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Episode 22: Interview with Gina Barecca

“If you lean in, will men just look down your blouse?” is the new book and this week on Laughbox we discuss that and a lifetime of laughter with Dr. Gina Barreca! What an honor it was for me to spend some time talking to someone who isn’t afraid to tackle the tough issues and is able to get people to listen because of her smart humor. You’re not going to want to miss this episode! More on Gina… Dr. Gina Barreca has appeared on 20/20, The Today Show, CNN, the BBC, NPR and Oprah to discuss...


Episode 19: Interview with Barb Grapstein

You’ve seen her. You’ve probably received a card or phone call from her. She’s smart, she’s funny and, yes, she used to be a hair model…she’s Barbara Grapstein! Yes, this week I get to talk to Barbara Grapstein. Barbara shares her own humor story and how it spurred an international quest to make a difference through her non-profit organization, Healing Headbands. Take a listen and find out how Barbara is making a difference at home and abroad through laughter and art! More on...


Episode 18: Interview with Linda MacNeal

She’s worked for the circus, she’s an accomplished gymnast, she knows Japanese, she’s run a successful computer training company, she’s a FSP (Former Serious Person)….she’s Linda MacNeal! This week on Laughbox I got to have a conversation with a dear friend and colleague, Linda MacNeal. Seriously, there’s not much she hasn’t done and she shares IT ALL with us and also how she came to use humor in all aspects of her life. Tune in and turn up the volume for this interview with an amazing...


Episode 17: Interview with Pam Wener

Did you hear about the stand-up comedian from Canada? It’s no joke…she’s on this episode of Laughbox! Sit back, plug in and listen as we talk to Pam Wener. A Laughter Leader and longtime member of AATH, Pam decided a few years ago to try her hand at stand-up comedy. In this interview, she shares what she does, how she does it and how she’s working to make a difference for those around her. Connect with Pam on Facebook here:


Episode 10: Interview with Frank Chindamo

What do you get when you cross a tech savvy entrepreneur with a person that wants to make a difference for others? FRANK CHINDAMO! In this episode of Laughbox, Frank shares about his humor roots and how LaughMD got started and where they want to go. Take a listen in as Frank makes me laugh a LOT!More on Frank… More on Frank… Frank created Fun Little Movies in 2003, the first U.S. company to produce comedic films for mobile phones worldwide, and launched the still-running top-deck channel...


Episode 9: Interview with Dr. Steve Sultanoff

Mirthologist and psychologist, Dr. Steve Sultanoff, is the founder of Humor Matters. He also is the Past-President of AATH and also the 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner. In this episode of Laughbox, he shares his personal strategies for incorporating more humor into your life and how he used humor strategically as a psychotherapist with his patients. You’ll get some real strategies you can use right away in this episode! Grab a pen, paper and be prepared! Steve’s website is FULL...


Episode 6: Interview with Allen Klein

Allen Klein!? Yes! This week I got to talk the THE Allen Klein, CSP and AATH Lifetime Achievement Award Winner. Allen is (what I consider) a humor pioneer. His classic book, The Healing Power of Humor, has been a staple for anyone interested in humor as a study for the past 30 years. It was that book and Allen himself, that first brought me to AATH. In this episode we talk about how Allen first got interested in humor and how his application of humor has evolved over the years. We share...