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The World Is A Mirror: What Is It Telling You?

The things that bother us about other people’s behavior often reflect wounds that need to heal within us. We may also discover the lessons that we need to learn in the advice or feedback that we give to others. Seemingly random events in our lives can also serve as metaphors for the challenges that we are currently facing. Learn how to identify what the world is reflecting back to you so that you can overcome anything that is keeping you stuck. You are a powerful creator who can create...


Nobody Owes You Anything and You Are Deserving of Love

Do you often feel angry with your co-workers, friends, family, or partner? If your answer is yes, this episode is for you. I discuss common reasons why we feel angry with the people in our lives and how we can free ourselves from that anger. We often search for love outside of ourselves and feel disappointed, hurt, angry, or resentful when it doesn’t work out how we hoped. Learn a practice to find love within yourself. I refer to a previous episode about letting go of valid...


The Magic and Pain of the Spiritual Path

I share about some recent challenges that I’ve experienced and explain how difficult times can push us forward on the spiritual path. I discuss an idea that Jason Louv talked about on a recent episode of the Duncan Trussell Family Hour. It’s challenging to accept and appreciate the pain that comes up when we dig deep into the things that hold us back. Learning to surrender our desire to control how our path unfolds brings us greater peace. The ultimate magic is when we allow...


Love Whatever Arises (Including Your Ego)

This episode takes the concept that “everything is perfect” further to help you cultivate feelings of unconditional love for yourself and all of life. I mention a book by Matt Kahn called “Whatever Arises, Love That.” I discuss why your ego is essential and deserving of your love. I review three different strategies for developing the connection between your personality and higher self. Take Action Item: Try one of the method for deepening and harmonizing the connection between your...


Create By Balancing the Feminine and Masculine Within

We all carry masculine and feminine energies within us regardless of our biological sex or gender identity. I review the qualities of the unhealthy and healthy feminine and masculine so you can identify where these energies may be out of balance for you. Balancing these energies is important if we want to create in the world. Creation is birthed from harmonized and balanced feminine and masculine. Learn how to cultivate the healthy masculine and feminine through taking action that embody...

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