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At LOA Uncorked, magic means recognizing that something special has occurred, but you don't know how — or why. We're Holli and Jeanna, and we're here to help you experience more magic, joy, and laughter as we uplevel our lives and uncork our inner bad-assery. Never miss an episode! Join the party here: http://loauncorked.com/#community

At LOA Uncorked, magic means recognizing that something special has occurred, but you don't know how — or why. We're Holli and Jeanna, and we're here to help you experience more magic, joy, and laughter as we uplevel our lives and uncork our inner bad-assery. Never miss an episode! Join the party here: http://loauncorked.com/#community


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At LOA Uncorked, magic means recognizing that something special has occurred, but you don't know how — or why. We're Holli and Jeanna, and we're here to help you experience more magic, joy, and laughter as we uplevel our lives and uncork our inner bad-assery. Never miss an episode! Join the party here: http://loauncorked.com/#community




Episode 72: Rúna Magnús - A Change Maker

Attention all LOAers - come one come ALL to listen to this incredible conversation with leader, coach, world change maker, Rúna! Rúna shares her passion to bring the exceptional gender equality she experienced in Iceland to the rest of the world. You will hear all about her ‘matrix moment’ as a Change Maker delegate participating at the United Nations and the powerful connection and partnership with Nicolas Haines (if you missed Nick’s visit with Holli and Jeanna listen to it here). What...


Episode 71: Dr. Valerie Sheppard - The Embodiment of Wholeness

LOAers - if a part of your personal development work includes living authentically and connected to your whole self, resilience, and heart and soul. She reminds us all that stuck energy needs a release and the healthiest thing we can all do is feel it and release it…even if that means an ugly cry that others see. Dr. Valerie defines emotional freedom, boundaries, and the importance of compassionate communication. More about Valerie: Valerie Sheppard is a catastrophic-stroke survivor,...


Episode 70: Gido Schimanski Personal Impact Coach Extraordinaire

Holli and Jeanna canNOT wait for you to listen to T H I S episode! What a magnificent conversation with an incredibly creative and talented (like VIP main stage talent!), compassionate, warm, and wickedly gifted personal impact coach Gido Schimanski! He leveraged his personal story of evolution, mastery, and commitment to continual development (spoiler alert: Gido reminds us all that personal development is not about fixing who we are but rather identifying where we might want to improve.)...


Episode 69: Natalie Ledwell, Self-Made Mogul

LOAers - T H I S episode is the example of what badassery and LOA is all about. LOA Uncorked aims to showcase beautiful souls who model the way - and this mogul does just that. In all the ways! Even Holli promotes her from guest to sister in the first 10 minutes of the podcast…and, yes, the stalking paperwork is complete and ready for our guest, if needed! Holli and Jeanna are elated to share the conversation we shared with Mind Movies co-founder and Not Over, Just Different Podcast host,...


Episode 68: Boundary Boss Nancy Levin

LOAers, this episode starts out with Holli’s true confessions and gets to the root of her first foray into stalking…..although not shocked, but clearly news to Jeanna, she as always was well prepared to support our very special guest Nancy Levin! The host of Your Permission Prescription Podcast had her pad of prescriptions ready and generously doled out advice, counsel and many ah-ha moments. The conversation expanded around what boundaries are, who is responsible for holding those...


Episode 67: Chef Nasim Alikhani 🥂Fierce, Fearless and a Force

LOAers, this is a bonus episode in EVERY way! But, we simply couldn’t wait any longer to share this incredible episode 4+ years in the making! You all know Holli as well as Jeanna does, when Holli sets her mind to something she makes it happen! And, after meeting Nasim years earlier, Holli and Jeanna have been planning to make a trip back to NYC one day and interview Chef Nasim in Brooklyn at Sofreh. Holli experienced the magic of this incredibly passionate and powerful leader who had taken...


Episode 66: Obsidian Knife, Change Agent Susanne Frandsen

This episode is for all of us who desire a secret power, energetic ninja, coach extraordinaire as part of your personal LOA badassery posse! If that kinda badassery posse member is what you desire (and, even if you don’t now, trust us you will after listening to this episode), meet the newest member of your team, Susanne Frandsen. The LOA gals have the most exquisite conversation (ok, coaching session) with Susanne and the nuggets of pure gold are monumental! From the wisdom of...


Episode 65: Raising Our Vibration with Kevin Schoeninger and Stephen Altair

WARNING: This podcast is MEGA SIZED and the first time Holli and Jeanna have hosted two guests! ...and they have definitely met their match with these two exceptional, incredible souls! The conversation shares Stephen and Kevin’s individual journeys and expertise but also highlights the magic that occurs when the two reunite (and the reuniting story is nothing short of breathtaking) and began to partner together in this lifetime! And you know the LOA gals, they are all about seeing and...


Episode 64: That’s Right, This B*tch Is Up!

Ok, LOAers, buckle up for another solo episode with all the fun, flare, and foundational concepts that anyone seeking a badassery lifestyle needs in their routine! But first, there will be plenty of banter about more highly skilled LOA supporters, Anthony and Theresa, who saved the LOA day and helped ensure our studio looks legit and ready for any red carpet event; little Jeanna’s first memory of a bitch and the unfortunate outcome; and just general (over?)sharing about what the LOA gals...


Episode 63: Quickie and Enjoy Every Bite of the F*cking Twinkie with Jamie Lerner

We are so excited for our listeners to join in on this powerful episode of LOA Uncorked - our guest, Jamie Lerner, shares heartfelt stories about connectedness with self, knowing, quickies and a twinkie. And, YES, the quickies AND the twinkie stories are heartfelt... get your minds out of the gutter, people! You will hear that the LOA gals beg to be fast friends with Jamie (Holli’s new BFF with the restraining order ready and waiting to submit to her local authorities, if needed) and learned...


Episode 62: Here Comes the Water Tiger and a Ground Breaking 2022 with Nicholas Haines

Hold onto your bubbles LOAer’s, do we ever have an incredible episode for you all! Holli and Jeanna introduce you to their newest dear friend from across the pond (yep, Great Britain!) Nicholas Haines. This episode is jam packed with teaching, inspiration, and such generosity of spirit that we are sure you will enjoy the conversation (hopefully as much as the LOA gals did!) and learn what we all have to look forward to in this new Chinese Lunar Year of the Water Tiger (began on 2/1/2022)....


Episode 61: Show Us The Money Mike!

LOAers - welcome back to another Uncorked episode with an incredible guest that we are excited to share. Mike's passion is to guide people financially to freedom! Our intent is always to highlight people who are authentically living their soul's purpose and their stories provide insight, learning, and inspiration to consider/learn from as you are co-creating your own badassery life with the universe! After listening to the conversation with Mike, the LOA gals are confident you’ll know why...


Episode 60: Akashic Records Healer and Intuitive Life Coach Doinita Ward

LOA listeners! You are in for a seriously HUGE episode... in so many ways! As many of you know, when Holli wants to manifest something she doesn’t mess around. AND, often receives more than she ever expected when the Big U delivers - and this was absolutely the case when Holli called upon her guides and universe to help ensure she found an Akashic Records expert. Not only did she find one, she found another new BFF of LOA Uncorked and a beautiful example of LOA life exploration and...


Episode 59: Lisa Tahir - Beautiful, Talented Soul & Author of The Chiron Effect: Healing Our Core Wounds through Astrology, Empathy, and Self Forgiveness

In this powerful episode of LOA Uncorked, we enjoy a brilliant conversation with Lisa Tahir, Psychoastrology®, author, healer, and beautiful soul. If you don’t believe us, just ask His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama who endorsed Lisa’s book The Chiron Effect: Healing Our Core Wounds through Astrology, Empathy, and Self-Forgiveness. This is a conversation that reveals so much about Lisa’s depth of talent, brilliance, vulnerability, and heart. It also brings out important vulnerability and...


Episode 58: The Young, Brilliant, and Restless Nicon Moeini

How talented is the Moeini family, you ask? So incredibly so..like mother, like son! On this episode, we had the opportunity to speak with Nicon, Holli’s son. Nicon is a passionate, gifted (the Hanenburg’s swear he is a musical genius and we aren’t alone…) professional audio, mixing, mastering engineer, he’s a producer, independent artist, and DJ. So talented that we hope our listeners have enjoyed Nicon’s work as its welcomed you to each episode over the past year. And, we couldn’t think...


Episode 57: Rockstar Sh*t with Kelly Whinnem

This episode is so very special for Holli and Jeanna. The LOA gals are excited to share this fantastic conversation with our LOA Uncorked original partner-in-crime, Kelly Whinnem. Kelly is our podcast editor extraordinaire and it has become clear to the LOA gals that she is incredibly quick witted, her life story is rich, and we knew you all would enjoy her as much as we do! As you will hear, it was our first time ever meeting Kelly and it was like we were childhood friends back together...


Episode 56: From the LOA Vault AKA Repost: Fan Favorite Andrew Kap, #1 best selling author for The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need to Read

We pulled our 2020 fan favorite back out of the LOA vault to share with you all again! As you will hear, this was an LOA collab that is perfect for anytime… but just in time for the holiday season! The great discussion, interesting LOA sharing, and thoughtful content is perfect to jump start the holiday season and pre-paving awesomeness for the new year. Andrew brings a ‘you gotta understand LOA and use it to support your visioning and longer-term goals’ commitment to his work. His message...


Episode 55: Icon of Authenticity and Badassery - April Cornell

On this episode of LOA Uncorked, we welcome a real icon of authenticity and badassery - April Cornell. Throughout this conversation we are certain it will become clear to our listeners why both Holli and Jeanna simply couldn’t forget April (the story about how we met her was divinely appointed, for sure) and knew she would be a fantastic guest to highlight for our LOA listeners - but even we had NO IDEA how profound the conversation with April would be! April is an intuitive tattoo artist,...


Episode 54: Taking Your Divine Power Back From A Narcissist

In this solo episode the LOA Gals talk about a topic that has been popping up in many conversations over the past few months - narcissism. But, before getting to narcissism and gaslighting, Holli an Jeanna share the current life happenings: HOCO is really a FOCO this year for most high schoolers...but the glam squad, gorgeous dresses, fabu shoes, and HOCO fun filled Holli’s house this weekend! It’s also Halloween time - and the LOA gals (thanks to Holli) have a third member, It, in the stu....


Episode 53: Human Design Expert and Delightful Human Erin Claire Jones

The LOA Gals welcome an incredibly designed human, Erin Claire Jones. Excited for you all to listen to this episode, seek to understand your human design and begin to integrate changes in how you live your life, make decisions, and spend your time and energy that best support YOU! Erin uses Human Design to help thousands of individuals and companies step into their work and their lives as their truest selves and to their highest potential. She is a guide, coach, and speaker and has a...