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Where Functional Medicine Meets Fitness




The Quality Coach-Client Relationship: A Key to Improving Women’s Health | Tricia Yap and Emily Tan

In this episode, we share some common issues specific to women's health, like losing menstrual cycles due to stress and illness - and the vital role of menstrual cycles as an indicator of overall health and the significance of brain function and controlling reproductive function. Understanding women-specific health issues helps us as coaches step up with better-targeted inquiries to personalize a health and fitness plan.


Exercise and Gut Microbiome | How your gut health affects your whole body | Tricia Yap and Emily Tan

In this episode, we dive deep into the fascinating world of our gut microbiome, the collection of microorganisms that reside in our gut, and how it is unique to each individual and can have a profound impact on our health.


Should you change your workouts after 30? and more | Tricia Yap and Emily Tan

Fitness after 30 isn’t just about hitting the gym. Working out in your thirties and beyond requires a deeper understanding of your body’s needs as they change through life stages. In this episode, we also discuss how a personal trainer’s experience truly matter and how appropriate recovery are a key factors for fitness and health goals. Also, is functional lab testing overrated? Tune in for deets!


Fit B*tch Unlocked | Tricia Yap and Emily Tan

Are you confused about the conflicting advice out there about women’s fitness and health? The Fit B*tch Unlocked Podcast is dedicated to bring you real and raw truth around training, functional medicine, female-specific health and more, backed by science and research. Hosted by Tricia Yap (Functional Medicine Health Coach, Personal Trainer and former MMA fighter) ..