitchen mayoF Bomb nut buttersMCT oil“Whisps” brand cheese crispsRed Rush 360 Red Light therapyDefender Shield cell phone caseZevia naturally flavored sparkling watersThank you for listening!


Episode 80: 7 Days to Starting your new Keto Lifestyle! Just one change a day can have you starting keto the "right" way for lasting results!

7 Days to beginning your new keto lifestyle – Just add one change a day and have a whole week of new lifestyle changes in places at the end of the week and you are ready to dive into your new Keto lifestyle! Day 1: Take Measurements and “Before” pics! This may not be something you want to do, but this can be so super helpful in the beginning of a health or weight loss journey. Whether you are looking to “get healthier”, lose weight or gain muscle, measuring your progress is super...


Episode 79: When your doctor tells you that your "Cholesterol is high" on your ketogenic diet and what all those numbers really mean!

In this episode Jessica responds to listeners questions about being told that their cholesterol numbers are high while they are on a keto diet and specifically addresses a client who is concerned about their most recent test scores. How do you know what all those numbers mean and how to talk with your doctor when you feel amazing, but they are telling you that you need to stop eating meat, fat and cholesterol?! Here is a quick reference range for your basic lipid panel: (provided by Dr....


Episode 78: "Good" & "Bad" foods in your Keto Lifestyle via a listener question PLUS how to fuel your child/teen athlete with nutrient dense low carb WHOLE FOODS!

Jessica addresses this email that came in from a listener: "Dear Jessica, Good morning. I am sitting here in my living room this morning crying in my coffee. I feel like I am out of control with my diet. I have been low carb for 3.5 years and lost 63 pounds (I started at 216.) I have since gained about 8 pounds and I can’t get it off. I am 46 years old and I am majorly stressing over my food choices. Confession... I have had at least one bad meal a week since thanksgiving. I know that’s...