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The Value of Wasting Time

Wasting time is good for you!The busy modern world makes it seem like you shouldn’t have a chance to get bored. However, there’s no shame in allowing yourself some downtime. Letting your mind roam enables more effective problem solving, creative thinking and productivity. It is imperative to carve out time for personal reflection. Tips for downtime: Listen as Dr. Alan Lightman joins Melanie Cole, MS, to discuss why we all need to learn to waste time.


How to Avoid Burnout During Peak Work Periods

Find ways to break the stress at work.Long days at the office? Are you feeling stressed out by work? Perhaps you can change your point of view. The things you think you can’t change can be stressful. There may be ways to enjoy more of the work or improve your ability to get through the work. Not every task in any job is enjoyable. Find a way to make those tough tasks fun. Perhaps a reward system will engage you better. Consider ways to make work fun that don’t disrupt the workplace if...


Improve Your Memory

Who couldn't use a memory tune-up?How’s your memory? Does it need a little work? The more you exercise your memory, the stronger your memory becomes. One memory technique involves strong visualization attached to things you need to remember. You can create a story to help connect the things you want to remember. The less it makes sense, the more it sticks in your memory. Listen as U.S. Memory Champion Chester Santos joins Melanie Cole, MS, to share how you can improve your memory.


3 "D" Health Hacks for Spring

Get your vitamin D, destress and declutter with these great spring tips.Spring has sprung. These three “D” health hacks will help you make the most of it. Vitamin D The CDC has discovered vitamin D deficiency is the third most common deficiency found in testing. You need 5000 IU of vitamin D daily for bone and immune health. Vitamin D can be found in the sun. Twenty minutes of sunshine daily will help, but you have to get sun without the sunscreen. Keep your personal skin sensitivity in...


Your Missing Beach Body

Where did your beach body go? How do you get it back?Spring has sprung. It’s almost time to hit the beach. Maybe you’ve got some winter warming weight padding you out more than you would like when you slip into your swimsuit. Your ideal beach body may be your shape from your twenties. You have to trace back when things changed so you can get closer to the idea. Activity levels change, as do lifestyles and eating habits. Aging can’t be helped, but other factors can. Consider adding extra...


Financial Literacy & Retirement Planning

No matter your age, it's time to start planning for retirement.Money management is a tough subject. It’s difficult enough for many to meet their monthly bills. How much money do you need to save? You have to look at your lifestyle and see what it would take for you to save the equivalent of what you require for how you live. To save for retirement, look at how much you’re spending and the source of your retirement funds. Where will the money come from that supports you? The older set...


Encore Episode: Is Your Son Actually Lazy?

Why doesn't your son seem motivated to do more?“My son is lazy. He isn’t living up to his potential.” Does this sound familiar? Maybe he isn’t coasting through life. The expectations placed on him may be so great that he’s under pressure. He may not feel like he can reach those expectations, so he flies under the radar. Trying hard and failing reinforces negative feelings. Of course, you’re going to worry about your son. You want him to prosper. If you yell and scream at him too much,...


Encore Episode: Plans for When Hunger Strikes

Make smart food choices when life has other plans.When trying to change your eating habits, planning is your best friend. No matter how much you plan, things come up that can throw you off the rails. Planning Ahead Starting your day with some food on board can help you resist cravings a little later. Stick to proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats. Prepare something that you can take with you instead of planning to pick something up along the way. Fruit, cheese sticks, and toast are...


What's the Deal with Procrastination?

What's behind procrastination and how can you get things done sooner?Do you put things off? Why do you procrastinate? Fear and anxiety get in the way. Worries about failure are prominent. Sometimes there’s a fear of achievement. What projects are you putting off? Why are you putting them off? Looking at these aspects may get you moving more than someone telling you to just do it. Procrastination is so common that we may need to become a little more tolerant of it. We’re all human. You...


Encore Episode: Disaster Preparedness

Prepare yourself and your family for potential disasters in your area.We’ve seen many worldwide disasters in recent history. Are you prepared for disasters in your area? The simplest thing to do is have awareness of your local situation. Disaster response always starts locally and involves the Federal government if necessary. Basic Preparedness Checklist Your Grab & Go Kit You don’t know how much time you will have in a disaster. Keep your supplies in a plastic container in the safest...


Olympic Athlete vs. Average Joe: Fitness & Nutrition

What does it take to be more like an Olympiad?Olympic athletes dedicate their lives to their sports. It’s inspiring and may leave you dreaming about becoming an Olympic contender. Can the average Joe become a medalist? The truth is that most people have daily jobs, making training difficult. Olympiads have a team of physical therapists, nutritionists and doctors to help them succeed. They also work to the point of overtraining. You need to rest your muscles and sleep in order to get...


How to Get the Most out of Your Apartment Gym

It's time to take advantage of the apartment gym that's included in your lease. You can even use these tips for hotel gyms.If you have access to an on-site gym, do you take advantage of the facility? Do you use the cool gym at the hotel when you travel? It’s time to get the most out of your gym access. This is your opportunity to try something new. Equipment will be limited in comparison to a large gym. Here are some tips to get the most out of your on-site gym. Sample...


So Long to Crutches & Scooters: A New Way to Get Around

Recover from your lower leg injury without limiting your mobility.According to the National Institutes of Health, around six and a half million people in the United States use a cane, walker or crutches to assist with their mobility. Crutches are awful. Scooters make life a bit simpler. But, wouldn't it be amazing if you could keep walking without putting pressure on your knee or your injured lower leg? The iWalk Free is a prosthetic frame that wraps to the upper thigh to enable walking...


Flu Vaccine: What You Must Know for 2018

This flu season has been terrible. Why?Every flu season is different. The 2017-2018 flu season started early. This year’s strains are being reported as very dangerous. Now you can save money on your life insurance just for being healthy. HealthIQ helps physically active people save up to 33% on their life insurance. Go to HealthIQ.com/lifestooshort to get a free quote. - sponsor Why is it so bad this year? This year’s vaccine doesn’t seem to be as protective as desirable. The virus has...


Reduce Standardized Test Stress

Raise your hand if you enjoy standardized testing. Right. No one does.Parents, you know that testing time can be stressful. There’s a lot of pressure on schools for success with standardized tests. Now you can save money on your life insurance just for being healthy. HealthIQ helps physically active people save up to 33% on their life insurance. Go to HealthIQ.com/lifestooshort to get a free quote. - sponsor Standardized testing won’t go away anytime soon. The best bet is to reduce...


Hippie Food

Foods of the flower children of the past influence our dietary choices today.Peace, love and homegrown eats... these staples of the hippie movement are still present in today’s culture. Now you can save money on your life insurance just for being healthy. HealthIQ helps physically active people save up to 33% on their life insurance. Go to HealthIQ.com/lifestooshort to get a free quote. - sponsor Many of the fringe foods from the 1960s and 1970s are considered health foods today....


Healthy Eats for Movie Goers

Learn some healthy alternative snacks to take to the movies or on another outing.You’re headed to the movies or another outing. You need something healthy, tasty and portable. Now you can save money on your life insurance just for being healthy. HealthIQ helps physically active people save up to 33% on their life insurance. Go to HealthIQ.com/lifestooshort to get a free quote. - sponsor Here are some simple suggestions: If you do buy snacks when you’re out, portion control is your...


Life is Good: 9 Decades of Wisdom

Get the perspective of someone who's been there.A lot of information on aging is from the viewpoint of the caregiver or physician. How does the older set view their vintage status? One of the most rewarding things about aging is seeing the results of your life actions. Your family line and contributions to fields are more visible. It does take longer to do some things. It’s okay to rest when you feel like it. You can’t keep going with some activities with the same vigor and duration as...


Encore Episode: Sleep Cheats: Simple Ways to Get More Rest

Get the sleep you need for optimal health.You need sleep to stave off chronic disease, improve hormone production, lose weight and deal with daily life. The demands of today’s lifestyle aren’t helping you get the sleep you need. It’s time for some sleep hacks to get quality sleep for healing and improved overall health. Listen as Dr. Ken Redcross joins Melanie Cole, MS, to share tips to get the best sleep possible.


Essential Living: Finding Peace of Mind

Find your way back to peace and happiness, even when you're bombarded with bad news.How can you find a sense of personal peace and happiness when there’s so much misfortune going on in the world? We are wired to take our cues from outside ourselves. Social media, television news, our culture and other people show us how we should behave and react to what’s happening in society. If we keep this up, we’re going to keep suffering. You have to turn your attention elsewhere. Look inside...


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