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Ep 50 – The Mindset You Need To Grow And Scale Your Business Correctly

There's some truth to the old saying "If you're not growing, you're dying." If you want your business to provide for you and your family for the rest of your life, you're going to have to grow and scale it. But that can be hard, especially if you're doing it for the very first time. […]


Ep 49 – Overcoming The Fear Of Sales Conversation

You may attract clients easily, but how do you keep them? When it reaches to the part where you are both engaging in sales conversation, you may feel inadequate or even insecure that you may end up losing them. This is one of the stumbling blocks entrepreneurs try to avoid doing because it feels icky […]


Ep 48 – The Difference Between Attracting Clients And Getting Clients

If you're anywhere inside of the entrepreneurial journey, you've experienced the paradox which is attracting clients versus getting clients. It's the energetics and the intention behind everything that you're doing, behind the marketing, sales, how you're having the conversation, and how your mindset is when it comes to clients. Discover how you can move away […]


Ep 47 – How To Eliminate The Competition

We’ve got to scrap all of the old sales and business mindset. This whole idea of competition wastes so much energy. It burns a lot of the creativity and a lot of that heart centered power that you've got that could be directed to servicing your clients, your marketing, or your sales calls. There is […]


Ep 46 – How To Find The Right Mentor

When you’re trying to find the right mentor, there is no one-size-fits-all. You must know who you are and know who they are, and see if you guys are compatible. That also goes into your goals or preferences. What do you really want? To stay in integrity and in authenticity, especially if you're trying to […]


Ep 45 – Who You’ll Be When You’re Making Money

There's this great cosmic axiom that abundance goes where authenticity flows. Being authentic to yourself is a very critical concept. One of those things that's really important is actually getting a sense of who you are and who you’ll be when you’re making money. Who you’ll be is a big thing and comes from three […]


Ep 44 – How You’ve Been Setting Yourself Up For Business Failure (And What To Do Instead)

You've heard that setting goals is the best way to set yourself up for success in business, but here's something even the best business schools won't teach you--if you aren't happy with how your business is performing it's not because you don't have goals. It's most likely because of your goals and how you’re unintentionally […]


Ep 43 – Rules to Manifest Money Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Manifestation is the art of making something happen in your life, through determined action, personal development, or spiritual energy. When we talk about manifesting money, we’re talking about calling in all those beautiful dollars in bills and all sorts of practical tools that you can use to start rewiring your unconscious mind to call in […]


Ep 42 – Not Making Enough Money? Here’s Why

Money is one of the most frustrating things in life when you don't have enough of it. Maybe you've been hustling all day six days a week and still not making enough. Maybe your income has plateaued, or maybe it's rising but so slowly it's driving you up the walls. Money is there, but money […]


Ep 41 – Healing After Relationships

Whether you’re the one who ended the relationship or the one left brokenhearted, breakups are hard to go through. Oftentimes it's so easy to say, "It was their fault.” What's interesting is you have to ask yourself what is the common denominator in all of your relationships? More than often, that common denominator is you. […]


Ep 40 – Creating Your Reality with Kyle Lipton

Explore the different components of what creates the reality that we all experience and how to experience a reality that is in alignment from a place of love rather than a place of fear. Understand the power of transparency and a deep vulnerability in your life in how that allows you to be fully seen […]


Ep 39 – The Right Way To End Your Relationship

Sometimes disputes can't be resolved. Some things can't be unsaid and actions can't be taken back. Sometimes, the best thing you can do with a relationship is walk away from it. But that can be hard. It can be painful. You might be worried that you'll hurt your partner, or they'll do something to hurt […]


Ep 38 – Why We Cheat And What To Do When It Happens

At one point or another, we’ve all known what it's like to feel cheated on and that sucks. With the advent of mobile dating putting thousands of choices into everybody's hands, cheating is more prevalent than ever. But why do we cheat? What could make someone say they love their partner and go sleep with […]


Ep 37 – Erasing Anxiety For An Empowered Life With Kirsten Johnson

Are you sick and tired of being afraid all the time, and looking to erase anxiety once and for all? Are you ready to access your true potential? It’s time to live life as intended – empowered and without fear. Kirsten Johnson, an intuitive life coach on YouTube and author of the upcoming book "The Elephant", does a […]


Ep 36 – How Many Of These Relationship Mistakes Are You Making?

Relationship mistakes and troubles can happen at any time. One day you two are fully in love and everything is roses, and the next day it's all yelling, hanging up on each other, and name-calling. With all the finger pointing and defensiveness it's hard to see why the conflict started. You may even think you […]


Ep 35 – How To Create The Loving Relationship You’ve Always Wanted

You've attracted an incredible, intelligent, funny partner, but now what? How do you keep them? How do you keep the relationship exciting, hot, and loving after you pass the honeymoon phase? What if you've been together for years and your relationship has started to lose its spark? Learn all about tried-and-true strategies to create the […]


Ep 34 – Upgrading Life Through The Power Of Peers with Mark Geroux

From orphan to homeless to drug addict - Now a mentee of some of the most influential people of our time including Les Brown, Frank Shankwitz, Greg Reid and many more. Meet Mark Geroux, a powerful well sought after MC, Mastermind Success coach, and father, who teaches us in this episode how to get to […]


Ep 033 – How To Have Even Better Sex

Finally, we get to what's been on your mind for the whole relationship series - sex. But probably not in the way you're imagining (get your mind out of the gutter!). Sex is all about intimacy, and that's much more challenging than the physical act itself. The more intimate you can allow yourself to be […]


Ep 032 – Why Do We Get Into Relationships Anyway?

Have you ever wondered why you're attracted to certain people, but not others? Or why they're attracted to you? Why do we get into relationships anyway, and how do we REALLY choose who to get involved with? When you understand how your unconscious mind makes those decisions for you, you'll be able to immediately improve […]


Ep 031 – How To Bring Balance To Your Relationships

Beautiful relationships are built on understanding, trust, respect, and appreciation between both partners. But how much do you understand, trust, respect, and appreciate the two main energies in you? Regardless of your gender or sexuality, you've got a divine masculine and feminine within, and the quality of your relationship with each will determine the quality […]