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Are You Living True Path … or False Path? w/ Jeff Brown (021)

Are you living just to survive … or to fulfill your soul’s purpose? What’s the cost of not living your soul’s purpose? How can you even know if you’re living your soul’s path? How do you navigate the need to pay the bills (or show up for your loved ones) … AND the drive to ... Read more


The Courage It Takes to Live Your Truth w/ Kute Blackson (020)

Are you (still) afraid of the consequences of fully living your truth? Are you (still) living in your father’s shadow? Are you aware your partner can’t trust you when you don’t own your truth (even if your truth is inconvenient to them)? Kute Blackson is a lightning rod for truth and inspiration. Kute grew up ... Read more


Why My Girlfriend Was Always Angry With Me (019)

Have you ever had an intimate partner be routinely upset (with you), and you (mostly) had no clue why? How do your triggers from previous relationships show up in a new relationship, too? How can your childhood experience – even if you had great parents – still negatively affect your adult relationships? This episode of ... Read more


How to Stop Feeling Burdened By Life (018)

Do you ever (often) feel trapped, or burdened by life – your work, relationship, kids, parents, your bank account, your body, or just your circumstances, in general? Do you often experience resistance to the life you’re right now living? (or just what’s happening at the moment … like you just want it to go away!) ... Read more


Apologizing For Our Masculinity is Not What Makes Women (Or Anyone) Feel Safe w/ Mark Grainger (017)

Are you a man disconnected from your power? How can you be your full, wildly masculine self without apology (and without hurting anyone)? Are you committed to going all in on your dreams … or are you half-assing it? Mark Grainger is actually one of my coaches (yes, I have multiple!). A few years ago, ... Read more


How Men Can Overcome Resistance to Getting Support (and Why We Must!) w/ Connor Beaton (016)

Why do men often seem to resist support (therapy/coaching/asking for directions)? Why is getting support essential for a great life and great relationships? What can help a man overcome his resistance to getting support? In this episode, my guest Connor Beaton and I dive into this conversation about men and support … why we need ... Read more


Why You Suck at Intimacy (and How To Do It Better) w/ Zat Baraka (015)

Do you struggle to be genuinely vulnerable? Did you know intimacy with self is required for true intimacy with others? What’s the connection between self-awareness and life (love) mastery? Zat Baraka is a dear friend of mine. I first met him about 9 years ago in Los Angeles before he was a renowned men’s coach. ... Read more


Your Loyalty To Truth Can Hurt You w/ Jesse Elder (014)

Do you get angry over small things? Can you instantly change your thoughts to be more empowered? Does loyalty to some idealogy or “truth” get in the way of what’s actually useful for your life? Jesse Elder is a fascinating man. His inspired, and improvised, mind-vitamin wisdom videos have been viewed by over 60 million ... Read more


Whatever You Accomplish, It Will Never Be Enough w/ John Raatz (Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment) (013)

What is your relationship to fear? Is there a way to overcome fear to help you make better decisions? How do you know what to say yes to, or no to, in a WORLD full of distractions and demands? John Raatz is one of the most fascinating people I’ve ever met. We first connected in ... Read more


Why You Need Mentors w/ Satyen Raja (012)

Why are teachers/mentors ESSENTIAL for a man to live well? Why must a great leader first know how to be a wise follower? And is the secret to a great relationship … separate bedrooms? In this episode, my guest, Satyen Raja, and I mine these questions and more for useful insights that can make a ... Read more


Living at the Edge of Your Truth w/ Mark Groves (011)

Are you doing work every day of your life that you’re not aligned with? Are you having the uncomfortable conversations you need to be having with the people you love? Do you know how to love without losing yourself? I first met Mark Groves about 7 or 8 years ago in Los Angeles through a ... Read more


The Power of Allowing w/ Ash Ruiz (010)

Does “inner freedom” seem to elude you, always just outside your reach no matter what you do? Did you know the worst thing that can happen to you is just a thought? Did you know all that clarity you seek … you already have? Ash Ruiz is a fascinating human being. As a teenager, he ... Read more


The Emotionally Unavailable Man w/ Jayson Gaddis (009)

Do you know what “emotionally unavailable” actually means? Do you know why it’s so destructive to intimacy – and a man’s life, in general? Do you know how easy it is for a man to say – even believe! – he’s both feet into a relationship with only one foot actually in? If you’ve never ... Read more


How to Shift from Anger to Love w/ Preston Smiles (008)

What is this thing called LOVE … really all about? How do you know when you’re being genuinely loving … versus just being an arrogant self-righteous ass? Also, do men, CAN men, actually have NEEDS in a relationship? If so, why do we so often fail to own them? In the last few years, Preston ... Read more


Why Uncomfortable Conversations Will Enrich Your Life w/ Connor Beaton, Mantalks Founder (007)

Why is it important for a man to be open and honest about his personal challenges, what he’s really going through in his work, his relationships, his life … especially with other men? When we hide what we’re going through behind a facade of invulnerability, what’s the cost to our lives, our intimate relationships, our ... Read more


Relaxing into (True) Freedom w/ GuruViking aka Steve James (006)

What is the actual point (and benefit) of meditation? Are intimate relationships always going to feel burdensome? How can we men ever experience true freedom amidst life’s endless challenges? Steve James is a wise man. I’ve known Steve personally for a few years. He’s been my teacher, my coach, and as a man I just ... Read more


Being a True Leader Means Being Able to Shut Up and Listen (Especially in Intimacy) w/ Joshua Hathaway (005)

Do you communicate clearly with your partner? … Are you sure? Do you even know what your partner is asking for, when they’re asking you to listen? Do you know what TRUE MASCULINE LEADERSHIP is? I first experienced Joshua Hathaway one evening in Los Angeles when he was leading a workshop for men. I remember ... Read more


Stop Chasing Success (Money) Have Fun Instead with CEO Ajit Nawalkha (004)

Are you stuck in work overwhelm, living to work rather than working to simply enjoy life? Do you know how to stay true to yourself and STILL create a fulfilling intimate relationship? Are you aware how you need an encouraging support crew of men you can be vulnerable with … for the sake of your ... Read more


How Death Opens the Masculine Heart with John Wineland (003)

Are you still afraid of death? Did you know that emotional presence … that thing women often cite as the reason they don’t trust men … is something you can relax into? And are you aware you can play a significant role in helping your partner heal past traumas? This conversation with John Wineland was ... Read more


Why Commitment Never Works (Only Devotion Does) with Mikki Willis (002)

What’s the difference between commitment and DEVOTION in relationship? What should a man be teaching his children in today’s chaotic, confusing, rapidly changing world? What do you do when you keep trying and pushing to solve an important problem … yet it just won’t budge? Read more