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MenTalkHealth presents The MindOut Special

MenTalkHealth is proud to be an active part of the LGBTQ+ community and so we were honoured to be invited to record a brilliant episode with some of the users of the important services offered by MindOut. MindOut work to improve the mental health and wellbeing of LGBTQ communities and to make mental health a community concern. Goals shared by us here at MenTalkHealth. With guest host Spice and three fabulous guests- Kerrie, Ben and Ed-who share and laugh about their experiences and support...


13: The Lost Episode

The rumours are true; a mysterious lost episode of MenTalkHealth has been rediscovered and edited for your enjoyment! One day in the MTH’s past our three friends found themselves in fits of laughter whilst trying to manage a cohesive conversation about mental health but sometimes there are more pressing things to discuss, like day trips to France, the life of Ghandi as an Opera past life regression! To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week we present it as an example of how great talking...


12: The Stranger In The Cubicle

The amazing role model, mental health campaigner and all round great guy, Jonny Benjamin MBE drops by MTH Towers to share his experiences living with Schizoaffective disorder and the voices inside his head. With no question out of bounds, or any joke too far over the line, serious talk turns to serious laughter as once again Davey, Damian & Eli show that it is much better to be honest about our mental health. This episode does include talk about suicide so please listen at you own...


7: I Don't Just Panic At The Disco

Seven episodes in and its time for us to get to know MTH's very own Eli. Not only has she been guiding Damian and Davey through the perils of making this show, she has also had her own mental health issues to deal with. After making some brave choices, Eli decides to share her history of panic attacks. Proving once again that sometimes just talking about something can help you start to recover and soon it all turns to laughter and love. Our three hosts help each other once again with their...