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EP87: Masculinity & Accessing Consciousness

Author of Return of the Gentleman, Dr. Dain Heer, shares how he’s been working with men to create a healthy version of what masculinity can look like. Dain’s work also extends to energetic work in his program Accessing Consciousness, which allows men and women to harness their own power in changing their lives. RESOURCES Website


EP86: Taking Care with Alex Elle

Taylor is joined by @alex_elle, author and wellness consultant to discuss self-care and healing through journaling. RESOURCES @alex_elle Website


EP85: BIP Review with Vanessa Grimaldi

Taylor is joined by Bachelor bestie Vanessa Grimaldi to share her feelings on the Bachelor in Paradise preview, the ladies discuss how they maintain a long distance friendship, how they navigate when their friends enter a new relationship, and reflect on the work they’re doing from the past relationships and current ones.


EP84: Being a Therapist

Taylor is joined by fellow therapist Taylor Moss, LMFTA, to answer your questions on what it is like to be a therapist! Do therapists see therapists? How do we not internalize our client’s emotions? How do we balance being caretakers in our personal lives? What’s the difference between a therapist, counselor, psychologist, and psychiatrist? All of these questions and more are answered! RESOURCES For $50 off Level 1 Training, the first step in learning the Gottman Method Couples...


EP83: Becoming a Therapist with Taylor Nolan

You asked, and Taylor’s Answering! In part two of this episode, Taylor answers your questions on becoming a therapist. Taylor shares her story in becoming a therapist, what her clinical internships looked like, tips for going into a graduate program, and what to do if you just don’t know how to help someone.


EP82: Going to Therapy with Taylor Nolan

You asked, and Taylor’s Answering! In part one of this episode, Taylor answers your questions on seeking a therapist and working with a therapist. Taylor provides tips on how to seek the “right” therapist, how to communicate when you’re not happy with your current therapist, and how to support a loved one who is in therapy.


EP81: Emotional & Hormonal Eating

Binge Eating disorder is the most common eating disorder among Americans, and many struggle with emotional eating. Amber Romaniuk, an Emotional Eating, Digestive, and Hormone Expert, shares her personal story and lends her knowledge on emotional and mindful eating. RESOURCES Amber's Website For anyone who wants to book a complimentary 30 minute Body Freedom call with Amber: Follow Amber on Instagram @amberromaniuk Listen to The No Sugarcoating Podcast on all podcast apps: Favorite...


EP80: Sex Education with Liz Goldwyn

Founder of The Sex Ed podcast, Liz Goldwyn, joins Taylor to provide some sex education and answer your questions! The two discuss how to have a healthy relationship with porn, share their stories of exploring masturbation and sex toys, and answer your questions on STDs and STIs. RESOURCES @goldilocksg @thesexed Lelo Spectrum Boutique


EP79: A World Free of Self-Doubt with H.P. Waitt

Self-published author H.P. Waitt’s passion for increasing awareness about mental illness is why she decided to have her main character in her debut book Band of Shadows: The Scarlet Onyx Saga live with the same mental illnesses that Waitt did as a teenager. Waitt shares her experiences in therapy, how her anxiety and depression manifests, what coping looks like for her, and why you shouldn’t look at your illness as a character flaw. Waitt also shares the work she’s doing of raising awareness...


EP78: Self-Love & Diet Culture with Sarah Landry

As a mother of 3 preteens, Sarah Nicole Landry or @thebirdspapaya, shares her journey of self-love and body positivity. Sarah and Taylor discuss mom bods vs. dad bods, learning to love your body before and after children, how awesome thrift shopping is, how white privilege is considered in content creation, and how to slowly get comfortable with being uncomfortable. RESOURCES @thebirdspapaya


EP77: How to have better sex, with Dr. Justin Lehmiller

Dr. Justin J. Lehmiller, research Fellow at The Kinsey Institute and author of the book Tell Me What You Want, joins Taylor to discuss sex fantasies, answer your questions on how to have better sex and healthier relationships, forced sex fantasies in #MeToo era, the impact of porn on our sexual fantasies, and the increasing interest in consensual non-monogamy. RESOURCES Tell Me What You Want Sexual Health Alliance Sex & Psychology Blog


EP76: Growing Up Quick with Tiff Remington

Tiffany Remington is a 28-year-old servant leader working in the nonprofit field. She’s overcome childhood trauma from sexual assault, depression, emotional abuse, poverty, first generational living, suicide and pressure of raising her siblings, by turning her focus to helping others. She has traveled on a local and global basis to work with various underserved communities to rebuild homes, create sustainable youth programs, and lead new projects that strengthened individual's understanding...


EP75: Plant Based on a Budget

Between low-paying jobs, car troubles, student loans, vet bills, and trying to pay down credit card debt, Toni spent most of her early adult life living paycheck to paycheck. So when she became a vegan at age 20, she worried: How would she be able to afford that kind of lifestyle change? Toni started the Plant-Based on a Budget blog which became a way to explore that question, and over the years she’s helped thousands save money while eating well. RESOURCES @plantbasedonabudget Plant...


EP74: A Coming-Of-Gender Story w/ Jacob Tobia

Gender nonconforming writer, producer, and performer Jacob Tobia shares their debut memoir “Sissy”. After a book tour, including an appearance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Jacob chats with Taylor on what is means to be gender nonconforming, to be gender chill, and how to use empathy to fight hate. RESOURCES @JacobTobia Sissy


EP73: Connecting with Nature w/ Bruce McGlenn

Bruce McGlenn, founder of Human Nature Hunter School, is on a mission to heal the connection between humans and nature. With over 30 yrs of bird and big game hunting experience in the Pacific Northwest, Bruce walks us through the emotional process of “the hunt”. Taylor, being plant-based, has many questions around why we would do this in today’s abundance of food and what people's’ experience is in the courses. Bruce shares how the hunting experience teaches awareness and respect, and Taylor...


EP72: The Alice Sanctuary w/ Janneane Madill

Janneane Madill, founder of The Alice Sanctuary, has dedicated her life to providing care and healing for rescued/surrendered/abandoned farm animals. The goal of The Alice Sanctuary is to empower, encourage, and inspire visitors to find the tools they need to go out and make a positive change in the world around them. Taylor sits down with Janneane, and some resident goats, to discuss the emotional difficulties of being next door to a factory farmer and how she manages to take care of...


EP71: Infertility & Motherhood w/ Eleni McMullen

Mother to Harlow Lace and Arrow Cove, Eleni McMullen, shares her story of infertility. Born and raised in Calgary, Eleni blogs her vegan journey and is open about the struggles with shame on her journey to motherhood. RESOURCES @conveythemoment @thekindestplate


EP70: Feeling All The Feelings: A Live Podcast

The first live podcast event for Let’s Talk About It in Seattle on April 13th! Taylor invited radio & podcast host Carla Marie, social media manager & podcast host Lestraundra Alfred, and artist Laura Burkhart. From all different background the women come together to support one another, share their struggles, and feel ALL their feelings. RESOURCES The Cloud Room Carla Marie - @thecarlamarie Les - @balancedles Laura - @lauraburkhart Special thank you to the vendors that participated:...


EP69: More than just a Therapist with Kati Morton

Taylor chats with fellow therapist Kati Morton, who has been making mental health information accessible and relatable for all with her videos on YouTube. As a therapist with a public platform, Kati shares how she ethically navigates the interactions of the two different worlds. Kati gets personal with how she maintains both her public brand and her work with her patients. RESOURCES SEATTLE LIVE PODCAST APRIL 13TH KATI'S BOOK - ARE YOU OK? KATI'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL KATI'S PATREON


EP68: The Bachelor’s Jacqueline Trumbull

Taylor chats graduate school, monogamy, therapy, and dating with The Bachelor’s Jacqueline Trumbull.Jacqueline celebrates getting into her dream school, dives deep into the different forms of relationships we can create, and how growing up with strong female figures has influenced her career and dating life. RESOURCES @trumbullina SEATTLE LIVE PODCAST APRIL13TH