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Second Chances, New Truths and Living Sober: Great Big Sea's Sean McCann Opens Up

My podcast this week is with my dear friend Séan McCann. Séan talks candidly about growing up in Newfoundland, the abuse he suffered by a priest as a teenager, the creation of Great Big Sea, his downfall with alcohol and the day he hit rock bottom. From there Séan takes us through the journey of his recovery, of facing his truth and the difficult reality of one needing to “put in the work” when it comes to living one’s truth. We talk about mental health, music as therapy and how his guitar...


How Food Heals, Unites & Fuels Us- Canada’s top restauranteur, Stephen Beckta explains

I was incredibly entertained this week while chatting with, chef, sommelier and entrepreneur, Stephen Beckta. My thinking behind bringing him in as a guest was to talk about the relationship we have with food, the food experience, the changing food industry and of course tips from a chef and sommelier. What I found, was that this award-winning restauranteur has an incredibly compelling and entertaining story. He takes us on quite the journey around the world, stopping at a few...


Stepping Out Of Our Comfort Zone And Into The Ring- A New Era For Fight For The Cure

This week, I speak with Daphne Ballard and boxing coach Scott Whitteker. Scott co-founded the Heart & Crown Presents Fight for the Cure. The event is Ottawa’s only white collar charity boxing gala. All proceeds from the night support the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation’s unique cancer coaching, clinical trials and ground-breaking cancer research programs. This year, marks a new era as women are stepping into the ring for the first time. Two women, in their 40’s, best friends, mothers and...


Strong Mind, Lean Body & Other Nuggets with Celebrity Trainer Tony Greco

This week’s podcast is with trainer, speaker, athlete and founder of Greco Fitness, Tony Greco. Tony has just launched his book Strong Mind, Lean Body. Despite having known Tony for almost two decades, I learned a lot about him in this podcast and how his background shaped who he would become and gave him the drive to achieve his goals. We talk about the evolution of the way people train and workout and how he shaped the incredibly popular “lean and fit” classes. His “celebrity trainer”...


Taking Control Of Your Health Care: Tips On Understanding Our System

This week on the podcast, we chat with Exec Health President Sanjay Shah. Sanjay was incredibly honest and forthcoming in what works with our system and where we can improve. He praises many aspects of what the Canadian government is able to provide. With that being said, he gives us an interesting perspective on how to take certain aspects into your own hands. I learned far more in this podcast than I expected too and hope you are able to ask yourself some of the same questions I asked...


Safety In A Digital Age- Tips From A Former Canadian Spy

This week we talk personal safety with former Canadian Spy Adam Nesrallah. He no longer works with our government agency, but has some interesting viewpoints on how we need to look after our own personal safety – from walking home at night, to creating better passwords and explaining why we are all susceptible to fraud in this digital age. I’ll be honest – some of his suggestions will have you wanting to toss him over a bridge (like switching to a flip phone) but other safety tips are...


Every Day Battles for the Every Day Hero: A Chat with Jody Mitic

Podcasting is a new craft for me and I am learning something new every time I’m behind the microphone. I was a sponge soaking in the information from bestselling author Jody Mitic. The soldier, turned amputee, turned reality TV star, turned politician has quite the story to tell. He was awesome, but I should have had a shorter leash. I must warn you that we hit on topics I didn’t expect, got off topic more than once and used language unbecoming for TV. It’s in need of a part two and three!


Blazing Your Own Trail - A Conversation With My Mom, Agnes Laing

This week, I figured it would be quite fitting with Mother’s Day around the corner to have my mom Agnes Laing on the show. This show however, is not all about mothers and Mother's Day. My mom is a trailblazer when it comes to amateur sport and business. She has built one of the largest gymnastics facilities in the country and has touched the lives of thousands of children in the city. She has kids coming to classes whose grandparents she coached. It’s quite remarkable to see and hear the...


A Personal Approach to Nutrition - A Discussion with Rachel Caven

On this week's show, Nutritionist Rachel Caven joins me in studio. I will warn you, she bares all and the first five minutes of the podcast went to places I never expected. There is an enormous amount of information to take with you–especially the real reason why an apple should taste sweet to you!


Training to be an Olympic Athlete - My Discussion with Lisa Weagle

My guest today is Olympic curler Lisa Weagle. Lisa is a member of Team Homan, who were a top medal contender at this years Winter Olympic Games. It wasn’t the outcome these World Champions would have liked. We talk about the experience and the pressure going in as a medal favorite. We also hit on her love of curling and how mental and physical training became critical when she returned to the sport she loves.


How to Hack Your Health Habits: A discussion with Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp

In my newest podcast with Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp we discuss her new book Hack Your Health Habits. The book, which will be hitting shelves in the coming months is enormous, with 12 different sections and 60 plus chapters. Dr Beauchamp asks of her readers “Is it really possible to be at an ideal weight, have tons of energy and feel great?" Optimal health is reached when we ask the right questions, seek knowledge and take responsibility for our own health. There are misconceptions discussed...


Tackling the Fitness Industry: Regulations, Social Media and Finding The Right Trainer For You!

Connie Beaulieu, the founder of CU Fit Personal training and the Activate Health Expo was my guest. Connie is actually one of the people responsible for the certification of the trainers here in Canada, a job she takes quite seriously. In our time together, we discuss the regulations or (lack thereof) of the Canadian Fitness Industry. We also tackle the changes and shifts in power with the popularity of social media. What I really wanted to ask was what are the expectations one should put...


Wonder Woman! From Desk Job To Amazon Warrior!

I think in total I dressed up as Wonder Woman three times for CTV Morning Live. Twice for our Halloween shows and another for Comic Con. I have no desire to take on the role again but I will admit to being a huge fan of the movie. With that being said, I was totally taken back when I found out that Zoe Shelley, the wife of NAC Music Director Alexander Shelley, was involved in the filming. Being in a blockbuster movie had never been on Zoe’s wish list, nor had she ever envisioned herself...


Impacting the Lives of Others – A Discussion With the Mayor

What I found interesting when Mayor Jim Watson came by the Extension Marketing studios for our podcast was that he joked that he was nervous. I had no political questions on the agenda, no platforms to cover, no election promises to check off and no request for an update on the LRT. I figured this was an easy home run for my former colleague. I loved him even more for saying that he was nervous, though, because he knew the focus was on wellness, balanced lifestyle, health and fitness and...


A look Inside the Food Industry with Korey Kealey.

No word of a lie, Korey has taught me to cook. Every single time I interviewed her on CTV Morning Live I was inspired. I left with new ideas, information and options. Her passion for food and cooking is well described in this podcast with emphasis on food intolerances, allergies and the food industry itself. You will also learn that the only things you really need in the kitchen are carrots, celery, onion and a really good knife...They are the base of everything 😊


Life Before and After Hockey: A Discussion With Chris and Erin Phillips

While I could have made this podcast about Chris, hockey and his life in the NHL, I really felt that what makes this story so complete and well-rounded is the partnership between him and Erin. We focus on the shifts in life and responsibility as the family grew, the game of hockey itself and how it changed over Chris’s career and how Erin adapted to every new challenge they faced. It’s about family, health, wellness and nutrition. It’s also about adapting, nurturing and adjusting to life...


What's in your Medicine Cabinet?

Have you ever asked yourself how you ended up using one medication, only to start needing another to counter balance the side effects? Are you concerned that you've lost track of why you started down this road in the first place? Did a sleeping pill or a pain killer find its way into your life and now you can't seem to break its hold? In my podcast with NutriChem founder and CEO Kent MacLeod we talk about health solutions which differ from the mainstream and which challenge our...


Sleep: Time To Wake Up to it’s Effect on Your Health!

Sleep! It’s a topic of conversation anyone can get into! Whether you celebrate getting a good night’s sleep, or whether you need to vent that you in fact did not, we all have our reasons; head is spinning, babies crying, kids having nightmares, needing to pee and the list goes on. Some of the issues are temporary and we simply plow through them, others however are more serious and can have long term health effects. In this podcast, Sleep Efficiency founder Andrew Holmes hits on the...


From Obese To Cover Girl: A Conversation with Tosca Reno

As we make our way from A-Z and cover the story of Tocsa's transition from obese to fitness cover girl, all in her 40’s, you realize her journey is a love story.


Living Your Life -Episode 1

Living Your Life -Episode 1 by Living Your Life with Lianne Laing