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EP46: Are We Still Friends? w/ Vanessa Grimaldi

Founder of No Better You and host of the Help! I Suck At Dating podcast, Vanessa Grimaldi, joins Taylor to debrief on their 3 1/2 week travel adventure. The two reflect on their emotional experience at the Fireside Conference in Canada and how they handled travel anxiety, delegation of tasks, and the communication during their stay in Bali. Lastly, the ladies ask...should they start a podcast together?!


EP45: How to Communicate Your Needs

Co-host Kitt Bender is back and discussing expectations. Taylor and Kitt shed light on “birthday brain” and how to communicate your needs and wants to the people in your life.


EP44: I Need Help, with Olivia Caridi

After a month of traveling, Taylor is back in Seattle and catches up with Bachelor family member Olivia Caridi as she enters therapy. Olivia shares what she is hoping to work on in therapy including body image, depression, and the trauma of being on The Bachelor.


EP43: Sick Not Weak w/ Michael Landsberg

Taylor’s first live recording at Fireside Conference with mental health advocate, sports broadcaster, founder of Sick Not Weak, and professional sharer Michael Landsberg. Michael breaks through barriers of people, especially men, being “weak” because of mental illness by using his platform to spread the message that he is “Sick Not Weak”. He shares his experience with depression, and how his journey of becoming a professional sharer has helped him. RESOURCES Sick Not Weak


EP42: From Fear to Love w/ Jared Haibon

After appearing on the Help! I Suck at Dating podcast, Taylor invites co-host Jared Haibon, from The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, on to get personal. Jared reflects on how he used to live his life out of fear and has transitioned to doing things out of love. As the two talk, Jared shares about his relationship with his father and how it has impacted his identity as a man.


EP41: Being a Celebrity Therapist w/ Dr. Jenn Mann

Licensed psychotherapist, author, speaker, and host of Vh1 Couples Therapy Dr. Jenn Mann shares her journey to becoming a therapist. Dr. Jenn lends some wisdom to Taylor about being a therapist in the public eye, and the two answer listener emails. RESOURCES Jenn Instagram Instyle Relationship Fix Super Baby Raising Happy Confident Kids Rockin Babies


EP40: Help! I Suck at Feelings, with Dean Unglert

The Bachelorette’s Dean Unglert digs deep into his layers of hurt and opens up about the years of trauma he experienced in late childhood and adolescence. Taylor challenges Dean to identify the feelings around his pain and together they process how he can deepen his connections with the people in his life.


EP39: The Bachelor's Women of Color w/ Seinne Fleming

Yale graduate and fellow Bachelor alum, Seinne Fleming, joins Taylor to bond over being ambitious women of color. Seinne shares her experience with forgiveness towards family at the Landmark conference.


EP38: Embracing Your Weird with Kendall Long

Taylor invites Kendall Long, from The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, to discuss being a twin, her curiosity and love to learn about people and science, and how the show has impacted parts of her personality. RESOURCES Unfuckwithable WeWork


EP37: Being Alone

Taylor and Kitt answer your questions about being alone. They define how loneliness and solitude are opposite ends of aloneness. Taylor gets vulnerable and shares her journals from a lonely time in her life, and Kitt shares meaningful song lyrics about being alone. The two discuss ways to move through loneliness to a content place of solitude. RESOURCES Book: Untethered Soul- Michael Singer


EP36: Sexual Abuse & EMDR

From regular listener of the podcast to guest on this episode, a courageous woman shares her story of childhood sexual abuse by her older brother. Through several failed attempts at getting help from family and professionals, she finally found therapy that works for her: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). She shares how EMDR has been effective in treating her PTSD symptoms, what it has been like processing this abuse as a professional in the field of psychology, the status...


EP35: Moving Through the Darkness

Taylor opens the conversation to her dear friend, Morgan Latham, to share her darkest moment in an almost suicide attempt and how she coped moving forward finding her faith. Morgan reflects on the lifestyle changes she has made to increase her connection to her community, work through bitterness, and how she found and is maintaining a sense of purpose in her life.


EP34: Leaning in to the Discomfort of Vulnerability

Dominique, a good friend from The Bachelor & Bachelor in Paradise, shares her struggles with depression, anxiety, and being in her head. As she explores her personality she discovers ways in which her external expressions compensated for her internal feelings, how she has identified as having an attitude issue, and just how uncomfortable being vulnerable has been for her. Dominique shares three ways she’s found helpful to get out her head that allow her to embrace vulnerability and deepen...


EP33: Dating After a Break Up

Taylor, Kitt and Olivia sit down to answer some of your questions following Ep.31 “Break Ups Are a Bitch”. The group discusses how you know when its time to end a relationship, if you unfollow or delete photos of your ex on Instagram, how long you wait after a relationship to start dating again, and a lot more!


EP32: Coping w/ Life's Adventures

From her parents divorce in college, to an abusive relationship, to her mother recently being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer Leah Maguffin has had quite the life adventure. Her strength, positivity, and nurturing spirit has served her well throughout these challenges. Taylor helps Leah reflect on how she’s learned to cope and what she has learned from these experiences.


EP31: Breaks Up Are a Bitch

Taylor invites good friend and Bachelor family member Vanessa Grimaldi on to discuss break-ups, both public and private. Taylor and Vanessa bonded in their season of The Bachelor, where Vanessa got engaged to Nick Viall. Both women are now single and have experienced a break-up in the public eye. The two discuss how to cope during and after a romantic relationship ends, and how break-ups can honestly be a bitch.


EP30: Cool Girl w/Brandi Cyrus

Brandi Cyrus dives into her recent journey of self-exploration as she discovers her Enneagram type: Type 9, The Peacemaker. The two discuss what being a “cool girl” looks like and how to unpack your authentic self, especially in dating. RESOURCES The Sacred Enneagram-Christopher Heuertz All about love-Bell Hooks


EP29: Avoiding Vulnerability & Brené Brown's Daring Greatly

Taylor and Kitt explore how our thoughts can be disturbed by our fears. In Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly, she identifies three ways we most commonly protect ourselves from vulnerability: foreboding joy, perfectionism, and numbing. We dig into these vulnerability shields and discuss how we can embrace vulnerability and increase our experiences of love and joy in life. RESOURCES: Daring Greatly, Brené Brown


EP28: Enthusiastic Consent

Consent can be a tricky topic, and being that not everyone agrees on what consent looks like we have to talk about it! Adriana Díaz, the Senior Director of Marketing and Communications at Peer Health Exchange, lends us her knowledge on what enthusiastic consent is and how to engage in a more fulfilling sexual experience. Join us in defining what consent looks like for you and learn how to communicate it with others! RESOURCES Sana Podcast Email adrianamatusdiaz@gmail.com Twitter...


EP27: Understanding the Misunderstood w/ Caila Quinn

What can we do with people we don’t understand or feel we can’t relate to? Move in closer! Taylor gets to know the misunderstood Bachelor member Caila Quinn, as more than just a beautiful, happy, bubbly face. A vulnerable, authentic and relatable Caila opens up about her struggle with anxiety, the role pressure has played in her life, and how she’s learned to cope with it all. RESOURCES Caila’s Blog Caila’s Instagram