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Join us for Living Well — health and wellness-focused podcasts from experts at Eisenhower Health. Living Well podcasts can be downloaded for your convenience or you can listen by hitting the play button. Enjoy!

Join us for Living Well — health and wellness-focused podcasts from experts at Eisenhower Health. Living Well podcasts can be downloaded for your convenience or you can listen by hitting the play button. Enjoy!


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Join us for Living Well — health and wellness-focused podcasts from experts at Eisenhower Health. Living Well podcasts can be downloaded for your convenience or you can listen by hitting the play button. Enjoy!




Social Distancing - The Science and Impact on COVID-19

Dr. Patricia Cummings explains how COVID-19 is transmitted, who is at risk, what it means to be asymptomatic, why wearing masks and employing social distancing techniques has been so important and how Eisenhower Medical Center is preparing to deal with COVID-19 patients while keeping non-COVID-19 patients safe.


Strengthening Your Balance

Balance issues become more common with age. Florence Tse, Senior Physical Therapist at Eisenhower Health, discusses how to work through these balance issues.

A New Treatment for Severe COPD: The Zephyr Valve

COPD and emphysema sufferers now have a new treatment option. Dr. Justin Thomas, Interventional Pulmonologist, discusses the new Zephyr Valve.


Talking about Incontinence and Pelvic Health

Incontinence and pelvic pain may seem embarrassing to bring up to your doctor, but help is available to address these conditions. Dr. Kimberly Burton, physical therapist, discusses how these issues are not a normal part of aging and how the Pelvic Health Program can improve these conditions.


Why Sleep Matters and How to Get More of It

Over half of Americans have a sleep disorder, which negatively affects overall health. Dr. Talene Churukian, Medical Director of Eisenhower Sleep Center, discusses the importance of getting enough sleep.


Driving Assessments and Rehabilitation for Low Vision

Eisenhower Health offers driving assessments and rehabilitation for low driving, helping keep the roads safe. Kathryn Scheuring, Occupational Therapist, discusses these offerings.


Get to Know Your Health Insurance Plan

Your health insurance is a valuable resource, moreso when you know how to get the most out of your plan. Carl Gilmore, Director of Payor Relations, explains the differences between different health insurance plans.


Be Smart About Your Skin

Skin cancer is very common among men and women. Bryson O'Neil, certified physician assistant, discusses signs and symptoms of skin cancer as well as how to reduce risk.


The Orthopedic Approach to Sports Medicine

Injuries can and will happen for all types of athletes. Dr. Matthew Diltz and Dr. Patrick St. Pierre discuss when to visit a sports medicine specialist whether you're a weekend warrior or very active athlete.


Coping with Hip and Knee Pain

If your knee or hip pain is impacting your lifestyle, you may be a candidate for joint replacement surgery. Dr. James Bell and Dr. John DeSantis discuss "pre-hab" and surgery itself.


Hip and Knee Replacements

Dr. Ghassan Boghosian and Dr. Erik Schnaser discuss how hip and knee replacements work.



Colonoscopy is the current means of colon cancer screening. Dr. James Conti and Dr. Scott Gering discuss when you should be screened and how a colonoscopy works.


Getting a Handle on Hand and Wrist Injuries

Hands and wrists are intricate structures, made of many small bones, muscles and ligaments. Because we use these body parts in most daily activities, it's important to seek remedy for injuries. Dr. Stephen O'Connell and Dr. Jacob Bosley, orthopedic surgeons, discuss hand and wrist injuries.


Treating Shoulder and Elbow Injuries

Aging, overuse, wear and tear take a toll on your body, especially in your shoulders and elbows. Sports, carrying luggage and reaching into cabinets can upset your tendons. Dr. Patrick St. Pierre and Dr. David Savin discuss common injuries in the shoulders and elbows, when to seek treatment, diagnosis and treatment.



Mammography is the standard test to ensure breast health. This process catches abnormalities in breast tissue. In this panel-style interview, Danielle Higgins and Dr. Deborah Liebman discuss the importance of regular mammograms and how they work.


Orthopedics: Foot and Ankle

Foot care is important, as your feet carry the weight of your entire body. Discomfort in the feet may be a sign of a more serious condition. Dr. Michael Seiberg, Dr. David Friscia and Dr. Julie Johnson discuss preventative foot care, treatments for common conditions, and recovery after surgery.


What is a Residency Clinic and How Does It Help Your Primary Care Experience?

In 2013, Eisenhower Health established a residency program, training new physicians in Internal Medicine and Family Medicine. The Center for Internal Medicine program is now at full capacity with more than 50 first, second and third year residents in training. Dr. Jonathan Bechard, Medical Director at Eisenhower Center for Internal Medicine, discusses treatment options available at a residency clinic and how the clinic operates.


The Power of Genetic Testing

Genetic testing can help advise treatment for those genetically predisposed to certain cancers. Dr. Lisa Madlensky is joined by Director of Community Outreach & Cancer Support Services Alison Sachs to discuss how genetic testing works.


Eisenhower Health's Sexual Health Clinic

Sexual health can be a touchy subject. It’s important to find answers when you need them, and to see experts to address your concerns. Eisenhower Health’s Sexual Health Clinic services the community with top-notch help for walk-in patients. Jon Colbert, nurse practitioner and overseer of the clinic, discusses the services available and who might benefit from a visit to the clinic.


Treating Orthopedic Pain

Orthopedic pain impacts daily activity. With a wide variety of non-invasive and surgical treatment options, there is hope for chronic pain sufferers. Dr. Hazmer Cassim and Dr. Jeff Smith discuss pain management options available at Eisenhower Health Clinics.