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Mind Climate is a podcast for folks who want to turn their headspace into a place fit for a destination vacation! Host Ivy LaClair is a certified business and anxiety coach committed to bringing you expert guests and audio workshops that will help you discover ways to change your mind climate from worried, stressed, or overwhelmed to one that’s peaceful, confident, and enjoyable. Let’s create the mind climate you want today!

Mind Climate is a podcast for folks who want to turn their headspace into a place fit for a destination vacation! Host Ivy LaClair is a certified business and anxiety coach committed to bringing you expert guests and audio workshops that will help you discover ways to change your mind climate from worried, stressed, or overwhelmed to one that’s peaceful, confident, and enjoyable. Let’s create the mind climate you want today!
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Mind Climate is a podcast for folks who want to turn their headspace into a place fit for a destination vacation! Host Ivy LaClair is a certified business and anxiety coach committed to bringing you expert guests and audio workshops that will help you discover ways to change your mind climate from worried, stressed, or overwhelmed to one that’s peaceful, confident, and enjoyable. Let’s create the mind climate you want today!




024: Understanding Your Values so You Can Find Fulfillment

This week’s topic is one that is very near and dear to my heart and was one of the first things I was trained on when I went through my coaching certification at the Coaches Training Institute. One of the main purposes of co-active coaching is to help people experience more fulfillment in their lives, businesses, relationships, or whatever realm the coach is supporting them in. And, fulfillment isn’t possible without having a deeper understanding of our values. So, in this week’s episode,...


023: Bringing Spirituality into the Workplace with Dr. Judi Neal

Dr. Judi Neal is an internationally recognized scholar, speaker, consultant, and the author of six books on workplace spirituality and transformation. She received her Ph.D. from Yale University and was an internal consultant to Honeywell. In 2009, Judi became the founding Director of the Tyson Center for Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace at the University of Arkansas. Her research is on business leaders who have a strong commitment to their spirituality, and she’s studied how they...


022: Strengthening the Roots of the Tree of Non-Anxious Life

There was a point in time where I honestly didn’t believe it was possible to be truly free from my anxiety. However, I knew I could get to a place where I felt compassion for myself and could acknowledge that my anxiety was a part of me and not all of me. Over the past ten years, I’ve developed skills which have allowed me to be freer from anxiety than I ever thought possible. In this audio workshop, I’m sharing the three roots of the tree of non-anxious life that became the foundation for...


021: Making Right with Jesse Koren

Jesse Koren is one of the founders of Thrive Academy. Together with his wife, Jesse has taught over 50,000 coaches and holistic practitioners from all over the world how to attract their ideal clients. Jesse and his wife have become known as two of the world’s leading authorities in helping even the least confident entrepreneurs have their very first $10,000 month. Collectively, their clients have made over $100 million and they’ve dedicated their lives to helping coaches, holistic...


020: Using Boundaries to Create a Life of Joy and Freedom

I’ve come to realize that I attribute the regular practice of setting strong boundaries to the level of joy, peace, and freedom I feel in my life right now. Setting boundaries in my life have given me a sense of empowerment that I get to lean into on a regular basis. It’s because of the power setting boundaries has given me that I want to share this topic with you this week. So, in today’s audio workshop I’m talking about the connection between co-dependent relationships and boundaries, how...


019: The Benefits of Being Part of a Community with Jessica Hadari

Jessica Hadari leads a community in the Bay area called FEM Talks; a sanctuary for spirit-driven women ready to elevate their Higher Calling and live NOW as the holistic leaders of tomorrow. FEM Talks was one of the places that just felt like home to me when I lived in the Bay area and Jessica just has this amazing way of creating genuine, authentic community and showing up in the world with a beautiful energy. In this episode, Jessica shares her thoughts about community, what inspired her...


018: Co-Creating Your Life with the Universe

So often we decide who we are, and we continue to make choices based on that decision without reevaluating whether or not we’re still that same person … even years down the line. It’s with this in mind that I recently opened myself up to a new experience and learned something new about myself in the process. In this episode, speak about that new experience and what I learned from it, but I also speak about the Law of Attraction through the lens of stories from my own life so you can hear...


017: Focusing on the Good with Jake Ballentine

Jake Ballentine is the author of Your Number One Goal, a contributing author of Jack Canfield’s Living the Success Principles, and the founder of the Speakers, Authors, and Coaches Network. He is a national award-winning motivational speaker who has presented at hundreds of events nationwide. He resides in Sacramento, California with his wife and their one-year-old son. In this episode, Jake shares why it’s so powerful to focus on the good, what focusing on the good means, the impact it can...


016: What is Mindfulness?

I usually start off my audio workshops by asking what your mind climate is like and then offering an insight into mine. However, I usually answer this question from an intellectual place and, as I sat down to record this episode, I decided to take the time to really reflect on my surroundings in that specific moment. Doing allowed me to replace the need to feel like I have to constantly move from one task to the next or what it means for my business and goals that it’s already almost March...


015: Releasing Shame with Rachel Grant

Rachel Grant is a sexual abuse recovery coach and the owner and founder of Rachel Grant Coaching. She also holds an M.A. in Counseling Psychology and is the author or Beyond Surviving: The Final Stage in Recovery from Sexual Abuse. Rachel’s Beyond Surviving program has been specifically designed to change the way we think about heal from abuse. Based on her educational training, study of neuroscience, and lessons learned from her own journey, she has successfully used this program since...


014: Living Life Unapologetically

People, particularly women, tend to apologize for things we have absolutely no reason to be sorry for. While saying you’re sorry in little moments like needing to get past someone who’s in your way in the grocery store doesn’t seem like a big deal, it actually is. It creates a mind climate that is filled with unnecessary guilt and shame and that’s the opposite of how I want you to feel. I want you to make bold decisions for yourself, by yourself, without having to ask permission, and...


013: The Power of the Growth Mindset with Dr. Blake Brandes

Dr. Blake Brandes is a Tedx speaker, America’s Got Talent performer, rapper, Top 40 music producer, and recipient of the Marshall Scholarship who has a Ph.D. in Hip Hop and Global Youth Cultures. Blake was also my co-host on the Motivational Millennial podcast and my business partner for four and a half years. Together, Blake and I built a motivational speaking business in which we shared the messages of grit and the Growth Mindset with over 100,000 students, educators, and parents. Even...


012: Trusting Your Heart and the Universe with Frank Jay Porcaro

Frank Jay Porcaro is someone that I really admire because he has so much soul and tenacity. While working in a retirement home at age 18, Frank Jay witnessed people on their death bed regretting their life. This experience opened his eyes to the consequences of the consistent unconscious decisions most people make throughout their life. As a result, he began to study psychology and human behavior. Frank Jay is now a coach and speaker who has positively impacted tens of thousands of lives...


011: Self-Worth Strength Training

Last week, I had the startling realization that I had been letting my inner critic tell me I couldn’t do certain things for several days. A few years ago, this wouldn’t have been anything new. However, I’ve spent the past few years building my self-worth muscle and it’s because of that work that I was able to eventually recognize the inner critic and set aside. The goal of the work I’ll be discussing in this week's audio workshop is not to get rid of the inner critic. The goal is to learn...


010: The Connection Between Daily Movement and a Positive Mind Climate with Lily Fontas

Lily Fontas is a certified personal trainer and health coach who is on a mission to help women get strong, healthy, and happy on their terms. She serves women from Boston to Tokyo with her virtual health coaching practice and has helps hundreds of women reach their goals without deprivation or negativity. Lily is known for helping busy, professional women pledge to “never diet again” as they gain strength and confidence. She is anti-diet, body-positive, and believes that everyone deserves...


009: You Always Have a Choice

It’s officially 2019 and I want to start the year off by talking about one of my favorite topics. The topic for our audio workshop this week is one of my favorites because it’s inspiring and powering, but it can also be a little controversial. Knowing that I always have a choice has helped me feel empowered in certain situations rather than feeling like a victim and the same can be true for you. Whether it’s how you experience a negative situation, setting boundaries to protect your time...


008: Being Wisely Selfish with Sarah Marshank

It’s the day after Christmas and that means many of us have likely spent the past few weeks thinking about others, volunteering, and getting gifts to make the ones we love feel appreciated and joyful. However, the new year is approaching and that’s a time when we tend to shift our focus back to our own goals. So, that makes this week the perfect time to introduce you to Sarah Marshank. Sarah Marshank is founder of Selfistry; a company dedicated to educating, inspiring, and investigating...


007: Having Faith Can Bring You Peace of Mind

With this time of year, and the many religious and spiritual holidays it encompasses, faith is a topic that gets discussed quite a bit. As a result, I thought this would be the perfect time to talk about how having faith can bring you peace of mind. While faith can mean many different things, it’s not always a religious faith in a higher power. So, in this episode, I talk about what I mean when I use the word faith and explain the multiple ways it can help you achieve a better mind...


006: Using Pleasure and Sensuality to Improve Your Mind Climate with Lucia Pavone

Lucia Pavone is an international instructor of sexuality and the art of sensual pleasure. Her journey of sexual emancipation began over fifteen years ago when she took her first sensuality course. A dedicated sensual researcher, she busts through the limitations put on a woman’s orgasm having experienced over 6,000 hours of deliberate, full-bodied, extended orgasm. Lucia believes that by experiencing the universe through sensual gratification, pleasurable communication, and a woman’s orgasm,...


005: Getting Comfortable with Discomfort

According to Tim Ferriss, your success is directly related to the number of uncomfortable conversations you have. Along those lines, a pretty popular quote is, “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” While that quote has been attributed to many people, I’ve put my own spin on it … Growth is on the other side of fear. In this audio workshop, I want to expand this concept to our mind climate. I discuss the cycle that can happen when we experience discomfort and why it’s so...