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A comical and thought provoking exploration of all things CrossFit, fitness, nutrition, mobility, programming and health topics hosted by Coaches Dave and Danny of Croga CrossFit in San Jose, CA.

A comical and thought provoking exploration of all things CrossFit, fitness, nutrition, mobility, programming and health topics hosted by Coaches Dave and Danny of Croga CrossFit in San Jose, CA.
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A comical and thought provoking exploration of all things CrossFit, fitness, nutrition, mobility, programming and health topics hosted by Coaches Dave and Danny of Croga CrossFit in San Jose, CA.




Ep 34: Changes - Danny & Dave

This week the boys sat down for a conversation about the exciting changes to the main site, aka, that showed up on January 1st. As many of you know, this past fall CrossFit HQ announced a sort of shift in their focus, or at least in the outward facing content that they produce, from being mostly about The Games and the Sport of CrossFit to being more dedicated and focused on improving the health and wellness of as many human beings as possible. Not to say that this hasn’t always...


Ep 33: Gym Etiquette - Danny & Dave

This week the boys sat down for an episode filled with laughs about Gym Etiquette and what NOT to do when you’re traveling to another gym for the holidays. This one started as an idea on good behavior for your home gym, but because of the time of year and some of the things we’ve seen from visitors quickly developed into a survivors guide to being a good guest when you’re working out in someone else’s gym during the holidays. As I listened back on parts of this episode to jog my memory, I...


Ep 32: How to Stay Fit During The Holidays - Danny & Dave

This week the boys sat down for a quick chat about how to stay fit during the holidays. To be honest, they didn’t really have a plan for this episode, they just kind of went for it, but sometimes that produces the best content. Well…….funniest at least. Since Danny and Dave both started CrossFit they’ve been through more than a decade of holiday seasons, and they’ve stayed fit during them and also been very fat and happy during them, so this episode includes their tips and tricks from all...


Ep 31: Intensity, Concentration & Effort - Danny & Dave

This week the boys sat down for a chat about one of my favorite training tools to make sure you’re doing what you should be doing mentally to get the most out of your training. The idea came from my coach, Kyle Ruth of Training Think Tank, and it is to give yourself a score from 1 to 10 in the categories of Intensity, Concentration and Effort after each training session and use this to determine if you gave each session everything you had. This was a new idea to Danny, so we used his workout...


Ep 30: Tough Box Conversations - Danny & Dave

This week the boys sat down for a chat about the tough conversations and situations that CrossFit Coaches and Box Owners have to have or have to deal with. We touch on managing athlete expectations and keeping them safe, keeping the class moving smoothly and dealing with the chatty members as well as the over-eager ones, and finding a way to establish trust with the member that’s feeling a little down and out or going through something tough in life who’s negative energy is dragging down the...


Ep 29: Athlete Motivation - Danny & Dave

This week the boys sat down for a chat about athlete motivation. More specifically, why people start CrossFit, what we think are the best long term why's that make people successful over the long haul, what to do once you’ve reached a specific goal or made it through a test that was your target, what motivates athlete mid-WOD and some tips for positive self talk, and finally, how all of this happens in the gym, but relates directly to your life outside the box. This was a very fun...


Ep 28: The Mental Side of Intensity - Danny & Dave

This week the boys sat down for a chat about the mental side of intensity and one of our favorite books, How Bad Do You Want It? by Matt Fitzgerald. They talked about everything intensity related from how to get fitness results using intensity even if you’re just a casual CrossFitter, to how to train with intensity daily and not burn out for the more serious athlete, and even talked for a bit about how the brain controls the body’s limitations and how to get yourself to achieve more than you...


Ep 27: CrossFit Continuing Education - Danny & Dave

This week the boys sat down for a chat about continuing education in CrossFit since Danny has his Level 2 weekend coming up soon and Dave has his CrossFit Level 3 or Certified CrossFit Trainer Test on Friday, August 31st, the day this podcast is being released. As we dug deeper into why we’re both taking the next step in our CrossFit educational process our conversation evolved into one of why constant learning, passing along the knowledge that you gain to others, receiving consistent...


Ep 26: Skill Development - Danny & Dave

This week the boys sat down for a chat about athlete skill development. They looked at it from a coaches standpoint on how to build progressions and get athletes to make small, but consistent improvements over time and they also gave some tips to athletes that don’t have a coach and need to figure out how to get better at a movement that is holding them back. This episode is filled with A TON of knowledge that Dave has accumulated from climbing the competitive CrossFit ladder over the last 5...


Ep 26.1: Emergency Podcast - No More Regionals - Coach Dave

Coach Dave gives his thoughts on the breaking news that CrossFit will be getting rid of Regionals and proceeding with a new CrossFit Games qualifying format.


Ep 25: Being a Motivating Coach - Danny & Dave

This week the boys sat down for a chat about being a motivating coach and making personal connections with your athletes. This episode also involved us having a few beers, telling some hilarious stories and all kinds of weird background noises from airplanes, trains and Dave's neighbors because they recorded it in his garage, so hopefully you’ll laugh as much as they did. Follow us on Instagram & Facebook @LionheartedPodcast Music:


Ep 24: Mobility - Danny & Dave

This week the boys went old school and sat down for a chat, just the two of them. As many of you know, Danny is addicted to becoming more mobile aka flexible and although Dave isn't as big of a fanatic as Danny is, he's spent more than his fair share of time, especially while competing in CrossFit, stretching, smashing and rolling to keep his body happy and healthy. Follow us on Instagram & Facebook @LionheartedPodcast Music:


Ep 23: Training Think Tank - Kyle Ruth

This week the boys got to interview Dave's coach for the last 4 years, Kyle Ruth of Training Think Tank. Kyle is one super smart dude that, as you’ll learn in this episode, became obsessed with how the human body works and how to drive the performance of athletes at age 15 when he had his first experience with high level athletics after qualifying for junior nationals in swimming. He swam throughout college at The University of Indiana where he got his bachelor of science in Exercise...


Ep 22: Working Against Gravity - Adee Cazayoux

This week the boys got to interview the woman behind one of the most influential nutrition companies in the CrossFit space. Her name is Adee Cazayoux and she is the founder and CEO of Working Against Gravity, a 1-on-1 nutrition service that helps individuals develop positive relationships with food by removing the guilt surrounding their eating habits. There are no gimmicks, no meal plans, no restrictions, just finding what works for you through patience, education and a little hard work. We...


Ep 21: CrossFit Games MC - Dylan Malitsky

This week Danny and Dave got to interview one of the guys behind Wodapalooza and the man behind the mic on the floor of the CrossFit Games. His name is Dylan Malitsky and his weekday, year round, job is helping to plan the biggest independent CrossFit event in the world, Wodapalooza Miami. And if that wasn’t cool enough, his 10-15 weekends a year job is to be the MC on the floor of some of the other enormous CrossFit events throughout the country, most notably, calling the individual athlete...


Ep 20: Float Station - Ryan Ariko

This week Danny and Dave got to interview the co-owner of Float Station. His name is Ryan Ariko and he and his wife, Katie, are the founders of a sensory deprivation float tank business in Campbell, California. In this episode we chat about the history of floating, some of the benefits of floating that have been medically proven and what makes it the perfect escape from distractions, gravity and stress from our busy and hectic lives. They like to say that Float Station is a place where you...


Ep 19: MacrosFirst - Jacob Bockelmann

This week Danny and Dave got to interview the man behind an up and coming macro tracking app called MacrosFirst. His name is Jacob Bockelmann and he’s a product manager by day and a olympic weightlifter by night. He got turned on to the Renaissance Periodization or RP Strength Diet a few years ago and found that trying to figure out how much of each food to eat to hit his correct macros for each meal was such a nightmare he was determined to find a better way. An Entrepreneurial spirit, some...


Ep 18: Dave & Danny go live on Instagram

This week we experimented with going live on Instagram and answering listeners questions. We chatted about The Open, our personal experiences, what we enjoyed and what we loved seeing from our athletes. We also shot the shit a little and had some good laughs about all kinds of nonsense, like usual. Follow us on Instagram & Facebook @LionheartedPodcast Intro music:


Ep 17: Lean Feast - Eric & Bennie

This week Dave & Danny got to interview the boys from Lean Feast Their names are Eric & Bennie and they’re two of the hardest working people we’ve ever met in our lives. About 3 years ago Eric started a meal prep company out of the back of a nightclub he DJ’d at. A year later, he was so busy that he NEEDED his friend Bennie to help, so he hired him. Fast forward another year and the boys have a retail chipotle style clean eating store that is an absolute hit, they’re working on a line of...


Ep 16: Endurance, Nutrition & Supplementation - Gabe Yanez from Puori & TJ's Gym

This week Danny and Dave had their first remote guest on the show. His name is Gabe Yanez and he was one hell of a guest for a handful of reasons. He’s got a high level endurance and swimming background, which is huge in our sport, he’s worked for multiple supplement companies with different focuses and goals with their products, he’s learned a ton about nutrition for performance along the way, and he’s an absolute pro at getting himself just short of his redline and hanging out there for...