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EP29: Avoiding Vulnerability & Brené Brown's Daring Greatly

Taylor and Kitt explore how our thoughts can be disturbed by our fears. In Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly, she identifies three ways we most commonly protect ourselves from vulnerability: foreboding joy, perfectionism, and numbing. We dig into these vulnerability shields and discuss how we can embrace vulnerability and increase our experiences of love and joy in life. RESOURCES: Daring Greatly, Brené Brown


EP28: Enthusiastic Consent

Consent can be a tricky topic, and being that not everyone agrees on what consent looks like we have to talk about it! Adriana Diaz, a board director at Peer Health Exchange, lends us her knowledge on what enthusiastic consent is and how to engage in a more fulfilling sexual experience. Join us in defining what consent looks like for you and learn how to communicate it with others! RESOURCES Sana Podcast Email adrianamatusdiaz@gmail.com Twitter @adriana9diaz Sana...


EP27: Understanding the Misunderstood w/ Caila Quinn

What can we do with people we don’t understand or feel we can’t relate to? Move in closer! Taylor gets to know the misunderstood Bachelor member Caila Quinn, as more than just a beautiful, happy, bubbly face. A vulnerable, authentic and relatable Caila opens up about her struggle with anxiety, the role pressure has played in her life, and how she’s learned to cope with it all. RESOURCES Caila’s Blog Caila’s Instagram


EP26: Bachelor Family Forgiveness w/ Olivia Caridi

Bachelor family member, Olivia Caridi comes on to discuss forgiveness. Like any relationship, Taylor and Olivia have had some ups and downs in their friendship. They share how they came to forgive each other and are able to embrace their relationship today as friends, neighbors, and of course BACHELOR FAMILY. As Bachelor “villains”, the ladies also discuss their process in forgiving how being on The Bachelor has changed their lives. Olivia's Podcast


EP25: Eating Disorders Awareness

Founder & CEO of the Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness, Johanna, spreads hope in what recovery can look like for eating disorders. Taylor and Johanna take a deeper look at how Binge-Eating disorder, today’s most common eating disorder, displays itself and how eating disorders are also present with men. RESOURCES Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness Toll-Free Number 866.662.1235 Find Help


EP24: Thriving through Grief

Suicide is not inevitable for anyone. By starting the conversation, providing support, and directing help, we can prevent suicides and save lives. 4 years ago, Eric Hodgdon lost his 15-year old daughter Zoi to suicide and since then he has been fighting for his family, all of Zoi’s friends and others to find their pathway back to better days – to become resilient and thrive in life as he is now. RESOURCES Eric’s Story A Sherpa Named Zoi: How to Walk Through Grief and Live with...


EP23: Stereotypes of Masculinity

What does it truly mean to be masculine? How do we judge the masculinity of men? Bachelor member Diggy Moreland joins Kitt in sharing his experiences in dating and relationships where he has been stereotyped and judged against the stereotypes of masculinity, and how to get to a place of being comfortable and confident in who you are. RESOURCES Diggy’s Style Blog http://MoreThanATie.com Books No More Mister Nice-Dr. Robert Glover Mask of Masculinity-Lewis Howes


EP22: Inside Inpatient w/ Alexa Losey

Inpatient treatment is typically associated with substance abuse or being totally “insane”, and we are here to dispel those myths. YouTube blogger and good friend Alexa Losey shares how entering inpatient treatment at a hospital impacted her anxiety, depression, and daily suicidal thoughts. RESOURCES PsychologyToday.com YouTube.com/Alexa


EP21: Male Domestic Violence

One in four adult men in the U.S. will become a victim of domestic violence during his lifetime (CDC). Co-host Kitt Bender joins this episode as a guest to share his experience in an abusive relationship. Anyone can find themselves in an abusive relationship, regardless of gender, age, religious beliefs, socioeconomic status, etc. Taylor and Kitt walk through how abusive relationships can impact your self-worth and how to gain the "balls" or courage to be assertive in your...


EP20: OCD & Bad Science

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) affects about 2.3% of the American population. It is often misunderstood, yet used frequently in our day to day language. Taylor invites teacher and writer Emily Byrnes on to share her story of struggle and treatment with OCD. OCD Facts Government Health information Psychology Today Self Compassion Swim, by Emily Byrnes Strangely Wrapped Gift, by Emily Byrnes


EP19: The Climb w/Raven Gates

Taylor invites good friend Raven Gates to share her story with domestic violence. 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have been victims of some form of physical violence by an intimate partner within their lifetime (NCADV). Things get emotional as both women reflect on the abusive relationships they’ve been in, what the warning signs were, and how these relationships impact their current relationships. Keep on moving, keep climbing, keep the faith baby, its all about the climb. RESOURCES The...


EP18: Difficulty with Disclosing

How long do you wait when getting to know someone to disclose that you’re in a relationship? At some point it becomes misleading, but at what point? Taylor shares some personal stories where she felt deceived and where she was accused of being deceitful for her non-disclosure. Kitt and Taylor look back at their friendship and figure out where the line of interest was drawn.


EP17: Not Broken, Just Bent

Upon Taylor’s 12 year anniversary of her scoliosis surgery she invites fellow therapist and friend Amira Whitehill on to discuss their journeys with scoliosis. The two discuss treatment options for scoliosis, and life pre and post spinal fusion. RESOURCES Amira on Psychology Today Amira’s Website Scoliosis Information Common Questions Answered Treating Scoliosis Every Parent Should Know Common in Females If left untreated


EP16: Your Body is Beautiful

National Eating Disorders week was this month and this episode we join the conversation in reducing stigma around eating disorders, so, Let's Talk About it! Liz Sandoz, co-host of Babes and Babies, shares her 13 year long struggle with Bulimia, body image, and self-compassion. With an open heart and open ears, Taylor asks Liz how she has learned to cope with this disorder and what recovery looks like for her. RESOURCES What are Eating Disorders? Expert Q&A Eating Disorders Eating...


EP15: Girl’s Guide to Joining the Resistance

The wonderful co-host of the Here to Make Friends podcast and Senior Women’s Reporter at HuffPost, Emma Gray, joins Taylor to discuss her new book A Girl’s Guide to Joining the Resistance. Post Presidential election and covering the Women’s March, Emma interviewed activists, senators, march organizations, and women from all different backgrounds to curate her book. From intersectionality, to therapy, to lady clubs, to feminist mixtapes, this book has you covered! Emma opens up about her...


EP14: Gun Violence and Mental Health, is there a link?

After every mass shooting in America we see polarizing viewpoints on gun violence and mental health. Is mental health to blame or are guns? After having strong reactions to Alex Woytkiw’s tweets on the subject, Taylor invites him on the pod to get a better understanding on what being a “gun loving American” means to him. Taylor and Kitt discuss the research on gun violence and mental health and wonder where we can all meet in the middle to help save innocent lives. Mindful Man’s (Kitt...


EP13: Being Biracial

A different perspective on celebrating Black History Month with family friend Robb Valentine, a biracial male. Taylor shares her struggles about being biracial, and the two discuss how one becomes color brave and how to embrace B (being) L (learning) A (affirming) C (culture) K (knowledge). Robb shares reflections from Ep.10 on privilege, and why it is important to talk about slavery and black history before it. This episode is brought to you by Audible. Go to Audible.com/Taylor and get...


EP12: Beyond Black: Being A Universal Human w/ Eric Bigger

Taylor invites The Bachelorette star Eric Bigger to share what the show taught him about race, his experiences growing up in Baltimore, and how he’s evolved as a universal human. The two discuss misconceptions of black males in America, and how to create an emphasis on the quality of the person rather than their race.


EP11: Relationship Check-in with Taylor and Derek

Relationships are hard work...but how hard are they supposed to be? Taylor and Derek, Bachelor in Paradise golden couple, make a deposit into their emotional bank account by doing a little bit of relationship maintenance. They are, after all, a normal couple with struggles just like everyone else! Through identifying the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, developed by the Gottman's, the couple shares ways they've struggled in their relationship and how to reach the magic 5:1 ratio in a...


EP10: Discussing White Male Privilege in Black History Month

Taylor invites good friend, Colin Christianson to discuss white male privilege to kick off Black History Month. Talking about privilege isn’t easy, but by being color brave, instead of color blind, we can start these conversations with courage. The two clear up confusion around what privilege is, ways that society has overlooked white male privilege, and how we can move towards a state of equality for people of color.