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The 2nd Pillar of a Thriving Man is ~ Intimacy ~ w/ Silvy Khoucasian (058)

What is intimacy … really? Can you experience intimacy without another person actually present? (hint: yes!) Why do so many men (women, too!) struggle with sustaining intimacy? In this episode, my very special guest and I dive into these questions and more for useful insights to make a meaningful difference in your life … my ... Read more


The 5 Pillars Of A Thriving Man (057)

Why do men (even when we succeed) often struggle to enjoy our daily lives? What are we missing on our endlessly futile “pursuit of happiness”? What are the key ingredients for a deeply fulfilling life? In this episode, I dive into the 5 Pillars of a Thriving Man. These 5 pillars came to me 3 ... Read more


Don’t Take Sides (Do Take a Position) (056)

Are you struggling with the growing divisions in our current world? Are you afraid things might get worse before they get better? Did you know that a descent into darkness, a terrifying uncertainty, is essential for human transformation? In this episode, I explore how our current ego-centric model of society almost guarantees the kinds of ... Read more


Why Men Need Personal Growth Work (With Other Men) w/ Sascha Lewis (055)

Do you genuinely trust other men? Do you hesitate to trust your own emotions? Why do we men need to hit bottom before we’re (truly) ready to change? In this episode, my guest is Sascha Lewis, co-founder of the international men’s group organization, Evryman (with no second “e”). Sascha and I were recently reconnected by ... Read more


Your Divine Appointment (When The Worst Thing Becomes The Best Thing) w/ Rev James Trapp (054)

What is your divine appointment (what you’re uniquely here to do)? What is your “essential necessity” (that keeps you going when things get tough)? How can we contribute to the world in ways that don’t create more upset & division? My guest today, the honorable and inspired and inspiring Rev James Trapp, and I mine ... Read more


The New Alpha Male (Feels Everything) w/ Lance Allred (053)

Have you (finally!) discovered the power of questioning your conclusions? Have you ever successfully climbed the mountains of your aspirations … only to find utter disappointment there? In this episode, my guest is, Lance Allred, the first deaf NBA basketball player in history. Lance just released a new book, The New Alpha Male, with Sounds ... Read more


A Man Without A Father’s Praise (Never Feels Successful Enough) (052)

Have you struggled to feel successful (enough)? Have you struggled in relationship when you were professionally unfulfilled? Did you know that a dad’s essential gift to a child is to instill both the drive to succeed, and the understanding that you’re already (always) successful? My father’s in town. Now I love my dad, but like ... Read more


Don’t Let Ambition Ruin Your Happiness w/ Brenden (Bam!) Durell (051)

Can you tell a better story about your greatest disappointments? Could ambition be getting in the way of you (actually) enjoying your life? Did you know cacao – REAL cacao – can help you connect with an intimate partner, and with yourself? Brendan Durell aka BAM! is a new friend of mine whom I first ... Read more


The Heart Knows w/ Arjuna O’Neal

Ever struggle with forgiveness? Can you stay in your heart, even when facing someone who hates you? Are you open to an essential, profound conversation between two men on racism? In this episode, my guest, Arjuna O’Neal … and I mine these questions and more for useful insights to make a meaningful difference in your ... Read more


You’re Hurt. I’m Angry. Now What? w/ Figs O’Sullivan (049)

Is relationship conflict your ongoing nemesis? Have you ever been accused of not being sensitive? Do you really understand empathy (and why it’s essential)? In this episode, my guest, Figs O’Sullivan, and I mine these questions and more for useful insights to make a meaningful difference in your life. “Fiachre” O’Sullivan … otherwise known as ... Read more


How Porn Ruined My Intimacy (048)

When was the last time you watched porn? Could porn be negatively affecting your sexuality? Do you ever turn to, or prefer porn, over an actual partner? Have you ever used porn to get turned on for a partner? (even if just in your imagination?) If you ejaculate fast with a partner, or struggle to ... Read more


The Power of Stopping (Before Starting) w/ Tommy Rosen (047)

What is the real addiction this pandemic is forcing us to face? When your world suddenly stops, what’s the most inspired way to get it started again? Tommy Rosen, founder of Recovery 2.0, is one of the reasons I love living in Los Angeles. I first met Tommy years ago when the conscious music band ... Read more


Why ‘The Feminine’ Will Destroy You (and You Need Her To) (046)

As this coronavirus pandemic has been unfolding, I’ve been replaying over and over in my mind that scene from the movie Avatar, at the end, where Pandora – that’s the name of the planet the movie takes place on – marshals all her resources, all the creatures of the planet, to come together to fight ... Read more


How To Date (and Love) Authentically, Powerfully w/ Joshua Hathaway and Robert Schwenkler (045)

Do you ever repress your desires for fear of being judged or rejected? Do you know how to lead powerfully with authenticity in the dating world? Are you turned off (and secretly fascinated) by the pick-up artist world? In this episode, my guests, Joshua Hathaway and Robert Schwenkler, and I, mine these questions and more ... Read more


Why You Must Do The One Thing (You Love) Every Day (044)

What is the one thing you know you should be doing everyday to ensure you have an epic day? Are you regularly doing it? If not, why not? … Are you aware of the cost? In this episode, inspired by a conversation I had just last night, I’m gonna share with you both my triumphs ... Read more


Where Do We Go From Here (043)

In this episode I share with you how 2019 was for this podcast, including specific download numbers and insights, and also 4 powerful lessons I learned doing this. Also, given it’s the end of 2019, I share my Life Theme Mantra process and invite you to create your own for 2020 (see video below – ... Read more


Stop This Tragic Cycle (Ruining Your Relationship) (042)

Ever been stuck in a relationship cycle of disagreement, arguing, then breakdown? Do you dismiss feelings – yours or another’s – as invalid when they don’t make sense to you? Do you ache for more harmony and ease in intimate relationship? In this episode I dive into my popular blog: Stop This Tragic Cycle In ... Read more


5 Signs A Man Is Connected to Heart (041)

Why is it important for a man to learn how to connect to his heart? What does it really look like when a man is connected to his heart? How can a man connect to heart without disconnecting from his balls? In this episode, I dive into those questions by diving into one of my ... Read more


There Are No Evil Atoms w/ Leigh McCloskey (040)

Have you considered whether the daily questions you live in are sourced in fear? Or in wonder? Do you regularly spend time with what truly matters to you? Where do you go when you can’t run away (from your challenges) anymore? This is one of my favorite conversations I’ve ever had with another human being. ... Read more


Learn to Shift Your Mindset (Fastest Way to Change Your Life) (039)

Are you sure it’s your circumstances holding you back? Are you sure you don’t have everything you want because of too many things outside your control? Could it be that your mindset has far more affect on your life than your circumstances? Could it be that simply changing your mindset, can change your life profoundly? ... Read more