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At LOA Uncorked, magic means recognizing that something special has occurred, but you don't know how — or why. We're Holli and Jeanna, and we're here to help you experience more magic, joy, and laughter as we uplevel our lives and uncork our inner bad-assery. Never miss an episode! Join the party here: http://loauncorked.com/#community

At LOA Uncorked, magic means recognizing that something special has occurred, but you don't know how — or why. We're Holli and Jeanna, and we're here to help you experience more magic, joy, and laughter as we uplevel our lives and uncork our inner bad-assery. Never miss an episode! Join the party here: http://loauncorked.com/#community


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At LOA Uncorked, magic means recognizing that something special has occurred, but you don't know how — or why. We're Holli and Jeanna, and we're here to help you experience more magic, joy, and laughter as we uplevel our lives and uncork our inner bad-assery. Never miss an episode! Join the party here: http://loauncorked.com/#community




Episode 44: Magic or an Edible?

Yep, just by the title of this one you know it's gonna get interesting! On this episode the LOA gals start the episode off admiring a fluffification of ‘the stu’, setting intentions for the episode and their pre-podcast ritual. Holli and Jeanna share highlights of their recent trip to Clearwater, Florida - with a very specific focus on safety first and stranger danger techniques. That is right, remember those stranger danger assemblies in school? It’s a bit like that but not nearly as...


Episode 43: Life Path & Destiny Numbers

Think of this solo episode as a class in Numerology 101 taught by Professor Holli with a class syllabus that includes: H&J AstrologySoul Purpose Before class is dismissed Professor Holli teaches you how to calculate your life path. The cliff notes on that are below: If your birthday is June 16, 1972: If you get an 11 or a 22; do not reduce these to a 2 or a 4 respectively. They are called master numbers and it is believed those with a master number have more commitment to fulfill their...


Episode 42: Our Smoking Hot Square LOA A$$es are Florida Bound!

This solo episode with the LOA gals are focused on: Clearwater, FloridaCosabellaRed Table TalkBrené Brownin Badassery Principal #7The difference between shame and guilt: shame is I am bad. Guilt separates you and the action/behavior and says I did something bad. Shame is positively correlated to depression, eating disorders, suicide, etc. Shame and guilt often results in destructive self-talk. Poor self talk = code red in sector 4 - the worst warning ever! It can often be used as a...


Episode 41: 10 Badassery Principles - LOA Uncorked Outtake Episode

We went into the vault for this episode! Listen in on a pre-pandemic recording of the LOA Uncorked Badassery Principles to live by! The recording was done on a blustery Saturday in Seattle and was intended to be released as a video. The LOA gals have never released the video but some of the video clips have been shared. It was a fun episode and we are thrilled to share the principles and the conversation with you all. LOA Uncorked Uplevel Assignment: Live in your own badassery! Podcast...


Episode 40: Beautiful Soul Channeler Stephanie Banks

Audience, brace yourselves for a truly magnificent episode! The LOA gals are honored to have shared time and this profound conversation with divine goddess guest, Stephanie Banks...and we are thrilled to share it with you all. Stephanie is an intuitive channeler and coach who uses her channeling gifts to reconnect people to their soul’s wisdom and innate intuition to create a life of their wildest imagination. Now, how LOA Uncorked badassery is that!? Stephanie graciously shares her journey...


Episode 39: Golriz - A True Vegan Maven

This episode was so special for the LOA gals that we made it our VERY FIRST SPECIAL RELEASE EPISODE! We simply didn’t want to wait any longer for you all to hear the passion, wisdom and kind soul of our guest - Golriz. Gol is an advocate for cruelty-free living and all things vegan. From food, to fashion, to beauty, to household / daily living - she has been on a journey to change the way she lives and educate others around her to live more mindfully, graciously and healthy. What inspired...


Episode 38: Skinny Dipping with Dr Keira Barr

Our guest for this episode is so incredibly talented, smart and committed to healthy, mindful living that she’ll inspire us all to strip naked and jump in a cold body of water! Dr. Keira is in the house! In fact, she stole the poop emoji pillow, settled in and claimed the LOA ‘stu’ as her very own pop-up clinic! This episode covers so much ground with lots of sexy doctor talk and lingo, plenty (too much for GG) of words that start with “V” and some uncorked assignments that will help our...


Episode 37: Bada$$, Award-winning Writer and Director - Naz Riahi

The scene: New York City, The Ludlow Hotel’s Dirty French restaurant. The year: 2015 Across the table sat the guest of this episode and a dear friend of ours. The other side of the table - the LOA gals. In typical fashion, Holli and Jeanna were opining upon just about anything and everything up for discussion. Animated, passionate, and full of thoughts and opinions Holli and Jeanna collaboratively shared who to solve all problems, avoid all problems and the full range of dating advice any...


Episode 36: GG’s A$$, Saturn and Uranus - Ready, Set, GO!

This episode is just what we need during this time of planetary nonsense….some lightness and levity with a dose of ‘you aren’t crazy’! What are you in for this episode,you ask? If you can believe it, all of this: Did you know? There is an astrological fight club in the sky with Saturn (you know, the ‘saggy boobed old lady planet’ of hard work, discipline, and boundaries) and Uranus (planet of rebellion and phuck you) opposing each other (astrology nerd term for this is ‘the planets squaring...


Ep 35: A.K. Wilder & Crown of Bones - This Wonder from Down Under is our Diana Ross!

Join Holli and Jeanna as they share an extraordinary conversation with author, astrologer, and the wickedly talented and multifaceted, Kim Falconer. Remember The Oprah Show episode when she interviewed her idol, Diana Ross? You know the episode when she cried, couldn’t hardly speak (who knew even Oprah could be speechless) and was just in awe the whole interview (refresher if interested: https://youtu.be/mw-c_5CY0B4 Kim is in red, Holli is Oprah ;). Yep, Kim is legit rockstar legend...


Episode 34: The Unhinged Honey Badger

In this episode, Holli and Jeanna share fun, some nonsense and scary dating premonitions (hint: hide if you are a zookeeper, especially an Irwin) all while honoring Ireland and LOAUncorked’s exciting (albeit questionable, at best) international ratings! Once you hop off your Sunshine Tours bus on Chuckanut Drive, make your way past the unhinged honey badger and find the zookeeper that Holli scares into going to Ireland with the LOA gals reveal new moon strategies and tactics to leverage the...


Ep 33: SLVR Lining to Kick Off 2021 in Style

Holli and Jeanna begin the episode with a welcome to 2021, an ode to the dumpster fire that was 2020 and Holli’s new love strategy*. Just when you think their banter will never end, they welcome Emily Britt - just in time! This podcast is one of our favorites yet! Emily is a beautiful example of an LOA lifestyle in development and practice. She’s a 24 year old mogul with passion, commitment to global change towards sustainable and ethical fashion. Her fashion journey is rooted in her...


Ep 32: Kiss Our Collective a$$es 2020 – Bring On 2021

Join Holli and Jeanna for a just in time, Solstice inspired, 2021 readiness episode. We talk about The Great Conjunction and the Christmas Star event on 12/21 – how did/do you leverage this incredible, energetic shift? While you are thinking about what you are grateful for, what no longer serves you and what you are calling in/manifesting for 2021 we certainly hope you are entertained by some pure LOA real life magical stories along the way: What and when is all this planetary brilliance,...


Ep 31: Is it an unja or a knee? A podversary question for thee…

This episode is full of questions! What the hell is an unja anyway? Where is a canine knee in relation to whatever the unja is? Is podversary a thing? Why do the LOA gals travel with a effing amazing dancer and a girlfriend with rockstar restraint when things are uncorked and TikTok is present? And, most importantly, who knew there was a process and a tunnel for stress, burnout, grief and loss? Important LOA quiz prior to listening: Do you think Holli and Jeanna have answers to these...


Episode 30: The Thanksgiving Episode: Andrew Kap, #1 best selling author for The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need to Read

On this episode, Holli and Jeanna welcome special guest and author, Andrew Kap, Andrew is the bestselling author of the “The Last Law Of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need To Read”. He has a strong YouTube following and has created a curated menu for self-development manifesters to join, learn from and grow with! As you will hear, this was an LOA collab that is perfect for anytime…but just in time for the holiday season! The great discussion, interesting LOA sharing, and thoughtful content is...


Episode 29: Sunday — This Powerhouse Does It All!

Join Holli and Jeanna with their special guest – Sunday Hamilton – tea leaf reader, psychic, artist, jewelry creator, energy healer, tarot deck creator, shamanic journey and an author. Uplevel Uncorked Assignment: Find your life path number for a future episode! https://numerology.astro-seek.com/life-path-number-online-calculator Where to find Sunday: https://www.facebook.com/Goddess.Stones/ EFT Tapping: https://www.thetappingsolution.com If you enjoyed our podcast, please share it and...


Episode 28: The LOA Dry & Sparkle Regime – Core Values Edition

This episode, Holli and Jeanna highlight the importance of likeminded friends who support your continued growth, discipline in self-care (or as Holli is trying to rebrand as: “this bitch is up”), and the winks from the universe that you are on the right path (synchronicities) during these crazy ass times! All of this, AND more about the brilliance of the Toto toilet. We can’t wait until Toto is a sponsor of LOA Uncorked! LOA Uncorked Assignment:


Episode 27: Nodes being Caressed, Zombies, and Truffles – Listener Readings Unveiled

Join Holli and Jeanna as they give three lucky listeners on the spot astrological readings but before that, they can’t contain themselves with Holli’s Nashville trip and a toilet: Uplevel Uncorked Assignment: If you enjoyed our podcast, please share it and rate it. Send us feedback or questions you want answered at www.loauncorked.com


Episode 26: Psychic Goddess Anaijia Wilder Finale

Join Holli & Jeanna for Part Two with Anaijia. It’s cool to be a spiritual gangster but leave the real work to talents like Anaijia who know their gifts and know, understand and abide by the universal laws. Uplevel Uncorked Assignment: Rate us and comment or send your recommendation in from our website – we will offer a 30 minute reading by Anaijia to one lucky listener on us! Resources: https://music.apple.com/us/album/self-destruct/1523303556


Ep 25: Psychic Goddess Anaijia Wilder

The LOA gals get right to the guest – no hocus-pocus stories about Toto toilets, bomb squads or protein powder. You can thank Anaijia for that. …see, she’s powerful. Uplevel Uncorked Assignment: Get your daily ritual/grounding protocol and get clear about what you want to focus on! Resources: