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Lymphatic self-help from Anita Bakke (CLT), and Dr. Mary Al-Saleh (CLT, BS, MS, NP, PhD Nursing).

Lymphatic self-help from Anita Bakke (CLT), and Dr. Mary Al-Saleh (CLT, BS, MS, NP, PhD Nursing).


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Lymphatic self-help from Anita Bakke (CLT), and Dr. Mary Al-Saleh (CLT, BS, MS, NP, PhD Nursing).




Featured on Bright Life Direct

In this episode, Mary gives a brief update on Anita, Bright Life Direct and some tips about preventing bites,cuts, and pinsticks.


Anita Update and Am I Developing Lymphedema?

Mary discusses possible indications that lymphedema is developing in your arm or leg.


Prayers for Anita and Compression Review

In this podcast we ask for your love and prayers for Anita and her family. Additionally, a short review of compression garments is discussed.


Most Commonly Asked Lymphedema Questions

We review questions that we still get asked frequently about Lymphedema. We hope this will help you better understand What/How/Why.


Let’s Go Shopping

This is a brief podcast to bring you up to date on new things we are doing and trying out with the podcast, the Facebook page, and the webpage. Kind of a kitchen table chat of what has been going on with us and will be available to you in the future. Grab a cup of … Let’s Go Shopping Read More »


What you can Learn from your Certified Lymphedema Therapist

On this podcast we outline some of the topics a CLT can provide education and insight on as you maneuver life with Lymphedema. COVID lock down has sent many of us into a void and that can open the door for issues to sneak in. We hope to help you keep focus and stay informed, … What you can Learn from your Certified Lymphedema Therapist Read More »


Things you and your care team should know about Lymphedema

If your family has a history of edema, if you or a friend have been diagnosed and need surgery or treatment to your body by a medical team. We talk about steps and outcomes to assist you and your care team on your journey.


The Lymphedema Bachelor – Cameron Ayala

Cam shares his lymphedema journey from age 11, through his teen years and on into his college years up to now. You may recognize him from The Bachelorette TV Show. He is a truly Excellent Warrior and Voice for Lymphies everywhere. We can’t wait to have him back!


Guys & Gals, Up and Down Unders

Let’s talk about Upper Extremity and Lower Extremity body issues after Cancer Surgery. For both Males and females. What to watch for, how it affects you in your daily life, and how to help manage it. Yes, we are talking about it all in this podcast!


Garment Check Time!

Can you believe we are coming into JUNE 2020 already? In this podcast, we review the need to check your garments every 6 months. Tips for checking things out, with your garments and your affected limb. Got changes? Understanding what and why your garment may need to be changed out and how we can help.


Mom Kasey, shares with us about life with her LittleLymphie, who has Primary Lymphedema.

In this podcast a young mother tells her story, and takes you thru her journey from her discharge from the hospital, to a day in her life.with her daughter, Cora.


Therapist Corner we are joined by Kathleen Lisson, CLT

Kathleen Lisson is a CLT and focuses her practice on lipedema and plastic surgery reconstruction. She discusses how she got involved in the work she does, helpful tips and questions therapist as well as patients need to consider prior to surgery.


Educators Edge: Gayle MacDonald

Our first guest in Educator Edge, is Gayle MacDonald, a leader in the field of Oncology Therapy Education for therapists, nurses, OT/PTs, and CLTs across the world. Educator Edge podcasts allow both the oncology and lymph patient to understand who some of the leaders teaching in this field are as well as how and why … Educators Edge: Gayle MacDonald Read More »


Therapist Corner: Michelle

Michelle is a therapist who lives and works in Northern California. She shares some of her practices with her insights on oncology, lymphedema and the importance of having a safe therapy.


Patient Voices: Christina

Today you will meet Christina, a vivacious young mother of three, who shares her story of lipedema; Please like, and share her story. It’s powerful.


Patient Voices: Kim

Kim shares her cancer journey, in a compelling story of resilience, hope and courage.


Patient voices: Nancy Part 2

Nancy is an 84 year old, who loves life, even in the time of Covid 19. She shares her humor and strategies to get through her day.


The Skinny on Skin

Today we talk about 3 areas of importance with our skin and with lymphedema.