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Bloom Chicka Bloom unravels ideas and beliefs through conversation that alternates between whimsy and raw introspection. Phoebe Patten interviews planned and impromptu guests because everyone has an odd story. It's our shared aha moments that help us to grow and bloom. Join Phoebe, every other Wednesday, and we'll step together into new dimensions of self-exploration.

Bloom Chicka Bloom unravels ideas and beliefs through conversation that alternates between whimsy and raw introspection. Phoebe Patten interviews planned and impromptu guests because everyone has an odd story. It's our shared aha moments that help us to grow and bloom. Join Phoebe, every other Wednesday, and we'll step together into new dimensions of self-exploration.


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Bloom Chicka Bloom unravels ideas and beliefs through conversation that alternates between whimsy and raw introspection. Phoebe Patten interviews planned and impromptu guests because everyone has an odd story. It's our shared aha moments that help us to grow and bloom. Join Phoebe, every other Wednesday, and we'll step together into new dimensions of self-exploration.




#52: An End and a Beginning

A year end mark brings change. Change is what life is all about. Tune in to hear how change is affecting our podcast. Notes For a year now, we've shared our organic conversations on our podcast. It’s been an amazing ride for both of us. We thank you for sharing this journey with us.Phoebe is transforming the podcast to include organic conversation with others, some strangers, some not. It’s a way to broaden community and to discover more about the very fabric of life that holds us all...


Episode 51 - Living in the Yes, And

Does saying ‘yes, and’ add value to our daily life? Eleni and Phoebe look at how we can say more of ‘yes, and,’ plus how to figure out how we can best answer a yes or no question. Notes Saying ‘yes, and’ rather than either/or allows us to be more collaborative, listen better, and widens our life view and experiences.In dowsing, if we ask to what degree is a yes or no question beneficial, we can then work with the nuances of the question. Nuances can give us information and a bigger picture...


#50: Musing on Muses

What is a muse? Are muses doling out inspiration and creativity to all of us? Notes Phoebe received the inspired idea of creating her Plantspeak Oracle cards through claircognizance in the woods. The spirit of place can be a muse.Can more than one person receive the same inspiration? An inspiration birthed is more important than who birthed it.Do we have conversations or dialogues with our muses? What is our internal process when we receive an inspired idea? Has how we have defined what a...


#49: Tarot Meets Oracle

Eleni and Phoebe talk about how Tarot and Oracle cards differ from each other. What do these cards offer and teach us? Notes Tarot cards offer ancient information and knowledge that has been passed down to the public throughout the ages.In general, readings with Tarot cards give us more specific and detailed information, while Oracle cards show us a bigger picture. Why not play with combining both Tarot and Oracle cards in a reading?Using cards encourages us to learn about our own...


#48: Everyday Sacred

From a Korean folk tale to Fred Rogers, Eleni and Phoebe examine ways on how to make everyday sacred. Notes Everyday sacred is practicing being present with intention, pausing and breathing.A Korean Folk Tale astounds readers in its profound simplicity of making all things sacred, including maggots. Everything has inherent value.Fred Rogers practiced making everyday sacred in his life. He shared his authentic practice in his T.V. show. Tips are included for making everyday sacred,...


#47: Tree Telepathy

Trees are the earth’s giants in size and in heart. We connect with trees all the time, out of our window or perhaps on our way home. If we recognize and nurture a relationship with a tree, we understand how to become more balanced and loving in ourselves and other relationships. Notes A shamanic journey can serve as an initiation for creating deeper relationships with trees.Trees can provide stability, structure and solace for children. Trees create community. They communicate with each...


#46: Choosing Simplicity

In a feel-good convo, Eleni and Phoebe give simplicity a make-over for this new decade. Notes We’re reframing the mantra “work harder, do more” to “pause more, find simplicity.” Our mind is a tool and doesn’t have the capacity to define who we are. Break up joyless thoughts through physical movement or a fun activity to bring more simplicity and pleasure into your day.Simplicity is letting go of trying and stepping into a flow.If we connect into the in between spaces (negative space) of...


#45: Cleaning the Slate

If you want to change how you perceive yourself and the world, must you unlearn everything you were taught? If so, how can you start this process of becoming more you? Notes The tenets of unlearning stuff that we are taught are: being curious, playing without judgement, and having a beginner’s mind.When we experience “not knowing” it expands and changes our world.Many educational or other institutions and groups stuff us full of rules, facts and values, expecting us to “regurgitate” it...


#44: How to Craft a Question

Eleni and Phoebe explore how to craft a question that has the potential to change your life. Notes One simple, direct and open ended question gives us one clear answer.Who, what and how questions tend to be more effective than asking why.Instead of asking a time driven question, ask for possible next steps or most effective move.If you have choices, ask a question to reflect the possible learning/challenges of each choice.The state of our mind and emotions can affect the quality of a...


#43: Heart-Mind Synergy

A dialogue that embraces unfiltered reflections of how exactly we can experience heart-mind synchronization. Notes Explore what heart-mind synchronization looks, sounds and feels like (e.g. the strings on a double bass making harmonic music or a fiber optic chord or a golden thread linking the heart and mind)The heart is about universal love. Once you’ve experienced the power of the heart, you realize that separation is a function of the mind. The mind works well when we understand how it...


#42: De-electrifying Your Choices

We are a conglomeration of our life choices. Eleni and Phoebe demystify how to make choices that inspire our hearts to sing. We’re taking the sting out of making choices! Notes When we focus on the decision point of a choice, we forget to ask the simple question, “what do I want to experience?”Sometimes it’s hard to recognize when other people’s opinions and energy are influencing our choices. We know we’re on the right track when our choices make our hearts sing and fill us up with levity...


#41: Joy as an Act of Rebellion

We’re starting off 2020 looking at what this momentous year may bring us. Joy is spotlighted as a key that frees us. After all, Joy is an act of rebellion in our current structure! Notes Highlights from a reading for 2020 with Plantspeak Nature Oracle CardsWe’ve not only prepped for 2020 both consciously and unconsciously, but we’ve planted seeds (Gestation # 31) for new growth. Our individual and collective challenge is (self) Trust #28, but unexpected help is Joy #20. If we take a deeper...


#40: Showing Up in 2020

In our first episode of 2020, we explore visions and ideas of how we feel called to evolve the podcast. It’s going to be an amazing year for all of us. Happy New Year! Notes Recording on Zoom means we (but you don’t) see our expressions and body language. A couple of times a year, we’d like to share with you a few YouTube videos.We’re going to play with creating more of a “container” for future episodes. Stay tuned to see how this will unfold.We’ll also share our work more, for example,...


#39: Thank You 2019 Listeners

In this brief, final episode of 2019, we reflect with much love about our journey so far in the podcast world. We’re so happy that we’re collectively creating synergy together! Notes We’re thrilled that we (and you) persevered through our “creating a podcast” learning curve and various tech challenges. We also learned how to trust ourselves to speak without a script and to embrace impromptu speaking.We find that our podcast creates a space of healing and personal/spiritual development for...


#38: Holiday Magic and Joy

During the holiday season, we may celebrate with ubiquitous and/or unique activities and traditions, some of which may be new, handed down or borrowed. Eleni and Phoebe reflect on how to keep the light and magic in our lives during this season. Notes Intentional gift making and giving can create a deep sense of gratitude and awe for each other and the season.We love to create space for what we see as the innate peace and joy of the holidays. Such a time encourages bonding with each...


#37: Experiential Learning

Experiential learning offers us a self-referencing approach to learn about how we tick inside. It allows us to eliminate the noise around us and to focus on awakening and listening to our whole self. Notes When we find ourselves regurgitating back what we learn, it has no relevance to how we experience information from or through our own truth, our body-based awareness.Experiential learning builds self-trust and helps us to see through the erudite machinations of the mind. Then, we can...


#36: RIP Struggling

Struggling sometimes appears more like a way of life now-a-days. Eleni and Phoebe talk about what struggling means and how to shift out of it into the land of snuggle. Notes We’ve been feeling that “struggle” is wide-spread and amplified lately. One way to step out-of-struggle is to practice becoming more neutral. Holding false stories around neutrality may conjure up feelings of guilt, such as, that we’re not being kind or that we’re letting someone down. Self-love and love allows all of...


#35: Breaking Bread

Eleni and Phoebe talk about the importance of sharing meals together in this short, light-hearted episode. Subscribe to invite our conversation into your life every Wednesday. <3 Join our conversation on Instagram. Musical Intro and Outro is “Blue Ska” by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License, http://creativecomm


#34 - What’s Clarity Got To Do With It?

How exactly does having clarity help us? How can we get it? Join Eleni and Phoebe as we investigate finding clarity. Notes Clarity is when we have a sense of knowing about ourselves right now in this moment.How can we work with resistance that may come up with newfound clarity? If what we notice becomes our reality, then how does something that’s clear or murky begin to look or feel like (materialize) to you?When we name and connect into our clarity, it’s liberating, releasing us from...


#33: What We Do For Fun Informs Who We Are

Activities and classes can help us shift out of our default comfort zone, joyfully surprising us with new perspectives of who we are. Notes Phoebe reflects on what she’s learning about herself through Improv classes.How we respond to anything and everything is information about who we are. It’s through our observation of these responses that we can make changes.Improv classes can help us cultivate deep listening and presence through willingness to play with others. It’s an opportunity to...