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"Proof" of the Natural Laws of Healing

"Incurable Symptoms" Those of us who care about health are pretty good at handling an occasional sniffle or muscle spasm or other temporary illness. But what about those symptoms that we get that we never find out the cause of …or cure for. We go from one specialist to another, we try various “out of the box” alternative health solutions. But for too many of us, too often, and even too soon …we begin to accept that the symptom is just part of how our life is going to be from now on. The...


12 Do You Really Want to Heal?

The Thing About Unsolvable Problems... Everyone, sooner or later, gets stuck with a chronic, repeating, or “incurable” health condition for which there is no known cure. (And incurable symptoms happen not just in our bodies but in other aspects of our lives as well) Underlying any condition that we believe we've "tried everything" to fix is not an incurable condition but another, deeper belief. That's a belief in the status quo. A belief that your outcome - your current state - is a...


11 Mind Over Insomnia

Getting the Sleep You Need Insomnia is when you can't fall asleep ("nighttime insomnia") or you can’t stay asleep ("morning insomnia"). Acute insomnia is when you're having trouble sleeping due to a recent traumatic shock experience (stress). Chronic insomnia is when you have trouble sleeping more than twice a week for more than 3 months Insomnia isn't when you can't sleep because you keep getting woken up. It's when you can't sleep even if you get rid of all distractions, like light,...


10 The Life-Saving Difference Between Treatment and Healing

Modern medicine is absolutely brilliant at saving your life when you’ve got a gross anatomical problem, like injury, poisoning, or malnutrition. Or in the healing phase and especially the healing crisis after you resolve a major biological conflict. But conventional and even most alternative treatment regimens do not resolve symptoms for organically-generating diseases that aren't a result of injury, poisoning, or malnutrition. Diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, AIDS,...

The Ups and Downs of Blood Sugar

What Are You Fighting With or Fleeing From? It's been almost a century since Charles Banting's discovery that high blood sugar (diabetes mellitus) has to do with the production of insulin by islet cells located in your pancreas. Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) is to this day rarely even diagnosed as a medical condition, and when it is, it's usually thought to be a consequence of incorrect use of diabetes medication. Diabetes makes you feel heavy, slow. Hypoglycemia makes you feel shaky,...


8 HIV Positive? Your Biggest Threat

AIDS was a terrifying new disease that first appeared in 1981, and then exploded into a global epidemic that killed its victims very rapidly. A cure and vaccine have not yet been found. Health care professionals quickly pinpointed a retrovirus called "Human Immunodeficiency Virus" and the American Food and Drug Administration approved a blood test to identify the presence of the virus. Then AZT, a chemotherapy drug designed in the 1960's, was approved as a treatment to try to prevent HIV...

7 Mind Over Heart Disease (Part 2)

Non-Ischaemic Heart Disease Non-ischaemic heart disease, unlike ischaemic heart disease, actually affects the heart. This group of symptoms is called Cardiomyopathy usually also includes Prevention of Cardiomyopathy Both our prevailing understanding of how the heart works and our belief about what causes cardiomyopathy are based on the underlying assumption that the heart is a pump. Its job is to push oxygenated blood around your body at a rate of about 5 litres per minute. This...

6 Mind Over Respiratory Illness

The World Health Organization lists COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) as the #3 killer worldwide,lower respiratory infections at #4, and cancer of trachea, bronchus, lung collectively at #5 cause of deaths worldwide. That is, the #3, #4, and #5 causes of human death around the planet all have to do with the respiratory tract. (Ischaemic heart disease and stroke are #1 and #2) If you put these three sets of symptoms together - that is, COPD, lower respiratory infections, and...


5 What You Can Do About Stroke

Stroke is the #2 killer worldwide. And conventional health care has no practical way of predicting why a stroke happens or who is at risk. But there is an answer ...a simple, elegant solution designed by Nature itself. Listen to "What You Can Do About Stroke" to discover the key to self-empowerment, self-protection, and even self-healing. The 5 (Unbreakable) Natural Laws of Healing: http://mindoversymptom.libsyn.com/2-the-5-unbreakable-natural-laws-of-healing Conventional Paradigm of...

Mind Over Heart Disease Part 1

Despite amazing medical technology to help repair your body after a heart attack ...the medical profession is still pretty much stumbling around on the subject of how to prevent or overcome it. In fact, even recognizing that ischaemic heart disease is happening at all is out of the question for over half of those who have the disease ...because when it's a serious case, the first symptom is dropping dead. A coronary attack comes when you least expect it, usually when you're feeling fine....

3 Anatomy Made Simple: the "Mind-Body Code" Revealed

Before I learned the "mind-body code," I had no idea where to start to address my developing health problems. When I tried to take charge of my health, I felt overwhelmed by possibilities. And like I was a million miles behind everyone else. I also felt downright scared, because I'd misunderstood my doctor. I thought he told me that my symptoms were a result of cancer caused by "bad genes." One thing most people I talked to agreed on: everyone's body develops symptoms. But why? No...


2 The 5 (Unbreakable) Natural Laws of Healing

When you’re trying out different treatments to get rid of a persistent health symptom, it can feel like you’re a human guinea pig. Trying different treatments is stressful. So's having a symptom you can't get rid of. But most stressful of all is the unresolved trauma that’s actually CAUSING your symptom. The majority of both conventional AND alternative treatment systems keep trying different outside-in combinations from their limited toolkits in the hope of finding cures for symptoms...


1 Radical Self-Healing

If you don’t know how your car works, then you live at the mercy of the auto mechanic. The dashboard lights come on or your car makes a funny sound, and all you can do is fork over your money. Hopefully, that car will get you to work tomorrow. (So you can earn more money to pay for your next car repair) But what if you knew the basics of how your car works? What if you could figure out why it's making that squeak or jiggle or weird smell? If you knew a bit about how your car works,...


Welcome to the MInd Over Symptom Podcast

Nature makes no mistakes. God does not play dice! Instead, every symptom is your body’s appropriate response to traumatic stress, according to five natural laws of healing discovered by cancer doctor, Dr. R.G. Hamer in the early 1980’s. When you know the real cause of your symptom, you’ve got the power to resolve it at its source. The Mind Over Symptom Podcast with Lishui Springford shows you the science of the “mind-body connection.” Listen weekly to uncover the real reason - and...