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Let's RUN and talk about fitness matters that matter to you! Pahla B is a fitness Youtuber, Boston qualifier and 9x ultramarathoner, sharing stories and inspiration about running. This occasionally amusing and (almost) always informative podcast can accompany you on your next run, indoors or out, like your super chatty BRF (Best Running Friend). Are you ready? I'm ready. Let's RUN!

Let's RUN and talk about fitness matters that matter to you! Pahla B is a fitness Youtuber, Boston qualifier and 9x ultramarathoner, sharing stories and inspiration about running. This occasionally amusing and (almost) always informative podcast can accompany you on your next run, indoors or out, like your super chatty BRF (Best Running Friend). Are you ready? I'm ready. Let's RUN!
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Let's RUN and talk about fitness matters that matter to you! Pahla B is a fitness Youtuber, Boston qualifier and 9x ultramarathoner, sharing stories and inspiration about running. This occasionally amusing and (almost) always informative podcast can accompany you on your next run, indoors or out, like your super chatty BRF (Best Running Friend). Are you ready? I'm ready. Let's RUN!






Learn To RUN With Pahla B: Your First 5k Race

You're running your FIRST 5k race! Are you excited? Nervous? Ready to rock? Wondering why you signed up for this thing? All of the above? ๐Ÿ˜… I totally get it. This is Part 3 of a 4-part series. Listen to the whole Learn to RUN playlist here: https://soundcloud.com/pahlabfitness/sets/learn-to-run Killer Bs, racing a 5k is a really big deal, and there are lots of training plans out there (I have a couple of them, too โžญ http://bit.ly/KBWorkoutPrograms) that will help you get to the starting...


Learn To RUN With Pahla B: Running INDOORS Vs OUTDOORS

It's the Let's RUN podcast and we are learning to RUN at home... and outdoors! And let me tell you, Killer Bs, outdoor running is really different than running indoors. Level TWO | 1:1 walk-run intervals | 15 minutes, one mile, 2000 steps | BURN 100 calories This is Part 2 of a 4-part series. See all of the Learn to RUN videos โžญ http://bit.ly/LearnToRun When you first start running outside, everything feels so HARD. That's totally normal, and I've got four simple running tips to help you...


Learn To RUN: 5 Running Tips for BEGINNERS (1 Mile Workout)

Wanna learn how to RUN at home? Here are my 5 best RUNNING TIPS for beginners! The FAST FACTS about today's 1-mile (15 minute) walk-run workout: Level ONE | 2 minutes walking, 30 seconds running | 2000 steps | BURNS 75 - 100 calories | INCLUDES warm up Killer Bs, when you first begin to run: 1๏ธโƒฃ Start with INTERVALS. I know you want to just start running, but my friend, your body has a different opinion. Ease into your new running program with walk-run intervals (like the ones we're using...


How I'm Dealing With GAINING WEIGHT, 30 Minute WALKING Workout

YAY, it's the topic literally nobody wants to talk about: GAINING WEIGHT. But you know what? We're talking about it anyway! Level TWO | WALKING workout | 2 miles, 4000 steps | BURNS 275 - 300 calories Killer Bs, today I'm sharing the (very) personal story of gaining some weight over the last couple of years and how I'm dealing with it. (Quick warning: I talk - and cry - about death and menopause during this podcast, so feel free to click away if these topics aren't a good fit for you today!)...


Why You're NOT Meeting Your Goals, 10 Minute Walk + Run

Having trouble with your weight loss or fitness? Killer Bs, I have some surprisingly EASY advice for how to MEET YOUR GOALS. Let's chat about it while we go for a quick WALK and RUN with one minute intervals! Level TWO | 1-minute WALK-RUN intervals | BURNS 75 - 100 calories | 1700 steps First, let's chat about how you're using the word GOAL ๐Ÿ‘‰ because it's probably wrong. Then, we'll cover some basic psychology ๐Ÿ‘‰ and even sing a little Janet Jackson. ๐ŸŽค And finally, the easiest advice I've...


Fixing Your RUNNING FORM, 30 Minute WALK + RUN

Wanna know how to FIX your RUNNING FORM? I have some surprising advice: you probably don't need to! What, what? "But, Pahla," you might be thinking, "you fixed YOUR running form!" I sure did, in an effort to stop getting injured so much, but a funny thing happened: I still got injured until I did SOMETHING ELSE. A couple of something elses, actually: ๐Ÿ‘ฃ PAY ATTENTION to what and how much you're doing ๐Ÿ‘ฃ Do STRENGTH WORK ๐Ÿ‘ฃ Do CORE WORK ๐Ÿ‘ฃ Work on your BALANCE ๐Ÿ‘ฃ Do BAREFOOT work ๐Ÿ‘ฃ Do...


STORY TIME | Lessons Learned From My ULTRA Challenge, 35 Minute WALKING Workout

Is it the greatest story ever told? NO. But in the immortal words of Mike Myers: You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll hurl. (And you'll probably wish that wasn't so accurate.) Level TWO | all WALKING | BURNS 275 - 300 calories | 4500 steps Quick warning, today's STORYTIME walking workout is NOT going to be everybody's cup of tea. We're covering sensitive topics that aren't really kid-friendly and might not be what you're looking for today. If that's the case, grab one of these other walking...


Making HEALTHY CHOICES (when you don't want to), 15 Minute WALK + RUN

It happens to all of us: we get to the end of a long, tiring day and even though we *want* to eat a healthy dinner, we reach for something easy instead. Killer Bs, making healthy choices is TOUGH, but you can absolutely be tougher. Level TWO | 1-minute intervals | 2200 STEPS | BURNS 100 - 150 calories | One MILE Let's go for a nice, quick WALK + RUN (with one-minute intervals) while we chat about HOW you can make healthy choices, even when you kinda don't want to. First up is understanding...


How To Stop Negative SELF TALK, 40 Minute WALKING Workout

Hey, Killer B, let's get into something serious today: how you talk to YOURSELF. Because, my friend, your body hears everything your mind says, so it's time to stop the negative self-talk. But HOW? Level TWO | ALL walking | 5500 steps | BURNS 350 - 375 calories I'm glad you asked, because this is something I've been working on with myself for a while, and here's what I know in three (not-so-easy) steps: 1.) LISTEN for it. You'll be surprised how often you speak negatively to yourself. 1a and...


Running Your BEST 5k, 40 Minute RUNNING Workout

Wanna run your BEST 5k ever? You're in the right place! On today's Let's RUN podcast, we're chatting all about racing strategy (even if you're not racing), breathing techniques, and how to run your BEST. Level FOUR | :50/:10 intervals | 6000 steps, BURNS 250 - 300 calories We'll be running for 40 minutes. For some of you, that might not be enough time to squeeze in the whole 5k distance, and for others, you might get all the way up to 4 miles! No matter how far or fast you go, I've got all...


What I Eat, 40 Minute WALK + RUN workout

It's the question I get asked more than any other: WHAT DO I EAT? I'll be honest, I've avoided answering for a couple of reasons (which I discuss at length in the podcast), but I think this is an important topic. Here are the FAST FACTS about our workout: Level THREE | 2:2 walk-run intervals | 5000 - 6000 steps | BURNS 350 - 400 calories What I eat ๐Ÿด Has changed a LOT over the years ๐Ÿด Isn't perfect ๐Ÿด Might or might not work for you ๐Ÿด Is the right balance for ME, with my fitness goals,...


RUNNING Your FIRST MILE, 13 minute RUN with 3 minute warm up and cool down

Today's the day, Killer Bs - we're RUNNING A MILE!! Yes, I know that's a big deal, and I'm really excited for you! Running your first (or five billionth!) mile is a momentous occasion, and today on the Let's RUN podcast, we're chatting about... well, we're chatting about a LOT of things in 13 minutes. SET UP: 3 minute warm up WALK, 13 minute SUSTAINED RUNNING, 3 minute cool down WALK (or further running if you need to get to a round number on your Fitbit!) Thanks for working out with me - be...


What is your Workout DOING for you? 25-minute WALK + RUN with STANDING BALANCE exercises

As a fitness trainer, I get asked all the time, "Pahla, will this workout help me _____?" And no matter how you fill in that blank, the answer is always YES. And also NO. ๐Ÿ˜… Level TWO | 1:1 walk-run intervals | BURNS 200 - 250 calories Today on the Let's RUN podcast, we're exploring the question of what, exactly, your workout is DOING, and how you can accomplish *any* goal with almost *any* workout. And of course, we're going for a fantastic WALK + RUN while we chat! I've got the handy-dandy...


How LOSING WEIGHT Changes You 15 Minute WALK + RUN Plus Standing GLUTES + ABS

Killer Bs, today on the Let's RUN podcast, we're chatting about how losing weight CHANGES you - and it's probably not in the ways you think! Of course, while we're talking, we're getting in a great WALKING + RUNNING workout with 2:1 intervals. And then after our walk and run, it's time to get PR STRONG with a quick 10-minute GLUTES + ABS workout that'll help you get faster and stronger with all your workouts! No equipment needed and all standing exercises. SET UP: Complete each exercise for...


How To ENJOY RUNNING 15 Minute Indoor Run + 5 Minute Medicine Ball ABS Workout

You think you "should" run and you've tried it, but you just don't like running? My friend, I have some simple (and easy!) advice for you. And while we're chatting about it... let's RUN. Level THREE | Steady state CARDIO | NO intervals | Burns 150 - 175 calories We're going steady state cardio today at whatever pace suits you best, while I offer some practical steps you can take to ENJOY RUNNING as part of your fitness routine: ๐Ÿ‘‰ SLOW DOWN - you don't have to run fast to be a runner ๐Ÿ‘‰...


SELF ACCEPTANCE | 45 Minute RUN + WALK Workout with Stability Ball ABS + GLUTES

Everywhere you look, people want you to feel SELF LOVE and SELF ACCEPTANCE. Okay, great! But HOW? It's just not as simple as we want it to be, and that's because there's some groundwork you need to lay down first. Level THREE | 4:00/1:00 RUN + WALK intervals | 7000 steps (3.5 miles) | Burns 400 - 450 calories On today's Let's RUN podcast, we're talking all about the journey to self acceptance, and the steps you'll need to take to get there. And of course, while we're chatting, we're going to...


All About WARM UPS | 20 Minute WALK + RUN, plus a KILLER Kettlebell Core Strength Workout

This week on the Let's RUN podcast, we're chatting about WARMING UP - why you need it, how much you should do, and exactly what exercises are best. Level TWO | Walk + Run with 1-minute intervals | Burns 150 - 200 calories And of course, our 20 minute WALK + RUN (with 1-minute intervals) includes the exact WARM UP I do every time I go for a run! EXERCISES (repeat 20x each): High Knees Booty Kickers Squats Leg Swingers Lateral Leg Swings ... and when we're done running and walking ... Grab...


Break Your WEIGHT LOSS Plateau, 25 Minute WALK + RUN Workout with Bodyweight ABS + GLUTES

So you're struggling with a WEIGHT LOSS PLATEAU, and you want to know how to break through it and start losing weight again? Killer B, I've got some answers for you! And of course, we're going for a fantastic INDOOR WALK + RUN while we chat! Level TWO | 2:00 WALK + 1:00 RUN | Burns 200 - 250 calories Here are the five simple (but not easy) steps to follow to get you back on the weight loss train: ๐Ÿ‘‰ Determine if it's really a plateau - I know you feel like it is! But have you *really*...


My 2019 Resolutions, 30 minute WALK + RUN with post-run DUMBBELL STRENGTH

Let's talk about 2019 RESOLUTIONS! Specifically, mine. ๐Ÿ˜ On this week's Let's RUN podcast, I'm sharing my big running goal for the year - running a successful 100k ultramarathon - and breaking down EXACTLY how I'm going to make it happen. Using the same formula we talked about last week (see link below, in case you didn't catch it!), I'll: 1.) PICK apart the goal to be realistic about what I really, really want 2.) START at the finish line for a good timeline, then break it into manageable...



Wanna turn your RESOLUTIONS into REALITY? Well, Killer B, let's go for a nice WALK and talk all about it! I've got five simple (but not easy!) steps to help you make 2019 your best year yet: 1.) PICK your resolution - talk with a friend and really pick it apart! Why do you want this? What will be different in your life? How will you make it happen? 2.) START at the finish line and work backwards - get realistic about how long it will take and what you'll need to do. 3.) Deconstruct your past...