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Depression Within Our People

Today I spoke with Dr. Miguel Gallardo from Irvine, CA who shared his experience and wisdom about the spectrum of depression within our culture. We discussed what clinical depression is, sadness vs. depression, common symptoms, ways to help yourself and someone else. Oftentimes, people believe that someone who is happy one day and sad the next day, is manipulative, Dr. Gallardo touches upon this notion! The winner for the T-shirt contest is announced in the outro! Be sure to email your...


Break the Stigma with Wilmer Valderrama!

In this final episode of the season, I had the honor to sit down and chat with Wilmer Valderrama, actor, producer and activist. Wilmer shared about his upbringing and immigration experience. He talked about how mental health was perceived in his family, and also about the mentality that helps him reach his goals. He shares his views on motivation and resiliency. Towards the end of the episode, Wilmer switches things up and questions me about the fear I disclosed. Currently, Wilmer is a...


Cuando Necesitas Un Hijo que Traduzca En Inglés

En este segmento, platique con Lisette Sanchez sobre los efectos psicológicos e emocionales de padres e hijos cuando se utiliza el valor cultural de traducir por necesidad, como la tendencia de querer complacer a los padres pero también la frustración y vergüenza de los padres. Exploramos cómo apoyar a los jóvenes traductores y también a los padres, al igual que discutir las configuraciones apropiadas cuando los niños no deberían de traducir. Hablamos del miedo de hablar el español en...


When You're the English Translator for Your Family

Did you carry the role of translating for your parents? The academic term for a child translating for a parent is “language brokering” so you will hear us refer to that in this segment. We also mentioned that children take on a “parentified” role, meaning where a child takes the role and responsibilities of an adult. In this segment, I talked with Lisette Sanchez, about the psychological and emotional effects of parents and children when this cultural value of translating out of necessity...


Una diálogo honesto sobre el SEXO

El sexo es para el matrimonio, entre un hombre y una mujer, o detrás de puertas. Pensémoslo de nuevo! Bienvenidxs a la sesión 14! Estoy muy emocionada por el capitulo de hoy porque es un tema que contiene mucho estigma de vergüenza y hoy empezaremos a quebrar ese estigma. La Dra. Janet Brito, localizada en Hawaii, nos habla sobre las nociones psicológicas que nos han inculcado desde hace generaciones. Hablamos sobre los tabúes de sexo, la promiscuidad, las consecuencias por evitar el...


Sneak Peek into a Forbidden Topic: Sex

Sex is: for marriage, between a man and a woman, or behind closed doors. Think again! Welcome to sesion #14! I am really excited about today's episode because this topic is one that has heavy shame woven into it, and today, we start to break this stigma down. Dr. Janet Brito, located in Hawaii, talks to us about the psychological notions that have been instills in us from generations ago. We talk about sex taboos, promiscuity, consequences for avoiding the topic of sex, what is sex...


Alimentos al Rescate Para La Salud Mental

Jacquie Marquez hablo de lo que es importante consumir para que uno no tenga cambios de humor fuerte, técnicas que uno puede usar con niños que son difíciles para comer “picky”, habla de la importancia de la alimentación en los niños, y de los alimentos en frutas y vegetables específicos. Habla de cuales suplemento nos beneficia para no tener muchos cambios de humor, y también nos explica que alimento necesita el cuerpo cuando nuestro sistema nervioso esta activado. Y al fin, da respuesta...


Break the Stigma: Self-Forgiveness Conquers All

Listen to our second Break the Stigma guest, Pam Covarrubias, as she discloses about her journey towards forgiveness with various experiences, including abandonment from her father, a toxic relationship with an ex, her mentality after the break-up from this toxic relationship and sexual assault. She gives her perception on reporting her sexual assault experience. In this segment, Pam also dives into the discrimination during her college years in the Midwest. See the resources below for the...


Maldita Depresión

¡Bienvenido a la sesión número 11! Hoy hablé con Cecilia Racine, trabajadora social con licencia clínica de la ciudad de Fairfax en el estado de Virginia, localizada en la área de Washington, D.C. Ella compartió su experiencia y sabiduría sobre las diversas formas de cómo se manifiesta la depresión dentro de nuestra cultura. Hablamos sobre lo que es la depresión clínica, los síntomas comunes, la diferencia entre la tristeza y la depresión y las formas de ayudarse a sí mismo y a otras...


Viviendo con Ansiedad

“Más de 21% de adultos estadounidenses de entre los 18 y 64 anos tendrán un trastorno de ansiedad que pueda diagnosticarse en un ano dado, según Mental Health America. Este porcentaje representa 42.5 millones de personas.” Bienvenidos a sesión 8. Hoy mi invitada es Yesenia Reta, trabajadora social clínica de Bradenton, Florida. Hoy Yesenia y yo combínanos nuestras especialidades de ansiedad y colaboramos en este segmento. Hablamos de la definición de la ansiedad clínica, los síntomas de...


Anxiety 101

“According to Mental Health America, over 21% of American adults between the ages of 18 and 64 will have a diagnosable anxiety disorder in a given year, that number represents 42.5 million people”. Welcome to sesión 8, where Yesenia Reta, LCSW, and I bring our anxiety specialties into one interview for you. We define what anxiety is, go over different type of anxieties, review anxiety in our culture, and the symptoms that anxiety brings. We also go over where anxiety comes from and bring...


La Vergüenza A.K.A. Shame

Today we meet Zeahlot Lopez, LMFT. In this bilingual sesión, we talk about the intention of shame, intergenerational shame, shame in speaking Spanish, where this stems from and how you can work on shame, if you are not ready to enter into therapy. Most importantly, Zeahlot talks to us about her unique perspective of using shame as a strength and provides us with various tools. Zeahlot Lopez is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Cosmetologist in private practice in...


Técnicas Para Encontrar La Felicidad

Hoy hablamos con Andrea Minski de sus secretos para encontrar la felicidad. Ella comparte con nosotros varias técnicas, incluyendo un ejercicio de Brasil, Capoeira. Este ejercicio incluye una combinación de música, baile, defensa personal y cultura. Ella trae su energía y alegría en este segmento y nos enseña sus técnicas para tratar con los niños para que uno aprenda la paciencia. Compartió cómo balancear ser madre y profesional, y cómo vivir una vida auténtica. Pueden perseguir a Andrea...


When Drugs & Alcohol Are Involved

In this sesión with Bianca Rodriguez, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, we talk about drugs and alcohol. We discuss what it means to be addicted and have a substance use disorder, substances that make someone addicted, we review cultural habits that weigh in, how to set boundaries and ways to talk to someone struggling with these realities. Did you know that about 9.5 percent of Latinos will have alcohol dependence at some point in their lives? This is according to the National...


Break the Stigma: From Self-Mutilator to Warrior

Nancy Salas, born in Nayarit, Mexico struggled with mental health realities after a family secret was disclosed to her. This secret shattered her life and spiraled her world into self-destruction. Nancy Salas had an epiphany after the birth of her daughter at the age of 16 years old that changed her perspective of the world. We talk about the psychological perspectives that helped her begin recovering, and the boundaries she learned from therapy that she had to set in place with her...


Bipolar Disorder: It's Not What You Think

In sesión 3, Peruvian Elena Apaza, Board Certified Nurse Practitioner explores with me what Bipolar Disorder truly is and what it is not. She dives into the symptoms from the two different types of Bipolar Disorder, problems with diagnosing Bipolar Disorder, how this diagnosis is seen in our Latinx culture and what people in our community do when they do not get treatment. We also answer your questions and provide you all with language to use with someone who has disclosed this diagnosis...


When La Chancla Crosses the Line

La chancla, which refers to a flip flop in Spanish, is a cultural discipline style that has evolved to be very symbolic. La chancla can also refer cords, cables, the belt, hangers, any item that can be used to inflict pain as a punishment. Often, it is also a trigger word and is a form of child abuse. In this special 1-hour sesión, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Maritza Plascencia shares her personal experience with la chancla, and dives deeper with her professional knowledge...


Introduction to Latinx Therapy

Latinx Therapy is a bilingual weekly podcast that discusses mental health from a cultural and psychological perspective. Join Adriana Alejandre interview professionals that support and specialize in mental health related topics to give a sneak peek of what goes on psychologically and to give professional knowledge about myths carried on in our culture from generations ago. Each episode will be referred to a "sesión" (a "session" in Spanish). In this introductory sesión, you will learn...