Sexual Abuse in Teens

Trigger Warning: The information shared here may be found triggering for individuals who have personally experienced sexual abuse or assault at any point of their lives. Please prioritize your inner needs, take breaks from the episode if you choose to listen. Of all victims under age 18, 2 out of 3 are within the ages of 12 and 17. One in 9 girls and 1 in 53 boys under the age of 18 experience sexual abuse or assault at the hands of adults. 93% of the perpetrators is someone the survivors...


Abuso de Alcohol en la Cultura

En este segmento sobre abuso de sustancias, damos la bienvenida a Genesis Games, LMHC de Miami, Florida. Ella nos habla de su experiencia profesional con el abuso de alcohol, cómo se define el abuso de alcohol, los efectos que tiene sobre el individuo y la familia, los mitos detrás de esto en nuestra cultura, la mejor manera de apoyar a alguien con este problema y comparte recursos para los miembros de la familia para utilizar. Si te gusta este episodio, déjanos una reseña en iTunes! Para...


Substance Abuse in the Latinx Community

In this episode on substance abuse, we welcome Genesis Games, LMHC from Miami, Florida. She sheds light on her knowledge with alcohol abuse, how alcohol abuse is defined, the effects it has on the individual and the family, the myths behind it in our culture & the best way to support someone with this issue. Follow Genesis on Instagram: @themiamitherapist & check out her practice at: www.TheMiamiTherapist.com If you like this episode, we would greatly appreciate a review on iTunes. Follow...


Season 3: Children's Mental Health

Season 3 will be dedicated to Children's Mental Health topics. Please note that I recorded many of these interviews in 2018 but just was not been able to edit and release them due to many schedule changes I had in my life in 2019. The reason why I had thought of having a whole season on children mental health is truly because there’s a child in all of us, so even if you are not a parent or caregiver, this is for anyone who grew up as a child in the Latinx culture. In this trailer, I give a...


La Cultura & Codependency

What is codependency for you? The following therapists use personal examples but also examples they use in the therapy setting. We define codependency, discuss cultural signs that may indicate we are codependent, overcoming codependency & more. Our speakers were: Luis Cornejo, LMFT @psychosocial_media https://psychosocial.media/ Stefany Fuentes, LMFT @vidacounselingandconsulting http://stefanydfuentes.com/ Claudette Meystayer, LCSW– Nicaragua – addictions -...


When God And Therapy Are Both Okay

Yanira Peña, LMFT from Tustin, CA is one of our two season closers. We recorded this special episode on May 18th, 2019 LIVE in front of 70 people who attended our 1 year celebration in Los Angeles. This episode discusses the separation of religion, therapy and mental health. We review common misconceptions through her experience of being raised Catholic and now practicing Christianity. Yanira discloses a personal experience where she needed to embrace both religion and therapy. She uses both...



Zeahlot Lopez, LMFT, LPCC from Sherman Oaks, CA is one of our two season closers. We recorded this special episode on May 18th, 2019 LIVE in front of 70 people who attended our 1 year celebration in Los Angeles. This episode discusses the personal impact of being asked “¿y el novio?” but also how to empower yourself to remove the frustration that stems from this question. Zeahlot uses both her professional and personal experience with this topic! Our vendors and sponsors included these...


Break the Stigma with Dior Vargas

Welcome to our last break the stigma segment of this season! This special episode on Mental Health Awareness month concludes Season 2 and we will begin Season 3 with Children's Mental Health next week! Today’s guest is Dior Vargas - a Latina Feminist Mental Health Activist living in New York City. She is the creator of the People of Color and Mental Illness Photo Project, a response to the invisibility of people of color in the media representation of mental illness. She is also the editor...


La Ansiedad Cuando Limpiamos

Hoy hablamos de un importante valor cultural, la limpieza. Es posible que no se ha realizado, pero la forma en que se nos enseña a limpiar y la razón por la que hacemos la limpieza tiene implicaciones para la salud mental que pasan inadvertidamente porque se realizan de forma automática y / o diaria. Para muchas personas en nuestra comunidad, la limpieza es uno de los elementos que nos da estatus, o quizás una de las cosas sobre las que realmente tenemos control. Discutimos la vergüenza que...


The Shame & Anxiety Behind Cleaning

Today we discuss an important cultural value, cleaning. It may not be realized but the manner in which we are taught to clean and why we clean has mental health implications that go unnoticed because it’s done on an automatic and/or daily basis. For a lot of people in our community, cleaning is one of the elements that gives us status, or perhaps one of the things that we truly have control over. We discuss the shame that cleaning has had, the insecurities of asking for cleaning help, or...


Break the Stigma with Carmen & Lupe Andrade, Advocates & Siamese Twins

Welcome to our first Break the Stigma segment of 2019! Today our special guests are Carmen and Lupe Andrade, 18 year old Latinas attending Northwestern Connecticut Community College. Carmen and Lupe are congenital twins from Veracruz, MX who moved to the US when they were 2 years old. Today we talk about their views of mental health & they share a personal important factor when seeking a therapist. We also discuss myths about congenital twins and what their support looks like! Carmen’s...


Nalgona Positivity Pride Talks Body Positivity & Disordered Eating

Trigger Warning: Disordered Eating Topic We are back from a mid-season break! Expect episodes weekly going forward! Today’s guest is Gloria Lucas, founder of Nalgona Positivity Pride! We talk today about what Nalgona Positivity Pride is, why it started, disordered eating, the diet culture, what body positivity means, historical trauma with disordered eating, the history of native foods along with the colonization and shame of those foods, techniques for loving your body and much...


BONUS- Details of the new website!

The website is LIVE. You can find it on www.latinxtherapy.com! This website is fully bilingual and you'll be able to find the newest directory of Latinx Therapists and Psychologists. We are still undergoing sign ups so please be patient with us. In this directory there are very culture specific realities that you can choose from such as English Speaking Anxiety, Farmworkers, Immigration, Acculturation, among many others. You can find professionals who are conducting immigration evaluations,...


My Teen Pregnancy Story- Part 2

Welcome back to My Teen Pregnancy Story Part 2! Did you all know that Less than 2% of teen moms earn a college degree by age 30? Roughly 229,715 teens between 15 and 19 became pregnant in 2015. Latinas have the highest teen-pregnancy rate of any group. The birth rate (per 1,000 girls) for white teens in California is nine, compared to a rate of 29 for Latina teens. As I mentioned though, the rates for teen pregnancies in our community is drastically decreasing and I think a large part of...


My Teen Pregnancy Story- Part 1

Teen pregnancy is defined by someone who has a child between the ages of 13-19. About 750,000 teens get pregnant each year, mostly between the ages 17 to 19 (Kost, et al., 2010). While Latinxs currently have the highest teen birth rates, they have also had a dramatic recent decline in rates. Since 2007, the teen birth rate has declined by 58% for Latinx, compared with declines of 53% for African Americans and 47% for Caucasians. In this solo episode, I share my personal experience with...


Break the Stigma with Noemi Gonzalez

Welcome to the second break the stigma episode of this season! Today we talk with an actress and mental health advocate, Noemi Gonzalez. Noemí Gonzalez is a first-generation immigrant from Mexico and a first-generation actress from within her family. Noemi is best known in her standout role as “Soli Gomez” in the hit series East Los High on Hulu. You might have also seen her in films such as Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, The Vatican Tapes, Traces and recurring in television shows...


Una Experiencia AfroLatinx

En este segmento, hablamos de lo que se significa ser AfroLatinx, ejemplos de discriminación y micro-agresiones, y los varios efectos de la salud mental con este tema. Ser AfroLatinx significa ser negro/a o de afrodescendientes, y de un país de Latino América. Para otros, se significa ser uno de los países AfroLatinx como República Dominicana, Nicaragua, Honduras, Cuba, Haití, Puerto Rico, o Guatemala. Conocemos a Jersey Garcia: Ella es una consejera familiar y de parejas, Coach de...


An AfroLatinx Experience

My guest today for episode 7 is Jersey Garcia. In this episode, she talks to us about her realities of identifying as AfroLatinx, and looking more of African descent than Latinx, a struggle often society is too afraid to bring up, but is much too common. There is a saying “no soy de aqui, ni soy de alla” that refers to: I’m neither from here, nor there. She opens up about the discrimination she has faced due to her skin color, and the mental health effects of racism and colorism. We also go...


Children of Business Owners

Today, I discuss how it is to grow up in businesses from a very young age with two individuals from different backgrounds, and who are also not mental health professionals. I speak with Pamela Barba from Georgia, an Ecuadorian native with a florist family business, and Zaira Gomez from Pennsylvania, whose parents are from Mexico own a pizza restaurant. Collaboratively, we share our personal experiences with what it is like to grow up in the business realm, and share our feelings about the...


Break the Stigma: Vivian Nuñez - Too Damn Young

This is the first season’s Break the Stigma segment! Today will be hearing Vivian’s story with grief and loss. We talk about her losing her mom in elementary school, and later as a very young adult she lost someone that was like a mother to her, Vivian’s grandmother. She shares how she adjusted and her journey with therapy. Vivian Nuñez is a writer and founder of Too Damn Young, a community and resource for teens and young adults who have lost someone they love. She lives in New York, and...